Download Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free iPhone iPad iOS

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GalaxyStudio , the publisher behind many iOS app (My Disk - Lock Secret Photos+Videos Folder For iPad ,My Media - Lock Photos+Videos Privacy Safe Free For iPad ,Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free ,My Media - Lock Private Photo+Video Safe Pro For iPad ,My Disk - Lock Private Photo+Video Safe For iPad ,Photo Safe), brings Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great hiding place for everything..
  • I'm using mine to save pics of my weight loss program..
  • This a good app to hide funny pics..
  • Easy and efficient to transfer pictures and they are well protected..
  • Best lock screen app I have downloaded..
Overall Satisfactionclick me81
Give me more storage or I'll revoke this.
doesnt have room unless you rate or but more storage.
Honestly this is the best photo lock I've ever used.
Honestly the best photo vault you can download.
Love being able to store pictures without taking up storage on my phone.
but am annoyed at not being able to store more than 25 photos.
Love being able to keep things from prying little five year old hands.
Efhydgvxstjvfhhb I love this app it's amazing.
Fun & Engagingclick me68
Give me more storage or I'll revoke this.
doesnt have room unless you rate or but more storage.
Awesome storage app.
This is awesome for hiding pictures from people who steal your phone.
especially if you have young kids playing with your phone all the time.
Usefulnessclick me95
It keeps everything safe and away from my kids and students.
Literally hides everything and it's really protective.
Great app very useful for the purpose.
Very well done app helps me keep my personal business private from people.
Family Friendlyclick me89
Perfect for storing photos and keeping them safe from little kids.
and keep sexy pics of momma away from the kiddos.
This app is great to store family photos and memories.
I really like it cause my kids play on my phone.
or keep secret things you wouldn't want friends or family to see.
Production Valuesclick me85
So many great options and easy interface.
Easy interface with many options.
Ease of Useclick me67
Works quickly and easy to transfer from one device to another.
This app has some useful features and it's very easy to set up and use.
Everything is pass code protected and very easy to upload files.
It will not allow me to upload videos into its library.
Easy to move from photos to here to computer :.
Great simple App Store audio pictures video and files.
So many great options and easy interface.
Easy to use and super convenient for saving pictures.
It is very simple and secure.
Reliabilityclick me31
Any way just type: " reset password ".
Good app reset password.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me100
Security & Privacyclick me89
Excellent for privacy matter and keeping files safe.
It organized and has is a secure place to store stuff like photos.
Wonderful safe and secure to lock up personal pics and videos.
This app goes beyond the single password protection of a folder.
I had to reinstall because I forgot my password.
Forgot my password and there is nothing I can do about it.
Updates & Supportclick me81
Would prefer to have a higher limit for free version.
Could use more storage for FREE version.
No support at all for free version.
but more space should be given In the lite version.
even in th lite version.
But the lite version is too limited.


★With Private Disk, you can organize or hide your secret photos, videos, audio, notes, documents and other files very easily.
★With Private Disk, you can view photos, videos, PDF, Txt(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Pages, Key, Numbers and play songs very simply.
★With Private Disk, you can do more things in one app and manage your life better!


★ Organize Folders
•Support subfolders
•Create, Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search folders
•Hide, encrypt folders
•Multiple folders can be handled in the same time

Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files FreePrivate Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free
Tags :   files ,   folders ,   password ,   audio


★ Organize Files
•Create photo, video from iTunes, camera or iPhone Album
•Create audio from recorder or iTunes
•Sort by Date, Type, Name, Size, Ascending or Descending
•Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search, Hide files
•Multiple files can be handled in the same time


★Support Viewing many file types
•Photo: jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, jpeg
•Video: mov, mp4, 3gp
•Audio: mp3, aiff, wav
•Document: pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, rtf, html, pages, key, numbers...
Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free


★ Security
•You can lock any category/user with passwords.
•With only one password, you can easily lock or unlock any folder you want
•With the password of the current user, you can hide or show any folder/file
•The Q&A for password resetting can be added or modified optionally


★ Communicate with PC or MAC
•USB Import/Export multiple folders or files from/to iTunes File Sharing.
•You can store any file you want to organize or hide, the importing files will be sorted automatically into 4 kinds: "Photo, Video, Audio and File". And you can find them in the folder called "Import" in each function.
•For security reason, the exporting files will be moved back to app once you have copied them to your PC or MAC.
•Import/Export multiple folders or files from/to iTunes in current directory simply


★ Organize Users/Categories and decoy users
•Create, delete, edit users/categories or decoy users
•Provide a public account to share your data between users/categories, you can see a public folder in each user
•Provide decoy account to dissemble if you need. You can set passwords for admin or the other users. If you are forced to open this app in some case, the decoy account for admin is a good way to cover your real private files. Click admin account and enter the passwords of decoy accounts (not the password of admin), which will guide app to display folders and files in decoy database absolutely different from admin.


★ Meta Data
•File name, size, type, modify date, create date, duration


★ Share
•Send files by email
•Export photos or videos to iPhone Album
•Export files to iTunes
•Multiple files can be handled in the same time


★ Others
•Two interface modes: Grid and Table
•Photo Slide Show, support background music and transition mode
•Support Pinch and Double Tap to zoom
•You can slide to set the background pictures while recording sound and reset them for any audio file
•LongPress to enter folder while editing in Grid View
•Support continuous shooting
•Support Retina Display totally
•Support sliding to view the next or previous one in “Picture, Audio, File” functions


•Lite version has no limitations on users/categories and folders, but Maximum 20 items per function (40 in "Picture").
•USB access are supported in iOS 4.0 or above .
•The third-part apps are not allowed to delete photos or videos in iPhone Album. You have to delete them yourself after importing.
•If you forgot password. Please enter "reset password" as password when logining administrator to open Q/A interface.


★Thank you very much
•If you have any problem about this app, PLEASE let us help you.
•If you have any idea or suggestion, PLEASE make sure to let us know.
•Welcome to follow us on Twitter:
•To help us to improve, PLEASE, leave a REVIEW in app store. THANKS!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free check developer GalaxyStudio`s website :


This is a great app for hiding pictures for only my eyes. found in 480 reviews
is a nice app for secrets. found in 52 reviews
It's literally just for nudes and pornographic materials. found in 38 reviews
Perfect for hiding those naughty pics from significant others. found in 33 reviews
This is the best app to keep ur life private. found in 20 reviews
Great for storing pictures without having to worry about others seeing them. found in 212 reviews
So easy to use yet very discreet & for my eyes only. found in 35 reviews
Keeps your photos and videos private from those nosy people in your life. found in 51 reviews
Good for photo storage and saving memory on your phone. found in 66 reviews
It doesn't have unlimited space unless you have the pro version. found in 18 reviews
This app is pretty useful when you don't want people to see certain photos. found in 784 reviews
Wish it had more storage limit before the upgrade. found in 38 reviews
It's pretty good but not enough storage. found in 8 reviews
Let's me hide those kinky pictures do my gallery is safe again. found in 14 reviews
Good app just needs more space to store pics and videos. found in 132 reviews
Works awesome but limited storage unless you upgrade. found in 95 reviews
Would like less ads but over all good app. found in 7 reviews
diagrams and anything else I worry about being accidentally deleted. found in 35 reviews
Just little short on storage unless you upgrade but its sufficient. found in 25 reviews
Being forced to write review for more space. found in 11 reviews
Really good for keeping photos you don't want other people to see. found in 42 reviews
Quality and secure but limited space without purchase. found in 46 reviews
But now there are annoying ads that mess with the app. found in 12 reviews
It's good just I wish the free version had way more storage. found in 14 reviews
Forces rating claiming unlimited storage before you can test it out. found in 161 reviews
I just wish there was more space without having to upgrade. found in 13 reviews
I enjoy this app because it keeps my embarrassing photos secret. found in 25 reviews
Wish I could store a lot of pics without having to upgrade. found in 8 reviews
Forced to write this Review. found in 11 reviews
I can't remember my password and there is no way to reset. found in 8 reviews
Seems like a great app but it really needs instructions. found in 5 reviews
Crashed my new iPhone. found in 6 reviews
My password doesn't work after the update X. found in 3 reviews
No support at all for free version. found in 16 reviews
Stupid photo limit. found in 6 reviews
I understand space is costly but just 20 pics. found in 49 reviews
Deletes everything on iOS update. found in 5 reviews
This app needs a password reset button on the administrator. found in 7 reviews
With iOS 8 update alpha keypad not working. found in 8 reviews
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Good stuff                Easy easy
I like this storage app over many others                Works Really Well
Perfect app                All my pictures and videos are safe
Amazing app                Grate
Good app                Sfhkugs3
Cant complain when app works as it should and is simple to use                Simple and works
To store hidden files this is my top rated app I have used others but Ive stuck with this one for over 3 years and it is an amazing hidden file app I suggest anyone to use it If they are looking for a legit hidden files app                Amazing app
Great app for keeping personal pictures and videos exactly that personal and away from prying eyes                Awesome
This app is great I have several files I dont want anybody else to see them and it allows me to keep them hidden from wife and kids                Awesome
this app is great so bye idk what yall talking about I go some many things                good app
excelente                genial
Works exactly like it should Simple and effective                Sweet App
Very good app                Good
Privacidad con la documentacion sensitiva                Lo mejor que tengo en mi Cel
This app is good I like it and ya                Hello
I love the app                Easy and helpful
Good                Good
Works wonderfully                Great app
Its good                Its good
Like like like like                More free storage please
Love this app                Great
Great app                Yes
Great app really love it                Love it
Does what it says great way to hide pics Once paid for theres no size limits on how many pics u can hide Well at least not that I know of havent got there yet                Great app
Love that it allows video storage in addition to picture and file Pretty easy to use A little confusing at first but you pick it up quickly                Awesome
I love this app Keeps it safe                Good
Other than the ads which is to be expected with a free app I absolutely love this Definitely serves its purpose                Great
Great app very good Keeps items safe secure Good place for pics                Very nice
Awesome app Easy to use Keeps the children from seeing something they shouldnt                Love it Love it Love it
This app its awesome against people who gets in your phone without permission and in not saying hiding bad stuff just personal pictures or other things                Its awesome
I love this app very much perfection                Love
Great app                Good
very good app for privet things love it                very awesome
I needed something to store my personal stuff from nosey people and this app works perfect                Just what I needed
I love you                Awesome
I love this It works                Awesome
Great                Great app
This is a really good app                
The app is great to hide photos and text messages that you do not want anyone else to see I wish it would allow us to upload directly front the text messages instead of having to take a screenshot and then upload it as a picture I would also like to be able to have certain calls text messages and pictures go directly into the app             Great app
The app is very good                Good
Yes Just do it                Yes
Its really good for private pictures                Xoxo
Liked it                Awesome
This app is amazing to keep private everything that you have plus it has a rapid response from customer service                Private albums
This app is the best to store photos                Great app
Never a good sign when an app like this by default enables access to your phones microphone When I was surfing settings on my iPhone I noticed that and it really tickled my stomach    Access to microphone
Its a good app             Good
I recommend to anyone                I like it
Super convenient and easy to use                Gr8 app


6.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5
iPhone iPad

iOS Private Pics, Videos, Journals, Audio, Documents, Also Support Other Files Free 1.5 Mobile

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