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Spotlight Six Software , the publisher behind many iOS app (Insight Timer - Meditation Timer ,Insight Timer Free - Meditation Timer ,Progressive Alarm Clock ,Progressive Alarm Clock + Dream Journal for iPad ,Insight Timer for iPad - Meditation Timer ,Zen Reminder - Mindfulness Bell), brings Progressive Alarm Clock with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Progressive Alarm Clock app has been update to version 3.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • what a beautiful and peaceful day to start my day..
  • I love the gradual wake setting..

Overall Satisfactionc86
Best alarm clock I have ever used hands down.
Not a good feature in an alarm app.
Nice sound quality and love the choice of tones.
Best App on my iPhone.
With a lovely sound too.
It's wonderful to wake up to this.
I love the journal feature.
Fun & Engagingc86
Awesome alarm alternative.
frickin' awesome.
even when I shut off the alarm.
fast paced music to wake me up wasn't the best option.
Use it every day to wake up for over two years.
Thank you for truely useful app.
I use this alarm every day.
Ease of Usec100
Easy on the Ears.
highly functional and easy to use.
will not drain the battery overnight if I have anything.

I like the alarm pattern option that wakes me up gradually. found in 14 reviews
The sounds are wonderful and this is a great way to wake up. found in 90 reviews
Best alarm clock I have ever used hands down. found in 20 reviews
waking up slowly to Tibetan singing bowls is the s. found in 9 reviews
You can wake up slowly and gently or more abruptly. found in 6 reviews
I've used it for more than a year. found in 1 reviews
It is such a peaceful way to wake up. found in 4 reviews
nags you to rate it. found in 1 reviews
but hope you will update to make it work in the background. found in 3 reviews
Biggest complaint is that it does not turn itself off. found in 2 reviews
Depletes battery at an unacceptable rate. found in 1 reviews
Never fails to wake me. found in 2 reviews
I wish I could adjust the clock display brightness. found in 2 reviews
needs countdown timer with resets. found in 1 reviews
will not drain the battery overnight if I have anything. found in 2 reviews
Sometimes alarm doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
Needs alarm day options. found in 1 reviews
Great alarm needs customization options. found in 1 reviews
i wish the alarm was persistent even when switching to other apps. found in 1 reviews
If your phone runs out of juice. found in 1 reviews
If I acknowledge the alarm in the morning. found in 3 reviews
with the battery life issues and the display brightness. found in 3 reviews
Awful UI. found in 1 reviews
Needs improved. found in 1 reviews
I can't believe I let myself look at this first thing in the morning. found in 2 reviews
A little more variation would make me happy. found in 2 reviews
Cannot set volume independently. found in 2 reviews
alarm doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
Also no one-touch to turn off the alarm. found in 8 reviews
What happened to volume control. found in 1 reviews
But suddenly it stopped working. found in 1 reviews
The second major problem is that there is no volume lock. found in 1 reviews

The Progressive Alarm Clock is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.3.1 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Progressive Alarm Clock check developer Spotlight Six Software`s website :

NEW: Now runs in the background using breakthrough technology - see below for details The iPad version went to 1 in its category - iPhone users, try us out Progressive Alarm Clock will wake you ...
The app is functional but needs more options Ability to set multiple alarms and customizable times ringtones to begin           Missing something
A pleasant way to wake up and greet the day Reliable and pleasant my only go to alarm                 Love it Used for Years Now
Such a nice easy way to wake up                 Fantastic
Nice to wake up to Works great No more annoying buzzers                 Great way to wake up
I purchased based on the reviews However I dot like this Ap Its a clunky and ancient user interface Makes me wonder if the reviews are authentic or perpetrated I have never been disappointed like this with an Ap I have another Ap much more simple and it has tibetan bells and chants It has a alarm feature and is better The clock looks funny The alarm clock is hard to set and the clock looks funny and it eats so much battery Now Im leary about reviews How could this Ap have so many good reviews and yet I did not find anything satisfying about this Ap        BadTiming
Does the job as promised              Great App
Gentle awakening with progressive sound Worthwhile                 Peaceful awakenings
Wish you could program custom progressive sequences but otherwise great The standard choices are adequate I like the bell choices Its the beat progressive alarm Ive found and Ive tried several              Best Available
A lovely and effective way to wake up Having been using for a few years always seamlessly Easy to customize a sweet selection of bells Highly recommend                 Love
Waking up gradually is much better for you than the sudden jolt of an alarm clock VERY worth the 1                 Better than a normal alarm
I love it the progressive bell awakening is exactly what I was looking for The only thing Id like to see with it would be the ability to hit snooze from my side buttons instead of having to unlock it first              Great alarm app
One of the very few alarm clocks that actually wakes you up gently and peacefully Masterfully done                 Beautiful
Gently waken instead of being jarred You still wake just without the horrible racket of a traditional alarm clock                 Alarm
Does what it purports to do and I use it regularly though the interface feels a bit dated But really who cares Great app recommended おすすめ              Great app but a bit austere
Not many great implementations of the slowly waking up alarms This one does the job well can run in the background One minor gripe is that the snooze implementation could be improved continue the alarm where it left off instead of resetting                 Great tool to wake up with less of a jolt
I rarely pay 2 for an app but when I discovered this one I just had to have it Its been a delight to use and such a pleasant way to wake up I LOVE IT And if youve ever priced actual progressive alarm clocks youll know that this is the bargain of the year Lots of choices of tones patterns and being able to save 3 favorite times is nice Get this app                 A home run
Made me realize how jarring most alarms are This gently lures me from sleep I wake up not feeling like something woke me up                
This is the best way to wake up Gradually and peacefully You may want to gradually wake up over a 20 minute period with the bowl sounding very low till it gets to the full volume you set or set it to chime every few seconds at your wake up time or many variations in between This developer truly understands a zen lifestyle Beautiful Tibetan bowl chimes instead of a glaring radio or buzz alarm what a way to start the day I have the other two apps Zen Meditation Timer and Zen Reminderfor mindfulness All three of these apps are fantastic and I use them daily and no I dont know the developer                 Amazing alarm So peaceful
This is exactly what I was looking for Everyone has their druthers because we are all individuals As for me I love it                 Love it
Everything Ive been looking for in an alarm clock A wellthought out app              Love it
Worth 2 Works flawlessly and makes getting up easier                 Amazing
Not perfect but worth the money           Does what I need
Honestly this is the only way you should ever want to wake up                 Brilliant
smart and effective                 smart and effective
Good dependable easy to use Very gentle way to wakeup with built in failsafes to be sure you do Good way to wake up while keeping your wife asleep              Great alarm
This is the most peaceful and beautiful gradual alarm I have used I like that there are different tones of bells from which to choose I like that the snooze is slightly louder than the first alarm I agree with the other suggestions mentioned previously that the alarm would work when minimized or on another page that there would be settings to repeat an alarm daily or have it not ring on certain days that the volume on my phone wouldnt have to be adjusted to change the volume on the alarm and that the layout is a little dated Additionally I would also like to see more intervals added so that maybe a reminder alarm could be repeated once an hour or every half hour Still I will use it because the sound is worth the hassle              Beautiful But not quite there
Works well for me                 Nice
Nice to customize the alarm A peaceful way to wake up              Great app
Ive been using this app for quite awhile and finally getting around to writing a review Never had any problem with any updates over a couple of years now I love how the pattern and chimes can be set to your liking and theres also a backup built in to use or not use Its so much nicer to not be JARRED out of sleep with the usual blaring alarms that we used for years Now if only we could combine this apps features with a full spectrum light waking up would be heavenly Highly recommend it                 What A Perfect Gentle Way to Wake Up
Truly a nice way to wake up you choose which bell sound resonates with you and it gently wakes you up w that sound So much nicer than any other alarm out there I would give it 5 stars but it would be super nice to be able to customize how you want to wake up not just use the ones set up in the app And it would be great to be able to set more than one day at a time at perhaps different times Im sure they will figure that out As it stands though I do love waking up this way if you have to wake up to some type of alarm              Great app
Such a wonderful way to awake                 Metta to the app creator and now the supporters
If you dont like standard alarm sounds this is your app But beware you cannot sat alarm for different days of the week                 Best way to wake you up
I use for meditation every day is excellent timer buy this now                 Excellent
I set the volume low at night not full because I am used to a soft alarm and it works beautifully It is the last thing I set before charging my phone like a traditional alarm so I leave the app open and lock the screen I had no trouble snoozing or turning it off For ppl who get up at the same time everyday having an automatic daily alarm might be nice but that is not how I work I change times daily so I dont mind resetting it daily              Better than a competitor
The sound recordings are pristine The UI is intuitive and accessible with VoiceOver the app just works And waking up to the gradually louder and louder sound of a meditation bell or bowl is about the least stressful way to begin a day that I can imagine A brilliant app                 The only alarm clock Ive used for years
This is a great app I dont know what Id do without it I hate waking up to standard alarm sounds and the gentle gong starts my day peacefully I have nothing but good hints to say about it Im grateful for that gong                 Using it for 2 years
Best alarm Ive ever had                 Love it
I love my Zen clock at home and I like being able to take the same idea with me on the road                 Great clock
So glad I bought this app It truly is a more pleasant and gentler way to wake up and start your day I wish I knew about this app years ago                 Fantastic app
Not very progressive It goes from pretty quiet to loud with not much in between I was hoping for something that would graduate in volume slowly inserting itself gradually into my dream and then wake me gently This isnt it Other than that its great           Quiet loud louder loudest
Man I sure have some crazy fun dreams while using this clock I like how it gently wakes me up It would get five stars if it had the following features ability to set multiple daily alarms instead of just one at a time separate volume controls from the rest of the phone this is picky but after you choose your time and press set alarm the alarm isnt actually set You still have to press start Its an extra step thats both unnecessary and easy to miss Ive overslept because of it You think youve done all the steps but you havent              I like it
Apart from waking whenever I want to this app is a great way to start the day on time without jarring sounds first thing in the am The bells are lovely and the ability to control the loudness and spacing of the sounds is perfect                 Love this app
Which wouldnt be a big problem except when it crashes overnight and then I sleep through the time I was supposed to wake up Its very peaceful and a good way to wake up when it works which is most of the time        Occasional crashes
for helping me wake up on time and hence get to work on time without rushing Maybe integrate with mindfulness meditation exercises eg partner with Headspace or something Meanwhile I have an extremely stressful job so Im a little sad to associate otherwise pleasant and innocuous tones with waking for work              Thanks
Use it every day Works as advertised Great                 Peaceful Ideal alarm
Been using this as my only alarm for 2 years now love how it wakes me gently and slowly 5 stars                 Love this app
Ive used this app for years Recently its just stopped working It crashes at some point in the night and the alarm doesnt start Im writing this now after oversleeping an hour     App crashes and alarm never sounds
I love this alarm It wakes me gently in the morning with its gradually increasing volume and peaceful sounds So much better than being jarred awake by a loud and obnoxious alarm                 Great app
Nice bright click that you can see from inside the shower or across the room after it awakens you with a pleasant tone                 Great option for travel clock
This is my favorite alarm It is functional gentle yet effective I dont need a broadside of cannons to wake me up This works for me                 My Choice

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