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AssistiveWare , the publisher behind many iOS app (News-2-You ,Proloquo2Go ,Keedogo Plus - Keyboard for education ,Keeble - Accessible keyboard ,Proloquo4Text ,Keedogo - Keyboard for beginning typers), brings Proloquo2Go with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Proloquo2Go app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • There are also very helpful Facebook groups for parents..
  • Life Changing Communication App..
  • The tech support was the best I have encountered from anything..
  • Great for my boy..
  • I purchased Proloquo2Go for my students and they made huge gains..

Overall Satisfactionc89
My autistic son loves P2G over his novachat10/ prev.
Thanks for a wonderful product that works well.
This has improved our sons quality of life.
love pro lo quo.
Great app and recommended by an OT.
Ease of Usec38
app that can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.
It can be as simple or as complex as you want /need it to be.
Great app - so easy and versatile.
Now a few simple clicks.
Updates & Supportc42
Customer service gets back to you very quickly.
AssistiveWare are ALWAYS quick to respond to any emails.

You have changed our lives in just 1 day. found in 3 reviews
I truely believe this is the perfect solution for our daughter. found in 2 reviews
Proloquo is much easier for him to navigate. found in 5 reviews
Proloquo2Go is going to completely change the game of augmentative communication. found in 5 reviews
Thanks for a wonderful LIFE CHANGING APP. found in 7 reviews
I love having the power of sophisticated speech in a lightweight package. found in 3 reviews
This app is revolutionizing Augmentative and Alternative Communication as we know it. found in 2 reviews
as well as other 'autism apps' see AutismEpicenter. found in 1 reviews
The iPad with Proloquo2go is the best AAC device out there. found in 16 reviews
app that can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. found in 2 reviews
Love the app for our 4 yr old son who has autism. found in 3 reviews
the end user needs good fine motor control. found in 6 reviews
A couple of words don't pronounce correctly. found in 1 reviews
I don't necessarily need the whole page to enlarge. found in 1 reviews
So that if a button is selected it zooms or enlarges. found in 1 reviews
It wasn't freezing like that before the update. found in 1 reviews
but just about everything you'll need. found in 1 reviews
New update keeps crashing upon opening. found in 1 reviews
Great idea but not so user friendly. found in 5 reviews
useless application. found in 3 reviews
Deceptive description. found in 3 reviews
If the user is a visual person. found in 3 reviews
if you want a drink with no ice. found in 3 reviews
please make sure the user knows the words well. found in 3 reviews
poor graphics. found in 3 reviews
But it is useless for my autistic child. found in 6 reviews
yet another waste of time. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Proloquo2Go for $189.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Proloquo2Go app version 2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Proloquo2Go in AssistiveWare`s Official Website :

Proloquo2Go provides a full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It provides natural sounding text-to-speech voices (INITIALLY AMERICAN AND BRITISH ENGLISH ONLY), up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary ...
My daughter had tried another app and did well with it so I wanted to get her the best app Well this thing is terrible I ve had it for a month and can t get it set up in a way that s workable for her It s incredibly difficult for her to navigate No wonder they don t offer a trial no one would buy it after tyring it To top it off we consulted with a AAC specialist and she said this is the worst app of them all     Impossible for parents pre schoolers Impossible for parents/pre-k
This last update made it impossible for my son to use the app for communication We have had non stop tantrums because of his inability to communicate and his high frustration levels     App not working at all after last update Supersteinberg
This app has given my nonverbal son the power to change his life                     Proloquo2Go Rocks ArnieOsborn
Love this app for my non verbal adult daughter with autism                     Wonderful for Autism Firedupmom
Jjcjcjcjc                     Asphalt95gamer Asphalt95Gamer
I love this App for my students we can get them talking and they love it                     Let s talk SweetHollieAnn
My daughter lives and communicates with this app Thank you thank you thank you and that s not enough                     Thank you Gumbyscr
Over all this is a really good app However it needs a lot more voice options there needs to be more diverse voices and more range in the voices So far all the voices are mostly white if not for the Spanish language vocabulary set This needs addressing Additionally there needs more grammar supports and ability to ad to or edit the grammar supports or make a work have both bpverb noun supports This also really needs to be available on Android More languages eventually would also be good like polish and Irish and finish                     Great app needs more voices and more grammar supports AutismDogGirl
As a multi disabled woman who is nonverbal deaf partially blind mild autistic and slightly physically disabled I found this app Proloquo2Go a helpful in modifying my behavior to match my age in a positive way and liberates me from using communication partner the interpreter by giving me the degree of freedom to communicate with the hearing people while I am on trip for various activities such as shopping This app was very helpful in preparing me for open our world to prove that I can freely communicate with whoever as I am on go I believe this app has given me the increased degree of independence of communication and social time It has given me many positive avenues for shaping my future life through undergo a positive behavior modification and positive social time                     A Positive Behavior Modifier and Freedom Giver Female_gamer_74
This App very helpful Thank you so much                     We very love this App Chain Eric b
It will come tomorrow                     Next Update A and cube
I had problems with an update and because of a bad review Pam from customer service contacted me proactively and helped me resolve the issue One big shoutout to you Pam You did your job with great patience and acumen C mon Proloquo don tchya think Pam is up for a pay raise My idea not hers Anyone who gives this product a bad review does not know how to use it                     Excellent especially customer support Souporstarv
When trying to synch across devices backup and restore is a must Anyone else having issues with Google account backups Otherwise great app         Backup Restore seems broken AussieGriff
Most reviewers speak of what Proloquo2Go can do for children with communication difficulties But it is important to point out that it is also a powerful communications tool for adults who have lost their ability to speak due to neuromuscular disorders or other conditions I lost my voice to primary lateral sclerosis and have been relying on AAC technology since 2007 I ve been using Proloquo2Go since the first iPad came out I love having the power of sophisticated speech in a lightweight package I especially appreciate the amazing customizability that gets increasingly powerful with each update I ve created well over a thousand custom buttons that get me through most of the situations I encounter from shopping through doctor visits The variety of available voices and the ability to assign different voices to different buttons adds a little fun to the day My one wish is to be able to import a sound and assign it to a button                 Great Only one request Books2718
We love proloquo2gowe love the new American childrens voices they just added with this update my son sounds like a kid now We still love all the features that came with 20 update the Page buttons have made it easier for him to use and being able to color buttons different has helped him due to his visual impairment Thank you for giving my a voice                 Mom to 8 yr old with cp
We have a nonverbal daughter who has FAS We adopted her at 5 years old and she was unable to tell us anything One day I discovered this app and tried itshe suddenly has a voice It has changed our world easy to use Helpful tutorials online to learn how to do more advanced things Able to grow with her I would recommend this to anyone we had tried a more expensive durable medical equipment speech device and it was uselessheavy cumbersome awkwardthis makes her fit in she loves having something that every other kid has she is cool enough and it does not look unusual which is important                 Awesome Voice
My 10 yr old nonverbal Autistic daughter uses this app It has become a part of our lives she never goes anywhere without her IPad now                 Perfect
I think this app was nice but I had nothing to compare it too It is very expensive confusing screens but just about everything youll need I mean real life stick figures are the way to go           Overpriced
I LOVE this app but since I downloaded the childs voice its been crashing when I try to open it Has anyone else has this happen Im not sure how to explain to my daughter her voice isnt working today I will contact tech support Monday              New update keeps crashing upon opening
Proloquo2Go is an excellent product and the support we received from Pam was first rateShe is knowledgeable patient was as determined to solve our problem as we were Success                 Support
If you not sure if your kids going to like it Dont buy it because they dont offer free trialmy kids dont even touch it its sitting in my cloud wasting over 200     Zero star
We have been using this program with our nonverbal 8 year old for just over 3 years now and I can truly say that this update makes all the difference in the world in terms of ease of programming and ease of use I especially love the new snap back and popup features so that my son doesnt have to navigate through so many folders to make his thoughts known And the new template feature will certainly help with motor planning and its a million times easier on the programmer who know longer had to take hours and hours to make sure that each page has all the core vocabulary in the same places Way to go Assistiveware                 New version is the best yet
I have 21 year old nonverbal son For most of his life he has used sign language but now Proloquo2Go has given him an actual voice He uses Proloquo2Go on an iphone and we LOVE it Proloquo can go on other devices but for him the iphone works the best because he is now moving into adulthood and is more out in to the community It has a large amount of vocabulary of its own but it can also be programmed to be totally custom to the individual It has buttons and folders like most speaking devices do but it also has a typing mode for which my son uses the most of You can also add picture symbols your own photos or none at all if you prefer It is totally customizable It can do some truly amazing things I can not brag on it enough The support people are amazing as well They have set up certain group pages for sharing and questions and are extrememly fast at answering questions and helping troubleshoot They also listen to feedback and do app updates that are user requested The support team and developers are all about the users Again I can not say enough great things about Proloquo2Go and recommend it to anyone looking for a voice                 LOVE Proloquo2go all versions are outstanding
I am so happy you now allow back up and exchange through Dropbox I recently bought a new iPad and was struggling with the transfer of all the boards I had created for my students Now a few simple clicksand there they all were I havent had a chance to check the other upgrades but this piece by itself is worth the price increase                 Easy back up
Our daughter is verbally challenged she has been using this app for almost a year now and we been so happy The first time going out to use it she had her very first conversation with an old school friend I cried from how she glowed from benign able to cross that language gap The school finally upgraded to using this same app for her at school so she taught them to use and input things Love that you can customize the voices She sounds like she should and not a robot She can now tattle on her siblings lol                 Proud
Our 12yrold son who is nonverbal has been using P2G for about 2 years Every update the devs have made have been based on user input The devs are the most empathetic caring responsive groupthey will do everything and I mean virtually everythingthey personally respond to questions within minutes they can to make P2G successful for the user and their caretakers This latest update is amazing especially with the real American child voices If you are a parent with a nonverbal child you will rejoice at being able to hear your child speak with a voice you could only imagine before this Dedicate yourself to making P2G a priority to use every day and I believe you will find this app to be a miracle for your child                 Son with CP is a whiz with this
Proloquo2go is like throwing 1000 flash cards on the floor and asking a kid to build a sentence The interface is a mess of folders nested with folders and finding what you want among thousands of stick figures is near impossible The level of customization necessary for each individual makes the interface design even more perplexing This is not an easy app to customize Its basically a confusing melange of flash cards My daughter just stims with it and creates two minutelong run on nonsensical messages I cant stand this app     Like 1000 flash cards thrown on the floor
I am loving P2G 4 The new crescendo vocabulary is awesome particularly how it scaffolds each level of vocabulary learner while still focusing on evidencebased use of core vocabulary The options to move from level to level and still have vocabulary in the same place is so important Great job                 P2G 4 the best version yet
Great app Price is a bit too high max I would pay is 80              Proloquo2go
Im so sorry to read about the troubles other people experienced with p2g I dont know if the ipad version is what caused the problems I currently have it installed in a 1st generation ipad and now in my ipad3 both working properly thus far My autistic son loves P2G over his novachat10 prev Dynavox AAC device I do too considering the time ive spent customizing devices Full onscreen customizing is 200 easier than the novachat and dynavox aac devices Editing is great i edit on one device and just backup the vocabulary file to my pc through itunes then update it on the other ipad We go back and forth between both devices while one is charging the other is in use I love the ease of flow in my sons vocabulary We went from completely nonverbal to complete sentences in a matter of months i must make it clear this is not a magical solution We sit and practice often We have conversations through the device so he learns to form sentences It takes love patience time and practice to teach any child to communicate with any speech device They catch on pretty quickly though My son is thriving he is excited he can finally communicate The only thing i dislike is that sneaky kids can freely exit the app There is no kiosk mode or dedicated user setting this also prevented my insurance company from purchasing an ipad and p2g over an aac device If there was a way to password lock the app open and disabling any other ipad use aside from the camera this would be a 10 star app This was the only reason we had to get an aac device for him It would be a competitive alternative to more expensive aac software thats for sure ps Proloquo people can you also give us an undo button when using editing mode none the less i love what you guys have done with the app But what i love even more is what you guys have done for my son family Thank you P2G developers You rock              Worth every penny
OK I didnt like the earlier versions because of all of the folders but had a fantastic day today with a fourth grader with autism He was able to navigate the app on the Itouch and find all the language using the word core He supplemented his phrase with original text after carefully checking the available options for what he wanted He was so happy So was I He is ambulatory and I just wanted to see if we could get him on something small but I really wanted some core language rather than the folder system The only problem I had was clearing things once said I guess I will check the manual to see if it can be tweaked Very exciting Features included picture icons with some core word prediction and a letter board that says the words once spelled Love the changes              ATOT provider
I like this app and use it with several adults It is easy to use and program A few things I would like to see is more macros that open up other apps or features on the iPad such as a button the would open up picture gallery or email I would also like to see this app with a zoom feature So that if a button is selected it zooms or enlarges I dont necessarily need the whole page to enlarge              SLPA
Really good app just needs an EDIT button really bad              Fix this app for the better
I agree with another reviewer It definitely takes time a lot of practice patience and determination to get use to this app I think GoTalk is more userfriendly There are just too many pages and customizations that its almost too much customizing because then the child cant use that customized setting across environments We are using Words for Life LAMP which has been good I think it comes down to testing out different apps until you find the one that works best for your situation I just wish this app came with a free version I had to pay 220 to find it wasnt the best one for us     Not userfriendly
We love Pro2go I love the josh voice Such a huge deal to have a real voice when that is how people define you I love how customizable it is I love being able to hold down a button and have the conjugations pop up huge real estate saver I will say though that we almost jumped ship We bought SpeakForYourself and I fell in love with the babble button you can turn buttons onoff so its not overwhelming at first and toggle between the on buttons and all buttons so the child can explore all of the buttons and increase their vocabulary organically like a typical verbal child I also love that the SFY program bounced back to the main page after a button was tapped The search button was so handy especially for the aides in our boys classroom that werent familiar with the program and needed to find a button In the end the voices and the flexibility won out so Pro2go is our ACC app of choice but please consider adding a search and babble type feature and an option to bounce back to the home page after a button is tapped              Our ACC app of choice
My son is 13 years old and non verbal He has been using proloquo2go for several years now He has gone from basic communication to using complete sentences independently at home AND in the community DO NOT HESITATE IN PURCHASING THIS APP This new update makes it easy to create different users and vocabulary The webinars and tutorials make it easy to learn and the company is very receptive to its users and creates features that are requested My sons frustration level has dramatically decreased now that he can communicate his wants and needs                 Lisa Sportelli
We absolutely love this app and would be lost without it The customer service is wonderful They are quick to respond and provide clear easy to understand instructions If you get this app and have any questions definitely contact them and they will take care of you well I also love that the developers really listen to the suggestions and concerns of users and parents I love that the app is so customizable You can make it as simple or complex as you need to fit the user We started out with just 4 or 6 buttons then we started adding folders We now have multiple folders and our son can easily navigate and tell us his wantsneeds and feelings Just last night he was struggling during dinner out He wanted to go outside but we werent done eating I was able to add a folder on the spot and add buttons to say first we eat then we go outside Every time he wanted to go out I was able to visually show him it wasnt time yet In no time he was saying first we eat then we go outside And thanks to proloquo2go our son was able to say I love you well before he could attempt to say the words It was a wonderful moment He uses the app not only to communicate but also as a way to explore language letters and numbers We have folders for letters numbers transportation and music all are things he loves specifically to let him learn Since he began using this app he has tremendously increased the number of words and speech sounds he can say This app is worth every single penny If you get this app and have any trouble do NOT give up Customer Support can walk you through any issue you might have It will be well worth it in the end Oh and I love love love the new child voices                 Mom to 2 yo with autism and apraxia
After some great customer service from the people from assistiveware my sons problem has been solved Super great support for such a great program My son is now happy and successfully using his program just like before the upgrade                 Problem solved
To Als mom Is there any chance that where you live they charge a tax Have you contacted the developers These are some things I would look into                 Write to the Developers
This app is wonderful They have so much support I cant imagine having a hard time using it Just like with any technology they update it to make it better There are webinars that are extremely helpful and Facebook support groups This app gave my nonverbal son a voice I have used other voice apps and found none as versatile and easy to use as this one The customer support is always on top of their emails If you compare the price to the prices of many voice boxes that can range in the 1000s its a steal My son uses this program every day and was able to pick up on it quickly I love the fact that we can put it on his iPod touch as well and he can keep it in his pocket I cant say enough good things about this program                 Proloquo2go
Great idea but not so user friendly        Not user friendly
Our daughter has been using this app for about 3 years I believe after using an 8000 dedicated device Ive said it before but its so worth saying again I literally used to have nightmares about her expensive device not working breaking and my daughter not having a voice It happened twice while we had the device and it was the most heartbreaking thing for her not have her voice Now I can afford to have her voice on multiple devices and sleep a good night sleep knowing that my daughters voice isnt something out of my control so much And I wont even get into the cost of repairs and warranty for her expensive device Then the updates my goodness they just keep getting better and better Hearing her say please mom with so much expression just like I imagine she could do if she could speak is just priceless And I know she will continue to learn more and have the option to use expression with so many of her words And for me mom being able to use Dropbox is just the best so simple to put it on other devices to share her updated vocabulary with her therapist Im just so thankful after years and years of struggling with finding my daughter the best option that we could for her voice that this is available Saying that it has changed our lives is putting it mildly                 This App Has Changed All of our lives not just our daughters but our entire familys
This app has opened up my sons world Now he can communicate with the world I am so grateful for this technology The online tutorials and support make it accessible for parents and therapists to personalize the vocabulary I have been very impressed with how the developers listen to parent feedback to improve their product to make it accessible to all and easier to use Thank you                 Nonverbal son can finally communicate
I reduced my rating from five stars to four because the new lowcontrast keyboard is more difficult to see in bright light especially outdoors Great app otherwise              Latest update degraded the keyboard
This app open the door for my autistic son to be able to express himself better No more frustration when trying to communicate Thank you so much                 We love this App
We paid good money for this app when it first came out but our special little man will not benefit from it much until the developers add a switch scanning access We have been patiently waiting Hopefully they can get the ball rolling with this one        We too have been patiently waiting
Love it                 Love
Proloquo2Go is a wonderful app for individuals with Autism or other speech and language challenges It allows the individual many opportunities to express themselves through pictures and different options for speaking voices The color coding of buttons allows the user a better chance to quickly select special categories or important words The app can be used to store important medical family scheduling recipes favorite programs important educational words grocery list etc If a caregiver purchases only one app Proloquo2Go would be the single most important one to purchase Why do I feel so strongly about this app The answer is simple I have an adult son with Autism He continues to benefit from using Proloquo2Go                 Proloquo2Go
I bought Proloquo2Go for my 7yearold son who has Down syndrome and autism He is completely nonverbal and we mostly communicate at home through sign language His school put him in the iPad program and just started using Proloquo with him before the end of the school year I had heard of it and it had been recommended by various experts as the best AAC app out there I decided to get it to work with him over the summer so that hed be ready to use it more at school in the fall Well what a frustrating experience The app is way too complex and after reading the directions which arent great I was able to set up our own user space It took a lot of time Then Proloquo updated the app multiple times Now I can no longer edit a single button in a simple way and Im going to have to go back to the drawing board and read the directions all over again yet another waste of time My son has not been that accepting of it at home since we know what he wants without using it but I hoped he would see it as an avenue to be able to express more He does not see it that way he sees it as a chore Why Because it is a chore Its too laborious to be motivating for my son to use Not sure why this app is so expensive What a waste of money for us     Frustratedwhat a waste of 189
My 5 yearold son has been using Proloquo2Go for two and a half years as his primary AAC program on a dedicated iPad no other apps on it that travels with him everywhere My son has complex communication needs so his Talker is an extremely important part of his life I have researched and tried out most of the other main AAC programs out there all have their pros and cons but in the end I am extremely happy with our choice of Proloquo2Go It has changed our lives and opened up my sons world profoundly Pros Longevity Proloquo2Go is the dominant iPad AAC app out there is wellsupported and so seems as likely as any other AAC app to be around for the long run Customer support AssistiveWare are ALWAYS quick to respond to any emails and work hard to incorporate suggestions for improvements into the product Stability In my experience the current version of Proloquo2Go does not crash Even with a vocab file of over 5000 words it never crashes or slows down Customization Since version 20 this is an area where Proloquo2Go excels Its interface makes a lot of sense and gives you a lot of power in creating what you want to create Aesthetics Of any AAC app on any platform I consider Proloquo2Go to be the most beautiful Seriously it makes me happy to look at my sons AAC which is important if you are using it all throughout the day Voices The Josh and Ella child voices are FANTASTIC Best ever Value Good price for what you get Can use on both iPad iPhone no extra charge Also AssistiveWare doesnt charge for upgrades Room for Improvement Default grid vocabulary While many improvements were made in version 20 I feel the default vocabulary is still not as developed as some of its competitors TouchChat LAMP Words for Life Speak for Yourself Grid2 or the oldschool devices Love the increased emphasis on core vocabulary and motor memory but wish these were more fleshed out past the main page Morphology I find the interface for morphology verb tenses noun plurals etc within the grid to be awkward Some people may like it but it doesnt work for us On the whole Proloquo2Go is a amazing It has really changed our lives If I were choosing an AAC app again today I would definitely choose Proloquo2Go                 This app has changed our lives
my 10 year old severely apraxic daughter has happily using pro log quo for about a year she is astonishing all with what she knows and for so long was unable to tell us weme her speech therapists teachers etc absolutely love this product the new ella voice is amazing my daughter is so excited about it the program is very easy for me to customize for her the support staff of proloquo are always really always available for questions and are so kind and supportive im not the most computer literate person give it a try you will not be disappointed anne in ny                 love pro lo quo
I have a 7 yo nonverbal autistic son With this app he is now able to comminicate his needs and wants It has been such a frustration saver The only thing i would like to see improved is the back button is too small We have tiers of Im thirsty and it brings you to drink choices he cant get back to chosoe ex Im hungry because he is in the drinks and needs to back out to his main choice menu and the back button is too small              Love this is app
Great app for non verbal children Teaching them how to use it can be a bit of a challenge and takes months and dedication but the rewards are giving children who cant speak a voice                 Amazing
Updated today the app is completely blank now shows nothing but options This is a very expensive app and I would certainly like to get my moneys worth Come on people     What happened
My son is severely autistic and nonverbal he has a Dynavox communication device that he loves The problem is that it is hard for me to program and make adjustments to it usually is left at his school which does not help is at home and is very cumbersome also hard for me to program I have been searching for different apps to use on my iPhone and have found nothing that works like Proloquo2Go This program is AMAZING It lets us use the program on my phone as well as his iPad which we purchased just to use this app and he is sooooo excited to have a voice any where and if we need to charge the phone or iPad in the car we can and it is more socially acceptable Thank you soooo much for helping my son                 Amazing for my autistic son
For two years I have been told that proloquo2go will be adding switch scanning access before the end of this year Im sick and tired of being told that something else is a higher priority than my son and thousands of other kiddos being able to access this app We spent a lot of money on it because I was told that it would be switch accessible within months money that could have paid for medical supplies therapies or medical equipment Its time for assistiveware to follow through on their promises or refund our money     STILL inaccessible for many of the kiddos who need it most
My son is nonverbal and autistic along with a few other acronyms He did Ok with sign and PECS but never really GOT IT and never really had motivation We did a trial with talkers and he had no interest Just when we gave up someone mentioned proloquo I mentioned it to school they got him a loaner we downloaded it onto our ipad In two days he was interacting with it INDEPENDENTLY He has some significant academic and other delays so I was skepitcal But he loves it It was easy for us to set up and personalize we even downloaded a young boys voice We can take our own pictures of things that arent in the database We can customize it fully WE LOVE THAT We also have PRC and it is a good program but for some reason Proloquo is a bit easier for our son to use We have the support of the school and he is suddenly vocalizing since starting to use it He is now saying I WAAANT I like that you can choose between core words and basics too I cannot say enough good things about it Just be sure to work with your childs therapists or educators It will pay off                 Best money Ive ever spent
We purchased this app in hopes of being able to give our son a way to communicate with us The app would be perfect if not for one major flaw My son is a slider when he uses his hands He cant just pick up his hand and place on the button he wants he slides his hands from the bottom up When he does this the edit menu pops up every time and he never gets to say what he wants I would really love it if that feature was changed It sounds crazy but I specifically bought this iPad so that we can use the app and its pretty disappointing that we cant use it        Cannot use the app
My son has Down syndrome and this app has been wonderful for him I wish that it had the ability to record your own speech for some situations Many names are mispronounced in the synthesized speech That confuses my son He is 16 years old and has this on his iPod I love it when I cant understand what he is trying to tell me and he will use the app to make it clearer to me              Proloquo2go
So far so good I love that I can use pictures instead of icons Simple to use easy to creat new boards folders and icons I use dropbox to keep all our devices the same I have tried a few AACs I like this one so far                 Great for my boy
This has improved our sons quality of life He went from no communication to fully communicating with this app There was so much inside him and his behavior was often bad We still have some behavior issues but his ability to communicate has made his behavior so much better He can participate in activities at school The programming is easy and with the new iPad having a camera pictures are a snap to add He said the pledge this morning on announcements using proloquo with his classmates He has completed oral home work assignment using proloquo He shares our family vacation photos and talks about them with others using this app The list is endless of things he can do now that were impossible before The drop box feature allows me to easily put his folder on my iPhone so all his customizations are there too Worth every penny to buy this app It is expensive but the results are priceless Thank you so much proloquo for allowing my son to be just like every other child that can communicate thoughts                 Life Changing
This app has been a great resource for my son freeing him from the old unwieldy dedicated devices that he used to use We found a great solution with Proloquo2Go and an iMainGo portable speaker Unfortunately the newer iPod Touch doesnt fit into the iMainGo and the update for Proloquo2Go wont load on an older iPod Ive tried to reload but I cant get the old version of the program back Please either fix the update or rerelease an older version so we can continue to use your product     New version doesnt work on old device
Thank you for this update I love it                 3
Love the app for our 4 yr old son who has autism Only issue is that he can exit out of the program to easy Need an option to lockout the home button              Great But better with lockout option

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