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M2H, the publisher behind many iOS games (Stacking Island ,EverPaint (Handwriting Notebook) ,Bomb factory 2 ,Paradudes HD ,Safari Spot the Difference ,Jigsaw Puzzles!), brings Jigsaw Puzzles! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jigsaw Puzzles! games has been update to version 1.25 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a awesome game..
  • Great Boredom Buster..
  • Great for the grand kids..

Overall Satisfactionc85
I looked for puzzle apps and this is the best one.
You need to make the transitions smoother and a little faster.
Awesome app love doing the puzzle esp the 48 pieces.
It keeps me entertained while in between classes.
I love the pics and the challenge.
My daughter loves doing all these puzzles.
One of the best games ever.
Fun & Engagingc83
What fun to pass the time while you wait in line.
This is a awesome game.
Fun puzzle game.
game is terrific and tons of fun.
Loads of fun.
Great Boredom Buster.
Fun simple game.
Family Friendlyc82
Great for the grand kids.
My grand kids love it.
Fun and entertaining for the whole family.
Awesome whole family fun.
Replay Valuec84
and maybe more challenging since it's disorienting.
Many puzzles and levels of difficulty.
Challenging puzzles.
Three levels make the new-puzzle-player encouraged to play.
Ease of Usec100
Fun simple game.
Simple and entertaining.
Ads not Intrusivec11

This app is fun and is a great time passer. found in 3 reviews
great way to kill time. found in 1 reviews
This is a pleasant way to relax and unwind. found in 6 reviews
Fun and entertaining for the whole family. found in 1 reviews
Good variety of pictures. found in 3 reviews
I looked for puzzle apps and this is the best one. found in 13 reviews
my little 4 year old grandson loves to play it as well. found in 2 reviews
Definitely a " time waster " game. found in 6 reviews
I have a serious obsession with jigsaw puzzles. found in 131 reviews
What fun to pass the time while you wait in line. found in 19 reviews
Love doing my photos from my gallery. found in 2 reviews
A good sauce for brain exercise. found in 2 reviews
Great but one suggestion. found in 1 reviews
I wish you could upload photos WITHOUT money. found in 1 reviews
Please We Need New Puzzles Tired Of The Old Ones. found in 17 reviews
I'm close to deleting this ap. found in 2 reviews
Never Ending Loading. found in 1 reviews
it's boring me. found in 3 reviews
but only to the correct spot in the background. found in 3 reviews
Please give option to get rid of ads. found in 4 reviews
It's okay but sometimes there are pieces missing from my puzzle. found in 3 reviews
this app force-stretches all of the iPhone pics. found in 1 reviews
Disappointing: Pieces don't connect to each other. found in 3 reviews
Click the banner and you are asked to pay $0. found in 10 reviews
It would be nice to have more photo options. found in 1 reviews
sometimes there r pieces missing when u try to finish the puzzle. found in 5 reviews
99 to remove the advertisement likely exposing the missing pieces. found in 10 reviews
Can't stop playing this. found in 3 reviews
Can't touch them. found in 1 reviews
Wish the pieces were bigger though. found in 3 reviews
It crashes every time it's abought to load the puzzle. found in 5 reviews
Lots of pics but missing pieces. found in 10 reviews
it's boring now. found in 3 reviews
Please add NEW puzzles. found in 17 reviews
the unused puzzle pieces always get stuck behind the ads. found in 25 reviews
hard to connect pieces. found in 2 reviews
can't change background. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Jigsaw Puzzles! for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 17.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.25 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Jigsaw Puzzles! in M2H`s Official Website : http://www.m2h.nl/iphone

70+ different jigsaw puzzles you can play right on your iPad or iPhone Fun for all agesPuzzles range from 24 to 96 pieces with a variety of pictures and categories. Our collection is so big ...
Love doing puzzles This is a wonderful way to lull myself to sleep                 this app
Nice for those of us with young grandchildren              Good fun
Great love it                 Puzzle
Love that u can make puzzles out of ur own photos                 Luv it
Great jigsaws for kids and adults Wish could have higher piece count option 3 choices w highest 96 But still fun to play w my 8 yr old Really like that there is a light visual of final puzzle in background so I dont have to keep jumping to other screen to see puzzle image like in most other jigsaw apps Other apps probably better if adult looking for something more challenging                 Great to play w kids
This is a great app I enjoy using it                 Elizabeth Lover
I love this game and I love doing jigsaw puzzles and I love it because they are free also                 BeeBop61
This game is fun and addicting and interesting                 Sweet game
I really love this app Its awesome                 Mccdoves
Fun and entertaining                 Puzzles
I love putting together puzzles But what I cant stand is putting a puzzle together and a piece is missing or the wrong pieces in the puzzles That is whats happening here Missing pieces or wrong pieces in the puzzles     Missing puzzle pieces
Love itChallenging                
I love to do puzzles but every one of your free puzzles is missing a piece or two Can you sen a up date to fix this please and thank youJackie        Love puzzles BUT
I enjoy playing these puzzles while listening to cool jazz music Takes away the stress in my life                 Jigsaw Puzzle
Puzzle pics are nice if not a tad immatureWhat is annoying is how you chose a puzzle you chose a category then a random pic in that category pops upIf youve done that puzzle before you have to back out and start the process all over to chose another and it may populate with a second puzzle youve already doneThere should be thumbnails of all the puzzles in the category and you select which you want to doToday when I went to select another pic it did nothing So I tried again and it did nothing again hence the review           Annoying Quirks
I would like it better if I could select the jigsaw picture I havent played very many times and Ive already had a repeat puzzle           Okay
I like this game a lot and like how you can use your own photos But the amount of ads is annoying and block the screen during puzzles              Too many ads
I like these puzzles           Puzzles
Working puzzles is my favorite pastime I enjoy a good variety This works well for me Thanks                 Senior with time to work puzzles
Selection is good It doesnt give you an option to zoom so doing these on your phone is ridiculously challenging It has to be PERFECT for it to set into place And for the pieces to lock together it has to be in the puzzle not outside on the table Pretty annoying On a tablet this would be ok but not for a phone Your finger is twice the size as the puzzle piece        Not for phone
I dont understand all the positive reviews here Quit out of frustration halfway through my first puzzle Unused pieces are grayed out so dont match whats on the board until connected making it necessary to use the cheat features theyve added You cant hook pieces together unless one is already in place You have to be ridiculously accurate in your placement in order to lock pieces in which would be fine if you could zoom in which you cant All in all very frustrating     Wanted to throw my phone out the window
I like many different pictures and really difficulty for playing                 Very good
A while back I bought a puzzle pack and the make your own puzzle feature Then one day when I went to do a puzzle everything I had bought was locked So I clicked redeem and it did nothing I want my money back if you arent going to give me what I payed for     Puzzle packs
Relaxing                 Relaxing
I really enjoy the puzzles the only thing I would like changed When you choose a group you cant pick the puzzle It picked the puzzle for you              Evelyn Anguish
I love this app the puzzles are fun and you can use your own photos to create puzzles                 Great puzzles
I find this truly relaxing It doesnt take long to catch on to what pieces to look for first then it flies along                 Jigsaw Puzzles
Good fun for all ages Could do without all the ads crowding the bottom of the screen              Puzzles
I love to play at the end of the day when Im unwinding Fun pics                 Fun and relaxing
Good old fashioned game           Good old fashioned game
Excelente                 Súper
I really like the 3 sizes Also several categories                 Puzzles
It was great for a couple of days I loved it but now every time I try to play the pieces lag when moving them and it makes it hard to go fast           Lagging
Its a very good game although I wish it had more than 96 pieces to make a lot more difficult to solve              More complex
Awesome app love doing the puzzle esp the 48 pieces Great fun                 Tons of fun
It is Real fun                 Fun
The game is awesome but when you choose the puzzle pieces on the side are all stacked on top of each otherso its hard to find the one that you are looking for        Really fun
I love that the pictures are real and you can pick from different categories baby animals landscape cars horses dogs cats toys etc I also like that you can pick how many piece puzzle you want to make                 Love it
I love puzzles This app is wonderful I enjoy it very much I wish you could turn the timer off Sometimes it would be nice to solve a puzzle and not feel rushed              Great app
Love horse pics Not so many annoying ads Lots of free puzzles                
I love this app It is fun to put all of these puzzles together                 Love it
I was looking for something that was noncompetitive but also made me think to increase my brain functionThis seems to fit the bill for me I especially like the photo choses Thanx good job              Jigsaw Puzzles M2H
I love this game Its so relaxing to me Keep up the good work First time I really enjoyed using my I pad Thanks                 Jigsaw puzzle
I love being able to do these puzzles on my phone I am NOT a good passenger I get very nervous and think were going to get hit all the time Suffice it to say I used to drive my husband nuts but not since I found these The instant I have fastened my seatbelt I start doing these jigsaw puzzles I really wish this company would make more with catskittens I have done all the cat puzzles 3 or 4 times at least                 Jigsaw Puzzle MC2
Love doing the puzzlesa good relaxer     Jigsaw puzzles
Good job on app Fantastic puzzle app except for 2 things pieces are hard to place because background is same color as pieces Hard for vision impaired Also you have to keep shifting correct piece to place in correct location If would be 5 star otherwise              Puzzle
This is a good puzzle app It is very fun to play but I wish when you choose which catagory of picture you could choose the picture within the catagory instead of being directed to a random one That is really the only bad thing so good job on a good app              Good but needs choices
Great for the memory and attention                 Addictive
I dont like the ads that pop upEvery time I play other puzzleWhat can you do about the Ads please get rid of them           Its an ok puzzle game
This is good at bedtime One I can do in a hurry              Easy puzzle

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