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GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (DivineGateJP ,Puzzdra Challenge ,Puzzle & Dragons ,Puzzle & Dragons Radar ,Freak Tower (English) ,MOJI-POP`N), brings Puzzle & Dragons (English) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Puzzle & Dragons (English) games has been update to version 4.21 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Good time waster..
  • Of continuous play..
  • Very addicting and a fun time passer :..
  • and they announced a collab for Final Fantasy coming too..
  • Fun free game and is 100% possible to play for free..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
Amazing game mix between pokemon and bejeweled def recommend playing.
This one of the best games on the AppStore and its addictive.
This is one of my favorite games available for iTunes.
Would and frequently do recommend this game to everyone and anyone.
I strongly do not recommend this game.
Best mobile game I've played since Infinity Blade.
Thais I the best game I've ever played on the App Store.
It is by far my favorite game in the App Store.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
This is an awesome game and more people should play it.
The most addicting game that I ever played.
Pretty fun and addicting Hood overallJgjiftjxhjftstggugujyihhhu.
Super fun and very very good replay value.
A puzzle game with RPG elements that is hard to put down.
easy game with a cool concept and crazy awesome monsters.
Anyways lots of fun and challenging game with the puzzle aspect.
Usefulnessclick me95
You can play this game with many goals in mind.
If you're going to play this game.
I look foreword to play every day.
First of all: Itu2019s only natural that JP gets everything first.
japanese version gets everything first and stuff not available elsewhere.
Value for Moneyclick me55
and you can play the game for hours without spending anything.
I'm glad I didn't spend real money on the game.
Replay Valueclick me75
Anyways lots of fun and challenging game with the puzzle aspect.
in the higher levels.
Super fun and very very good replay value.
This game is simply stupidly addictive.
Production Valuesclick me94
has cool graphics and is just addicting.
The graphics are amazing.
Great graphics and wonderful production values.
Nice particle effects.
Ease of Useclick me92
Pretty fun and addicting Hood overallJgjiftjxhjftstggugujyihhhu.
It's fun and addicting and keeps getting better and better.
An underlying simple gameplay belies immense emergent complexity.
and simple gameplay.
Reliabilityclick me39
Updates & Supportclick me42
The Japanese version has over 7 million users.
I have been played original Japanese version.
and have great customer service.


Great adventure with casual puzzle gameplay!
Explore dungeons with your Monsters and Friends!
Enter dungeons spreading the world of Puzzle & Dragons and hunt the legendary dragons!
Released on Feb 22 in Japan. THIS IS ORIGINAL!!!


Match 3 or more Orbs of the same color to attack your enemies. Unlike most puzzle games, you can move an Orb as far as you want. Try to make as many Combos as you can!

Puzzle & Dragons (English)Puzzle & Dragons (English)
Tags :   puzzle ,   monsters ,   dragons ,   dungeons


Match the mystical Orbs and watch your Monsters attack. String together as many Combos as you can to unleash a devastating attack!


Collect tons of unique Monsters and assemble the best possible team. You can use 1 Leader and up to 4 Ally Monsters as you explore dungeons. Obtain new Monsters by completing dungeon or by utilizing the Egg Machines.
Puzzle & Dragons (English)


Monsters grow stronger by “Fusion.” Using different combinations of ingredients, you can Power-up your Monsters or try Evolve Fusion to make your team incredibly powerful.


You can make Friends in game or invite your real friends by using their ID. Everyone can enjoy the world of Puzzle & Dragons together!


Magic Stones you purchase from the Magic Stone Shop will NOT expire.
The scrolling text at the bottom of the screen will be changed in the next update.


The Puzzle & Dragons (English) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 38.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.21 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Puzzle & Dragons (English) in GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.`s Official Website :


Puzzle games like these are fantastic to kill some spare time. found in 12 reviews
It is honestly the best game in this puzzle rpg. found in 10 reviews
Awesome creatures and beautiful artwork. found in 6 reviews
and you can play the game for hours without spending anything. found in 4 reviews
Best mobile game I've played since Infinity Blade. found in 20 reviews
The most addicting game that I ever played. found in 76 reviews
You've managed to create the perfect game-- cute monsters. found in 5 reviews
obtain magic stones easily than any other type of game on the market. found in 8 reviews
It's a Candy Crush meets Bejeweled meets Pokemon kinda game. found in 10 reviews
Best free game in this genre and very hard to put down. found in 3 reviews
So much better than a normal match three. found in 10 reviews
it blends two old ideas into something fresh and insanely addicting. found in 4 reviews
it's like bejeweled and Pokemon fused into one. found in 6 reviews
Amazing game mix between pokemon and bejeweled def recommend playing. found in 67 reviews
and it's a good time killer overall. found in 11 reviews
I find this game very entertaining and very time consuming. found in 23 reviews
unlike so many other freemium games out there. found in 11 reviews
Super fun and very very good replay value. found in 39 reviews
Casual game that has provided me lots of fun. found in 5 reviews
Magic stone purchase error. found in 2 reviews
Missing some sweet dungeons you guys put on. found in 4 reviews
Creators please read. found in 2 reviews
The other problem is the pricing to buy gems. found in 6 reviews
It's really fun but I don't get the daily bonuses. found in 4 reviews
Needs Trading With Firends. found in 15 reviews
it does not use the full iPhone 5 screen. found in 4 reviews
I don't want to loose my progress and restart. found in 2 reviews
But their service is terrible. found in 1 reviews
but it didn't show up until 1am. found in 2 reviews
But this game isn't nearly as fun without its sound effects. found in 2 reviews
but the last update completely messed up the time sync. found in 3 reviews
Can't play anymore. found in 6 reviews
that game is great but customer service is trash. found in 10 reviews
I think it was error code 1. found in 6 reviews
Needs iPhone 5 optimization. found in 2 reviews
Great game just hate waiting for stamina to recharge. found in 11 reviews
Having connection issues after latest update. found in 6 reviews
Now its in an infinite loop to retry purchasing the product. found in 4 reviews
the game crashes right after the load screen. found in 7 reviews
if you lost your game data. found in 5 reviews
Shows gung-ho logo but then goes back to home screen :. found in 4 reviews
If you delete the game. found in 4 reviews
Game is fun but customer service /support is insufficient. found in 10 reviews
I can't play anymore because of this. found in 6 reviews
but pay to win. found in 30 reviews
them saying error code 1. found in 6 reviews
Challenge Mode Doesn't Show Up. found in 7 reviews
Ever since your latest update I've had nothing but connection issues. found in 6 reviews
To make it worse stamina takes forever to recharge. found in 11 reviews
Why I deleted this game after wasting countless hours. found in 4 reviews
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No matter what I do the game crashes instantly when I try to open it I will give more stars if this is fixed    Game wont start
I play this game nearly everyday its so addictive If you like Pokémon and Candy Crush this is the perfect blend for you Just play                Addictive and Challenging
I can finally sell all my Ronias 3 u gungHo now I have my new waifu shiva dragon                Love this update
My son has been playing this game for a long time Just updated 2 mins ago now it doesnt work Everytime he starts the app it crashes Please fix PLEASE    Bad update
I think we should get monster points based on the number of stars on the monster the rarity and such                An idea
New update is very cool The Monster Point thing is awesome but I think there can be more monsters available All of the evo materials maybe and maybe a lower price on some of them haha             Great Game 455
This is absolutely my favorite game The game does not pressure me to make IAPs There are so many creatures to get and level The composition of a team makes all the difference as you get to higher level dungeons                Best game on my phone
I dont write reviews for games at all but this game is so good it deserves a review amazing puzzle solving goodness puts this game at the top of my list above clash of clans and balloons tower defense five                Amazing game
Very fun game and very addicting                Best game ever
Did the new update on my iPod which is also updated on its software and it crashes even before I open the app Did a restore on iPod thinking it would take care of the issue but was mistaken Please fix since I really do enjoy the game       Crashes after new update
Game is not fun anymoreI get more annoyed now than I have fun Too much rng involved    
Love this game played 550 days and its awesome the artwork I fantastic and the mechanics are good can you add co op mode and lower the MP for the MP store                Good game and suggestions
Ive been playing this game for almost two years Im rank 400 and I dont see myself quitting any time soon Theres just an endless amount of updates that keep the game fresh with new monsters dungeon mechanics and quality of life featuresThe only thing I would be wary of is the rare egg machine They give you plenty of free premium currency via dungeon clears log in bonuses and gifts in the mail but if youre the type of obsessive person with no sled control you might find yourself purchasing more premium currency than you should as you chase that one white whale that will perfect your favorite team That said if youre looking for a deep skill based game with grinding elements this is for you The bejeweled mechanics are much deeper than youd expect at first glance and the Pokemon style collecting and evolving is addicting and rewarding The social element of using friends monsters also makes you feel proud when you max out a particularly rare one for your friends to useGreat game just play responsibly                Amazingly deep game but be wary of the gambling elements
Like I said super fun and super addictive                super fun super addictive
If they added the Dragon Ball Z collab it would be 1010 But they keep the best thingz for theyselvez                910
This is one of the freemium games that plays a bit like pokemon in its rpg aspect but its so fun that you wont want to stop Some of the drop rates are crap and special evo material dungeons are ridiculously tough requiring REM only monsters at or near max lvl with close to final or ult evo But thats more of an endgame type project The game is awesome fun and GungHo has some of the best Customer service people in the businessJust wish NA could get PaD W that japan got in the 70 update                PaD life
Pad is too nice but there are a few problems One is the stamina It should be 1 per minute instead of one per 5 You should also be able to unawaken monsters in case you accidentally fuse a tamadra                1 app
Last update made it so i cant play I turn it on and i can press the start on screen but while it is connecting it just shuts off Please fix Im on iPod       I love the game but
PAD is a great game and all but I have a problem So I created 2 accounts on different devices but on the same Game Center account The reason I did this was because I wanted to have an account where I could start over because I had a bad start on my first account But then when I went on a device that had my original account it changed into my second account Ive tried deleting and re downloading but so far no luck Is there a way to fix this problem Please help if you can my old account had 2 Sonias and an Isis i dont want to loose them Edit I know i sound desperate and and fake but please if you can help             Problem
If it wasnt this good why would I have played it for two years Well I guess you have to have friends playing it to get into the game at first though                I played this for a while
Ever since I downloaded this app onto my phone I have been unable to put my phone down for a second I constantly play this game every day                Favorite game
Its also tighter than the cats pajamas if you know what I mean                PaD Is the bees knees
Great art fun mechanics Pretty much the whole game is a long grind to level up where some have been playing for years Constantly updating content                Highly addictive
This game is like a puzzle game on steroids Per say its amazing especially with the new update And by the way some monsters ARE worth a lot more than 1 MP depending on rarity collaborations and more This game deserves a 1010                Amazing
Ive been playing this game for a couple of years Never missed a day and was captivated by the complexity and strategy Everything was great And then the developers stopped No new levels for quite awhile now And the last ones they did were virtually impossible without spending a lot of ingame currency It really feels like they are now just trying to get money and have given up making a game that people can enjoy and progress withThey bring out new monsters but it seems more about filling your inventory slots so you have to buy more than about interesting game playIts no fun continually going up against levels that are ridiculously hardwhere you die with one hit and the monsters have millions of hit pointsYoull love it at first but be warned          Great until
Love the game but they seem to be taking the Candy Crush way of ruining their own product This really is of concern You are making money why screw over the ones who play your game IAP is now the only thing they want Its making me want to delete                Love the game but
Been playing this game for a while finally decided to buy some magic stones Got an error and i followed the directions and when i opened it again I didnt have the stones Just got ripped    Didnt get my magic stones
I normally dont write a review for anything but I gotta say I love it and could play it for a long time Play It for yourself and see                Amazing game
1010 Its like a mix of Pokemon and candy crush You can move the selected piece all over the board to make several combos in one turn Ive had it for almost 8 months now and have played it everyday since I downloaded it                Best phone app Ive ever played
Ok so when playing a free monster dungeon I got a Fafnir when it showed I got it it turned into a Dragonette Im not sure if its part of the game or if its a glitch its just that I lost a Fafnir when I got it when I defeated it       I dont get it
I love this update                Great Update
The game is great I r8 it 88But one update suggestion is PVP Player Vs Player and a trading system It sounds like a great add on to me                Amazing Game But I Have A Suggestion
I love to play this game but the magic stones are so hard to get Im at rank 125 and Im stuck on quite a few dungeons because I need more good monsters Ive already completed just about all the challenge dungeons Cant we get a magic stone every time we go up a rank or something                Great app
Llevo jugando 880 días y desde la última actualización se me queda la pantalla en download 100 Reinstale el juego y tan sólo pude jugar una fase Ahora se me ha quedado en la misma pantalla sin posibilidad d le reiniciar datos Alguno sabe que puedo hacer Esperar a una actualización o algo Gracias          Buen juego pero
I have been playing this game for s while Yesterday the game got randomly deleted and I cant redownload it for some reason I had many of the best gods in the game and now they are gone       Game got deleted and cant be redownload
The game is pretty decent at first but after a while it loses its luster You end up spending a lot of time only so that the harder levels become nearly impossible without using the ingame currency magic stonesThere is almost always an event to keep you busy and youre given free stones frequently yet you end up having to constantly burn through them Even the Rare Egg Machine that allows a player to get newer cardsunits to collect has horrible drop rates unless if there is a Godfest undergoing Just about every other event is disappointing The one and only consolidation from all of this is the unique artwork for cardsunits       Meh
The only game I play on my phone and am obsessed about                Love it
This app REALLY NEEDS a trading option with your fellow players that are your friends so it can speed up the playing progress          Hard progress
I like that you can now buy monsters with monster points gained from selling monsters However they really missed the mark on this Each monster sold gets a single point regardless of level or rarity This is really inconsistent with the coins acquired from selling monsters It also makes it next to impossible to be able to buy a monster when the least expensive is 3000 coins You can do better Gung Ho          Monster points missed the mark
Its about time What took so long for this             PURCHASE MONSTERS
This game is awesome it is a mix of pokemon and candy crush except you get to move a single orb as far as you want in any direction until the timer runs out which lets you get really high combos Currently there are over 2 thousand characters and many many more to come                Amazing
If you play the game right and only spin during godfest and save pal points until evo materials are in the pal egg machine then no money is needed although if you really like it like me it does help to buy some stones                Nonstop events
There is a plateau wall you eventually hit even IF you spend money Dungeons get too hard regardless of how good of a team you have There is also too many crappy middle of the road monsters that does little to helpYou get collaboration monsters that you might or might not have heard of or know anything about and honestly they are all pretty crappy too It is also pretty unclear what many of the special monsters do unless you spend a lot of time digging through weird websites and in the end it turns out that they carry no special powers they are just fun to look atTo all of you thinks no that paying helps it doesnt even if you spend a lot This is the best game in the world on a mobile phone until you hit 80 level then it just becomes a money black hole and spending the money doesnt really help I have had to spend 10 stones in one round no kidding it gets sick after a while I have now deleted the game they get too greedy and its too hard and takes way too long to move forward       Even paying doesnt help eventually
Ive written a review for puzzles and dragons before but after a lot more experience I can finally say that this is the best game on App Store They keep you updated a lot and there is always new stuff This game is addicting and there is many cute monsters They have collabs with new dungeons and monsters based on other games My favorite monster is Chibi Haku Shes too cute and has nice skills 1010                Puzzles and Dragons
Has great artwork no bugs and very nice company they have holiday dungeons and over 2000 monsters best game I ever tried try it                
Thx for create more new monsters and it just looks like in PADZ in 3ds keep up the Great work creater I always rate                I love this Game
So much content is all I can say o                Pad overview
I started this game about two years days ago Not once have I even THOUGHT about deleting it It really is a great gameThe only complaint I have is that players arent able to trade monsters or give each other coins Magic Stones or friend points Also the price of Magic Stones in the Magic Stone shop should be lowered I love the new Monster Points but some monsters sale prices need to be raisedOverall it is the best game Ive ever played on any iOS system Everyone should download it                AMAZING But add trading
Maya is dumb and different    Dumb


GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
English, Japanese
38.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.21
iPhone iPad

iOS Puzzle & Dragons (English) 4.21 Mobile

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