pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager

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Requires iOS 8.0 or la

Description - pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager

App 77 Informatica e Servicos LTDA , the publisher behind many iOS app (pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager ,FastZip), brings pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager app has been update to version 7.0.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I'd used Password Safe for my PCs for 10+ years..
  • Great cross platform password management at a good price..
  • the Dropbox support I had already purchased in that version..

Overall Satisfactionc84
I'd used Password Safe for my PCs for 10+ years.
This is the best password app I've ever used.
I highly recommend this product.
To the best of my knowledge.
and to support a developer of quality apps.
That or I'd have the same password for everything.
it's an indispensable tool.
Essential for keeping passwords in sync between Apple and Windows environments.
Security & Privacyc95
I'd used Password Safe for my PCs for 10+ years.
Excellent password manager.
Updates & Supportc66
Had the original and upgraded to version 2.

the ' dropbox sync ' in app purchase enables dropbox sync. found in 4 reviews
Simple and clean interface. found in 1 reviews
It's perfect for keeping track of all my passwords and account information. found in 1 reviews
Great way to manage passwords. found in 1 reviews
Essential for keeping passwords in sync between Apple and Windows environments. found in 1 reviews
This is the best password app I've ever used. found in 7 reviews
Touch ID support is a great addition to an already excellent program. found in 1 reviews
I've been using this app for more than a year. found in 1 reviews
easy secure and full featured password management across devices and computers. found in 3 reviews
Will be looking elsewhere if changes are not made quickly. found in 1 reviews
Bottom line: it's definitely worth it if you have touch ID. found in 10 reviews
If you need a password manager with a solid feature set. found in 1 reviews
But here's the problem-
And that's the problem. found in 1 reviews
but this is significantly better. found in 1 reviews
the features work as advertised and aren't half-baked. found in 1 reviews
but it's still a problem. found in 1 reviews
the features work as advertised and aren't half -baked. found in 1 reviews
-2 stars for being greedy. found in 1 reviews
charging old customers for the iOS 8 update is greedy. found in 1 reviews
Works good but have a wish list. found in 1 reviews
If things get updated and those issues are fixed. found in 1 reviews
the Mac App Store version. found in 1 reviews
don't like buying again plus my old data did not transfer properly. found in 1 reviews
keyboard covers the text field and you cannot scroll down. found in 1 reviews
Awful awful awful. found in 1 reviews
Reliability is far more important than adding useless features. found in 1 reviews

The pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.0.9 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Bottom Line: For more information about pwSafe 2 - Password Safe compatible password manager check developer App 77 Informatica e Servicos LTDA`s website :

pwSafe 2 offers TouchID, Safari-autofill, iPhone 6+ landscape mode, adaptive text, a new design and much more on top of pwSafe 1. Easy, secure and full featured password management across devices and computers. pwSafe uses iCloud ...
Excellent app on iOS and Mac                 Excellent app on iOS and Mac
Uses Password Safe database from desktop seamlessly No inapp purchase is necessary FAQ will answer questions on importing the database                 Just what I needed
This app does exactly what it is supposed to do It stores secure account information I have been using for several years The transition through several updates of iOS and upgrade from iPhone 5 replacement iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 has been almost flawless I am very happy and will continue to use this app for my secure account needs                 Excellent
I used to have a blackberry and this app is the closest Ive found to the BB password safe I like how it doesnt sync your data if you dont want it to and also how many options there are for importingexportingsyncing Touch ID support is great and the UI is clean                 Works pretty good
I have used the full version of password safe for many years This mobile version is very slick especially the finger print access for iPhones                 Great way to manage passwords
Powerful Versatile Thoughtfully designed Convenient and very easy to use Gives me complete and quick control over all my passwords And I can synchronize with my spouse by simply copying our safes file from one iCloud account to the other                 Love this app
Extremely useful and a very good interface                 PWSafe
Company has no customer service Wont respond to email and theres no phone contact info Lost everything when converted to ios9     iOS upgrade issue
As we age what goes first Im watching to see My first line of defense is pwSafe Ive depended on it for years and its never let me down Yet Thanks for an App that really works                 My Memory
I have used pwSafe over many versions It has always performed as expected My info is kept safe I have hundreds of entries in my safes Is easy to use and recent changes make it even easier                 pwSafe does everything I need in password software
This is where its at Features design support for multiple devices and built on the most secure encryption Works absolutely perfectly                 Best password manager
Started out good just keeps getting better Highly recommended for keeping passwords safe strong                 Excellent
I had been using pwSafe and upgraded to pwSafe 2 This upgrade works perfectly and all of my passwords are still there everything transferred properly None of the inapp purchases are required to continue syncing to iCloud This app seems stable and I have not experienced any crashes Im very happy with this upgrade thank you                 Upgraded and happy
It does what it claims All of my passwords in one place and accessible from multiple devices                 Solid app
I use iCloud to sync PWSafe apps on two iMacs two iPhones and an iPad It works perfectly I use the safe for more than passwords birthdays social security numbers bank account numbers etc etc etc Its functional and easy to use                 Great App
I use this app because its compatible with software I use in Linux and Win7 Set the password length to 24 chars and quit worrying They may steal it but not likely to guess it                 Excellent app
I wish I could give this app 5 stars but basic reliability of iCloud syncing of my most sensitive info between my iPhone and my Mac has had numerous problems leaving me to wonder if I should be using this app at all any more Early on this app was great but as it has evolved new features the basic syncing of files between my devices does not update properly     iCloud syncing is unreliable
Got tired of services that are here today gone next year This solution allows me to control MY information so it will be here next year in addition I am using the cloud features which permit me to have access to my data anywhere there is internet in sync on my phone and personal computer You cant be the trusted solution of pwSafe                 Fantastic app
Ive got the MacBookPro version as well as the iPhone 5S the iPad2 Outstanding App The iCloud replicates all data very well to these devices wirelessly and automatically Just wish there was a PC version for my perfect combination of Ps Word Safe Monthly cost                 Outstanding app
Easy to access and share separate vaults Really like ability to separate by folders and to copyandpaste passwords as well as user names Also keeps password history if desired Excellent privacy and security features in my estimation                 Keeps me organized
Been a long time and very satisfied use of pwsafe Until today Today I found myself having to buy a new version with the option to spent additional dollars for cloud services In addition my password safes were no where to be found After several hours of frustration in finally finding and downloading my safes Ive lost confidence that the vendor is looking out for my best interest in maintaining a secure place for password data Frankly nothing done here has improved the App other to provide additional revenue streams for pwsafe                 Unbelievable
Ive been using this app and its predecessor for almost three years I use iCloud to share a safe between my iOS devices and my Mac and have never had a problem I highly recommend this program                 Happy longtime user
The benefit of this solution over others is that you can control where the password safe database lives Therefore you can choose to keep the safe out of the cloud if you choose No more worries if some application is hacked somewhere Also this is a great password manager in an Apple trifecta scenario iPhone iPad and Mac It works everywhere Absolutely a great product and the developer is very responsive to both fixing bugs and enhancement requests Overall Ive had a great experience with this solution and highly recommend it                 Wonderful
Ive been using Password Safe on my PC for a very long time and its hard to beat especially for the money So when I could so easily import my password database into the app without having to do anything but open the file I was ecstatic Works perfectly and saving the database to the cloud I can maintain one file across all my devices I also like being able to unlock the file with a fingerprint scan                 Love it
Excellent product I have used for several years now I was using an OEM version released by another company and have switched to this version It works quite well I especially like they work with the fingerprint scanner feature of the iphone6 This is a great time saver and more secure of course I just have one suggestion in case the app designers read these suggestions There is a competitor product that was recommended to me by a Genius at the Apple Store Their interface is MUCH more evolved than this one and includes dozens of press signed categories which would be a great time saver as well Otherwise Great product              Like it Works well But
The best                 The best
Have used this app for several years Love it Hope here is an Apple Watch extension in the future                 Great app
The keep safe open for X days feature does not work and is practically a scam Once the app is swapped out by iOS the safe is closed Support says this is by design and then recommends purchasing their expensive cloud service The keep safe open option is solely there so they can make a sales pitchhow noxious Avoid this app     Crucial Feature Misleads
Been using this app for the last year Developer is highly responsive Nice UI Printable PW list Very easy to manage Tilt screen to get Username or PW Get it Youll be a happy camper                 The Best
Stores passwords Creates new passwords I use it multiple times per day No security concerns that I am aware of                 Does what it says
Love this app and highly recommended                 Love this app
This app seems quite good but I found it shady that you cannot use this with DropBox without additional purchase even if you are already syncing DropBox to your phone This should be called out as a purchase requirement in the description where the feature is advertised not hidden in the fine print Call out your inapp purchase requirements clearly esp for topline features     Requires inapp purchase for DropBox
Been using Pwsafe for years and now use across all my devices great app                 Excellent
Been using the old PwSafe for about a year and like it One problem is safe relocks very quickly even though I had it set to stay open 3 hours Prompted to upgrade I decided I would to see if this bug is fixed Upgrade experience is a bit confusing I had to re link my Dropbox safe Not sure why but that went ok Then I found two PwSafe icons on my desktop HelpAbout does not show version on either the old or new so hard to tell them apart By clicking around in both UIs and noticing new things I finally was able to identify that the new one has a slight blue line around the logo the outline is black in the old version I could then delete the old version Not sure why all this doesnt just happen automatically and always show version number in HelpAbout please              Good appupgrade a bit confusing
Im a Password Safe user and I love having access on my iPad and iPhone Tilt Copy and Dropbox connections are great                 Use it very frequently
This app is easy to use and allows for multiple password safes I have one for work and one for personal accounts I can access either one Being able to synch my account through my drop box account makes it even easier I can use that app on my iPhone and the desktop version Any updates are synced within seconds Great app thank you                 Easy app to use
Super easy upgrade from pwsafe v1 and with TouchID this is awesome Thank you                 Very cool
Ive just begun using pwSafe and so far I like it a lot Im pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily it takes me to a site and signs me in with one click As a follow on to my earlier review I continue to like pwSafe very much I feel my PWs are secure and I can access them whenever I need them It works great for me                 So far I like it
Does its job and does it well                 Good app
iCloud sync between Mac and iOS nearly never works Newest OS and pwsafes on both along with removing and reinstalling on both platforms        Works but sync doesnt
Love it it has Touch ID Customize categories Key word searching add your own notes retains history of past pwords uses cloud importexport encrypted and simple to use                 Excellent App
My Mom is getting older and Im the default IT support I use this to manage her stuff remotely as well as add to her safe via the cloud so if she updates her PW its global and if she has issues I validate with a backup I keep I have 5 safes I access regularly from my Mac phone iPad work PC windows and its all seamless Love it                 If you have Older people get this to manage their stuff
Compared to LASTPASS this app is intuitive and easy to use and doesnt try to over complicate things You can store your safes externally and in an encrypted fashion In addition I emailed the guy and got responses in about 2days now thats service on par with Apple Keep chugging along developer I like your product in case your servers will ever shut down I only hope the passwords are still accessible              Full Blown and Competent Password Manager
PC app has AutoType feature to simplify logins Nice otherwise Use Dropbox to sync Password file              Nice but no AutoType
Ive used Password Safe for years on my Windows machines Now that iCloud Drive is available for Windows this app was a no brainier My passwords are always up to date secure and available no matter where I am Lets be honest Who hasnt reused a password across sites After all its not possible to remember a unique secure password for every site you visit Its also not very smart to reuse passwords Well now you dont have to remember your passwordsget the free Password Safe if youre on Windows and this app for your mobiles                 Dont be stupid Get this and be safe
Trust me Just get it and be happy Heres why pwSafe is fast and fluid easy to use feature packed and insanely trouble free I have tried many of the top password management apps and for me this tops them all Ive been happily using this for many years now The developer always provides timely app updates and most importantly he is the best Ive encountered when it comes to taking and acting on suggestions from his user base on how to improve the app To be specific here are some features that make this app great you can organize your information into as many groups and subgroups as your heart desires This app makes it a breeze to search for information or drill down into the tree structure you can have multiple safes you can enable touchID for some safes and no touchID for others if you want you can sync some safes via iCloud Drive or Dropbox and if you want have other safes that dont use the cloud you have a Safari extension to fill logins and you can select the safe you want the extension to fill the login from this app can also fill logins for apps such as Walmart Dropbox and eBay that support app extension you can configure it to launch Safari or Chrome for the URL in your login before iOS had a Safari extension feature this app pionered the very cool smart pasteboard feature which you can choose to use that made it easy to fill logins where it copies your password when you launch Safari from within the app so you can paste your password as the website opens in the browser then you slightly tilt your device and the username is automatically copied ready for pasting then a short time later the app automatically clears the pasteboard with this app you use the Notes area to organize information the way you want to So now if youve made your own template for information like credit card details you can duplicate it to start a new entry with the same template you can configure a password policy for each website Since each website have their own policy when you have to generate a new password for that site you know you are getting one that already meets the policy And just in case you need it you can specify for each site how many previous passwords to remember the previous comment implies that this app has a powerful password generator Oh yes it does I could go onbut its best that you just try it                 Amazingly great
Use it all the time With Dropbox integration I can use one database for all my passwords everywhere and with TouchID opening passwords on my phone is nearly painless                 Excellent App
I have been using pwSafe for about a year and I cant imagine living without it now I use it along with the companion Mac app and my 50 unique account passwords are synchronized across all my platforms iPad iPhone and Mac Additionally I manage accounts for a disabled family member and am able to keep their passwords in a separate safe Without this app I would need to either have the same password for many accounts or keep a list in an app like Notes Both of those are extremely bad ideas                 A must have app
I use the open source program on my work laptop so this was the natural choice for my iPhone Im a sysadmin and its handy to have all my passwords available at all times when Im away from my desk                 Good affordable password manager
I would lock myself out of sooo much stuff if I didnt use this That or Id have the same password for everything                 Love it

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