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TapMedia Ltd, the publisher behind many iOS app (QR Reader for iPhone ,Voice Recorder (FREE) ,Scanner (Premium) ,Video Booth ,Tap Mirror ,Tap Relax), brings QR Reader for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. QR Reader for iPhone app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc80
This is the best qr reader I've gotten great app.
This is the easiest QR Code reader to use for the iPhone.
This QR code reader can't recognize half the stuff I scan.
love being able to see things that you can't otherwise.
Works well and best of all it's free.
Some sites that you're led to are much better than others.
i downloaded this app because its supposed to be the best.
It works much better than I expected.
Fun & Engagingc77
A great tool for wasting time.
This reader is awesome.
Awesome QR reader.
This is a handy fun ap.
The app is so simple to use and very handy.
I've been able to view everything I scanned.
It's reads everything perfect it is the best.
I love this app it is so helpful and easy to use.
Very useful for business.
An Essential Tool.
Ease of Usec93
The app is so simple to use and very handy.
I love this app it is so helpful and easy to use.
This is super convenient.
Works fast and creating codes is easy as pie.
Very straight forward and easy to use.
I haven't had any problems so far.
Ads not Intrusivec26
Updates & Supportc44
Customer Service.

The app is so simple to use and very handy. found in 9 reviews
This is the best QR reader I've used so far. found in 6 reviews
This is the best qr reader I've gotten great app. found in 481 reviews
Ok except for the annoying ads. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't work half the time. found in 3 reviews
Please fix the crash when you open the app with iOS 7. found in 2 reviews
but sometimes takes too long to scan. found in 4 reviews
It fails to read small sized codes most of the time. found in 6 reviews
Crashes suddenly when scanning more than 2 barcodes. found in 1 reviews
Keeps Crashing Back to Home Screen. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't really work too well. found in 2 reviews
Unable to view the raw data when scanning barcodes. found in 3 reviews
the app doesn't appear in the privacy settings. found in 3 reviews
The app cannot create an event qr code. found in 1 reviews
Sadly I was unable to read a single code. found in 7 reviews
On first use I discovered reason: ad banner at bottom of each screen. found in 1 reviews
The only con is that it doesn't read very small QR. found in 9 reviews
It is slow but works when I need it. found in 2 reviews
I can't get it to work on my iPhone 4. found in 10 reviews
Pretty cool app…although sometimes it doesnt read codes. found in 3 reviews
Not needed - I prefer red laser. found in 5 reviews
Good but needs improvements. found in 2 reviews
Free is no deal if it won't scan anything No stars. found in 54 reviews
I don't need to scan to find what the item is. found in 6 reviews
Used to work well but now just goes to a site called vocaroo. found in 10 reviews
Qr reader does not work on my iPhone 5. found in 10 reviews
It does not recognize small qr codes that appear on some magazines. found in 9 reviews
the internal web browser doesn't work. found in 10 reviews
This does NOT work for my IPhone 3GS. found in 9 reviews
I tried scanning something and said nothing was there. found in 8 reviews
I have a 3GS iPhone and the scanner doesn't work with it. found in 6 reviews
Doesn't work well on iPhone 3 or 3gs. found in 8 reviews
Every time I scan a code it exits out of the app. found in 19 reviews
there are better free apps that don't cost to delete. found in 10 reviews
the I phone won't focus so it doesn't scan crap. found in 6 reviews
This QR code scanner doesn't work to scan a QR code. found in 23 reviews
Will not send to Safari just scans and then nothing. found in 11 reviews
Everything I scanned was not valid. found in 6 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download QR Reader for iPhone for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new QR Reader for iPhone app version 3.0 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about QR Reader for iPhone check developer TapMedia Ltd`s website : http://www.tapmedia.co.uk

A portable QR code reader for the iPhone.Fast and effective with the real-time auto detect mode.FEATURES- Real-time scan mode- Share using email, facebook or twitter- Integrated web browser- Integrated map view
IOS APP is BEST APP                 IOS APP is BEST APP
idk why anyone would give this app 1 star works good and you can create QR codes                 can create QR CODES
The first time I tried to use it it didnt work at all I am deleting it and will select a higher rated app     Doesnt read scan properly
I use this QR Code reader often for work and it has not given me any issues I love the fact that you can create QR codes if I wanted to and the option to save to a folder is useful too Its worth the download                 Works great
No good I was scanning a barnes and noble card to find tthe balance but they decided to advertise and wouldnt even show me what it was really     Not good at all
Ever since the update it has not been working at all I tried to scan some Funland cards to see how much was on it but when the website came up all it said was error message I tried reinstalling the app and the same thing happened again I would not recommend it to anyone    
Very easy to use and no bugs I love using QR codes all over town Thanks for making an awesome app                 Awesome app
Its ok but it cant identify a lot of codes It needs updating           Qr reader
Because this reads QR codes as well as barcodes whilst barcode scanners typically lack the ability to read QR codes as well without an upgrade On top of that the opensourcefulness lets say is phenomenal Leading to greatly appreciated enhanced userability                 5 stars without a doubt and simply put
so bad     Doesnt take you to the ACTUAL LINK
I remember why I dont like this app It may work for some things but usually it doesnt sync with the actual item you are looking for from the picture it got when holding up to the code I got a picture of the barcode for a La Croix coconut flavored carbonated water and it gave me customer gunmetal green lantern dicesummm ok how is that helping me     Not synced with items
У власному тесті порівнянні переміг тільки цей сканер тому що уміє фокусуватися за дотиком пальця Інші навіть платні програми не змогли розпізнати те що він зумів                 Кращий серед подібних
If you like getting tricked into pressing a button that brings you to the App Store to sell an unrelated app then you will like this app Otherwise avoid        Ad machine
This app is terrible It used to work at one point but now has a bunch of ads that pop up and are splattered across the screen that make it unbearable Ive reset my phone and rebooted the app even uninstalled and reinstalled it to troubleshoot yet most times the item being scanned wont even show because its timed out with as garbage Consumers get one that works and Developers stop ruining good working products with ads They diminish functionality look cheap and make consumers hate your product being associated with annoying advertising     Garbage
I use to have this app and never had a problem with it and now I just downloaded it again because a different one I tried wouldnt work at all Well this one scans but I tested it with something I just bought to make sure Well I scanned wipes and it came up as a bike helmet camera So I tried it again and it just said unknown or unable to find So I did t a 3rd time and again it came up as the bike helmet camera So Again with this one as well DELETED Terrible Dont waste your time     What happened
Awesome performance              Opinion
It just doesnt work It doesnt scan     Simply does not work
It pops malware designed for you to download other programs Its free so I expect to see something Please let us know before we use it Thanks        Hidden Advertising Malware
Pointed camera at the QR code for a few minutes and it never read it Uninstalled     Does Not Read QR Codes
This app is awesome take it to stores it helps you save money              Good girl saves money
So I tried it a couple time I hold it but it wont scan so dont get this app     Doesnt tell how to scan the QR
I used to use this app all the time to compare prices Now it tells me it cant find the product name after scanning the barcode     Stopped working
Excellent app works with NYC BusTime Bus Schedule to get NYC bus routes bus stops distance to nearby bussesI can makename Folders for certain bus routes info they could make this easierI dont use it for products              MTA NYC Bus Routes Schedules
Ive trie over 50 times on multiple QR codes and its never work Ive clean the camera uninstalled and reinstalled the app and its still not working     It doesnt work
Tomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez is happy to include among my applications this feature with the excellent form to make important copies of documents telephone list to be found on QR reader for IPhone Ill evaluate with 5 Stars this fantastic application for my new IPhone 6                 QR Reader for iphone
Tried to use app to look up price of a used car on the dealers lot but the app kept opening a new page for dealership search page not info on the specific car     App found dealership search page not price of specific car
This app would be great if it worked But ya know It doesnt     This app would be great if it worked
Weird stuff on cam Wont go into safari but stays in its own ad infested browser     Crashes
This is more than just your average QR Reader This reader quickly and accurately reads your QR codes as well as many other functions My favorite is that it even allows you to create your own QR code from within the app very easily It even has a section so you can search for deals both online and locally There is a great options menu included as well which lets you set up the app to your needs I love this QR reader and recommend downloading it if you havent yet                 GeekyGirl007
Does not work Dont bother     Doesnt work
If there are three barcodes it is very hard to pick all three separately        Window is too narrow
Nothing wrong with this app Works great                 Works for me
This update fixed the problems I was having Scanning a code is faster for me now The PDF scanner works good as well now its great when you need to save a document when you out and dont have access to a scanner Takes really good photos for me Been using this app to look up local prices and it does great for where I live Only 099 to remove the ads is well worth it for what I use it for I really love where you can make your own QR Codes I made one for guest access to my home network Friends come by they just scan the code to connect No trying to type in a long random passwordOver all this update is worth a second try for any one that may have had trouble with the app before Even works great on my old iPhone 4                 Good app
My job suggested that all employees download this app to be able to check payroll and see deduction and what ur pay will be dad before the direct deposit hits ur account We usually have to do this from work on a closed network but now I can do it from my iPhone This app is nice I love it                 Great app
It is awesome                 QR Reader
This is a fantastic little app And if you select approve before opening in the settings you can see where the URL of the QR code takes you before you get there Love it                 Fast and efficient
Pretty cool but lots of ads              Barely above average
Only use this app if you have thoroughly enjoy filling out long product registrations multiple times because the app continues to shut down Worst app ever waste of time to use it I could have been asleep a half hour ago AngryTiredConsumer     Crashes then crashes again
I love the usability of this app I am able to scan all QR Codes and also create new QR Codes that scan to websites phone numbers etc I also like that you can pay to remove ads which is nice                 Great and diversive app
Found practical and useful           Good app
This app uses its own poorly designed web browser to open links in Please just scan the QR and let it open in Safari     Just Open Links to Safari
I downloaded 10 yes 10 different QR scanners and did a trial run for speed accuracy and feature setThis wins hands down scans QRs as fast as I can aim it Great features as well Well worth the optional 99cents to ditch the adds you can barely see anyway I happily paid it for a job very well doneShawn                 Top QR Scanner imo
No matter how still I hold it it will not read it Dont bother with this app     Doesnt work
Great app not clunky or slow to load like the others                 Awesome
Doesnt even work it wont scan anything anymore     WORST APP EVER
My 12 year old asked why this is rated 12 rather than 17 when the app contains a readilyaccessible unrestricted web browser Good question I checked and adult content is definitely easily available Whats up with that TapMedia Apple     Unrestricted web access
It keeps downloading flashing images for ads thats annoying because its distracting and wastes my data plan     Filled with flashy distracting annoying ads
A unique advancement review                 Review
Great and useful app Thanks for it Jesus Christ Bless              Great app
pretty handy You can save it in a folder Nice                 Love it

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