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Description - Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator

Kerem Erkan , the publisher behind many iOS app (Qrafter Pro - QR Code Reader and Generator ,Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator ,vCard Getter), brings Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator app has been update to version 5.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is by far the best scanner and generator available today..
  • business cards..

Overall Satisfactionc90
and locations better than other QR code readers i've tried.
Qrafter is the best QR code reader I hav ever found.
This is by far the best scanner and generator available today.
It's innovations allow me to push the boundaries of QR art.
and this is overall the best one out there.
I would highly recommend this program.
I've tried several and this one is the best all around.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome QR Reader.
Fantastic QR Read.
His website is awesome for creating codes online.
The app does everything I need it to do.
Scans everything.
Even free version is useful.
Ease of Usec96
I really found it easy to learn and use.
I was very pleasantly surprised that this is so accurate and easy to use.
Powerful and convenient.
easy to return.
Very easy to use and simple to navigate.
Ads not Intrusivec29
Just so it stops asking me to review it.
Updates & Supportc99
He responded very quickly with very helpful information.
Microsoft's version has a nice look to its "tags.
Great Customer Service.
responded to emails.

A Hidden Gem in the App Store. found in 1 reviews
This is the most usefull QRcode scanner that I have tested. found in 13 reviews
It has everything you need to be productive in short period of time. found in 1 reviews
This is the best QR reader / Creator I have used. found in 91 reviews
so I searched "qr code scanner " on the app store. found in 13 reviews
Qrafter is by far the best qr code scanner on the market. found in 143 reviews
my opinion is this is the best reader on the market. found in 7 reviews
Good at finding QR codes quickly. found in 3 reviews
By far the easiest and fastest qr reader I have found. found in 5 reviews
takes the guesswork out of QR Codes. found in 1 reviews
Great Customer Service. found in 1 reviews
This one is simply the best reader I have seen. found in 2 reviews
I really found it easy to learn and use. found in 3 reviews
and locations better than other QR code readers i've tried. found in 148 reviews
QRafter is the best QR scanner. found in 72 reviews
This one is head and shoulders above the rest. found in 2 reviews
You have to copy to clipboard and paste into message currently. found in 3 reviews
being unable to scan any code. found in 2 reviews
Helpful if your only wanting to create web based qr codes. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes the scanning doesn't work on mobile. found in 1 reviews
If you want to try it you can. found in 3 reviews
Takes a bit to load. found in 1 reviews
Good but could be great. found in 1 reviews
Needs to be able to add pics. found in 1 reviews
Not really for my needs anymore. found in 1 reviews
Meets my needs. found in 1 reviews
on the second launch application failed. found in 1 reviews
but need more accuracy Jose S Moya
Unfortunately that was the first several tags I tried. found in 1 reviews
It's great but why isn't it available for my Mac pro. found in 1 reviews
Great with minor issues. found in 1 reviews
and the poor choice of in-app upgrade for full version. found in 1 reviews
The ads are WAY too obtrusive. found in 1 reviews
nothing exceptional. found in 2 reviews
Miami. found in 1 reviews
Works pretty well but takes a steady hand. found in 1 reviews
Can't create a barcode unless you buy the pro pack. found in 20 reviews
How to review if you have to pay to try it. found in 3 reviews
stopped to work after june 26 update. found in 2 reviews
There's nothing exceptional about it. found in 2 reviews
Don't waste your time on this app. found in 1 reviews
Someone fix the app. found in 1 reviews
You can only create qr codes if you purchase the pro pack. found in 3 reviews
PAID AND APP DISAPPEARED. found in 1 reviews
BS Slight of hand. found in 1 reviews
Still needs to push photos to contacrs. found in 3 reviews
and you can't do anything good without the pro pack. found in 2 reviews
I have been unable to scan 1 QR code with this app. found in 2 reviews
Hate Notifications. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.5 has been released on 2014-11-14. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator in Kerem Erkan`s Official Website : http://qrafter.com/

Qrafter was featured on The Sunday Times on February 27, 2011 while just 1 month old and is the only app that was praised for its scanning abilities on that review. Qrafter became the No.1 free ...
How amazing this app is Downloaded fast Gives u close changing Let s u get on web sights Kid safe                     How good it his app is nikynija
Qrafter is reliable and fast always grabs the code even with my old phone and even in less than ideal lighting Other apps just leave me hanging waving my device around like a loser who doesn t know how to download Qrafter                     the best skip the rest Beta Bro
I 3 IT IT HELPS WITH GETTING TO SCKOOL AND FUN STUFF                     Awesome ReaperPapyrus
I was looking primarily for an app to make qr codes for appointments This app has that feature but it does not allow you to specify the date and time of the event I assume it works more or less properly otherwise but that seems like a pretty big miss in regards to features             Only tested create event feature Bogon12
I use this app weekly and it has never failed me There are many available like this but it is by far the best It is the only app that has never asked for more money to create qr codes                     Great Jen333mike
When creating a QR code for contact info it would be very helpful to include the photo         Need photo ability Mr. Person Dude
iCloud sync works perfectly                     Supports all types needed at stores lidiandian
Nice Hate the ads though                 Pretty good Nikole Palmer
This has been an easy and helpful tool to use on day to day items I would advise everyone it is a good choice when needing a product such as this                 Review BiGG Pappi 18
The future is here us qrafter Congratulations                     The Future tofalynchile
So usefull and cool                     Awesome app TheLastPikachu
This is a great QR app I recommend it to anyone                     Great app Dubey Boy
I m going to upgrade even though I don t think I need to It s a great app and these guys deserve to be supported There s even an option to customize the app icon You can change its color as often as you want Never seen that before I love it                     Great Chandanais
Does what it is supposed to and does it well Worth the paid price Keep up the great work                     Awesome App SD-TX
QRAFTERreview I think this app is really cool because you can make your own codes Keep up the great work                     Review Fibbitts
I had previously purchased the ad free and it was great until the recent update Then it stopped accepting my purchase and started showing ads again Developer does not respond to support emails either     App is asking to purchase again Dan_The_Man0827
I am stuck under fround send i am underground send I am stuck send please help send no star send     Report its a hacker traitor help Witches terrorist Create An AKA
Flexible Fast Powerful gets the job done with no fuss and offers some great functionality even in the free version The developer is helpful patient and very responsive Can t ask for more in an app                     Terrific S_E_G
Good application                     Salama Youssef Mr. SALAMA Youssef
I initially contacted the developer with a question which turned into a full conversation regarding my specific situation and an issue I was having with another application I appreciated the time spent helping me to reach a solution for my needs Excellent app Excellent customer service I had no choice but to support the developer and bought pro Thanks again                     OUTSTANDING Seriously AllDay78
Awesome job fixing those bugs You have created the best QR code app out there Keep up the great work and I hope to see more great apps from you                     You nailed it Kerem DeltaVApilot
My art teacher recommended this app I like it too You can scan your QR codes and I ve always wanted A QR CODE reader Thanks for making this app                 Good for Scanning QR codes Malexana
This app is pretty much the best QR code app I ve used The only requests I have are to quickly convert URLs into QR codes via the share option built into most apps and have Wi Fi configuration profiles generated locally for devices that don t have internet access Other than that this app is pretty much perfect                 Almost Perfect 524ian
Wishlist add widget for scanning and widget to display a qr code                     Fantastic app pzeos
Not so good as some other similar apps     Not so good Mikethemike66
I have a complex business card from qr droid I m testing qr code scanners for iOS to see which ones can scan it So far qrafter is the fastest and only one that imports the data correctly This is the QR code scanner to get on iOS                     This is hands down the best qr code scanner If only it was on andoid
This is the best QR Code app in the AppStore It has never failed me It can do everything the other apps can and more It actually reads codes I was not able to read with others                     The best Izhual
I won t stop It leads me to the App Store even when I press cancel and when I come back it s there again so it non stop leads me to the App Store     Ads Levi Song
Tried a bunch this one is best in usability and code recognition                     Best QR code reader on iOS jthomasberg
Why did you mess up a good product by removing Safari Browser support V13 3 no longer allows the user to select the Safari browser to be used after QR code is scanned This is a real problem because many companies have certified a select few browsers like Safari for use with Apple products Unfortunately your embedded browser is not one of them Please add back the Safari support that was available in versions prior to 13     Beware Safari Support Removed Catamount7
Update can not be complated     Update problem Ahm4d58
This app is quite powerful Implementing a piecework tracking solution with Qrafter as the scanner I feel confident using this app in a production environment Kerem has been very responsive and handled all my questions and concerns quickly and throughly Thank you                     Excellent App FarFromSingIn
Ive been using this for over a year already and still haven t had any problems using qrafter                     Very useful and great TranquilityKing
It works and it works well                     I m very happy with it Cgomi24
This app worked great I use it to inventory all the contents of all of the storage containers in my garage Now if I want to know what is in my storage container I just scan it and the information comes up It s great                 Great for doing inventory Coffkidd
I use this app as a replacement for RedLaser which is junk now It s better imo It scans fast and has a great UI The only codes it wouldn t scan were some boarding passes I had on hand but that s not a big deal I m a little surprised because some lesser scanning apps scanned them with no problem                 Good scanner Wingdinger2
Awesome app really useful quick and easy access                     Very good Dan9402
I used some scanner iescanQRscan But this scanner is the best                 The best scanner
Great app Love it                 Awesome
The encryption doesnt work along with some with minor problems but the scanner is quick and easy and the creator works good too just the encryption              Great but some tweaks
The app works but is not perfect If you want to try it you can        It Works
This app has many great features If only the displayed barcodes had an option to display below the code the numerical value              Great app
Dont bother wasting your time on this one Cant create anything without upgrading     Not worth your time
Absolutely useless     Dear God
This app used to work great but now every time you scan a code there is an ad that pops up that you have to view first I have used this app for a while but will be deleting it and getting one that doesnt pester you so much     Horrible Now
The app icon is a QR code that reads Qrafter for iOS           This is cool
I dont get this app but okay              Hmm
First app I find it handles right vCards Congratulations The down side is the amount of ads Just a banner would be OK but the banner plus a full screen ad every time you scan and go from one option to other of the app is simply too much Besides that good job              Works with vCards
Only qr scanner that could read my qr code I tried diffrent apps for it but none could scan except this one did it quick too                 Very Good
It wont let you buy the pro pack and you cant do anything good without the pro pack Awesome     Broken
I like it and it works unlike some others I have tried                 Good Job
I dont see whats wrong with this free app Works very nicely                 No problems
Ive been trying to find a scanner that can scan my friends wifi password QR codes This works Thank you                 Finally a WiFi password scanner that works
This was my goto QR reader but I usually use it to check information in codes in the course of my job Now that it wont work without access to my contacts it isnt really useful to me anymore           Not really for my needs anymore
Doesnt work without the pro pack     Boo
I only gave this one star because you cant go any lower On every code I scanned It said error and wouldnt take me to any sites Dont waste your time on this app     TERRIBLE
The only bad part is when you try to clean your history keeping some of them App does this in a really weird way you have to be sharp not to delete everything thats why 1 star guys              Need a little fix
This one is definitely not it and only give you about one free scan and then ask for money could barely scan as it is Delete     Still looking for a QR reader that is decent
Terrific if you use a variety of shipping services and want to track package shipping histories quickly using the barcode scanner Ads in the free version are a little intrusive but tolerable Fine work by this developer                 Works Where Other Barcode Apps Fail
Create your own QR code you can even guard them with an encryption                 I like
9 really Your app update is 9 and has nothing to do with luck     9 is not lucky
Its the best bar code scanning app Ive tried You can also scan a barcode off of somebody elses bar code of they already have it instead of scanning it from whatever productobject you maybe be scanning                 Pretty Good
I tried 10 different QR and barcode scanner apps This one was the most versatile and able to scan more kinds of codes than any of the others Instead of just popping up websites it gives you the option of searching using Google Bing and a variety of other search tools I like that the inapp purchase eliminates ads and lets you make your own QR codes Very cool                 Best scanner app
This is one of the very few apps that is written well enogh to know that there are two cameras on iPads That allows you to scan with the front camera instead o f having to remove it from its protective case to access the back camera                 Works with BOTH cameras
Quickly scans codes and simple to create QR codes                 Easy to create QR codes with Pro version
Who cares if Japanese people dont like the number nine in American culture nine is very important           Overall good but
Im a free loader with most apps so I dont mind dealing with ads but the latest update forces you to close out an ad before proceeding with the QR link Until this is fixed Ill be finding a replacement QR reader Otherwise this wouldve my favorite           The ads are WAY too obtrusive
I couldnt get it working After 10 min or so I got it to see and register a code but it wouldnt go to the website even after I enabled it     Not worth the download
At with all the QR apps none of them work This one is no exception Will not read any codes ever Waste on time If any one ever creates a QR reader that works I will be impressed     Will not work
Does not work That is all     No no no
You need to fix this there IS a QR code on the back of my Dads funeral announcement and it DID NOT work Fix this now or GO AWAY     2345IAMPissed
Great app                 Great app
All the QR readers that I downloaded today all show the same Your 14 days trail period is expired     It is a virus o what
This used to be the best QR scanner around Sadly all it seems to be able to do these days is display ads     No longer useful
Very reliable application Great work and great UI Thank you                 Excellent
I really found it easy to learn and use Microsofts version has a nice look to its tags but all your information rests on its servers Again its nice to be able to correct your info and keep the same QR but for privacy issues Id rather have the funkier look and redo my QRs For businesses where large runs of printed copies are made and it is public info that is being exhibited Microsoft may be the way that you need to go                 Efficient Independent
I like it and it does what it says but what it does not say is that it has ads           Okay but the ads
Great experience with the app Easy to scan easy to make QR codes                 Great app
This is a great app that just works It is the only QR code scanner to have I paid for the Pro version and dont regret the investment Definitely an app everyone should have in their toolbox                 Great
Tanks for your application                 Best app
This app is worth every penny charged Recommend                 Very good
I previously paid for this app and enjoyed using it now there is another paid version of the app and the version I have now contains adds How irritating        And suddenly there are adds
The best QR reader out there It works every time love it                 The best
Just scanning is not enough to review These apps need to be tested for accuracy when creating codes and you have to purchase to create anything Misleading     How to review if you have to pay to try it
Great app                 Awesome app Thank you
Cant create a barcode unless you buy the pro pack        Barcode only in Pro pack

Qrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator UtilitiesQrafter - QR Code Reader and Generator Utilities

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