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Intuit Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Intuit PaperTrail ,QuickBooks ,Easy Extension by TurboTax - File an IRS Tax Extension ,ItsDeductible by TurboTax – Track your donations ,TurboTax Tax Preparation - Complete and efile your 2014 income taxes ,Online Payroll), brings Quicken 2014 Money Management with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Quicken 2014 Money Management app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I notice it happens when take/uploading photos of receipts..
  • Good Financial Tool..
  • This app is a companion to the desktop version of quicken..
  • Only improvement I see is cloud sync with mobile companion app..
  • Super assist from Merleen at customer service..

Overall Satisfactionc21
switched recently from quicken essentials.
Ease of Usec31
Security & Privacyc15
Updates & Supportc11
Super assist from Merleen at customer service.

The balances don't sync right. found in 5 reviews
I would like to see the investment account details included. found in 13 reviews
Problem adding images to transactions. found in 1 reviews
this app allowed me to login and enter data. found in 47 reviews
Login worked first time. found in 1 reviews
The app refuses to let me paste into the password field. found in 3 reviews
Budget Feature Doesn't Work. found in 2 reviews
Wish it showed upcoming Bills. found in 1 reviews
I have to re login to quicken every couple if days. found in 6 reviews
The only disappointment is you can't transfer between accounts. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work with 3rd party keyboards. found in 1 reviews
It's a good concept but buggy. found in 2 reviews
Very good app in principle but needs work. found in 3 reviews
Still love desktop version but this is just lacking. found in 60 reviews
Needs a running total on account balances. found in 2 reviews
I then deleted the app and reinstalled it. found in 4 reviews
But you are nowhere close to home. found in 3 reviews
no online banking downloads. found in 1 reviews
Intuit products just keep getting worse. found in 12 reviews
now crashes everytime I try to enter a payee. found in 30 reviews
but ending balance is way off in the check register. found in 19 reviews
Sync works with all accounts except Wells Fargo. found in 12 reviews
But now I cannot log into the app at all. found in 13 reviews
The register for my checking account. found in 11 reviews
Both Quicken for Mac 2015 and Quicken Essentials are horrible products. found in 24 reviews
but still lacks something as essential a running balance. found in 12 reviews
After numerous attempts resetting password etc still unable to sign in. found in 22 reviews
many iterations of deleting cloud data. found in 12 reviews
Quicken Mobile is worthless in my opinion. found in 20 reviews
I'm running Quicken 2015 and supposedly synching to Quicken Cloud. found in 15 reviews
Constant issues trying to login after the first time. found in 47 reviews
Have to delete the app just to sign in each time. found in 22 reviews
My balances do not match my actual account balances. found in 21 reviews
Unfortunately you can't sync investment accounts such as 401k or IRAs. found in 13 reviews
The tech support for problem solving has been useless. found in 17 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Quicken 2014 Money Management for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 13.7 MB to download. The new Quicken 2014 Money Management app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-31.
More Info: Find more info about Quicken 2014 Money Management in Intuit Inc.`s Official Website : http://quicken.com

Quicken 2014 is the free companion app to Quicken 2014 for your Windows desktop software. New for 2014 Snap and store receipts. The Quicken 2014 app syncs your Quicken 2014 desktop information to your iPhone or iPad, ...
I have been using intuit software for over 10 years and they have always put out products that are great and for most part easy to use This app is seriously surprising its horrible Im pretty good with computers and even better with accounting software I spent 5 hours trying to set this up and it could not get it to sync properly I emailed customer service about the issue and got a reply saying they couldnt help me through email and I had to call in After 5 hours they want me to spend another couple hours on the phone figuring this out No way I would say dont bother Its a waste of time To Intuit Please get it together You are a mulimillion dollar company There are college kids out there writing apps with more functionality with little to no money This is the future take the time and money to seriously invest in your app development I would even PAY for an app that would function correctly with my desktop     What happened intuit
Since upgrading to iOS 9 the number 7 is missing from the transaction pad making it impossible to record transactions withe number 7 Contact with them so far has been met with stonewalling It was a great app prior to this change     The developer has been unresponsive
Try to login every single time I click on the login field the app closes Nothing I can do just cant use it Total crap     Instantly closes every time
After the last update when the app starts my keyboard in either orientation is ignored and I am unable to enter the passcode to login The app is completely nonfunctional for me at this point Further ever since Intuit bought Mint and rolled this Mint application out to their Quicken product line I have been waiting for them to add or improve the functionality to the app in some way This has not happened once and there seems to be no interest at all from intuit to spend any resources to update or innovate their quicken product for the mobile community The mint application has seen some updates in the last 3 years but nothing here Truly a lost opportunity but an accurate representation of the focus and mentality of Intuit     iPad Keyboard ignored
App automatically crashes when trying to input payee     Dont update to iOS 9
Terrific As soon as I try to log in and click on login the app terminates     Does not work
If it works for you now give it time to fall apart on you It will work for awhile and then you have to tweak it There are plenty of recommendations on how to fix problems but none of the fixes last This is an absolutely terrible product I bought Quicken 2015 to have mobile capability what a waste     Very Temperamental
Worst app ever Yes I have tried restarting my device yes I did a redownload I tried everything Crashes when I try to log infix this     Cant open
Will not sync have to reload bank info each time Not worth the effort Worked great in previous versions     Will sync
For the most part it does what I need it to do I dont download my transactions from my institutions never have Ive always entered everything manually because I like knowing whats going in and out The one thing I really dont like is the fact that the app doesnt support PDF attachments I mean really Its 2015 Get with the program PDFs have been around for a long time and thats how I save all my receipts You can attach a PDF to the desktop application on your computer so why not the app           Needs improvement
When entering a transaction there is no 7 button on iPhone 6s Plus This company hasnt actually cared about their software in years Its simply a sales platform for them to try to sell services     Par for the course for intuit
I like being able to add receipts on the fly and sync later But Id really love to be able to log in without the app crashing           I love it When it works
Crashes as soon as I open the app and position cursor in the username field to sign in Cant get much worse than that IPhone 6 plus     Ridiculous
When I try to enter a transaction the 7 on the numeric keypad is missing        The number 7 button is missing
Crashes immediately with iOS 9 Worthless until fixed     Crashing nightmare with iOS 9
I have used the desktop version of Quicken for over 15 years The previous versions of this mobile app were not working well especially the individual account updates and overall organization of the app I recently updated my desktop to Quicken 2015 and this app works seamlessly with the desktop version Great tool to have on the go                 Works great
Trying to sign in and app closes This was due to third party keyboard Mobile app also does not support direct connect so this app is useless     App closes when setting up and no direct connect
This app was working but now its including accounts that Ive closed on my desktop and theres no way to block them I also can no longer see any of my transactions on the app only account totals Looks like the 2015 version was a downgrade instead of an upgrade     Goes from bad to worse
I had great expectations for this app because I am a longterm user of Quicken Setup was very easy But as I started to use the app I noticed issues For example duplicate entries in taxes the earnings and spending bar charts were the same expense items were counted as income items income items were counted as expense items I reset my data without any effect I deleted my data without any effect It appears to have memory In other words the errors dont go away     Great Expectations
As other reviewers have stated this app is a companion to the desktop version You can add as well as sync transactions with your bank and credit cards The only real issue I have had repeatedly is that it stops syncing with one of my credit card accounts requiring me to delete the account in the desktop version and recreate it The desktop version has no problem syncing but the but this software does        Works but fragile
I am basically disappointed as I thought I could use the Mobil app to keep my Quicken accounts uptodate when gone from my home That is true in a very limited fashion Have been in the process of moving and without my home computer for over a month I cant transfer dollars from one account or keep stock information uptodate When I get my IRA distribution each month I cant enter that information When we get settled I will have more than three months of catching up to do on the home computer Some will sync but many transactions will be missing Not sure why Intuit provided only a half working app Would like to see this app inproved sooner than later        Not a complete app
No help from emails     Nothing but problems with new 2015 version
Team I do like the version in iOS but not able to open in my iPhone 6 as I have updated to the newest iOS9 When I try to open it it does not work anymore and closes immediately Can you please look into it Is an update needed Thank you so much              iOS 9 issues
This product was poor before now its useless I just tried their online customer support totally useless Dont bother with trying to set up a new id that does not work either     Poor performance
Since Intuit is selling off Quicken there is no need for this app and no need for TurboTax either They say no one wants desktop based programs so what company is going to buy this old program Disappointed                 Intuit selling Quicken No need for app
The updated version was not working for me on my iPad kept asking me for my passcode Huh Deleted the app and downloaded it from the App Store Asked me for my Intuit login and then worked correctly The app itself is a little clunky especially entering items But I do like having access away from my desktop One item missing is financial account info Understand that this app is NOT a clone of desktop functionality           App Hang
This app does not work with iOS 9 Launching causes immediate crash     Does not work with iOS 9
Aside from never improving the app it now has bugs that make it unusable Transaction entry keypad is missing the 7 key Yes really     IOS 91 bugs
So my biggest issue is having to reconnect with my banks Butnow with ios9 I lost the number 7 key Really Man I really wish there was some competition to make quicken care        Better than nothing at all
Cant enter passcode     Stopped working with update
Worst issue is I have a long password and app will not allow copypaste into password field What a pain to have to find another device to see my password and manually type it Ever heard of 1Password app How bout trying some modern technology App has issues with syncing working accounts in quicken but says cant log in in the app Go go on but finishing the app and removing the bugs would be a plus        Quicken At least try to care
Every since iOS 9 was installed the 7 has been missing in my keyboard when using Quicken That makes this app useless     Doesnt work with iOS 9
I lost the number seven in the keyboard I have reinstalled the app and it still has that problem     Quality control
Tired of using this crap of an app and the desktop software as well My accounts dont sync and when they do the balances are all wrong     Aweful
Wont update all accounts Freezes when attempting anything connectionbased     Works occasionally
This crashes upon launching the app with iOS 9     Crashes under iOS 9 on launch
This is the worst app I have come across in the Apple App Store Nothing works accounts names are changed after they are saved Its miserable and it looks like the company doesnt really care Ive contacted them and get little to no information It doesnt do anything they say it does Doesnt even sink with my iPhone like it is suppose to I cant believe a company this big can be this terrible     Terrible App Terrible Company
Ive been using the Quicken 2015 mobile app without any issues for a long timeuntil now Recently I tried to open the app was asked to sign in to my account The moment I touched the Intuit ID window to type in my user name the app closed and kicked me back out to the main screen This has continued to take place for the past few days I have an iPhone 6 using iOS 841 Please figure out whats wrong with the app fix As it stands right now the app is useless     Cant Sign in to Account
Downloaded it Spent an afternoon trying to sync accounts Went to the second step sync budget and it lost all of the accounts Then wouldnt sync any of the credit card accounts There was no overview screen as shown in the tutorial so no help at all After several hours I just gave up and deleted the app Why couldnt they just keep it simple I just want to record balances so I can import them into the desktop version later Isnt that its primary use     Waste of time
This app is just sad Doesnt sync correctly and is always missing info Disappointing     Junk
Ive heard of double entry accounting but this is rediculous     Downloads transactions twice
If you use a 3rd party keyboard forget about using quicken The app crashes 100 of the time when using swipe or Swiftkey to enter transactions This does not happen on the mint app so clearly the problem is fixable but intuit wont take the time to bother fixing it The last time this app was updated was August 2014 OVER A YEAR AGO If you pay intuit for quicken software they wont update their app But the free mint app is updated regularly So customers that pay for the features of quicken are ignored while mint users are taken care of so intuit can sell their info to marketers They were quick to release mint for Apple watch but no quicken updates for watch to be had Way to take care of your paying customers intuit     Constantly crashing no updates
If you have a Wells Fargo account you will get continual errors saying that it was unable to update and that the account needs to be fixed If you tap the button to fix it it locks up the app and you have to kill it and restart The other problem is when you set up access within quicken 2015 it takes about 10 to 15 times to get it to work because they have serverside issues that result in either 500 or usually 301 HTTP errors I spent the morning on the phone with Quicken technical support and they opened tickets for both of these issues Lets hope they fix them soon     Locks up and they have serversside issues
Ive reinstalled several times but every time I try to sign in I get booted out of the app As soon as I select the ID block it kicks me out     Frustrated
App isnt working since Ios9 upgrade It crashes when I click on the field to enter user Id     Cant login
Tried several times to download and install Repeatedly crashes     Crashes upon opening
Not working with ios9        Crashes with ios9
Since updating to iOS 9 the app crashes 100 of the time Youre a large company why cant you update your app prior to a major iOS update How long have they had access to iOS9 and they cant take the time to make sure the program is compatible These are customers that have paid 60 plus on the desktop software to get it to work with the app     Fix your app
This is basically a stripped down version of the mintcom app that works with your desktop installation of Quicken     Has potential but still needs lots of work
The login screen will not allow the user to paste the password from the clipboard For those of us who use highly complex passwords this is a major inconvenience Having to switch back and forth between a password manager and Quicken to enter a password that is 25 characters long and is total jibberish gets old quickly     Password Fail

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