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Hao Li , the publisher behind many iOS app (BoomNews ,PM2.5 - 空气质量指数 ,jinsha网投 ,Time Timer - Colorful World ,OrgChart - Organization Chart for Business,Project ,QuickPlan), brings QuickPlan with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. QuickPlan app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is pretty cool planning tool for iPad..

Overall Satisfactionc96
Really is best PM for iPad.
And wonderful UI Update: The new version are awesome.
Exactly the best project management app.
I've finally found the best one.
Thanks for a terrific App.
I would recommend buying this app your personal as well as business use.
It's a very helpful tool to create and manage multiple projects.
Production Valuesc100
I like the clean and simple interface.
The touch interface is very good and fluid.
Ease of Usec94
I like the clean and simple interface.
the inputing is very intuitive and fast.
extremely stable and intuitive.
very easy to edit.
powerful and easy to create.
It's quick to set up and easy and intuitive to use.
Updates & Supportc100
with local version control to use.

Innovative design - very easy to create a new project. found in 4 reviews
easy and quickly create a project plan. found in 2 reviews
thought mind map importing. found in 4 reviews
Gantt chart moving/ zoom is very smooth than other apps. found in 4 reviews
I can use it to plan my job and my travel. found in 4 reviews
It's a very helpful tool to create and manage multiple projects. found in 4 reviews
There are a lot of cool features to use. found in 1 reviews
And the way to share projects to my team via Dropbox. found in 7 reviews
and the way to batch input multiple tasks together. found in 5 reviews
I've tried a few other project management apps for iPad. found in 14 reviews
I can get the draft project plan ready when meeting with clients. found in 4 reviews
extremely stable and intuitive. found in 3 reviews
I like the clean and simple interface. found in 4 reviews
natural gestures use on task updating gantt chart operating and navigation. found in 8 reviews
some functionalities stop working or the app just doesnt respond. found in 1 reviews
but seems limited. found in 1 reviews
Please add supports for more than 3 -level tasks. found in 1 reviews
I would like to see more customization options like fonts. found in 1 reviews
I can't open iCloud sync function. found in 1 reviews
then suddenly deleted my files. found in 1 reviews

The QuickPlan is now available for $5.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 17.1 MB to download. The new QuickPlan app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about QuickPlan check developer Hao Li`s website : http://mobilinked.biz/

Do you need a Creative Planning tool for iPad? To quickly initialize, communicate and share a plan with customers, team, friends or family; To export the plan into Microsoft Project for detail schedule; To easily ...
Not bad hope there is an option adjusting the magnification size when exporting pdf Most of the time exporting to letter size paper doesn t include the charge and font is too big             Basic Feature but it works win77
I like the tool for it s simplicity in use and ability to sync across devices Also does a great job exporting and importing to other common platforms like Excel or MS Project                     Nice Project planning tool that syncs across devices GadgetGuy5
This is the app for my work I have been looking for Thanks                     Impressive tongofa
Here s the thing the author understand project management The app is developed by someone who knows what it s like to create a Gantt Chart or to move around bars before sequence and dependencies were certain This is the only tool that I know of that can arrange bars in the gantt by dragging it Other apps you have to type in a date and duration Part of the use for such an app is to figure out the arrangements and relationship which means the planning moves from uncertainty to concrete logistics This app understands the process of planning Yes the curved dependency lines are ugly But it clearly indicates dependent relations better than the straight lines The creator of this app have read the PMBOK Have had first person experience of project management on an industry standard level This is what other apps are lacking I have tried many of them over the years And am often surprised how lack of knowledge the developers are towards the field They might make beautiful interfaces but the usage is awkward This app does not have the prettiest interface but is pleasant enough The usability is better than any PM tools made including Microsoft Project which is very powerful but not as intuitive Praises to the developer and hope more to come                     Made by a Professional Daniel_ZX
I ve spent a lot of time seeking an iPad app alternative to Microsoft Project Plan and QuickPlan is what I d like to recommend This app is pretty simple to learn after minutes I started to plan my first project and found I can get the simple schedule done very quickly I do believe iPad Pro is a productive tool now And the user interface is pretty good                     This convert iPad Pro be a productive device Linda 368
Keep on crashing Cannot be used for real use gantt chart project management only for very simple use The outline only 4 tasks depth     For Very Simple tasks only SachaUllyMCE
I am a general contractor and this works perfectly for scheduling the complexities of a renovation while keeping staff and owners informed of progress and upcoming work items Owners are super impressed with how detailed my schedules are and appreciate the notice on items where their input is required Though it is feature rich everything is super intuitive to use A short learning curve but less than expected for a detailed app The only hassle I had was figuring out in which order to apply task linking so things would drag or not drag when connected items were moved Nothing wrong with the app just took me a while to get the hang of it Excellent app                     Professional and Easy to Use Sidgebot
Never done this before But everyone thinks I am the master project planner This is what technology is all about I am now empowered with a new skill it probably took hours and hours of training and practice to master in personal computer era and months and months before that With my project plan to redo a front entrance and lobby to an upscale senior living community I can now take the long view but also if anything gets sticky I can dive right to the friction point and micromanage the problem until it screams I have all the subs on board and all clearly see how their tasks link and make other tasks possible The residents are deeply affected during this construction and seeing each step laid out in time and linked makes them fully informed and if delays occur it will be a snap to update the chart and keep them current as to the cause of delay It s good to be the king BTW I am 64 so old dogs can learn new tricks                     Become the master jeb_Blue
There s lots to like about the app especially with the iOS desktop combo But I need to figure out how to use it for larger projects with lots of nested details The developer has been very responsive and says that sub projects can help accomplish this I ll see how that works for us in practice                 Can only have a main outline 4 levels deep before needing sub projects larryw09
I ve spent a lot of time seeking a good gantt app for the iPad for my daily project management work QuickPlan is the final one I found this app get everything I expected done well and more than my expectation is the intuitive user interface design which is reliable simple and powerful Love the PDF Excel exporting Love the list style love the fact I can do my job very quickly                     Very easy for use Kata miller 1987
If you plan tasks only using 1 day as your shortest duration this is a great program Most of my tasks are in hours i e Schedule labor 4 hours This program will NOT do 4 hours I will be requesting a refund         Shortest task duration is 1 day CHARLESU
Should improve operation             Not so easy to use Mirorop
This could be a good product its easy to use has a nice user interface and works across Apple products using iCloud BUT critical features are missing that make it completely useless as a Planning tool 1 Dependent tasks do not recalculate based on a primary task being shortened in duration or starting the task earlier This means if you add resources to a task to reduce its duration manual reduction see point 2 the task shortens but all dependent tasks do not pull in their dates leaving you with the same project end date and a gap where no work is occurring You can manually drag the subordinate tasks by hand but that s like using a spreadsheet without using the formulas for totaling and calculating them by hand It defeats the point of using the software There is an option to connect a single subordinate task to the end date of its predecessor by using Task Linking List option but it only allows ONE subordinate task If your task has two or more dependent subordinate tasks you are out of luck So basically all tasks must be serial not parallel If that were true just total all your tasks durations no need for project planning Not reflective of the real world 2 Tasks are not shortened if you add additional resources There is no way to figure out how much you can reduce your project completion date by adding resources to tasks So no what if scenario exploration if you had more resources No way to justify to management any impact to your schedule by adding resources 3 Tasks time is not expanded if you remove resources making it impossible to understand the impact to a project if a resource gets reassigned or leaves your organization 4 No critical path its impossible to know what tasks if late how they would impact your schedule Its obvious that a very capable developer created this but the developer struggles to grasp the minimum needs of managing a real world project with multiple parallel tasks and dependancies Don t use if your job depends on your project being on time or if your project has more than one resource Fix these issues and I ll happily update this review     Good but useless for real world James E 007
Does everything I want to do intuitive and flexible                     Simple and effective Mehdit
but this is a simply great app It is hard to find something this complex that works good on an iPad but they have put in a number of bells and whistles that just make this easy to work with on a mobile device The ability to pinch zoom the gantt chart clicking to stretch and modify again a great job on the part of the developers                     I rarely give 5 stars ChristopherWade
I ve had a love hate relationship with Microsoft Project for many years Ditto for most project management apps QuickPlan hasn t entirely replaced them as I do export from it to give project plans to other people Other than that QuickPlan has become my go to project tool I am not a professional project manager rathering being a professional who has to manage projects Syncing up plans between my desktop iPad and phone isn t as seamless as I could like requiring cloud storage But it is effective and reliable Frankly this tool is an amazing bargain among all the similar software I use MS Project OmniPlan and Smartsheet It is by far cheaper and lacks few of their capabilities that care about The one hitch may be if you need to have complex projects in which you need to delegate portions of a large project plan Wonderful stable app                     Simple but not short of features capabilities Aroundomaha
I am beyond impressed with this app Coming from MS Project Wrike GanttPro TeamGantt and Smartsheet this is by far superior in almost every way I bought an iPad Pro for scheduling my projects after using the app on the iphone and mac Fantastic Not perfect but it s by far the closest Oh and it took me about 10min to learn                     Best Project management scheduling app PeteHagen
Even for someone like me who doesn t use project management tools on a regular basis This app is easy well organized and the export to excel or PDF is great                     Easy to use shrobertson1234
Simply perfect for the management enthusiast                     Perfection Big D~
a useful app to planning everyday events no matter for students or businessman3 levels color could tell level of importance easilyeasy to use and easy to seei think it will be useful to people who alway deals with a lot of things                 useful app
Ive tried a few other project management apps for iPad like OmniPlan but this one really is the best It has simplicity cleanliness in the UI but with power underneath The features are just enough to get real management done and most importantly they work flawlessly I would like to see more customization options like fonts shading etc Plus printing could be more robust on what can be printed Otherwise this was a very wise purchase for my department              Really is best PM for iPad
Very good for organizing large projects              Good app
Awesome              Awesome
Its quick to set up and easy and intuitive to use I needed a lighter version of Gantt at a lower price and this hit the spot                 Just what I needed
Simple interface with practice 4 stars only because the export feature to PDF was a bit glitchy at first but seems to have rectified itself Also the primary project text rows in the report do not all show as shaded Only those with child tasks do so you have to manually color them              Works Quite Well
Easy to use app and be smooth I use it daily for my work like the features such as project exporting as PDF Excel file MS project integration mind map importing And the clean user interface App be improved much since the initial version and this new version includes todaywidget and apple watch for iPhone edition to display today tasks                 Helpful
great app                 great
Very useful Accompanying guide explains how to use the features Creates professional clear project plans              Great app
You wont be disappointed with QuickPlan The level of planning is amazing I tried the home building and found it to be very useful Gonna recommend this to a friend who is having a headache keeping track of her wedding Cheers                 Perfect planner with detailed information
Please add predecessor support so projects can be import and exported correctly between the app and projectlibre Syncing is bad between iPad and iphone it should work similar to keynote              great app but one more thing
Ive used a ton of these most are way too complicated and expensive Ive finally found the best one Whew Truly intuitive with lots of inline help This thing is PERFECT                 Wow
This app helps me group tasks by team and manage them easily The dragdrop and pinchzoom functionality is very userfriendly The export function works seamlessly in using the products in MS Project A few major shortfalls need to be addressed There is currently no import capability which makes it impossible to sync with other team members or use files creatededited in MS Project Also there is no undo button and this can be extremely frustrating as a novice user When you accidentally drag and drop a task too easy it can be difficult to tell wherewhen it was Another feature that would be useful is the ability to copy tasks and task groups              Very useful
This app helps me make plan Very useful My family members like it very much                 Like this app
Its a very helpful tool to create and manage multiple projectscan very easy to share my plan to others via cloud storagevery usefulworth to buy                 Useful
Quickplan was good before but this is an unbelievable update It works so well with a keyboard that I prefer project planning on my IPad over my PC The new update has almost no learning curve extremely intuative interface that magically seems to know what you will want to do next I am a sales engineer so I only use this for generating sales schedules and some light project management but I am not aware of any limitations that would prevent you from creating more complicated schedules If all IOS software was this good it would be the end of many laptops I strongly encourage anyone to try this with a keyboard I didnt beleieve that keyboard and touch screen functionality could be blended so well until I used this I need to review if there is a way to bring in MS Project files but for creation this is fantastic                 WOW
Excellent app I really like that it is so simple to use The batch input is a great feature not many apps can do this those that do cant do it well The Gantt chart feature is great but I use it as a simple todo app most often Excel export is nice as well as the XML export This is the type of app that is so simple that it has more possibilities than the more expensive apps that have all of the bells and whistlesthese limit what you can do IMO Would like to be able to see the entire spreadsheet on the ipad The latest version expanded the view some but there is still a little room available if you arent wanting to view the Gantt chart Keep up the good work and keep keeping it simple                 Nearly Perfect
Absolutely well done app Using it to plan projects for work I dont need a highly complicated planning tool so this is perfect Using the iPads touchscreen functionality makes this app easier than using PC based software                 Awesome app
intuitive and easy to use it is on the front slide of my iPad                 pretty good
App saved my work for several weeks then suddenly deleted my files Very unhappy     Lost a ton of work
I have tried a few of these types of project planning apps and find this one the best for the money              New user impressed
Easy intuitive Designer has thought of almost everything to make this a breeze to work with                 Outstanding Better than most PC gantt products
Changed from 3 to 5 stars for v40 Hao Li has done an exceptional job with this latest release You can now do some serious project planning on your iPad and iPhone This latest release includes ManytoOne task linking a highly requested improvement from the customer base Many other requested improvements are also included in this release Proof that VOC is alive and well at Mobilinked You will find QuickPlan Pro is the most intuitive and discoverable project planning app available today on the iPad and iPhone too                 Near Perfect v40
QuickPlan Pro is an easy to use turnkey project management solution for both new and experienced project managers I have tried several other PM apps and finally settled on QuickPlan Pro for its intuitve interface export capability and overall ease of use If you manage projects on the go and dont mind getting away from the power features of a desktop PM solution QuickPlan Pro will do the job Its not perfect but its getting close                 Keeps getting better
I hate the computerized voice tutorial The only thing Im more annoyed with is how I cant drag around tasks to change their order in the list It works sometimes But most times not     Frustrated
Great app with a intuitive interface The developer actively listen to customers feedback                 Great app
Really helpful app                 Great app
Excelente mas ahora que se puede importar y exportar facilmente planes desde Box              Muy buena
I have had quite a few PMOs on iPad Spent money on different task management items This is simple to use and does what I really need to do which is create something I can email to colleagues The Export to Excel is AWESOME I have it sync with iPhone version as well so I can collaborate with myself              Useful Easy Cost Efficient and Exportable to Excel
Easy to use and very intuitive Have other programs for large projects using Gantt charts but this allows me to setup projects quickly and is simply a joy to use Very well thought out and polished Thank you                 Brilliant
This is a musthave app for those who want to keep productive promote efficiency and maintain project schedules onthego and do not have MS Project whether at work or home Amazing tool for the price                 Magnificent
Nice to see the new features 3 levels with so easy collapse and expand very useful Batch input is awesome too Thanks                 New features is great
This app is awesome it helps me stay organized and balanced With the gym school and a full time job this keeps me on track                 Simply amazing
After some use some functionalities stop working or the app just doesnt respond its happening very often what could be wrong              Love it but getting some errors
Quick Plan Pro is on my short list of goto apps for the iPad With the latest release the developer Hao Li has done a nice job adding professional features while preserving a logical easytouse interface Keeping things simple will be his biggest challenge moving forward and so far so good Ive used Quick Plan Pro for creating travel itineraries Being able to see and adjust dependencies and clone projects for multiple scenarios makes planning much easier                 Excellent project planner
Es un comportamiento poco común y aceptable el hecho de que las fechas de inicio DEPENDAN de la fecha de finalización Como todo programa de Project Management esta app debiera permitir que el usuario pueda libremente decidir las fechas de inicio En tanto esto no sea resuelto es prácticamente infuncional Si el desarrollador sigue sin resolver ésto es por que él piensa y está convencido de que así debe serfuncionar su app Si es así respeto su decisión pero igual no me sirve     Limitar fechas de inicio la hace infuncional
This beauty is perfect project app for the consultant or PM on the go I use it daily                 Slick App
This is a very useful planner app I really like the user interface Its quick intuitive and it dose the job the right way                 Nice planner
I have all the project geek merit badges PMP certified contributing author of the PMBoK and a 20 year veteran of running projects up to thousands of personnel and billions of dollars This tool shines in regard to easy of use combined with functionality 99 of the users of Microsoft Project cant properly use more than 10 of the application as everyone geeks out and wants more functions and more gadgets QPP allows you to QUICKLY get a project sketched out and running Earned Value Calculations and Resource Leveling Yeah good luck with that on any tool Im not going to suggest any more functionality to this tool to avoid unnecessarily complicating it but I will ask for a webbased or Macbased app to easier support the initial keying and loading of all the project activities Thats not a shortcoming of QPP but rather of iPads which simply arent as good as a full size keyboard for data entry Thanks for a terrific App                 Exquisite Tool simplicity combined with power
This is a seriously great Project Planning app for the iPad It has a great XML export to Project The Excel export is also outstanding immediately ready to show a client or coworker nice colors the information is all there its like having Project in Excel The app is also VERY simple to use I have tried several forpay Project apps for the iPad this is the best by far                 Seriously great app
I needed a simple project planning app for program management and project management I have tried some project planning apps then found this one Innovative design very easy to create a new project most of the time I can get the draft project plan ready when meeting with clients this app should be designed by the people with strong project management experience the inputing is very intuitive and fast I like the way to update tasks using gestures and the way to batch input multiple tasks together many nice points such as resource assignment calculator inputing There is video tutorial in the app on how to use the app Ive found it to be easy to learn and use so I can quickly make changes while discussing the project with team and clients Gantt chart movingzoom is very smooth than other apps Excel and PDF exporting helped me more to communicate with team and customers I can create report very quickly basic on the exported files project sync is also very nice                 Pretty good
I dont write many reviews This is a great app Whats even more impressive is the developers commitment to improvement The latter deserves a star itself which is why Ive given it 5 stars Once a few additions and tweaks are made this app will deserve all 5 stars on its own merit It has made my business development planning process so much easier                 Outstanding project planning app
I have tried some project schedule apps this app is the only app designed well for iOS device Clean UI natural gestures make it be really useful layout tasks share projects easily the PDF excel and mpp exporting are great features Exactly the best project management app First class support quick response from the supporter for the project hidden issue Good work                 The best
I love this app I use this plan app to help me with the decoration of my new apartment This app is designed for using on iPad very easy to edit Very Good                 Amazing app
Of all of the project planning Gantt Generation Software I have used on either the iPad or the Desktop this has become my favorite It has added speed and ease to my workflow I begin by brainstorming project tasks and milestones in iThoughts mind map for iOS and MacOSX This for me is simply the easiest and most intuitive way to begin planning QuickPlan imported my mindmap into a Project with appropriate task and subtask levels I could have defined more task attributes dates etc in iThoughts but it was easier to add them in QuickPlan QuickPlan also spaced out the imported tasks and subtasks over a timeline making it super easy to define time data by just sliding or dragging the existing gantt bars QuickPlan takes full advantage of the touchscreen and creating a project timeline was never so easy I set a new record for myself in terms of the ease and speed of creating a project which now syncs to other devices When it came time to share or export the project I got a beautiful PDF of the project timelines and gantt chart ready to email or share and an Excel file that is also stunning in its organization You could also export for Microsoft Project and I was going to figure out a way to export into GanttProject but frankly QuickPlan is so good Im not going to use anything else the exports are good enough for sharing This program is going to give me such a competitive edge I wonder if I should be giving it a review NOTE You may wish to think about the combo package that includes a WBS and Org Chart app as it is only a few dollars more                 Best Project Planner Anywhere
I was sourcing an app for a good project planner there are really several out there but as I see their apps update and response to support its a letdown as there are many except looking xPlan which is much more costly than QuickPlan Pro I figuring which should I look for xPlan does provide good tools but at a price 14 dollar more than QuickPlan Pro I straight away decide to get QuickPlan Pro Their support is good especially when you email them to ask for features and suggestion They provide you with solution if the features is already implemented with an easy step by step guide I will continue to look up for more features which already been in their planning stages I am currently using this for one of my school projects and it turn out nicely when export to excel or ms project as described The basic that your looking for in ms project or be it more advanced can be found in this app                 The real planner
Significantly higher quality than most apps of this type on the App Store May not be suitable for your unique way of managing your projects but that is subjective and not a mark against this app No obvious bugs everything seems to work the way you expect it to Looking forward to more apps or improvements from this developer                 Overall Very Good
I hate Microsoft Project but as a software architect and lead of a small IT department for a company that has lots of big dreams this is exactly what I needed to get off MS Project and into the trenches without the bloat in my day of updating the project plan MS Project is and will always be middleware for me Too much integration into the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server My only request is OneDrive intergration                 Finally a Project app that holds a candle to the uber MS Project
I cant open iCloud sync function Why           Cant use iCloud
This PM app takes advantage of the iPads natural touch screen capabilities Aside of the easy of use and visual excellence it functions as the best of the PM apps do Great job                 Best iPad Project Management App yet

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