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Toddler Teasers, the publisher behind many iOS app (Complete Toddler Preschool ,Numbers Toddler Preschool ,Transportation Toddler Preschool ,Bugs Toddler Preschool ,Letters Toddler Preschool ,Animals Toddler Preschool), brings Quizzing Toddler Preschool with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Quizzing Toddler Preschool app has been update to version 5.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My favorite toddler app in terms of education..
  • Great learning tool..

Overall Satisfactionc86
My son is almost 20 months old and he loves this game.
I was amazed at how fast they got back to me.
Thank you for such an amazing app.
Fun & Engagingc48
He will play it over and over again just to choose the sticker.
Totally worth it though when they're having fun AND learning at the same time.
My daughter is addicted.
Replay Valuec26
it has provided hours of entertainment for my kid.

Shapes and colors are easy. found in 5 reviews
My son is almost 20 months old and he loves this game. found in 17 reviews
mammals birds fish reptiles and amphibians. found in 2 reviews
colorful and keeps my son's attention for longer periods of time. found in 1 reviews
It's a great way for toddlers and young children to learn their numbers. found in 1 reviews
Just downloaded this game today to see where worked need to be concentrated. found in 1 reviews
over 1000 objects in 30 categories available for free download in the menu. found in 1 reviews
Awesome App for Tots. found in 2 reviews
I tried deleting it and reinstalling but still no luck. found in 1 reviews
Triple taps not working for me. found in 1 reviews
Needs professional voice. found in 1 reviews
it would be great if the stickers carried over between games. found in 1 reviews
I am SOO disappointed. found in 1 reviews
Even though I lower it on my phone the app does not change. found in 1 reviews
it stopped letting me access the menu. found in 2 reviews
Like but would like to increase number of shapes. found in 1 reviews
stopped working correctly. found in 1 reviews
Please include lower case letters. found in 1 reviews
I removed it and just bought the individual apps. found in 1 reviews
or it's a problem with the app itself. found in 1 reviews
Does not download properly. found in 1 reviews
I can't lower the volume. found in 1 reviews
but otherwise it's nearly perfect. found in 1 reviews
If that issue was resolved it would definitely get 5 stars from me. found in 1 reviews
Poor customer service. found in 3 reviews
I can't access the menu and it won't load the shapes. found in 2 reviews
but please mix up the questions. found in 1 reviews
not good for children and vocabulary development. found in 1 reviews
Still a bug that they won't fix or address. found in 1 reviews
Not able to launch the application. found in 1 reviews
Gets boring quickly. found in 1 reviews

The Quizzing Toddler Preschool is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 37.4 MB to download. The new Quizzing Toddler Preschool app version 5.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Quizzing Toddler Preschool check developer Toddler Teasers`s website : http://www.toddlerteasers.com

Toddler Preschool Quizzing entertains while teaching your toddler everything from shapes and letters to musical instruments and fractions. Choose one or more categories from the toddler safe menu and the app will display colorful quizzes ...
I purchased this app for my 2 and a half year old about a month ago I loved it and noticed she was learning ALOT I went in and purchased more of the quizzes for her and after I did that it just stopped working I am SOO disappointed Please fix this        Stopped working
Had the app for about a year and after the last update it just stopped working I feel like I wasted 199 DO NOT BUY     Unhappy
My now Five year old played this on my iPod touch when he was three and there are enough higher level additions insects money roman numerals advanced shapes for example that he can till play I got a new iPad and downloaded it again The game sound didnt work I thought Really I had application sounds muted and was too dumb to notice So I emailed the app support to ask about my problem and in less than 30 minutes they responded Awesome service              Good game and support
My 2 year old son loves this app keeps him entertained and he loves the clapping when he gets the right answer I have bought several of the bundles that are right for his age              Good app
My 2 year old daughter LOVES this app and it is amazing Love it                 Love It
After my son fell in love with the shapes app free I HAD to purchase this one I didnt realize you could change it to just one thing just alphabet just shapes etc so I bought the alphabet one too but I dont mind because its great I love that you can do lowercase letters My son LOVES the stickers Hes almost 3 and knows all of his shapes colors numbers and most of the uppercase and lowercase letters but this is helping him make that knowledge more concrete The app tells you the name of the wrong thing if the child touches it and then says find the whatever it originally said You can set it up so they have to do a bunch or just a few to get a sticker and move to the next level Great apphighly recommended                 HAD to purchase this
Good app butThe questions repeats back to back It asked find the color brown 4 times And the same with numbers colors and lettersPlease make it random without repetitionI cant lower the volume Not on the app nor on my phone Even though I lower it on my phone the app does not changeYou cant move the stickers once they are placed I would like to rearrange them later on once they are chosenPlease include lower case lettersPlease improve so I can give 5 stars           Repeat back to back always
Keeps two year old triplets happy What more can I say                 Awesome
Just downloaded this game today to see where worked need to be concentrated Great little tool for testing reschoolers as well as teach Recommend and looking for more An occupational therapist                 So far so good
Does not download properly I tried twice so sticker book does not clear after use and cant access Menu The actual game is great fun and keeps little ones busy with useful play           Could be better
For us gen 1 touch users without a speaker its a pain to know what letters the narrator is asking for considering my toddler isnt going to wear headphones He just touches them all until he gets it right All the other objects have the command on the screen for me to read to him and he does great It would also be great if there were levels to complete        Pretty good app but
This comes with all the different categories for one price Theres shapes colors numbers letters animals bugs food transportation mammals birds fish reptiles and amphibians spring summer fall winter musical instruments art sports camping money fractions roman numerals symbols yard kitchen bathroom tools trees flowers Best part is my son born April 2010 loves this app and I would much rather he use my iPhone for this than watching cartoons or movies Thanks toddler teasers                 My Son Loves it
I have bought many apps for my 2 yr old but this one is the one he loves the most I think it is very much interactive creative colorful and keeps my sons attention for longer periods of time I give it 5 starts because there is no other app better than this one                 Best app for tots
My little guys just turned 2 He knows all his shapes and numbers because of this app and is working on his letters and colors I bought the full version after he LOVEd the free shape app His face lights up when he hears the Yay and clapping sounds when he gets the right shapenumberlettercolor The sticker reward is so clever I have other quiz apps but this one is our favorite I think its also very effective that when an incorrect item is selected that the voice says for example P try again Touch the T This reinforces the learning concept versus just a silly noise for an incorrect selection like the other apps we have Well worth the 2 bucks                 My kid knows his shapesnumbersletterscolors
Tried to buy after seeing good reviews iPad has all its updates but app does not launch     Does not launch
As a teacher I would like to suggest changing the name of the diamond to rhombusGreat app My niece loves it                 Suggestion
My 3 year old son has loved this game for a whileI like that it is EASY for him to do without my helpwhen playing some other games it is too easy for him to exit the app and end up going online This is a great learning tool and I really feel like it is helping him idenitfy letters and numbershe especially likes the sound of applause when he gets it right Great game Our favorite kid app by far                 Great app for 1 to 3 year olds
My 3 14 yr old daughter loves the program I wish there were more complex shapes and that I had ability to chose between the 4 games shapes letters numbers and colors Game doesnt have any control for the shapes that pop up              Like but would like to increase number of shapes
I dont like the voice of the narrator and my child found errors where she knew the answer and the program did not Otherwise kept her entertained           Ok but could be improved
Great in theory but unfortunately it doesnt work Whenever my daughter taps the correct answer it spouts off as if she tapped another option and tells her shes wrong Were both very disappointed     Terrible
My kids love this game ages 3 and 4 12 It teaches them lots of thingsnumbers shapes letters etcall in a fun way And there is quite a variety of games Its a great learning tool and also a great way to keep them occupied while were in doctors waiting rooms and such                 Great Learning Game
My 2 year old daughter has been playing wtih this app for quit some time I turned off the numbers and letters though and am going to turn them back on now She is 25 months old and can do the shapes and colors like a breeze I attribute this app with teaching her Wonderful app Thanks so much Look forward to more from youI do wish you would change the word Rhombus to diamond though That one is hard for me to get Makes me stop and think                 2 Year old loves
Our daughter loves this colorful learning game This is one of the games yet certainly the best childfocused with its inclusion of visual auditory prompts for the basic concepts of letters colors numbers A pleasant narration prompts the child to choose a number or a letter with each correct response she is met with encouraging applause or cheers from a childlike crowd If she chooses incorrectly multiple attempts are given as the narrator prompts with a simple Try again as well as an explanation in way of naming the lettershapecolor After a several pages of quizzes hisher good work is rewarded with a sticker sheet from which the child chooses one object a child narrators these places on a simple drawing                 Wonderful colorful childcentered learning game
This is a great app for little ones Easy to follow and very educational              Great for young ones
Still a bug that they wont fix or address Should give it 0 stars Horrible     Dont waste your money
Ive been using this app since my son turned one and now he knows his colors and most of his shapes Hes 18 months old now              Great App
I was having a problem after the lastedt upgrade blank red screen after 3 quizzesI clicked on report a problem and got a response the same day With apologies they said to delete app from the phone and reinstall from the app store Once I clicked buy now it said youve already paid for this app would you like to reinstall for free I clicked yes and my problems were resolvedThis was the first time Ive ever gotten a response from an application I was amazed at how fast they got back to me and helped with my issuesNot only is the app FANTASTIC but so is their customer serviceGreat job guys Thanks again                 Glitch resolved
App quit working reinstalled it per instructions from seller got charged for it again Poor customer service for non working app Baby liked it but now cant play it and I paid 4 for it Not happy     App stopped working
This app has been really great Not only has my 3yr old learned a great deal from this it has provided hours of entertainment for my kid Worth well over a dollar                 Awesome
My special needs daughter loves this app She even claps when she hears the clapping It has really improved her knowledge on colors shapes and numbers Thank you for such an amazing app                 Favorite App
My daughter likes having something to play with on my phone but the game has many problems I cant access the menu and it wont load the shapes We make it through the first level colors letters and part of the second numbers but when it comes to shapes there is no audio and it doesnt allow you to choose any of them I have to start the app again from the beginning Also doesnt allow me to access the menu and cant locate any help available Would like to proceed farther and clear stickers as I am afraid she will get bored soon Please take a look at this app Im afraid its been a waste of money and a headache so far     Not Impressed
My son loves this app We started wthe free version but it was clear after a few times wthe free version that this wld be a great app to buy and it definity is well worth it We whip out the shapes and wetters mommy whenever theres a need to avert the 2 year old potential meltdown This is the one he asks for over over again              2 year old gives 2 thumbs up
My newly 2 yo just ADORES this app He is learning so much from this too So simple in design and he can open it and run it himself Every once in a while it gets stuck but otherwise its nearly perfect I wish there were level options When we are starting a new concept having too many options too fast gets a bit overwhelming Highly recommended              So good
Please fix the bugs It stalls after three screens and going to the next screen or taking off the wrong choice when the right answer is selected VERY frustrating     Great app but still need to fix bugs
The interactivity is great but I wish they had gone the extra mile and used a professional speaker The current speaker is pleasant but dull and there is the telltale echo that says I recorded this myself while sitting in front of the computer A professional speaker makes a huge difference and would be worth an extra dollar on the price tagEdit down to 3 stars 4yr old son played it with interest for a few minutes then says Can I be done just like he does when he is forced to eat dinner that he doesnt like LOL I guarantee he wont pick this game up voluntarily again Bummer Agree with other reviewers who say needs an end and needs levels           Great interface Needs professional voice
My daughter has always loved this game but now the option to purchase extras such as animals or the underwater sceen has disappeared from the menu I tried deleting it and reinstalling but still no luck I contacted customer service last week but still no luck Please fix the bugs           STILL Buggy
This game did not change modes or move to a more challenging level My biggest complaint though is when the stickers are being awarded they are spoken in baby voices My son would mimick the way the words were pronounced not good for children and vocabulary development     Way too repetitive for a 3 year old
I only wish there was more shapes 5 star game that my 2 year old loves                 Awesome
Triple taps not working for meno volume control or clapping control Good app otherwise           Couldve been better
Not able to launch the application Do not buy     Does not work
Love the update My daughter is going to love it as well                 Love it
Grandson loves it                 Fun Fun
We had the free app from toddler teasers it just had the shapes After a few days my son can name all the shapes I was so amazed so I bought this one After a couple hours he already can name some letters and colors I am shocked I will be buying more apps from the makers as he gets older Thank you                 My 2 year old son has learned a ton
This app is comparable to learning software Ive purchased for the computer except this was very affordable Love how it allows children to keep trying until they get it Thanks                 Great learning tool
Toddler Teaser Apps Are Brilliantly DesignedIt is in my humble opinion and as a mother of a 2 12yearold developmentally delayed child that I have to firmly state how well Toddler Teaser knows how a toddler thinks I have purchased many other toddler apps that I get stuck with never using because of frustrating opening page option menus that are not shown in the screen shot examples that toddlers have no clue how to use Toddler Teaser apps start the fun right away on the first page and I cannot thank them enough for it I will never hesitate to pay full price knowing how well these apps are designed If its made by Toddler Teaser its the app for us Thank you TT every so kindly for your extremely high quality products A                 Toddler Teaser Apps Are Brilliantly Designed
I love the fact that whenever they are right they are rewardedIf you have 23 year old kids this will this deffinately teach and improve their memoryAlot of x when I cannot locate my iphone I know who has itgot to find her a itouchPlz update           Wonderful app
Would give 5 stars but after last update app does not work correctly Error upon opening regarding picture files even though it will still let you play Then after you get past your first sticker screen goes red and game freezes Please fix this and I will change to five stars Thanks thanks to airplanejanes comment I was able to resolve the problem                 WAS good
UPDATE If you had a previous version of this app and you get the RED SCREEN crash after the first sticker award REMOVE THE APP completely from your phone and reinstall it That solved the problem for us and my boy is back to being a super happy smart teasers playerMy son loves this He is so sad that it crashes with a RED SCREEN after the first sticker award every timeThis update was released May 14th why no fix yet                 Used to be GREAT Now crashes FIX FOUND
My 2 year old loves it                 Mom
Teaches them with positive feedback and is interactive Great for helping them once they are starting to recognize shapes letters numbers                 Great app for toddlers

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