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Robert Rodriguez , brings QwasiPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. QwasiPad app has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The QwasiPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 510754, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.3 has been released on 2014-11-31.
More Info: Find more info about QwasiPad in Robert Rodriguez`s Official Website : http://devblog.qwasi.com/

Use your iPhone as a trackpad and keyboard over WiFi. Control any Windows XP or Vista machine like a pro. Muti-touch trackpad and keyboard support. Supports two-finger double click and drag-log. Innovative "WhipClick" clicks the mouse at ...
This application is great Im actually using it right now to sumbit this review The mouse and keyboard response time is super fast and it has eliminated my need for purchasing a wireless mouse Of course its not perfect as I also agree with other reviewers about the keyboard setup being a little scattered but the overall app sure is nearly perfect Highly Recommended Thanks Qwasi Inc Good job                 Awesome App
Ever since updating to the new iTunes 10 I cannot get either this or the remote app to recognize either my laptop or my desktop anyone have any suggestions I also just noticed that my shared music isnt working apparently                 No Synch
Wow this is an amazing application So many features can totally replace mouse and keyboard Great functionality Brilliant Thanks for making it free You guys rock                 Soooo Coool
Doesnt work with my XPsp3    
Not connecting anymore Its a good thing I got to try it out for free otherwise Ill be pissed Why dont they have the option to rate 0 star     Worked once
This app is simply amazing It is one of the best Ive downloaded and well worth the price Would recommend 100              Best App So Far
I would give it a five if it used the accelerometer So when you tilt the iPod up the mouse went up And when you tilt it down it goes down              Pritty fun Kinda useless
But can you just change the icon It looks all pixilated Great app though                 AMAZING
The client crashes all the time when making settings adjustments Client doesnt appear to work with XP SP 3 No setup instructions Simply does not workyet This review is not to say the app is bugged or does not work Im sure it doesthe app has not crashed on me yet But because I run static IP with many many devices connected at once this seems KILLER to setup Once it works my review will be changed to 5 stars because Ive waited forever for a mousekeyboard app for a Windows PC I created a new ticket at their help desk so we shall see              AMAZING IDEA AND COMPANY HAS AWESOME IDEASBUT
First of all its free Secondly its easy Download client change the pin on the pc and the phone and let the magic happen Mouse pointer is sometimes jumpy but Im sure it will be smoothed out Sweet Really sweet              Damn near perfect
cool Would be nice if phone status bar were taken out or the black white type Another feature that is needed is to lock the auto rotation From the looks of the new screenshots though I think these will both be taken care of soon But instead of the little lock button I wouldve suggested the method used in JuxtaPoser app where it is a setting in the iphone settings to turn the lock feature on and off and to manually rotate you simply triple tap with three fingers when you have the phone in the desired position                 cool Luvin da landscape keyboard
awesome but here are some difficulties when u just wanna access the other function keys the you always have to remove the keyboard and that takes some work like pressing the gear icon and the the x icon it would be soo much more convienent if there was a small designated keyboard button on the trackpad screen above the scrollbar so when u press it the keyboard slides up and u press it again and the keyboard slides away from view then the big keyboard button on the bottom right on the main screen can be used to access the functional keys gosh thats a lot of typing but please do this asap it would make the app insurmountably more useful and convenient thanks                 awesome
This is great it works and does what it saysbut maybe you guys can create an app that works as a keyboard for the Playstation 3 Just an idea That would be great too Overall good work guys                 Great
Thanks qwasi for making such a useful app Makes control my computer very comfortable even when Im in bed Tha mouse pad and the keyboard features work seamlessly with the desktop client And its also working with iPhone os30 I hope youll add connectivity via Bluetooth too That way itll be the perfect app on the app store                 Works great
Absolutly wonderfull I would like to see an acceleratormeter option for mouse pointer movement Could be a lot of fun                 Awesome
Disregard my previous comment I figured it out now                 Disregard my previous comment
I have Vista Ultimate 64bit and it worked like a charm I just installed the program on my PC and thats it I opened the app on the iphone and it worked Its awsome now I just sit back and watch my tv on media center and do many other stuff away from my desk I cant wait for the Media Center Update its going to be awsome Thanks for the great app     AWSOME APP and IT WORKS
Very Good              Good
It needs support for Mac no more no less     needs a little extra
I have just gotten it to work but then t stopped both side appear to be active but no communication Please fix It worked up till it stopped I am going to restart both sides so it may be working for me in a min or two then I will update this post     Problems
Very nice app to be able to control your computer from the bed or couch Works like a laptop touchpad in the mouse mode and a good amount of keys to use in keyboard mode Good price too              Very Useful
I like the app a lot because it does everything it advertises to do you can control your computer from anywhere in the house The only problem periodically there are updates on this app that require you to uninstall and reinstall the program needed to use qwasi Sometimes those updates arent even availalble like now when Im trying to use it but it refuses to connect for some unexplained reason Its worth the hastle but the way I see it if youre going to pay there shouldnt be any hastle              Please Make this App Work
Just downloaded and is very easy to setup and use Works great highly recommened                 Just as promised
the space on the iphone keyboard is not the same as the one on a computer cant hold down a key like z or left arrow no middle click for mouse that I know of           fixes that need to be made
This app works perfectly It is one of the most useful apps on the app store           Great App
No Mac support           Nice but
Not only is this a killer app for those whose computers are also entertainment centers like mine it also comes with world class customer service When my app was not connecting after the new update they walked me through how to fix it Spoiler alert This review has a good ending                 A great app and service
Too bad there is no config for over Wireless router Difficult to configure when you have a wireless router connecting two computers No specific router settings I even tried RDP Lite still no connection Perhaps further instructions on iPhone wifi to Router to computer config is required With Vista XP Home and Windows 2K I have yet to see QwasiPad connect to any of them over wifi to router config Linksys WirelessG WRT54GS        Over WiFi
App will not recognize host Im running a supported system I emailed them and received an automated response referring me to a site to input a ticket I did so over a week ago but still no response Pure waste of money     Wont work no support
This app is wonderfull My keyboard is broken but now I can still use the computer So simple to set up too              Great app
Very very very gooooood                 Congratulations exellent aplication
Doesnt work with OS 30     QwasiPad on OS 30
Therebare a few other apps like it but this one is by far the best and richest It has every feature I could ask for and controls both my XP and Vista seamlessly Connects immediately and took zero configuration A must buy Perfect for Home Theater PCs                 Perfect
Link for pc client does not work Website navigation is a nightmare No instructions Good luck getting it working                 Frustrating setup
I got it to work and its great I can control my computer while laying in my bed but mouse is a little jumpy other than that great app                 Works great
Rocks my socks Now I can lay in bed and surf the Internet Where are the updates Other applications are blowig this out of the water with customizable remotes and much more intuitive keyboards I think this app is dead                 Awesome
It is very good and is almost five star worthy except as many others have stated it is very jumpy and my other request would be to have a button on the keyboard that takes you back to the track pad so you dont have to flip it sideways to make the keyboard go away If you could look into that it would be much appreciated Thanx              Very good except
YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK IS DOWN FOR THE CLIENT There that should get there attention     WEBSITE DOWN
This app is great exactly as advertised simple navigation volume control an added benefit GUI exceptional scrolling easy One item to wish for a screen image like Mocha              Really nice
better looking Interface once log on it should recognize that device everytime with out typing password                 Great app but need some changes
Works on xp sp3 n vista Yes really Make it so it can store ip adress Of more than 3 or 5 computers 30 please add copy paste Copy something off the notes or what ever and paste it instead of using the keypad Find a way to also include pastingcopy to or from the computer Thanks much I think I paid for this app last time I check why is it free now Peace out                 It does what it say
How do I get my money back It wouldnt recognize a host so I bought a similar app that worked for me Can I get my money back           Help
App does exactly what it says it does However I have had this app for many weeks now and am anxiously awaiting the mentioned updates The preview shows a cleaner more desirable interface that I cant wait for Also those if you that are having trouble setting it up Try creating an adHoc network on your PC I did that and my problems vanished Overall great app                 Awesome
Not sure how to make this work with my computer Pls help     Help
The App works OK but I have no left or right buttons on the top of the screen and the keyboard screens dont look anything like it shows on the Website              No Buttons
Yes definitely need to fix the download link for the client Make a mac version of the client Would be nice to have an option to disable the mouse pad tap to click Would also be nice to be able to customize the landscape keypad change the keys used and set the directional keys as an upside down T Other than that its nice and quick              Fix download link requests
Very useful when I connect my laptop to the HDTV                 Awesome
I want to thank the developers for the prompt update that fixed a gui problem I had I give this app 55 now that it has been fixed It performs flawlessly                 Thank you for the update
Great app but change the icon pic people like seeing nice looking things                 New Icon
After you disable the shaker part of it under Settings works like a dream Have a laptop as a media pc attached to my HDTV put the program in my start folder and it just works Only reason for not having 5 stars is you have to go a bit out of your way in the program to hide the keyboard to gain access to the touchpad by pressing the Cog icon in the upper left hand corner of your device Great app              Great but one annoying thing for me

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