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Description - Rage Wars

MUGOCO Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Mustachify Me ,FallDown Lite ,Tickle Her - Real Girl Interactive Videos ,Personal Love Cards FREE - Valentine`s day edition ,Face Booth - Create funny faces and fool your friends ,Ringtone Garage ® PRO), brings Rage Wars with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Rage Wars games has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • You can enjoy you're most favorite memes just playing this game..
  • Awesome game graphics it's awesome and the faces r funny..
  • This game is a great time waster..
  • and the most important thing- its super fun and addicting..
  • It makes me laugh and I'm smiling throughout the whole game..

Overall Satisfactionc91
Yess I love this game I love rage comics yeaaaaaaaaaa.
Amazing game that will satisfy anybody that reads rage comics.
Dis is the best game evar But needss more WEAPONS.
Good game really fun get more guns doe.
I love this game because I love memes and rage comics.
one of the best games their sould be more meme shooters.
This is one of my favorite games you guys should make more.
My favorite game gone to waist after a silly update.
Best fricken game I've ever played cause ima fricken rrraaagggeee.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game graphics it's awesome and the faces r funny.
This game is funny just like the comics.
Dis is the best game evar But needss more WEAPONS.
The best and the most addicting game ever.
Good game really fun get more guns doe.
and the most important thing- its super fun and addicting.
Really fun game you should get.
Sad because it looks like a really fun game :.
The game is freaking awesome needs more levels.
Value for Moneyc67
so u don't have to buy default weapons with real money.
Replay Valuec87
Make more levels or something.
Last boss level make him turn around then start shooting him.
This has to be the most entertaining game I have ever played.
This game is retarded and it's the stupidest game I have ever played.
Fun and challenging I just finished the game too.
Little bit repetitive though.
Hilarious fun addicting and challenging.
Production Valuesc61
the sound effects to your current weapon turns off.
Funny sound effects are good.
Ease of Usec90
Fun simple game with a fresh splash of humor and gore.
Great simple game to pass the time.
Not sur y I pla le gam blacks out.
Updates & Supportc42
I've never seen a company more dedicated to customer service.

Keeps me entertained and a great way to pass time. found in 13 reviews
fap fap fap fap. found in 16 reviews
I like this game alot I love rage comics. found in 5 reviews
I really like it a lot it's a good time killer. found in 7 reviews
Best run and gun game I ever played with stick figures. found in 6 reviews
The laser beam is the Spartan laser from halo. found in 4 reviews
Wow this is the best rage game eva. found in 15 reviews
Mother of god this game is perfect. found in 10 reviews
Whether you Me Gusta this app or just plan B. found in 3 reviews
This is the best meme game ever made. found in 15 reviews
It's better than Angry Zombie Birds. found in 3 reviews
Since latest update the game crashes every time. found in 12 reviews
It crashes wayyyy to much it's annoying. found in 16 reviews
FIX THE CRASHES PLZ. found in 5 reviews
Still crashes when I try to play story mode. found in 7 reviews
but it keeps crashing on my iPod touch 2nd generation. found in 13 reviews
also your being very greedy with the prices for weapons. found in 7 reviews
Should be able to unlock weapons permanently without buying them. found in 5 reviews
but then I won't let me play the next one :. found in 14 reviews
Seems like ALOT of fun but crashes after the scene of dr. found in 5 reviews
Update makes it crash can't play anymore :. found in 22 reviews
It keeps crashing every time I try to play. found in 21 reviews
and it won't stop crashing. found in 4 reviews
New update makes it crash when you start a level. found in 7 reviews
Whenever i try to play it crashes. found in 6 reviews
Cant play because screen is cut off plz fix. found in 15 reviews
The game crashes when the weapon boosts end for some reason. found in 36 reviews
the app still crashes whenever enter gameplay. found in 3 reviews
Crashes way to much now that the update is up :/. found in 16 reviews
After update it won't let me play at all. found in 14 reviews
Worked great fun game but update makes it crash and unplayable. found in 9 reviews
Now it just crashes everytime I select a level. found in 11 reviews
Y u no work on 3rd gen iPod. found in 8 reviews
Now every time I try to play a level the game crashes. found in 16 reviews
Crashes every time I try to play it since the update. found in 21 reviews
After the new update it crashes every time I try to play story mode. found in 16 reviews
I have a 2nd gen iPod and it says it's compatible. found in 8 reviews
I can't even play the game because it crashes so much. found in 22 reviews
Y U NO FIX CRASH. found in 12 reviews
It shuts down and goes to my home screen. found in 18 reviews
This Game was the Absolute worst Game I ever Played. found in 8 reviews
Every time I start story mode the game closes. found in 41 reviews
Every time I try to play anything the game crashes. found in 209 reviews
cant play it for 5 seconds without it crashing. found in 15 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Rage Wars for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 15.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Rage Wars check developer MUGOCO Inc`s website : http://www.lemondoo.com

Watch trailer on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=k0jG-X4k4SE Get prepared for the FIRST EVER shooter game based on Rage Comics Rage Wars is a well made action game with a variety of weapons, worlds and enemies to challenge with. ...
le epic meemay gaem                     EPIC 1 1 1 1 DWest212
Lol     Worst game ever Htchgvvhjvj
There is a new bug in the game where it skips levels so you can t go back to a previous level in the level select screen And every time you win a level a unskippable video ad pops up Very annoying The ads also appear in the game in over the controls so you can t even play it without hitting an ad I ll be deleting this game from my phone until they fix it     Lots of bugs on iOS 11 A iPod touch user
Love this funny little childhood reminder game it is extremely funny                     Review the red wolf reviwed
Cancer     Cancer Yoloprobro
Why did you replace the forever alone face with whatever it is now I have literally never seen that rage face What have you done                 Great game but what happened to forever alone Maybe a fish
Meme s                     Meme s Ydhdhisieighghd
I don t remember the last time I memed this hard 8 8 m8                     Dank GoverHere
i liked the game it s easy to understand and it has good graphics My friend downloaded it and said it s bad and hard to understand and that the language is bad and the graphics are BAD he s a total wiener thanks for making this game                     liked it dsbdisnakqbwodbxska
I like this game and stuff but the weapons are overpriced 9 dollars for a single weapon I would spend 3 dollars for all the weapons to be unlocked And I clicked restock button and it randomly bought me the AK 47 holy crap my mom is gonna kill me because of some stupid game         Pretty good WillyPotate
Five stars                     I m lazy JTheJoker27
LUKE JOIN THE MEME SIDE                     JOIN THE MEME SIDE Cfrtugfy
This game is so funny and awesome                     Haha Coolman36044
Hours and hours of video gameplay I can t stop I love rage memes It s MLG af                     420 out of 360 Ebadams
Bomb King plays it and also destroys Undertale zd                     Best game pga52
The game crashes every time I try to play it     Horrible Gdjdjcgsg
Whenever I try to play it crashes I don t know if it s cause I have iPod touch 5 but I played it before on my iPod 5 and it worked fine                     Good game but it s crashes Yahir chia
No glitches nice story old memes no problems Plain fun                 Fun Kai cup a Kai
Very hard game very weird game very fun game but I want mini gun it was never added             Hard Tinsla the final
Best game of the 21st century                     Memes British Turtle
This app was my life back in the day                     Lit Keoke2375
This game was my inspiration 4 years ago                     Inspiration ZZzzZZzzZZZzzzzzxxx
Fun cool rage is the best                     Rage On M209t
This game is g8 m8 I r8 8 8 would play again 7 8 10 Good graphics Too much water Some new enemies like dat Boi would be pretty dab Like if u cri evertim This game has three levels The illuminati has three sides The illuminati is a triangle There are six letters in the first six letters of triangle Six minus 3 equals 3 Gen 3 Remakes hoenn confirmed for gen 6 GG my Doge                     Beat game ever Iz gun games
Such a great game but it s crashing every time I play it and it s getting on my nerves but I still love it             Wonderful if IT WOULD STOP CRASHING CornCottonConnection
This game is freaking awesome lol it it funny tho                     I dont like it love it i love it Kevincentillo
Repetitive but entertaining I still have to save Herpina                     Nice Snafu77
I played like one second and loves it                     Fun and funny Andrew3347
When I first got this game was about 5 years ago on my iPod and it only took me a week to complete but with the crashes now just makes me stuck on the first lvl part 9 but that s ok because I die a lot and do it again                     Love it from 5 years ago Coadten79
Wat wow gr8 game 10 10                     Wat Guy3337
I really enjoy playing this game It s simple and fun But it crashes alot                     fun game Aeirya
Boss                     Best app lodfly
I love it                     Like it DaKingIsHere777
Great game                 Cool
I have and appiFunny and there is a lot of rage comics So I search rage comic in the App Store and this game shows up I havent stopped playing ever since I downloaded it                 MOST ADDICTING GAME
i love rage nice gameeeeeeeee                 Muhamad
Awesome whoa                 Re comics
Would give five stars easy but crashes on iPhone 5s please fix        Fun
I hear people rage at me on play station                 Rage wars
Wish I could play it force closes right awaycant play it at all     Blah
I soo love the faces weapons and the ofcourse the app itself I hope you make more updates I had bought all the weapons soo use that money to support this app                 This app is soo boss
Though the game is good it now crashes whenever I try to enter the game              Y u no let me stay in game
Funny and awesome but here are some suggestions 1 Turn the difficulty down a little so I dont get frustrated with the app 2 Get rid of the chainsaw It acts as more of a bother because you cant get flying enemies or pick up new weapons very well 3 Fix the crashing I find this app to crash way to much 4 Last but not least please make a point system I dont like how you have to pay real money for a better weapon Make a new point system so when you beat a level you get a certain amount of points based on your performance that can be used to buy weapons That is all           Great but
This game is purely so much fun Its one of my favorite games on my phone But sadly it crashes constantly in the iPhone 5s Help with this please              Amazing but Crashes
Its so awesome and challenging                 I love it
Great graphicssome hobo Good storymongrols InhaleFreddy                 42021
3 years ago I played this on my iPod I had so much fun playing this                 I havent played this game for a while
Rage War Awesome Why u no buy the ak Needs an update Player gets stuck after one hit in the second boss level and just flashes until I die     Mah lahzarrr
Man so many games that are frickin anoying I think this is the best one I feel so much better                 Fuuuuuuuck I love that part
I just downloaded it a few minutes ago and I already love it I love it so much that Im writing a review I dont do this very often I agree that you shouldnt have to pay real money for new weapons I am not paying 10 for a laser gun But still its so much fun The YUNODIE Guys shout Why you no die And I answer BECAUSE IM TOO FREAKING AWESOME And shoot them And the shoop guys shout at me IM A FIRING MY LASER And I simply say Nope and shoot the shoop But I hate the floating power ups because I love my gun Im not an expert on guns but I think its an AK47 and I dont want to use a rocket launcher or a chainsaw When Im attacking shoops I often hit the power ups Please make a currency and less power ups Then I would give it six stars if I could                 Omg
I did not like it at all        Meh
I usually dont rate but this game is awesome But while I was reading reviews I saw that the game crashes on the iPhone 5s I thought I ran out of memory on my phone so I deleted HALF of my FAVORITE APPS That is how good I thought the game was I only rated it low cause I cant play it anymore           My rage is real
This game was really fun it gets more challenging each level and each time you get to a new area but thats the fun part of it I enjoyed this game a lot                 An enjoyable game to play
The design of the game is terrific because I love memes but the gameplay isnt great Im not sure the gameplay of this is supposed to be stupid or an actual gameplay but if it is trying to be a good game THEY ARE FAILING           Okay Need some improvements
This game is a awesome                 Stick figure wars
I love the app but my phone glitches so I cant get pass level 8 without it quitting and going to home giving that the glitch is not the fault of the app but of my phone i wont take away stars for that but I will for the chainsaw when I can play with no glitches I normally lose because of the chainsaw but I do love the app so I take one star for chainsaw              ITS GREAT But
Hey I just got to say that this game is awesome but I really wish that the guns didnt cost real money I think that you could collect coins playing the game and you could buy the guns with the coins Thats all                 Awesome
too dank for master of dank memes                 Too dank
I love this app so much I normally dont have shooting games but this one is the BEST in my opinion The part where the girl with black hair says Im sorry sir but they took Herpina to another place totally reminds me of Mario                 FREAKIN THE DERP TO MAI HERP
Also yes you can get flying enemies with the chainsaw You double tap the screen above your head to jump                 Awesome
I love this game I couldnt stop laughing                 BEST AND weirdest GAME EVER
It was an excellent meme experience However after the 2nd level it crashes to the point where its unplayable I also dont like the romanticizing of gun violence I love memes        Memeing for hours
I love it but its glitching andme off the app              Whhhhhhy
No game memes harder                 1010
Kind of challenging but fun                 5 stars all the way
This game is very good but the problem is you have to pay for guns or faces                 Keep doing the good work
I love this game it is so fcking awsome                 So fun and good
FUNNY game i love it                 Awesome
Memes never been this far AWESOME IM IN THE FIRE THE LASER                 BEST THING Evr
Needs more pepes                 Better than csgo not rly
Really fun gamebut there is a bug 1 Crashes Game sometime crashes at the worst times Also Id really appreciate it if you added a sniper game maker                 Amazing
This game is asowme the raaaaaaaaaage makes you super powerfulMy favorite weapon is the flamethrower                 Raaaaaaaaage
The best shooter on app Ive played                 Awesome
I really wish you could get rid of the chainsaw because every time I get it I just get killed by the flying monsters and its so annoying           Please get rid of the chainsaw
Maybe you can add in currency as money so u dont have to buy default weapons with real money That would be awesome plz do it in da next update please              Amazing But
1010 would recommend the best story line in a game yet                 GG GAME YET
When I played this I thought it was good not great But then one day I tried to buy the AK47 would not let me buy it and the bloody crashes I cant believe I spent what was it 510 dollars I didnt even get it then youre stuck with the pistol the whole game this wouldnt be as bad if it wasnt the worst weapon ever The enemies kill so quick and there a huge difficulty spike the first set of levels easy the second normal the third hard The bosses are so hard even for the first set of levels I cant describe my hatred towards this game     This is what I thought its awful
This game really needs to be a little easier because when I am playing Mr No University I cant even moveAND THE WORST GAME EVER     Difficulty
Just downloaded it is amazing I payed for the faces and the guns Amazing just amazing                 Best game ever played in the world

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