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Description - Rail Rush

Miniclip.com , the publisher behind many iOS games (The Lorax ,Fragger HD ,Boom Bugs FREE ,Disc Pool ,Monster Island HD ,SushiGoRound!), brings Rail Rush with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Rail Rush games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great endless runner with reasonable goals to achieve to advance levels..
  • Love playing this game I play it for hours on my iPhone..
  • mind blowing game..
  • Even Better than some of the other running games..
  • This game is a great time killer and is super addicting..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Just as good or better than Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers.
It basically copied temple run this game is terrible.
This game is one of the best games I've played for tha phone.
amazing game lots of fun and excitemwnt love it amm addicted.
One of my favorite games and funner than temple run.
It is my favorite game love it get hi scores.
I recommend this game to everyone so far the best game love it.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes Temple Run type of games.
And the game needs upgrades.
Fun & Engagingc90
Awesome game real time passer best game I have so far.
It is very fun and addicting and a great time passer.
I think this game looks like jetpack joyride system.
I think this game is some what boring.
This game is super addicting and super fun.
Great game very addictive.
This game is so hard to put down after you start playing it.
Loads of fun once you get the hang of it.
It's not a bad game but gets boring after a while.
It is so fun and addicting and I could play it all day.
I could play it all day every day.
I play it everyday.
Play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc86
Cool for the whole family.
This is good entertainment for kids and adults.
I really recommend this app for kids.
Family Favorite.
Value for Moneyc50
Give use more options to spend coins.
Not too many in app purchases required to have some mindless entertainment.
Replay Valuec81
I love this game although its very challenging.
It's not a bad game but gets boring after a while.
once the new levels get game center ill rate 5 stars.
How about some secret levels in the other worlds.
This app is very fun and never gets old.
It's very addictive and challenging.
The replay value is very high.
Production Valuesc93
Awesome graphics fun game.
The sound effects and music for the different worlds are excellent.
The new games are fantastic and the graphics are amazing.
Love this game: great animation.
Ease of Usec84
Great graphics and addicting fun.
Very addicting fun to play.
easy gameplay style.
easy gameplay.
they want just to much cash.
Several bugs still need to be worked out at the higher levels.
Updates & Supportc89
Love the new updated version it's great keep up the good work.
The Christmas version is the easiest.
Thanks customer service.

Yo this game has so good graphics. found in 2 reviews
It is my favorite game love it get hi scores. found in 24 reviews
Me and my 5 1/2 year old boy love it. found in 3 reviews
Fun game lot's of fun. found in 2 reviews
What a great intense game to play. found in 3 reviews
This is my favorite time waster game in the App Store. found in 9 reviews
My son who will be 4 soon loves this game. found in 6 reviews
I think this game looks like jetpack joyride system. found in 10 reviews
Rail road is a lot like temple run and subway surfers. found in 12 reviews
Controls are spot on and the graphics are great. found in 3 reviews
it keeps you on your toes with all the twists and turns. found in 7 reviews
Love the new updated version it's great keep up the good work. found in 2 reviews
Love it's fast pace action. found in 7 reviews
I love this game although its very challenging. found in 21 reviews
One of the most Beautiful amazing interesting game. found in 6 reviews
amazing game lots of fun and excitemwnt love it amm addicted. found in 32 reviews
Awesome game real time passer best game I have so far. found in 178 reviews
One of the best games to pass the time. found in 34 reviews
I personally think it needs more action and less adds. found in 3 reviews
developers need to fix all the lag experienced throughout the game. found in 9 reviews
It gets a little boring after a while though. found in 3 reviews
Very addicting but it crashes a lot. found in 2 reviews
Sincerely. found in 2 reviews
The game continues to crash mid game after the update. found in 8 reviews
I also find it a rip off of temple run. found in 5 reviews
I love this game except when it is crashing. found in 6 reviews
Please fix the save me button. found in 3 reviews
Make it Impossible to play unless you purchase the upgrade
Good game but it's a complete copy of temple run and subway surfers. found in 7 reviews
Amazing game but the Save Me button needs to be moved. found in 3 reviews
Lots of glitchs and unwanted in game purchase attempts. found in 6 reviews
Freezes to much does not always give your what you buy. found in 12 reviews
Great game but lags constantly. found in 2 reviews
Only thing is it takes a while to open the game and start playing. found in 5 reviews
I can't stand the new in-game " second chance " button. found in 12 reviews
It's not a bad game but gets boring after a while. found in 9 reviews
Whenever I'm playing it exits out to my home screen. found in 10 reviews
ads randomly pop up and cause you to crash. found in 8 reviews
Fun game but to much glitches. found in 12 reviews
When i try to jump most of the time nothing happens. found in 12 reviews
If I were to purchase all of these. found in 17 reviews
I use to love but now ugh. found in 8 reviews
And the game needs upgrades. found in 9 reviews
this game is horrrible u need to fix the glitching. found in 9 reviews
It's an okay game except it glitch. found in 6 reviews
Cant save gold nuggets. found in 23 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Rail Rush for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 34.2 MB to download. The new Rail Rush app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about Rail Rush in Miniclip.com`s Official Website : http://support.miniclip.com

Get ready to take on an epic adventure Step into your cart and begin this mine exploring frenzy Accelerate through the rails while tilting and swiping to avoid the obstacles. Your job is to collect precious ...
This game is really fun I just got it today and would totally recommend it I dont totally understand it but I know it is fun I dont have any problems with the ads I know other people say the ads are terrible and pop up all the time but it doesnt for me              So so so Fun
I love it It is awesome                 Zzz
The game is fun but just as get going you have a ad to deal withand yesyou get paid to watch itbut I would rather play the game              Too many interruptions
nnffb                 this is
It is a good game              Good54321
I really love this game it takes a lot of stratagey but that is worth it is super cool how u can go into different worlds but my one complaint is that I dont know what Im supposed to do when the swirly lollipop comes down in the sweet land Otherwise it was great and u should try it out                
Goooooood              Nasser
Fun game Very addicting                 Rail Rush
I got the game because I wanted to play with zombies when I found out that I had to pay for that Its just not worth it    
I love this game Its so much fun to play                 Rail rush
I dont normally write reviews for games but I like this game so much I decided to write one The imagination is great the graphics are great and everythings always unexpected I love the secret places and I love how everything is just so creative Id recommend this game for sure                 Rail Rush
this game is epic                 awsome
Great but nothing it rocks                 Cool game
My nephews loved this game until the ads started showing up The App also freezes when they accidentally hit an inapp purchase button which is restricted for them We have to shut down the iPad and restart This happens a lot and the ads keep popping up even on missions that were paid for I think weve had enough of the ads and freezes Were done with this game     HATE THE ADS
Every time I get a rock egg I open it and I dont get anything     Oh my god
I personally think it needs more action and less adds              Ok but
Love the game                 Fnaf
Luvit just a bit too many ads but luvthe updates                 SPOOKY GOOD
May 8 2015 Fri 3 Not happy with too many ads Like other reviewers say makes one lose interest Zombie level is unplayable because when I tap right or left taps do not register Please get rid of the bombarding ads and fix the newest level you added Will be a five star game to me if these were fixed thank u Past Review 5 One of the best games in the App Store This is my go to game when I cant sleep Makes me feel like Im in those carnival rides o           Rail Rush
This game is great BUT please stop with the stupid adds u think we will purchase They are intellectually insulting Stop it Also stop being tight with the rewards we get like the eggs etc a great game but u people r getting hard to live with                 Addicted
Pretty fun game Not too many in app purchases required to have some mindless entertainment Worth the buck it costs for sure              Pretty good game
Its awesome                 Love it
my 4 yr old daughter i love this game once i taught it to her she loves playing this                 addicted
This game is awesome and out of sight                 lol
I really like this game but I am not going to pay 199 per new scene Please put all the the premium scenes into 1 bundle pack Would be great if top 10 or 20 could get a prize or perk for getting most points in tournament Fun game but it needs an update Have passed all the missions several times Please update soon        Like the game but
Awesome game It is like an Indiana Jones type game Youll want to play it for hours and hours I recommend it                 Great game
This is my fav games ever                 Cool
Very fun Thanks                 Great game
WOW I love it a lot it is very cool                 I LOVE it it is SO cool
I purchased this game way back in the day when you still had to pay for it So Im getting very annoyed by how every time I open it I have to stop and exit out of a ad then every time I finish a run I have to sit for 30 or so seconds and be forced to watch another one I dont care if you get free nuggets I just want to play the game Please fix this issue This is my favorite game but the constant ads keep me from playing it more and more           Why so many ads
When ever i try to swipe it doesnt work and i die when ever i try to swipe more to fix it I DIE     WROST game ever
In my opinion this game is pretty bad after I started to play it for awhile The obstacles are pretty glitchy and most occasions you cant tell which way to lean or jump over the obstacle And this game has the most micro transactions Ive ever seen     Awful Game
Great game good graphics                 Awesome
This game is so full of ads and every time that they pop up the game freezes The time spent playing the game is enjoyable but the overall experience with the app could be a lot better        Omg the ads
Great game                 Fun
Really cool game Wish more games were like this one                 Rail rush
Every Time the ads pop up after the mission completed screen it doesnt register in my bank There have been multiple times I have completed missions and leveled up got over 8k in nuggets and bam there is an add When I get back the nuggets werent there Its bs           Doesnt give nuggets
Way too many ads Pause button is in a very bad place Way too many flaws Fun for about a week Then I deleted it        H
I like this game a lot but theres Just soooo many ads I also dont like how I buy an item from the store and it wastes a lot of nuggets and I can only use it 3 times but I DO like it that you can get 100 nuggets each time you watch a video              Pretty good but
I love this game and I just got it yesterday and I am already addicted to it                 I am addicted to this game
I absolutely love this game Even my sister plays it and enjoys it I was thrilled when I got the update for a new location called the Zombie Caves It may not be a favorite location for my sister but overall its a challenge I still enjoy playing and wont ever delete it Very fun game                 Mercy Maude
This is such a good game I would delete all the games off my phone for this game                 Best game ever
I love all the new levels                 I love the game
Why not work the game and come out where sudden solution and I am waiting for update     Game
V good              V good
hard fun obsticals              mine cart
I love this game but I wish that you didnt have to buy all of the fun levels              Fun
I love love love this game I think its awesome The game is so addicting But so fun I love everything about it I play this game all the time its my Favorite game Duh                 I love love love rail rush
I first played on miniclip and I loved it ever since keep up the gewd work                 AMAZING
Very Addictive              Love

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