Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On

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48.3 MB
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Requires iOS 7.0 or la

Description - Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On

Luxottica Group SPA , the publisher behind many iOS app (iLuxottica ,Radar Pace ,Rewind x Ray-Ban ,Reflections x Ray-Ban ,Frames4You ,Regards x Ray-Ban), brings Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 48.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-08-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Wi-Fi (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini Wi-Fi, iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini with Retina display Wi-Fi + Cellular, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On check developer Luxottica Group SPA`s website : http://ray-ban.com/vto/

Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On is an application for iPhone provided by Glasses.com Inc. With Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On app you can: Virtually try on your preferred Ray-Bans from sun and optical collections Share them with friends and get ...
The app works as it should but the catalog needs to be updated I feel like the dev just made the app and abandoned it It s too bad because it s a great app for virtual try on                 Update the catalog dpz000
I was excited to try out this app but I tried several times to do the recording and it just crashed every time I tried to upload it Wish they would just allow you to upload a picture instead of this failed attempt of an app     Crashes after you upload the video Torirose242
The virtual upload works great but there is no catalogue on the app to shop frames so what s the point It s basically a selfie app     No catalog to try on frames thinkoutside
Okay this app is amazing I scanned my face and it showed just like I had the actual sunglasses on It is soo cool and works great I definitely recommend downloading it Thanks RayBan                     This APP IS AWESOME Splat mac
it seems to be great but I could never say that because it crashes on the iPhone 6     It crashes ParraTORO
So app stops working after pictures get taken     Safari not supported ifaxthings
It works pretty good but needs to add a function that lets you build your own ray bans so you can see how it looks on you before you ordering                     Really useful Angelito93
I would have bought Ray Ban today based on this app But lenscrafter didn t have the frames I wanted Great advertisement for Ray ban                     Great app Eijh
i m looking to get new glasses soon and i was looking for a virtual try on app this app offers tons of styles and it was very easy to set up i found just what i was looking for and i picked out my new glasses the favorites menu helps to narrow it down once you have a handful to choose from very cool                     wow 1975dani
This is literally my first app review purely for the fact that people have rated this so poorly App is Wonderful user friendly and gives you options 1 Allow camera access for the app 2 Follow instructions If you are a normal human being with common sense you will love this app For others who are illiterate or just plain dumb move along as you most likely can t understand this                     Perfect Twotimesthree
Works perfectly I tried it with my worst look to find the best pair and it was very SUCCESSFUL Very precise and it took only a min to do the first adjustment then trying on all those glasses without asking someone with the attitude was A LOT of FUN More please Loved it                     Awesome yassijiro
Every time i open the app it says no products match my criteria even if i haven t filtered it to anything what the heck     Not working Itsssmoni
I just recently got this app and as soon as I got finished with the questions in the beginning the whole app just cuts off and I m back at my home screen I don t know if it s because I m on my iPad or not but it just doesn t work every time     Does not work for me tbh.
Doesn t work     B Bellybob48
This app is awesome really liked it                     Awesome Glassyboy878789
Really need an updated app The inventory isn t updated I was looking for a specific pair and I didn t find it         Chris DeadlyRacer
Well it shows you a preview with a pair of sunglasses then nothing It has no catalog to browse to try more Poor app     No glasses kdwtr
Wont load at all its horrible     Horrible just horrible
The virtual tryon function doesnt work     Doesnt work
It doesnt work     Terrible App
Does not load glasses Worthless deleted     Useless
Glasses dont show up on your face after the face scan It worked fine before but something broke it As long as its fixed soon it shouldnt be a huge deal Its a great app when it works     The update killed it
After creating a face for yourself the catalog does not load It just displays spinners that never end Very disappointing     CATALOG DOES NOT LOAD
I just ordered a glasses I dont know how to track it and the second thing its 19 right why they charge me 41 dollar                 What happened
The app doesnt browse the sunglasses It never does honestly it doesnt work     Doesnt work
To buggy Needs an update Id buy some ray bans if I knew what I looked like wearing them Please fix other then that would be a great app     Would be good if it worked
Im very impressed with this app the image capture was very simple and I was amazed by how realistic the sunglass and eyeglass frames appear Im so glad I downloaded this despite the earlier poor reviews it seems that any prior bugs are now fixed This app was exactly what I was hoping for                 Great app
this app is Bologna cant even see the glasses switching to Oakley you mongos at ray ban     assfaces
I followed all the steps and nothing happened I couldnt preview any of the frames     Didnt work
This app does not work I thought maybe it would take a little longer to load but I waited for a long time and still couldnt see the sunglasses     Hi
very bad app     bad
The app is useless because the sunglasses wont even load therefore I cant see them on my face     Terrible
The only thing youd use this app for is to model sunglasses on your face before you buy them The catalog of sunglasses never loads If youre looking for a phenomenal battery drainer this is perfect     Hot garbage
If I could give this 0 stars I would give it that I made the video of my face fine but it wouldnt show the glasses on my face and what is the point of even having the app if it wont do what it is made to do Please fix the problem     Really Bad
They need to fix the app so that glasses actually show up on your face The whole point of the app is so you can virtually try on the different sunglasses but you sure cant do that when none of the glasses show up     Terrible
Just like what others are saying My face scan came in fine but glasses wont load Im thinking about cutting out paper glasses so I can place my order     Zero stars
This app does not load anything and crashes The virtual try on keeps pinwheeling after you complete the head scanning Garbage app     Horrible
I like the idea however the sunglasses wont load     Not working
App needs serious bug fixes I dont understand why they havent fixed the problem yet You cant see the sunglasses on your face What a waste of time and total frustration     Pathetic
Big disappointment Kills the vibe for the brand Everything up to face scan worked fine but the glasses never loaded Wonder if the techie running the app had the weekend off     Wont load on iPhone or iPad
Never write reviews unless an app is horrible or exceeds my expectations Good work Rayban Amazingly accurate and realistic app Yes yes yes                 Whoa
Come on guys Youre promoting this app on your webpage right now knowing full well that it doesnt even work Thats the poorest marketing ever People are going to download the app try it realize it doesnt work and then delete off the phonenever to come back to it again So whats the sense of even putting the link up on your webpage in the first place Why not stop promoting it until its fixed and save yourself the embarrassment and bad press Or better yet fix the app     Doesnt work anymore
All excited to figure out which pair of RBs I was going to order but cant now cause the stupid thing wont load the glasses Big disappointment     Wont load glasses
I tried it on iPad and iPhone 6 plus Held it against vertical surface good light etc and never even was able to see my face Kept telling me to hold steady and turn slowly but I couldnt even center my face because there was no image     Doesnt work
I would love this app if the sunglasses would actually load onto my face I made the video of my face just fine but when I try to see them on my face none of the glasses load Very disappointed     Sunglasses wont load
This app works great normally but now you cant load the frames Please fix     Wont load frames
Couldnt be opened     Crash problem
I cant seem to get the app to work on my iPhone 6     Doesnt work
This is quite possibly the greatest app I have ever downloaded on my phone It makes it look like I literally have each pair of glasses on It is crazy accurate This app needs more publicity its amazing                 In Awe
This app used to work so well but now none of the option are loading It just sits there and shows your face     Glasses dont load
Doesnt display glasses on the scan of my face tried deleting and redownloading no luck fix your app     Great ideatoo bad it doesnt work
Crashes after selecting frame size Terrible app     Crashes every time
I never feel compelled to review but this app got my hopes up and disappointedwas looking to buy Aviators and bought Smiths insteadbecause their app works     Doesnt Load Glasses
Wont load any glasses Please fix     Doesnt work
If the app worked Id buy a pair     Fix
It wont load on either network or wifi Great idea Better if it worked     AWEFUL
Theres no point in this app since you cant even see the sunglasses on your face None of the sunglasses load Why advertise on the website when its working for practically nobody Fix the app or dont advertise something that doesnt even work If Im gonna buy 200 sunglasses online I want to see what Im actually going to look like with them on     Doesnt load
The app wont load any of the sunglasses after the face scan     Useless
Scans your face but wont load any glasses So annoying     Waste of time
Tried to get this to work several times Kept hearing turn this way good turn that way good and then it says the recording failed Not wasting any more of my time The Ray Ban site doesnt even work half the time either Get better programmers     Ummmm no
The recording process works and then none of the glasses will load all you see is a spinning loading wheel     Nothing loads
The first time I launched the app on my Retina Pad mini the app quit part way through taking the pictures of my face The second time the entire iPad rebooted at the same place in the process The third time it made it through the process of taking the pictures of my face However now it will not show me the products All I see is a spinner where each of the products should be displayed It does this even if I narrow down the selection to only three items I have tried force quitting the app coming back the next day but it just doesnt work     Crashes Spins
0 stars It loads forever but never puts sunglasses on your face Looks like weeks of people complaining Fix it     it dont work
This doesnt work at all I was able to scan my facial profile Sunglasses wont load to the profiles Dont waste your time Total waste     Horrible
Great concept I was able to get my face loaded into the app cool to be able to move my head around But the glasses never load bit would be an amazing appif it worked     Doesnt load
Everything worked well until the glasses the whole point of the app didnt even loadnow Im just reconsidering even purchasing Ray Bans just because of how poorly made this app is It makes me think differently of the company now since they know full well that the app is a joke and they still promote it     Didnt work
Was looking forward to using it too     Doesnt load

Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On LifestyleRay-Ban Virtual Try-On Lifestyle

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