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Idea Shower , the publisher behind many iOS app (Read It Later Free ,Read It Later Pro), brings Read It Later Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Read It Later Pro app has been update to version 4.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfactionclick me92
Pocket is the best Read it Later app on the App Store period.
I love Pocket because it neatly organizes my content.
I love using pocket to save articles and other links.
I love being able to read my articles on my commute on NYC subways.
This new version is requiring existing owners to re -register.
I love being able to save articles and have them for reading and sharing later.
Better than Instapaper which I used for a couple years.
This is the best bookmarking app for saving articles to read later.
Super awesome way to save articles from your favorite news aggregators.
Fun & Engagingclick me97
Pocket is awesome I use it in tandem with Umano to save.
I use Pocket all the time to save pages for reading later.
I use it all the time to save articles I need to read later.
Awesome service and app.
Usefulnessclick me96
Helps cut my need to read everything obsessively NOW.
This new version is requiring existing owners to re -register.
Save everything you see and easily organize clips with tags.
I use pocket every day & integrate loads of pages from Zite with Evernote.
Keep up the great work - this is an indispensable app.
Also an essential tool for saving your favorite online recipes.
Pocket is now an essential part of my online tools.
This "read it later" service is amazingly useful.
Social Aspectsclick me100
Plus it's great for saving articles I find on social media.
email and share to social media from within the app.
Also integrates into all my social media accounts.
Great Way to manage your social media accounts.
Production Valuesclick me88
App always works and I like the web interface too.
It's actually better than the web interface.
There's no available web interface when access from an iOS device.
and the interface is simple and attractive.
the interface is simple and elegant.
Ease of Useclick me95
Removes cluttered advertising and delivers your article in an easy to read format.
This new version is requiring existing owners to re -register.
Super convenient and surprisingly well integrated for a non native app.
Good simple app to pocket links for later.
Pocket puts all the news you choose in one convenient place.
It makes it super easy to read your stuff anywhere and everywhere.
The convenience of saving everything I need in one easy step.
Updates & Supportclick me49
and quick responses from customer service.
Great customer service and product.


Read It Later lets you save webpages to read later, even without an internet connection.


When you come across an article or a webpage you`d like to read but can`t at that time, save it to your Read it Later list. You can then read it whenever you have a moment, on the couch, in your commute, on the plane, train, or practically anywhere. This allows you to eliminate the cluttering of bookmarks and inboxes with links that are merely of a one-time interest. It`s like a staging area for bookmarks.

Read It Later ProRead It Later Pro
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The app is a part of the Read It Later service, used by over a million users. Read It Later can integrate with every major web browser and even has a robust Firefox extension. All of your browsers and devices are tied to a single sync account which means you can save an article from work or home and read it on your phone.


Key Features:
- Offline Reading: View complete webpages even without an internet connection.
- Sync: Use the same list between all of your computers and devices
- Text-only View: Easy to read mode strips formatting and images
- Quick Scrollbar: Quickly move up and down long articles.
- Sorting: Sort your list by date, title, and site
- Tagging: Organize your list into groups
- Searching: Filter your list by title, site, and tags
- Saved Positions: Remembers where you left off on every article, provides `Currently Reading` section for a quick overview of open articles. Syncs your scroll position to your computer.
Read It Later Pro


Pro Features:
- Tap to Save Bookmarklet: Lightning fast batching of links directly from mobile safari. Works great on sites like Google Reader, Digg, CNN, or any news portal.
- Fullscreen Reader: Expands the reader to the full edges of the screen
- Share: Share pages from your list on major bookmarking services/social networks. Works with Twitter, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon and a lot more
- Send to App: Send links directly to popular apps like Twittelator, Tweetie, TwitterFon and more
- One Touch Rotation Lock: After rotating the phone, you can lock the orientation, perfect for reading while laying down
- Automark as Read: Allow marking pages as read as you read them
- Unread Count: Shows the number of items in your list from your home screen.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Read It Later Pro for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.1.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Read It Later Pro in Idea Shower`s Official Website :


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Really useful                Great product
Pocket is just plain awesome I use it all the time All my saved web articles and videos look as if they are in my personal magazine So much more attractive than InstapaperWould give it 10 stars                Love Pocket
My initial review a few months ago gave it a 5 star after the new update today I would give it another star if I could I was skeptical when I saw that a new recommend feature was added as Ive found that many websites and apps do an awful job of recommending what I might like just terrible But to my surprise the recommended articles pocket suggested after one day of trying out is very much in tune to my tastes I chose to save half a dozen first try really interesting to my taste Job well done                EDIT after recent update
as I thought it would be Inbox starts filling with the suggestions Give it a rest If I need you to tell me what I need this for I dont need it          Havent found it as useful
I like the new read aloud feature using text to speech It even continues reading after you turn device off to save battery power             TTS
After the last update Pocket wont download the web mode of my articlesPlease fix it          Wont download web mode
If you dont have this app then download it cause its just that simple You will love it                Awesome app
I love this app and use it all the time The only thing that would make it better would be if you could change the names of the articles as some of the websites I save have confusing titles Thank you developers                Please add function to rename articles
Pocket has been my go to reading app for a long time Clean interface the sharing features I actually use and want and integration with other apps have been longtime great features Recently theyve added incredible features I mean it top notch The dictation feature is a years long wish of mine finally fulfilled and now the recommendation feature a feature Ive personally never cared for in any other apps iterations is one I think Ill finally use Scrolling through I couldnt find a single recommended article I wouldnt read Ill be very happy to begin using this as my article discovery tool and not just my ready app Bravo team                Recommendations Ill actually read
Completely unreliable Doesnt work most of the time But they already have our money so what are they care    Dont bother
I have tried many read t later services but nothing has been as good as this                Simply the best
This is one of my favorite apps and I use it daily It allows me to save articles I dont have time to read at the moment I find them for later reading offline on the subway etc The new recommendations feature is great leading me to great articles I likely would not have found otherwise It would be nice if there was a highlighting feature but otherwise no complaints                Fantastic App use it daily
I have been using computers since around 95 This and 1password are one of the best pieces of software I have ever used Truly life changing adding organization and increasing productivity in your lifeWith voice reading its even better Maybe they can integrate the built in voices like Alex                Great app
Ios8 version is so much better I didnt think the app could get any better Thanks againThe update which includes recommended readings is excellent Thank you                One of my favorite apps
I love this app whatever they calling it but Im getting really sick of having to download EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE every time I launch the app Ive already logged out and in again but here we go againUpdate now it logs me out because Im not connected to the internet then tells me I cant log in ie view my articles until Im connected to the internet If Im connected to the internet I dont really need this useless app do IUpdate 2 tried the app again after a long break and again said it couldnt connect to the Internet to display the article view I was connected but had a weak signal So what does that badge representing all of those articles actually mean I suppose the number of articles it has to download AGAIN Ive wasted enough time saving articles I cant read unless Im connected to the Internet Adios Pocket    Downloading everything AGAIN
I cant live without Pocket I use it to save everything I want to reference later whether its a web article product I might buy or just a link to access on another device Its one of the most useful services I have ever used                One of my Top 5 apps
I wish I never updated    Cant save anymore
I highly recommend this app Its great to have one space to save everything and read it later I also love the new feature where it reads an article aloud Cant wait to see new improvements with this feature                Great
Apps like this are rare This app is everything I use it soooo frickin much Ah the beauty It saves me so much I read so much more now Go bless whoever created this app I love you GoPocket                Best App Ever
Great app big problem Saving articles for later from WSJ into pocket the iPhone version of Pocket always wants me to sign into the WSJ to get the full length article every single time I go back to same article Outdoors my 3G signal is 15 mg and the sign in page just does not appear So of no use for WSJ away from home Otherwise great app          Just Grand but Big Problem
I like to pick my own content             How to disable recommendations
I love this app The only problem is you cant watch YouTube videos offline                Very useful app
Like the performance native app and 3rd party support                
I usually dont write reviews but this app is awesome so i need to leave a good comment My husband introduced me to this app as he saw i had too many window tabs open This def changed my life Everything now is consolidated into one place You also can categorize everything with tags Once an article gets saved in Pocket the apps and other irrelevant information wont show up leaving only pictures and texts very pretty format Give it a try it                Really nice and useful app
I dont know whats up with this app or where in the world the positive reviews are coming from but it works terribly I set it to download the web version of pages and VERY often it will initially display properly say its downloaded but then if I put my iPad in airplane mode it loses a ton of the formatting and sometimes entire sections of the page Its as if for some reason it isnt saving the CSS andor has trouble processing things like Wikipedia syntax Im guessing XHTML might similarly mess it up offline It consistently mangles Wikipedia pages but many other pages tooOver and over again I can take my iPad out of airplane mode instruct the mangled page to refresh confirm it looks normal again then go back in airplane mode and its remangledThis makes the app almost worthless Tons of stuff I wanted to read on a flight was missing too many sections and was formatted too terribly Article mode was worseOn top of all that it seems to pick random headers for the title of the page rather than the actual HTML title tag of the page I have no clue why it does this because that seems WAY more complicated than just reading in the title tag but its incredibly frustrating and makes it difficult to find anything I saved Theres no way to manually change the title either    Terrible doesnt save pages correctly
It was barely a week ago that I wrote Pocket devs and expressed my dislike for the best of section that sat above my saved content It was the one thing that made me keep Instapaper as my main way of saving content for later Thanks for the great update to an already wonderful app                Excellent
I cannot imagine at the moment a reading workflow that did not have Pocket at the center of itI collect throughout the day and I then consume site aggregate and transform Pocket is a key part of how I do that Good job Now I know you had sharing before iOS provided sharing BUTIt is time to get out of the way and let me use iOS sharing directly             Latest Update
After using this app for a little while I can definitely say that functional is pushing it I have no idea where all the 5 star reviews come from if theyre real First this app doesnt save what you think it saves ie what youre seeing but some partial portion that sometimes consists of only the ads and sometimes has huge holes in it Bogus What you can then do is view in browser which tries to pull up the same link in Safari This works about half the time dumping you into Safari to view the original page But why would I bother with this app if I can just put the site I was viewing into the Safari reading list The other half of the time something has changed about the URL and the information you thought you saved is gone Really And this thing has 5 star reviewsI recently found and switched to Offline Pages Pro which does what this app should do Oh and it does it minus the activity tracking this developer clearly cares deeply about I bet IT works perfectly       Fairly bad
Still one of my favorite apps that keeps getting better Such a great way to save articles and other content You can read it later when you have time or store it away in case you want to reference it in the future Kind of like a virtual scrapbook that lets you keep anything so its searchable and easy to access anytime                Super handy app
Log in with Gmail does not work on iPad in the latest version    Please fix log in with Gmail
Very well crafted and makes it so much easier to stay on top of the news Every day I scan headlines from RSS and save things that interest me to pocket The new Listen feature is just fantastic Even if I will not use the premium features which I do I would keep paying them just make my small contribution to Pockets well being                One of my most favorite apps
I usually dont write reveiws                Love it
When I try to login through Google it automatically uses log in info from my old account which has been deleted I cant sign into my new one making it useless    Cant switch accounts
Does what it says and does it perfectly                Amazing app
I use this from a variety of browsers on my iPhone iPad laptop and Windows PC Find an article file it and go Its always there to read and read again when I want it                Perfect for a forgetful reader
This would be an awesome app that I would buy except for the fact that I activated it and when I try to save it to pocket the icon doesnt show up          Would be great but
This is one of my top 5 apps The reading experience is great I like the direction the application continues to move in I think it can overtake Flipboard and eventually Apples on News app if it continues only this path Just add some topics and tweaks here and there and they gotem                Love Everything about it
Great app Best read it later service                Awesome
This is an amazing app for reading offline but its one drawback for me is that the archive checkmark button is too easily accidentally pressed with it being next to the back button on the iPhone and near it on the iPad Once you press that the article is immediately archived and while offline that means its goneEither the archive button sorely needs a confirmation dialogue you should be able to undo archivals offline or you should be able you just view your archive offline After this is fixed itll be perfect in my eyes          Great app but archive needs a confirmation
Not a fan of the new Recommended tab but Ill stick with Pocket because I like the service and interface etc                Love pocket
I love this app I would just like to suggest an updated icon The design in app is really great coming from a minimalist                Great update with Recommendations
Elegant app to read articles offline Much better interface to read than the actual news websites                Brilliant app
Please add time of article corresponding to speed for audio And get on the Apple Watch Instapaper is on there Otherwise great app             Good but could be better
i love the new update good improvements on IU and this new recommendations is all nice got a suggestion it would be nice to have a collection of all popular stories in categories in recommendation part instead of just showing based on what we have already saved                Recommendations
I have a long commute to work and having everything stored for me to readview in one place is awesome I often save articles from my Twitter feed Great app                I love it
Simple to use I rely on pocket as my default filing system for noteworthy articles I want to save and read I use it just about every day                Superb little app that could
Love the app1 Can you please de duplicate recommended articles if weve already read them previously Half of the ones that show Ive already read and checked off2Please improve the social sharing interface on the web and in the app Id love to be able to comment back forth about articles in this app as well as having easier scrolling access to friends instead of just the top2 iOS is better than the web which doesnt even show that and perhaps even discover friends to send articles through a Facebook linking feature The new app wwwgetpointco is eating your lunch and their functionality is what is needed to allow for friends commenting on articles Anyway Rated as one of their top 1 of users last year aside from my request above I can truly say that every version of this excellent and rarely buggy product gets better Offline viewing of articles is almost always formatted correctly and with background loading for iOS solid browser plugins and many usability settings Im very impressed                Amazing service but please improve social
Simple and convenient This is my favorite app for when I travel                Very useful
I take the subway to and from work most days and this app allows me to read all of the articles I save when Im underground Throughout my work day I skim through sites and save all the articles I want to read later in the subway or at home                A Necessary App
Real good                Great


Idea Shower
English, German
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Read It Later Pro 4.1.2 Mobile

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