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8Interactive Limited , the publisher behind many iOS app (Read Me Stories - First Series Deal - Children`s Books ,Read Me Stories: Learn to Read ,Read Me Stories - Tuffy`s Adventures Books 1-5 ,Read Me Stories - Children's books ,Read Me Stories 30 Book Library), brings Read Me Stories - Children's books with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Read Me Stories - Children's books app has been update to version 2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My little guy loves the stories..
  • I love that it has good topics & encourages daily reading..
  • Kindergarten students love to listen to the stories..
  • Great educational app to encourage my daughter to read..
  • This is the best Children's book app I have ever seen..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
My three year old loves the animated voices and colorful pictures.
Great for car rides she loves getting a new book everyday.
My kids love this app with all the different stories and voices.
My kids love the stories & it's better than going 2 the library.
My 6 and 3 year old girls love this app.
My son and daughter both love the tuffy the pony books.
Kindergarten students love to listen to the stories.
Grandkids love books and they have fun with this app.
Fun & Engagingclick me94
Makes reading fun and with the different groups of books.
She goes back to older books over and over and laughs each time.
Awesome books my son and I really enjoy them.
Awesome app for kids to promote reading.
Fun and exciting for a new story everyday.
My daughter loves this and uses it all the time.
Daughter gets bored with it quickly.
I love that this is fun for All ages.
Usefulnessclick me83
Great for car rides she loves getting a new book everyday.
She loves them and looks forward to a new book every day.
First of all there is not a new book every day.
My daughter loves receiving new books to read everyday.
Family Friendlyclick me89
My kids love this app with all the different stories and voices.
Kids love these books and keep them entertained for hours.
Grandkids love books and they have fun with this app.
Kids of all ages in our family love this app.
Replay Valueclick me82
It has helped to advance my child's reading level and skill.
My daughter's reading level is below what it should be.
Production Valuesclick me83
They stay engaged with colorful graphics and humorous sound effects.
Great stories and the sound effects and pictures is well done.
Graphics are great & narration keeps the kids interested.
the graphics are great and it's very interactive.
Beautiful graphics and first rate narration.
The books have beautiful graphics and images.
Ease of Useclick me78
Simple stories and my granddaughter loves listening to them.
They have wonderful sound that accompanies simple stories.
Updates & Supportclick me86
and customer service was very quick and even followed up.
My daughter loves these books and the customer service.
Poor customer service.


A new talking picture book EVERY DAY teaches your child new concepts, new words and how to say them.
Your child can practice reading - anywhere, anytime - while you’re driving, shopping in the grocery store, or having a quick coffee at your favorite cafe.
Our books are fun and entertaining - so your child will look forward to reading their new book, every day! Imagine that - your child reading a new book everyday!


You can spend quality time with your child while teaching them the core skills of reading and speaking that are so necessary for every child in today’s modern world. Bedtime reading will become something extra-special. Or, you can have a break while your child practices reading. With our books in your pocket, that can be when and where it fits into your day.

Read Me Stories - Children's booksRead Me Stories - Children's books
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Enjoy our free trial (limited time), and you get a fun new talking picture every day you use the app!


Read Me Stories keeps track of your child's favorite books, so you can read them again and again. You can even reward them with the print version of any book, delivered to your door by
Read Me Stories - Children's books


Here is what our customers are telling us:


"My granddaughters looooove stories and this is a wonderful app for them to enjoy!"


"I love this app! Please make more books!!! :)"


"Keep them coming this grandma share with grad-babies and I'm grandma gadget. And they look forward to the stories and the 6 year old loves to try to read the words so one had my iPod touch while the other one uses the
iPadtablet made by Apple
good thing I only have two grand children to see at one time. Good job. Love this app."


"My children love these books!!! We read them every night and they forward to the new books they get. Thank you for a wonderful app, I
hope there are many more book to come. We love reading and plan on keeping this for a very long time!!!! "


"Just so you know my kids can not wait for the next book they ask if it is ready all the time thank you for making this app."


Go ahead and get Read Me Stories right now... just click the ‘Free App’ button to the left.


More Features:


- Spend less time searching for apps because there is a great new book every day you use Read Me Stories, already there, right in the app.


- All of our books are available for purchase and delivery by – just a finger press away. It’s a great way to get birthday and Christmas gifts for your child, and it’s an nice way to help friends and family get great gifts for them too.


- Our books are authored and illustrated with great care and attention to the learning experience, as well as the educational value. Our educational advisory board reviews all of our books.


- We actually want to hear from you. So, we’ve put a feedback page into the app. We promise to respond promptly and personally.


The Read Me Stories - Children's books is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Read Me Stories - Children's books app version 2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Read Me Stories - Children's books in 8Interactive Limited`s Official Website :


My son just started kindergarten and really looks forward to a new book each day. found in 236 reviews
A wonderful way of getting kids at young age interested in reading. found in 14 reviews
Great app for quick bedtime stories for toddlers and young children. found in 33 reviews
Very good variety of books and voices of narrators. found in 11 reviews
My rating is 5 stars for " Read Me Stories ". found in 132 reviews
What great reading tool for my 8 year old daughter. found in 52 reviews
My son and daughter both love the tuffy the pony books. found in 38 reviews
My 3 yo looks forward to her new book everday. found in 22 reviews
Love the books good for teaching small kids and it's entertaining. found in 9 reviews
My 18 month old looks forward to "story time" every night. found in 277 reviews
Grandkids love books and they have fun with this app. found in 17 reviews
This app is an excellent resource for emergent and beginning readers. found in 25 reviews
and my 7 year old loves the Tuffy series of books. found in 52 reviews
He's 4 years old and recommend any toddler early readers. found in 10 reviews
my little girl loves the stories and they are affordable. found in 30 reviews
My two year old and three year old loves the books. found in 178 reviews
My daughter can sit here and listen to these stories over and over again. found in 17 reviews
Easy for my toddler and a great learning tool. found in 14 reviews
Makes reading fun and with the different groups of books. found in 26 reviews
Both my grand kids will love this app. found in 19 reviews
So if your child has finished reading a book. found in 4 reviews
She can't stop reading the book I recommend chip the dog. found in 5 reviews
Too much marketing. found in 2 reviews
painfully annoying stories. found in 1 reviews
5 of my 6 kids can't get enough. found in 19 reviews
Helps struggling readers and the first graders love it. found in 4 reviews
I only wish the books were further organized by level. found in 3 reviews
Not for kids under 3. found in 2 reviews
My daughter enjoys & I don't have to worry about Library Books. found in 4 reviews
I only wish the words lit up as the reader said them. found in 5 reviews
My 4 year old asks to use this app all the time. found in 5 reviews
it would be nice if the words highlighted or even better. found in 6 reviews
Needs better story collection though. found in 2 reviews
My main gripe is the narrators voices are annoying. found in 4 reviews
My 5 year old daughter can't get enough of these books. found in 7 reviews
I think the voices are a little annoying sometimes but it's for kids. found in 4 reviews
Can't wait to get her new book every morning. found in 5 reviews
There are constant requests to buy more and more books. found in 4 reviews
Some stories are fun while others are pure advertisement. found in 1 reviews
You will no longer get a free book everyday. found in 31 reviews
Annoying voices and mediocre books. found in 4 reviews
There is too much marketing on this app. found in 2 reviews
Great stories but not child friendly use. found in 3 reviews
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Held my 4 year old sons attention                Good App
Very good                Very good
Much like other reviewers this app gets my son interested in reading He looks forward to unlocking the book each day and has his favorites that he goes back to regularly Its a great reading tool                First reading app that my son looks forward to using
Wow real good                Nice
Great for children                Good reading app
No soundvery disappointing    No sound
Actually free                Good app
This app is great for little kids to read to them                Great
Great Idea My grandson who is 112 yrs young Loves the Stories He sits right down with the IPad in hand next to his Grandma Me presses the App button all by himself because hes Certainly Very Smart and listens Quite intently to the story he has chosenIts Exciting to See that He Really Loves the Books and the Reading BuddyHe will Allow his Grandma to Read him the Book but he seems to enjoy the Background Voice tooKeep up the Great Apps Stories                Read Me App
My 3 and 12 yr old daughter loves this app so she feels shes never alonekeep up the good work                Love it
My son loves this however Im not sure where the one free book a day comes in I have been buying books and never do get free books This does not seem obvious either on how to redeem your books when you use the app how does one get their free books i can see the que and the rolodex of books but they all want me to purchase em never do i see a free book          One free book a day Huh
So far so good                Love it
Yes                Good
My kids luv this and look forward for story time every night             Great app for kids
Free books stop after a few days you need to buy books after that    You dont get a free book everyday
Really helpfull for my kids                Kool
Reading is cool                Reading
My son doesnt usually want to read but once I found these books loves to read and interact with them It usually is difficult to get him to read for 15 minutes With these books he has read up to an hour at a time Has made our book reading challenges so much easier                Gets my kid reading
It helps my child get into reading                Awesome
My daughter really likes the Tuffy series so far          So far so good
Whit these stories and illustrations my children are engage in reading I dont have to force them into reading because they want to know about the next story and the next and the next I see they enjoy the interaction with the characters It will be great if the app had an option for bed time were children didnt had to press anything for the story to continue and while you guys are at it add a timer so parents can control how long the app is on                Awesome Encouragement
This app is great Thank you for making it so easy to have a book to read every night with my son                Thank you
Ill be back to rate After we have been using awhile So far my daughters loves it             So far so good
The app is interactive and gives me the option of having it read to my almost five year old He loves the taffy stories                Reads to my boy
My son is 28 months and he can read the basic words                Awesome
Great selections                Love it
Just started and read the first book but so far my lil girl is loving it                Little girl is loving it
I love how this app picks out books according to your childrens level of reading             Great App
My Kids are reading                Simply Amazing
Great app new books daily                Great app
Great                Book App
My grandson enjoys these stories very much             Adorable
Great app                App
This is worth the download its not our favorite but the stories are cute and for the most part well done          Pretty cute
The app was easy to download and we quickly got the adventure of Tuffy the little pony underway After book 1 my four year old was anxious for the next chapter I hope this continues fingers crossed                Tuff you got his attention
This app takes a lot of work to runbuy the app set up a library account online allow parental access etc too much work for my toddler and I deleted it       Lots of work
This better be free       Free
My children love to listen to the great books for hours             He loves it
Cannot get sound to work Any ideas          Sound issue
This is a great app My daughter and I are working hard The teacher is saying it may be good for J to stay back in Kindergarten for 1 more year because of her reading and comprehension but I think its crazy she is doing so well Thank u for this app                Reading
Fun for my granddaughters                Fun
This is a great app it helps us read better each day                Great app
She cant stop reading the book I recommend chip the dog             My ten year old loves it
Good books but certainly not free I was able to allow my child to read the first 6 books one free a day as I understood They get the child hooked to the Tuffy story line and now they want money if hed like to know what actually happens Classic bait and switch the virus of children apps    Free my
My daughter enjoyed the first episode and she wanted to hear the second one right away                Makes reading fun
I like the idea of this app for my class The first list of words were spot on with K1 words but the second list had some random words thrown in Maybe Dolche word lists or other teacherschool lists would be more appropriate But my kiddos like the app for choice time             Good books
My nine year old loves it                My nine year old LOVES IT
My granddaughter loves this app these stories It has helped her improve reading skills and she enjoys it so much She asked for additional books and cant wait to get started on the new onesie Highly recommend She says to add YAY for the stories                Great app
First of all there is not a new book every day Secondly we purchased the Tuffy series and have not received all of the books to finish the story I would appreciate your attention to this       No books


8Interactive Limited
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Read Me Stories - Children's books 2.2 Mobile

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