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Readdle , the publisher behind many iOS app (Card Scanner Lite ,Terra - Web Browser with Tabs, Full Screen and Offline ,Printer Pro for iPhone ,PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs ,OneDisk - WebDAV client ,PDF Expert Enterprise), brings ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Korean. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) app version has been updated on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
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ReaddleDocs is a revolutionary document viewer, file manager and attachment saver for iPad. It can catch documents from any source you can imagine: PC or Mac computers, web sites, email attachments, iDisk, Dropbox and other online ...
Great app I had no problems with it so far Recently I found that the Download folder to keep your music can only hold a capacity of 1000 songs I got worried at first cause I just download a lot of new songs But I figured out a solution to where you can just create a new folder and move the rest of the songs to the new folder Anyone who had this problem recently I recommended taking this advice instead of deleting the rest of your songs That way youre able to keep the rest of the songs you have more                 Great File Manager App
Amazing                 Simple
This app helps with my video editing I can watch videos when Im not under wifi its great                 Good app
A true catalogues of things important to the reader Easy to be use as a Content Management Machine by placing a market centric rating next to the title of the article                 Awesome to say the least
Assist me be more effective in my my ministry I am legally blind and I need to jeep everything I cam in order thanks this is an answered prayer                 WOW FINALLY I had been searching for an app that could help me more eff
I only recently began using this app after purchasing a new multifunction printer I didnt know what I was missing This app works wonderful Im able to scan a document and save it to the cloud where its available for me to use I have been able to be mor organized with this                 Incredibly useful
Best iOS apps consistently I just hope they move into the Mac world eventuallypreferably soon                 Continually astounded by this company
A great app for the price of nothing                 Great app for downloading files
I use this app every day at work It helps me to have better access to my important documents My only complaint is that it isnt as user friendly as I personally would like it to be Otherwise it is the most used app on my iPhone and iPad              Great app for work
Thank you                 Excellent
I love this app and its very useful but sometimes the app crashes Like the screen is just white and none on my folders come up I wouldnt mind it but it stays like that for 30 minutes              Crashes
This app is a quick easy way to maintain and organize PDFs on your iPad Also very easy to read lengthy documents while maintaining your place between sessions Highly recommended                 Excellent PDF Management
Es la manera más sencilla de pasar vídeos desde tu pc a tu iPhone usando la nube es verdad puede que tenga un poco de lag pero el pasar un video de 45 min en unos cuantos minutos te ahorra muchimos datos El reproductor también lee varios tipos de archivo cosa que es genial en un iPhone                 Genial para conectar iCloud y pc
The best app ever Made reading writing and listening to music even organizing documents very easy                 Everything you need
This app was perfect for all my notes until the update Now anytime I try to select text it jumps to a random spot in the document and I have to find my spot again This is especially frustrating with my large documents           My favorite app until update
An optimal tool that just keeps getting better You dont know what youre missing until you get it                 All around a must have App
Was running into issues with PDF Pro on iOS 8 not being able to upload files Additionally this ones free functions properly and looks appealing also                 Great
I have all the Readdle apps The features are top notch Tech support is always professional and prompt If you prefer quality then Readdle apps are the way to go                 For Pro
Great app I recommend this for all Thanks for making this App love it                 Number 1 APP in APPStore
Love the update This app helps my organize all of my files very easily and allows me to import my pictures to iCloud as well Very useful and easy                 One of the best apps
Just like it                 like it
Súper buena app y se agradece que se actualice a la última versión del sistema                
On of the best file manager storage app for iOS                 Perfect app
This app is a must have whether your going to school and need to save your cited articles or just need to save music files or zip files this app does a whole lot to make your experience the best that it can be Get this app and you wont be disappointed Pnutz                 Great app
Love this app Usually keeps everything for classes together but my dropbox documents wont sync Only the folders show up empty Im not going to go through hundreds of documents in dropbox to download them all           Wont sync documents
I have this on my iphone and ipad mini and keeping the files synced up together works beautifully Very great and useful app                 Best file manager
I havent had any problems with this application Bought all Readdle apps and you should too These guys know what theyre doing                 The perfect document viewermanager
I like everything in the app just everything but I dont think the app is 80 MB I think thats too much space                 Pretty fantasticbut one very small tiny problem
Very very very gooood Best app for iPad to deem it necessary                 Excellent all in one
Why Apple has been unable or unwilling to create a file system accessible to iOS devices escapes me The Documents app shows it can be done and that common documents can be handled with ease I understand the desire to sandbox apps but theres no reason a folder structure cant be accessible for certain common document types like text and PDFs Not only does this app do that it also allows you to save docs to cloud drives with ease I especially like the ability to save or move documents to Apples iCloud My workflow for email attachments is to open them in Documents and then save them to iCloud Drive It works great and is a lifesaver                 Finally a File System that works
Its cool lets me listen to my music                 Awesome
If there was more than 5 id have given it Its the greatest app ever A life saver 3                 AWESOME
I just downloaded this app for the access to iCloud Drive without having to get on my MacBook All I wanted to do was email a word document saved in to iCloud Drive and when I first tried to open it gave me a message about the file failing because it was corrupted I tried again and it opened fine Then I went to email the file but it wouldnt let me type anything in the send or subject bars I wasnt able to send it so I just printed it instead which worked okay All in all this app needs a little more work but still pretty impressive and one of the only of its kind           Okay but has some bugs
Amazing                 Documents Review
I tried a number of file applications before Documents was first released This has always performed better than did any of the others Syncing directories with my main iMac means I always have the files I need in a meeting The ability to open in Documents from practically any other application means that Documents has become a hub for me I use it as much as I do the command shell on my desktop                 Makes working with desktop easy
One of the best You can save web pages in PDF from the internal web browser              I like
Muy bueno                 Guarda videos y libros
This used to be a great app for a long time but it has failed to adopt and mature with times Its still a very lengthy and difficult process to transfer files with build in web sharing Might wanna take some cues from Wireshare Instashare or Infinit We needed HTML 5 support months ago Video player is not good years old AcePlayer still way better Infuse isnt to bad either but is slower then AcePlayer SAMBA at times works Used to always work not just very rarely fine with other apps For some odd reason it refuses to open or even manage dwg or any other format file Well if u cant preview a file in the doesnt mean u dont even let me manage it myself     Neglected for too long
Great app for your docs Easy access                 Excellent
I use this application every day to read Pdfs Thank you very much for making it free                 Simply great
Delivered more than I expected Fantastic                 Fantastic
Get it                 Excellent
Enough said                 Best docs app ever
ممتاز جدا جدا جدا Excellent very very very                 العراق
This app is very convenient and very helpful for those who need pdf files on demand Books isnt helpful when it comes to this so Im glad I found this app Also easy access to other accounts which makes the experience that much better Will definitely recommend The only con is that it is kind of hard to use at first because it is not well formatted but after getting the hang of it the app is amazing              Wonderful
Probably the best iOS file manager Simple and very powerful                 Amazing
Absolutely Incredible This app combined with iOS 9s new features saved me from buying a laptop Split view was one of the tools I wished it had the most and low and behold the feature was available and ready before iOS 9 even released Fantastic app fantastic tools fantastic developer If you need a good file explorer or want to use your iPad for business Documents is a musthave on all accounts Id recommend anyone who needs an app like this use Documents                 A MustHave
أپ كار راه انداز و مناسبي براي دانلود كردن فايل ها مديريت فايل ها و پخش و نمايش فايل هاست حتما امتحانش كنين Its good app for managing Downloading and playdisplaye files I suggest it to you                 Helpfully app
This app worked great for me until last nightbut since this morning is doesnt play a single song     What happened
Title says it all                 Wonderful

ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) BusinessReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) Business

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