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Blake eLearning , the publisher behind many iOS app (Mathseeds Grade 2 ,Eggy Numbers 1 - 10 ,Eggsperts Star Jumps ,Eggsperts Speedy ,WordFlyers: SkillBuilders 10 ,Spelling Games Grade 3 HD), brings Reading Eggs with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Reading Eggs app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iOS owner,you now can download Reading Eggs for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-07.
More Info: Find more info about Reading Eggs in Blake eLearning`s Official Website :

Reading Eggs is available as a free app to subscribers of the popular educational website Users must login with their account details to access the program. Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning reading program used by ...
App is good when it is working The voices are completely distorted and it is frustrating to the kids when they cant understand what they are saying Hoping for an update to fix the voice issue Otherwise its useless for now        Voice distorted
You learn so much and it is fun for your kid                 GREAT APP
I have been unable to remember this password My son has not been able to get any use out of it And I cannot find a remembercode to get password This is for children Why make it so hard for them to get on here     Reading eggs
Our kids use reading eggs with their k12 school They love it When I seen there was a app we were excited but now it will not let us even use it Just a black screen Please please fix so my kids can play again on our iPad We travel allot and depend on our iPad so would be nice to use it while out If fixed I will come back and give 5 stars           Love reading eggs but it crashes
My daughter likes the games most of the time but the app is just too buggy We got to lesson 8 but after trying to play the same game 5 times with two full restarts of the app Im not going to keep encouraging her to line up for the frustration let alone pay for the privilege Weve enjoyed the trial and if it worked wed pay for it but sadly its too poorly executed in the app to be worth it The website is better but not something that we can let her play on her own at her age        Too bad the apps so buggy
kids have to be able to enter the login and password every time Not worth it     Doesnt save login
Sound does not work     Sound does not work
This app kicks my son out constantly making him redo what he was almost done with and is very frustrating for him it makes him not want to play and I paid good money forthis program Im not happy Update sept 22nd I have emailed constantly about this problem it still does it and sometimes the voice is all distorted They reply with the same fixes none of which work and now Im wasting time on hold on the phone to complain yet again for a paid for program this is unacceptable My son prefers to use the iPad to the PC bc of the difficulty with the mousepadwe waste so much time with these errors I homeschool and this is part of his school Im getting more and more annoyed by the day Most days we just dont even use it bc of the errors not what I paid for        Keeps shutting down
Downloaded this app but it just wont start     Does not work
Worked at first then problem after problem now wont load at allblank screen Hope this app is being worked on to fix it would really like to use it     Will not load
App does not work Program is probably good but does not work on iPad Please fix app and I will buy monthly subscription     HH
My son hates it Constantly freezes and loses his progress Really disappointed Computer version is much better     Horrible
I really do love the Reading Eggs program it has taught my kindergartener so much Although I have stayed away from using the app due to it crashing or making a horrid speaker sound before the app on my iPad completely freezing I just go on safari and utilize the website instead and seem to have less problems that way Please fix app        Love Reading Eggs Despise the app
My son just started this today and loves it The only downfall is that it is very slow and freezes or repeats the same thing over and over Bugs definitely need fixed Also it would be nice to offer a remember password button           Fun but freezes
Can only access My lessons not Skills bank etc Cant get past The Theme Game on map 7 62 Not off to a great start Look forward to it working though     Love reading eggs Not loving the app
I was so excited to use this app and the volume doesnt work Ive downloaded and reloaded it twice now Bummer     Volume does not work
Sometimes it shuts off bye its self but it good              Ok game
Reading eggs is hands down the best online edutainment around delivering unlike most programs of its kind exactly what it claims It actually teaches reading both phonics and sight words in a logical and memorable progression that kids find enjoyable I used it almost exclusively to teach reading to my homeschooled son and its a great supplement to my current kindergarteners traditional schooling The creators are geniuses and nobody is paying me to say so This app is simply a platform that enables a subscriber to play the website program on iOS devices Unfortunately the app leaves much to be desired It crashes repeatedly and makes my kid start over in the middle of a lesson Will not use this again until an update to repair its bugs           Great program but app needs work
My son uses this program in school so I naturally downloaded the app While the program is good the app has room for improvement It will ask to click on a certain word and he touches the correct word but it doesnt register that hes hitting the right word Once they fix the problems I will give 5 stars           Good program okay app
I wish it didnt have so many bugs and freezes Its very expensive and totally useless most of the time The computer version works much better        Reading eggs
Will you come with reading eggspress     Reading eggspress
Its very frustrating to pay as much as we do for a subscription to Reading Eggs which is an awesome program but have a free app that is so poorly done The sound is absolutely awful most of the time Very frustrating        Great program AWFUL app
Whenever I close the app it will re open I have to delete it and re download it everytime Very frustrating and inconvenient especially because my wifi is slow This is a profound flaw Fix this please Once in the app it works great           Bugs
Freezing or doesnt load ID profile saves for more than one child would be nice to see     Needs work
My son has been using this app for a few weeks but recently perhaps with the latest update it started taking him to what looks like the website screen rather than the app screen What happened to this app Ive tried deleting the app and reinstalling but the app still does not work Sometimes he gets a black screen sometimes it freezes Are we going to get the app screen back        What happened to the app
This app keeps freezing during lessons My child gets so fustrated everytime I have to rest the game and then start over Today he refused to do a lesson saying the game was broken     Great when it works
Cant use it because there is no sound Please fix     No sound
We are having major issues with the sound on this app At times it will cease to work At other times it will sound like a NYC subway announcement Please do something to fix the sound quality        Great program Not so great App
Although this is a good idea the app is really slow and sometimes buggy freezing hard to click on items Also my kids get annoyed that they have to do the same activity over and over Sometimes because the you got it wrong animation is so much funnier than the you got it right animation my kids will click the wrong answer just because it makes them laugh It should be the other way around           Love the idea but
My first grader enjoys this app But she is stuck on break it up Lesson35 part 9Doesnt show a picture nor gives sounds Just stuck looking at a rock Cannot advance Please fix           Stuckat lesson 35 9 break it up
App does not have sound on iPad Disappointing     No luck
Volume doesnt work on iPad        No sound
The app constantly crashes restarts sounds distort an update is needed horribly     Ok 1 of the time
Although Im thankful for the app there are a few things that need major improvement The app is very slow and crashes Also there should be a way to keep the login information on the screen so that it doesnt have to be entered in every single time           Slow and crashing
I am so exsted that I am doing good in school beause of this app                 Sara duffy
Zero sound makes it pretty useless     Not good
Keeps crashing and now the voices are all distorted Came looking for an update        Great when it works
Just downloaded this app and cant even pick which student we want to use Dont waste your time and space downloading this app     Waste of timespace
My daughter loves this app more than ABC mouse My only complaint is cultural relevance Ie not all kids know what a nun is And a few other problems throughout like questions for the Troll book that could not be found in the book A horseshoe with a hammer for some reason means HOT Really do kids know that              Daughter loves it
The app is very slow and frustrating     Slow
Frequent freezing We cant make progress on our current lesson because the letter lights game doesnt work We had better results accessing the website with our iPad than we get with this app     Painfully buggy

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