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Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (ROCK BAND ,TETRIS® for iPad ,The Simpsons Arcade FREE ,The Sims 3 World Adventures ,THE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition ,SimCity™ Deluxe FREE), brings Real Racing 3 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Real Racing 3 games has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One of the best racing games that I've ever played must get..
  • Super fun best racing game I have ever played..
  • I love it great graphics cool game..
  • Best driving game with real life cars and experiences..
  • Awesome game should at off-road truck racing..

Overall Satisfactionc86
One of the best racing games that I've ever played must get.
You ruined what was once one the best racing games ever.
Amazing game best and most awesome racing game ever.
It is an amazing game but it won't freaking load.
Best car game out there awesome graphics and awesome cars.
but if you have the best car in the series.
Awesome game best free game I have come across.
I much more prefer it's not a free game.
This game is very addicting and is one of my favorite games.
Thx fire monkey for ruining one of my favorite games on the market.
I just hope they expand with more car manufacturers.
Needs more cars from different manufacturings.
That's the best racing game I've played in my life try it.
and we get the worst racing game I've played in two decades.
Fun & Engagingc86
Awesome game should at off-road truck racing.
Such an awesome game and it's ruined by these ideas.
Awesome music awesome graphics awesome races awesome fun.
with awesome graphics and fantastic playability into a nightmare.
I just hope they expand with more car manufacturers.
Needs more cars from different manufacturings.
I am finding it hard to put down once I start playing.
Very addictive and the alright amount of cars in game.
Super fun best racing game I have ever played.
The asynchronous multiplayer is really cool and tons of fun.
the game is loads of fun and I am positively hooked.
Price the game at what you want and unlock everything.
I have to unlock everything.
i love this game i play it everyday.
I play it everyday on my iPad.
Value for Moneyc33
It's alright they want to much real money for nottin.
It is completely possible to play this without spending a cent.
impatient suckers out there that pay real money to speed things along.
you can advance to better cars without spending money.
And too many in app purchases.
Replay Valuec52
realistic physics and the tests are fun and challenging.
Im so addicte to this game so much fun and challenging.
Was very fun and challenging until the update.
Great game although quite costly on the higher levels.
It is expensive to play at the higher levels.
Social Aspectsc86
The new update includes many new features including online multiplayer play.
Head to head racing with other drivers all over the world.
Furthermore there is no head to head or time trial modes.
so multi player is beta at best right now.
Totally addicting fun love to play with friends its awesome.
If you play with friends who have similar lap times.
Production Valuesc82
Very cool game play within exceptional racing physics.
Huge disappointment - no online game play and microtransactions.
Awesome music awesome graphics awesome races awesome fun.
with awesome graphics and fantastic playability into a nightmare.
It's has great sound effects and the quality is good.
BUT the sound effects of cars scraping against walls.
it has great visuals and so realistic.
Ease of Usec87
Easy to control and late braking into corners is a blast.
Very easy to control the car with tilting the phone.
Play and enjoy Simple controls fun and exciting Best.
Simple controls and yet it does what you want it to.
Updates & Supportc13
I absolutely love the customer service that fire monkeys provide.
Excellent Customer Service.
I really want the old version back.

Very nice game great quality even better its free very nice. found in 86 reviews
Unbelievable graphics -that's half the coolness of the game. found in 18 reviews
Time killer for real good as it gets on iPhone. found in 40 reviews
It's got something that just makes you keep coming back for more. found in 23 reviews
Very realistic awesome graphics love the ability to upgrade. found in 349 reviews
Best game ever stunning graphics nice car choices too good variety. found in 87 reviews
Game is dope and has real nice graphics. found in 17 reviews
This is probably the best mobile racing game available. found in 91 reviews
It's an adrenaline rush that will keep you up all night. found in 15 reviews
winner game of the year 2013 technical excellence excellence in art. found in 20 reviews
I barely got this and it is just MIND BLOWING. found in 34 reviews
it has great visuals and so realistic. found in 18 reviews
Best racing game to date that I've ever played on my IPhone. found in 84 reviews
Gr8 game gr8 visuals nice work for the updates. found in 14 reviews
the game is loads of fun and I am positively hooked. found in 53 reviews
Plus it's has great controls and feels smooth at all times. found in 48 reviews
Very good quality good graphics best racing game on the market by far. found in 45 reviews
This game reminds me of gran tourismo love the game. found in 37 reviews
It's has the best Graphics I've seen by far and best game play. found in 20 reviews
Perfect for those seeking for high quality graphics and realistic features. found in 37 reviews
I am going to say that the new update ruined the game. found in 101 reviews
The game crashes every time i try to play it. found in 46 reviews
Please please please update ASAP with iCloud support. found in 26 reviews
Love the game except plan on paying to play. found in 41 reviews
This game crashes during most of my races. found in 273 reviews
Great game just crashes every time I try to play it on my iPad. found in 34 reviews
This game needs more cars like the corvette stingray
And things like that. found in 254 reviews
Overall good game but needs multiplayer over wifi. found in 14 reviews
I stopped playing this game because I wasn't going anywhere. found in 47 reviews
Please fix the crashing problem soon. found in 17 reviews
Don't get if you don't want to wait or pay for everything. found in 25 reviews
Every time I try to race it keeps crashing on me. found in 100 reviews
Please fix the game and my iOS is up to date. found in 32 reviews
The new real- time multiplayer is riddled with bugs and glitches. found in 56 reviews
now if crashes way too much for my liking. found in 22 reviews
It went from nearly impossible to win to nearly impossible to lose. found in 63 reviews
which gets boring after a couple of days. found in 36 reviews
Score errors + Online Multiplayer needs some improvement. found in 15 reviews
This micro transaction garbage is not flying for me. found in 71 reviews
Unable to play crashing problem for iPad mini IOS7. found in 24 reviews
Still crashes constantly on iPad Mini w/ iOS 7. found in 264 reviews
There all extremely overpriced and u have to spend real money. found in 153 reviews
Please do something with the ridiculous need for repairs and services. found in 230 reviews
Real racing 3 crashing on my iPod 4th generation. found in 168 reviews
Refuse to pay real money on this money grab attempt. found in 685 reviews
The time trials that require "drive" are absolutely useless. found in 295 reviews
It's taking up way to much space please make the game smaller. found in 147 reviews
It really is a shame cause i used to play this game every day. found in 364 reviews
And the gold concept kills any attempt to fully upgrade your car. found in 151 reviews
Game keeps crashing when before starting a race. found in 158 reviews
significantly increased time to regenerate cars and ridiculous price for upgrades. found in 180 reviews
No qualifying only starting from last place. found in 144 reviews
not playing this game anymore and would NOT recommend. found in 395 reviews
Certain levels are impossible to pass without spending lots of money. found in 209 reviews
99 upfront for the game and not deal with this bullcrap. found in 213 reviews
Game Crashes - Can't Restart Since Last Apple Update. found in 273 reviews
Having to unlock cars and pay for them is dumb. found in 242 reviews
they are poorly veiled attempts to make you purchase " Gold Coins ". found in 205 reviews
circuits can't be fully beat without fully upgraded cars. found in 209 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Real Racing 3 for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It is a whopper, weighing in at 716 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Real Racing 3 app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Real Racing 3 check developer Electronic Arts`s website :

Hyper-realistic. Pure fun. And FREE. Real Racing 3 sets a new standard for mobile racing games it really must be experienced to be believed. Trailblazing new features include officially licensed tracks, an expanded 22-car grid, ...
I downloaded this game on September 19th 2015 and Ive been playing it nonstop the new IOS lets you know how much youve played it and Ive played it 45 hours on screen lol thats crazy in just two days I LOVE THIS GAME                 BEST GAME
Its a very fun game                 Awesome Game
I bought a IS 350 F SPORT 2014 LEXUS but it is not appearing in my cars So I cant use it and I want to please help                 Love this game but
This game is visually stunning It truly is remarkable The game play though You always start last and have to crash you way to the front Multiplayer is an unbearable mess of ghost cars crashing thru you           Great graphics Poor game play
Just as in the last NASCAR race they wont have to give me a free car I cant race CRASHES EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to race This is the 5th day of this happening REAL CRASHING 3 Thanks FukMonkeys for taking such good care of your game IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS GAME BE PREPARED TO BECOME ENRAGED VERY QUICKLY 0 stars     Real Crashing 3 Day 5
The game is not saving accurately after two hours the saving process is erase and i have to repeat everything again For instance if i win two races and when i save and come back later i have to race again the same ones Also the car sounds are not realistic the gear changing sound is not good at all and some cars have annoying sounds that i have to mute the game to which i dont enjoy doing Hopefully this will be fix like big time because im getting annoyed of the saving data not accurate     Not saving the game correctly and car sounds not good at all
I want to add something that should be added to this app a search box for teams because Im looking for a specific team and I cant find it because it isnt showing and there is no search box Please add a search box so we can find the teams we want to join faster                 Add on for the future
Since upgrading to iOS9 the game locks up and freezes Its unplayable        How About an iOS9 Update
Be prepared to get super frustrated Biggest waste of time game     Waste of time
Love the physics Love the customization They fixed the instant replay start at the grid so that you can actually see the action when lights out and away we go                 Best Racing Game on Mobile Device Ever
Fix this and you get 5 stars I have played this game from day one everyday but sense the last update Crash Crash Crash I will be in the middle of a race that Im winning and all of a sudden the game just turns off I love this game Im using the iPad Air Fix this ASAP or I will have wasted 2 years of my life     Game Crashes sense last update
Love the game just one request let us qualify for the races instead of starting last place every single race That is so annoying              Qualify
Since I updated to OIS 9 this game does nothing but crash Right in the middle of a win a NASCAR CAR the game started crashing when loading Cant get this game to open and guess what I have now lost all the I have spent and all the very hard to get gold Thanks a million for not keeping up with the upgrades Think Ill just delete your game and chalk it up to another game failure For those looking at loading this game better get your wallet out or commit yourself to doing nothing but playing this game It gets you hooked then freezes you at the spot your at until you pay up Nothing FREE here folks        Crashes after OIS update
I love this game U get to personally customize your car and then race it The one problem is it crashes A LOT              Good game but
Im very disappointed in what this game has become The creators obviously only care about making money over making a fun game now as it is impossible to do anything in the long run without having to pay coins     Disappointment
Its a really good game but it crashes a lot and I am having trouble loading the game              Good Game but it has issues
I missed when I stopped playing it is really good I recommended                 Really good
I remember when I first got this game how awesome the graphics were The controls are smooth an react well with the cars I also remember telling myself I wished these guys would make a NASCAR gameMY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE NASCAR is HERE BUT WHAT A HUGE RIP OFF LET DOWN Bunch of crook blue collar robbers Do not download this gameI went from a 5 STAR GAME TO A 1 STAR GAME FIRST YOU WILL NEED AT LEAST 200 DOLLARS TO GET 1 OF THE FOUR REAL NASCAR CARSONLY TO PAY A FORTUNE TO GET IT UPGRADES ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE AN AFTER YOU SPEND LOTS OF MONEY IF YOU DONT KEEP GOING YOU LOOSE IT ALL EVRYTHING Then after you spend 200 to pay for the upgrades an pay for the races they purposely make you loose so you cant win an after all the fight an hassle an spending more money all you get ARE THE SAME 2 TRACKS AN THE SAME EXACT LEVELS TO PLAY THATS ALLSO WHY PAY 200 just for a PAINT JOBYOU DONT GET MORE TRACKS YOU DONT GET LONGER RACES YOU ONLY GET A PAINT JOBTHAT IS ALL YOU GET FOR 200 dollarsyou are out of your freaking mind if you think people are going to pay this after they find out how you cheat to get people to spend this kind of money for nothing an if they dont finish within 7 DAYS YOU STEAL IT THEY SHOULD THROW YOU IN JAIL OF COURSE I KNOW YOU WONT POST THIS CUZ IT WILL BE A WARNING TO OTHER PEOPLEBUT SERIOUSLYYOU ARE SICK FOR CHARGING SO MUCH MONEY FOR ONLY 1 thats rightjust 1 PAINT JOBSICK SICK SICK FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU PEOPLE THAT MADE THIS GAMEYOU ARE JUST LIKE ALL THE REST OF THESE MONEY GRUBBING BLOOD SUCKING LEACHESTHERE IS A PLACE IN HELL FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU     BEST RACING GAME APP EVERY MADE
It crashes when it launches     Doesnt work
This game was really great I deleted it off my iPad for a little more storage but I hit the keep all information button which I had done before and It had kept all my cars including the Audi R8 Nissan GTR and more This time it deleted everything I have no idea why maybe with the new update or something but this is complete bull crap Ive spent hours into the game and now its all in the trash Thanks EA     Bull crap
This fun game till you get to the point where you have to spend gold to advance 750 pieces of gold to buy a car that is over 100 Apple and EA YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED to even try to extort that much money for one car Im done and you wont get another cent from me     Fun game but
Alright either it is my device or the game I play on an iPad mini and whenever i start the game it suddenly crashes Is there anyway you can fix this Omg           Crash
Keeps crashing ever time I go to race     Poor
This game does NOT work after latest software update You cant even get more than 10 seconds into the game before it just shuts down FIX THIS        Does NOT Work After Latest Update
Is EA kidding No wonder the negative reviews are rolling in This must be the most expensive game EVER to play It bogles the mind to see that there are people that would allow themselves to be used by EA and pay for gold coins to play and advance through this game Maybe these are people who have lots of cash to burn or throw away For the rest of us dont pay for ANY gold coins that is how they force you pay if you want to advance in the game Let EA know you are not a patsy by refusing to buy gold coins and just race cars and events without paying extra for it Better yet write a review about your experience     Have money to burn
I was 85 passed the nascar part but when iOS9 updated everything erased           Watch out
September 18 2015 Just leveled up to 211 and ran the final race of the Ferrari Evolution series which awards 15200 fame I used the Agent to get double so upon winning was rewarded with 30400 fame It seems I hit a massive speed bump in your Fame graduation algorithm and my Fame requirements jumped by 3035 This is garbage FireMonkeys What used to take five runs with the Agent suddenly is going to take 8 Thats not progression its not fair When you introduced the graduated gold rewards after the original Le Mans event you went from previous Fame requirements to sevenfold in one day with no communication This made people very very angry At that time I recommended a system that gradually increased over time but returning to previous fame requirements per level You were half hearted This jump shows that half heartedness pervades now too Ive put in almost 1200 hours and been playing from just about Day 1 Please hear me out Fame required to level should progress gradually and then level out There is a certain point where it shouldnt increase because players need rewards for their efforts every so often Over a week of regular play with semiregular high fame races should provide a level up It shouldnt take 34 weeks to level because most races dont provide any appreciable reward Seriously 400 fame for an even in a Legendary series that takes half my service bar is an insult then the car requires 45 hours before it can used again Then I have to do 200300 events before I can level What parallel universe or time dilation field structures your reality When normal or even enthusiastic players hit this most will lose any drive or desire to be involved You built this game on long term involvement curate it through purposeful sane player expectations Please listen and discuss this thoroughly together In the Richmond 400 NASCAR challenge event 62 tells you to finish 10th or better with tires that are going off I am running the Team Penske Ford Fusion PR 530 which had 124g prior to the adjustment of 096g for the event You start the event in 10th on the outside lane however by the time you hit the start line you have dropped to 17th even though no other specs were effected by the poor tires This happening in other events too and its rubbish The cars should hold formation and not be allowed to jump the line This is a serious oversight The inverse is true of the career rolling starts where the player can pass the other cars before the start line Its just sloppy If this were done correctly the player would gain steering of the car perhaps 5 seconds before the starting line and then brakes and gas crossing the line It would also be helpful to get a delta to 1st There is no radio or pit boards so a little data would be nice        ATTENTION Fame per Driver Level
I was one of the few that said greatbut now this game is headed in the wrong direction poor updates massive bugs multiple crashes I think this company forgets where they came from nothing        Gold
Its a really good game specially the nascar machines but Im getting a lot of crashes in the middle of games              Good game but
While the graphics are very good the game is full of waiting periods Slow to load on my iPad 2 Run 2 turn races until you get enough dough to buy better cars and tracks Wait while ads load buy a car then wait 4 hours until you can use it Just charge me a fair price for the game then let me use it without waiting Cannot recommend        Real Racing should be real waiting
When i first got the game i had to download the cars then a week after i had downloaded all of them i had to redownload all the cars and ever since the its just been a repeating over and over again              Additional download
Incredible game design However its a complete rip Im fairly early on in nascar Impossible to win with out coin upgrades It would cost about 50 bucks to upgrade 1 car You can earn some coins but never enough Then there are adds on top of it Dont even start this game     Rip off
I love this game SO MUCH but I just want to ask the makers of Real Racing 3 to put the 2014 Corvette stingray in the next update Pleeeeeeeeeeeease put this car in the game                 This is the best game ever
The game is great but theirs a lack of trucks and free play I hope they would add free play so you wouldnt have to go through every twit to play the track u want like I want to race Nurburgring but Im not that high up into the game and then trucks theirs just cars and hyper cars and super cars but no trucks what happened to that and then you should be able to test drive the car you want before buying it but besides that its a great game and I thought itll be round 3 dollars but its free and thats whats awesome              Awesome game but
Everything is focused on you spending money ALL THE TIME Also I have never seen so many race cars trying to sabotage your success        Great game but
Add the bmw i8 in the game                 Great game
New updates crash more and more You race a 10 lap race only to have it crash at the end and lose your effort     Keeps crashing on iPad mini
Still love this game but the daily rewards being that I end up having to spend 750 gold that I dont have to do certain races Whats up with that              Was a 5 star game until update
Congratulations EAFiremonkeys on creating an unwinnable game Theres nothing quite so fun as getting to 20th place and then watching the cars in front of you get smaller and smaller and smaller Ive raced one of the legs at Richmond in the NASCAR career fully 80 times now and have yet to finish higher than 5th place Thanks for nothing     DO NOT GET THIS GAME
Worst multiplayer ever Almost a guarantee that you will be punted off by either a horrible driver or the awful lag           Not bad single player awful multiplayer
I love the new nascar update But one thing is that can u add something where u can drive on any race track like in real racing 2 plz Like we can choose how many computers we r going to verse how many laps and the difficulty Plz its for fun so we wouldnt want to repair our car after some fun custom racing Plz add WUT I said plz                 Great game
First off you will notice how FAKE the online races seem to be and how the race cars always go out of their way to veer right into to wreck you and how if I touch the grass I am slowed right down but if a computer car goes into the grass he is faster than you are on the pavement I will focus on their new NASCAR branch of the game So they got NASCAR Nice race but the FIRST updates in the win the car contest are all over 10000000 each or 2530 gold BUT I just finished the NASCAR Driving School and entered a season Those first updated are reasonable ALSO on the NASCAR tracks so far the cars stay in their lane and do not veer at severe angles into your front fenders or sides to wreck you or put you sideways as they do in the other races They seem more like REAL racers UNTIL you get to Suzuka track towards the end of the racing tour Now they veer all over the track to block you and cause rear end and sideswipe accidents or shove you to the grass to slow you down But if you shove THEM into the grass they are still faster than you are on the pavement SOyou want to draft at Suzuka or any other track Well it takes a long time to catch up Then when you get the draft you are at a turn Not wise to draft in turns Or you hit then a bump and they shoot way ahead or they weave all around Not realistic And it Seems like Richmond and Indianapolis tracks are the only NASCAR tracks they gave us They have those foreign tracks in England and Japan etc where NASCAR NEVER goes They put in drag races which NASCAR NEVER does Where are the tracks of Daytona Talledega Pocono Bristol THAT is real NASCAR RACING 99 of NASCAR fans are from the USA and WE DONT CARE about tracks in Germany Australia or Japan We want the American tracks Instead of going to all the effort to keep those foreign tracks and drag races they COULD have snuck in some good NASCAR tracks In the contest to win Brad Kezelewskys car I have to race at Richmond with bad tires and stay in the top ten So before the 3 lights turn green to start the race 45 cars pass me on the right Racers cant DO that Also every tier has impossible races that are pretty muck impossible to win On the Suzuka track I can always come in 2nd and lose to F Galloway or Cox by 800 1000 yards or 14 seconds Seems like the last place to 34th place cars are just there to slow you down So today September 6 I get up to 4th place by lap 2 a I pass 32 in a few turns but F Galloway is WAY out front I get within 350 yards of him soon enough and close the gap to just over 200 yards But as usual that goes up to over 300 yards and I get closer but the gap widens again to 350 yards This happens for 45 laps Rather odd because I never have that problem on OTHER Suzuka track races with other cars All you get are CONSTANT rear end hits on the car in front when passing on inside or outside They ALWAYS SLIP OVER TO YOUR LANE TO BLOCK BY RISKING THEIR BUMPERS OR FENDERS That is NOT how racers do it Oddly enough when I get to 4th or 3rd place the leader is RIGHT there in front of them A few turns later and I pass 2nd place Guess what SUDDENLY the leader is GONE but when I was in 4th place and passing them he was right in front of us And my NASCAR car is fully updated We can ask for qualifying so we dont start in last place 25 yards behind the car in front of you but I dont think they can change the format of the game to set that up for us In the win the hero car they still have some VERY hard stunts for you to do Like draft on Suzuka for 1000 yards and win the endurance race The first 56 cars are too slow to draft with so you run out of time Pass them to earn more time and now the 7th place car is way ahead of you You race hard to catch up to him to draft and you are drafting but will run out of time Took me 56 tries and this makes you have to service your car for 4 hours Most of those races will make you try 23 times and waste service time They want you to draft at Richmond from way back in the pack to 3rd place in about 56 laps You go to draft and smash the car in front of you and then he drifts left and right to shake you off So you steer left and right to keep on top of him and you loose the draft Very unrealistic for Richmond and Suzuka tracks You draft for 45 seconds go through a turn and lose the draft accelerate to catch up and draft but then the turn is there again But this games drafting is bad and slows you down due to unrealistic things of the driver you are drafting with So sorry EA I got to 3rd WITHOUT drafting In another race at Richmond you have to win with very low fuel and draft to a win I couldnt manage to get past 2nd or 3rd in 34 tries so I did not draft I cut off the gas about 50 yards from the turns and coasted and came out of the turns by lightly and rapidly tapping on the gas By noting how far behind me 2nd place was I could coast or just tap on the gas in the straights I won in one try that way I seldom draft at Richmond but still win Remember use your gold sparingly You will need lots later Run some races with cars that need servicing You may win but at least you can earn some cash Dont jump right on upgrades Race 23 times first and earn cash and gold and you may still win anyway Again this is the best game for free on Ipad platform           NASCAR But make it REAL
Why all of a sudden is the third to last race in the nascar section of races IMPOSSIBLE to win 1st place All I want is to actually be able to move from second place to first JUST ONCE Seriously fix this its crap        WHY CANT I JUST WIN
This game is fun but crashes way to much Can not make enough progress to unlock cars     Crash all the time
This app takes up way too much space Also Apple TV app                 Apple TV and space
I know this is just about a racing game with great graphics but I would love to see some real breathtaking car crashes and real life car break downs It would be awesome I know its just me as a guy but I know it will makes things more interesting I hope you take my words and help us the people Thank you for the game Its awesome                 Something new
This game has a single fatal flaw compared to other racing games driver AI In a normal racing game the other drivers actually try to avoid hitting you but in this game you have to avoid them like the plague Theyll nudge your tail end loose and send you into a crash at least a dozen times before you can complete a race           Great design terrible drivers
El mejor juego d autos c las mejores licencias                 El mejor
This game is one of the coolest on my iPad I love how there is more than 75 cars but crashing is a little problem Sometimes I crash when buying a car sometimes I crash when upgrading my cars sometimes I crash when startingfinishing a race and sometimes I even crash in the middle of the race If there wasnt so much crashing I would rate it 5 stars But for now a 4 star game By read my name to find out p PEACE              Awesome Game but crashing is kinda bad
Es uno de los mejores juegos para móviles pero hay que gastar mucho a veces toca mejorar varios autos para seguir avanzando y no alcanza              Es bueno pero

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