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The NPD Group, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (NPD IDEA ,SnapMyEats Gift Cards App ,NPD IDEA 2016 ,myDigiStuff ,ReceiptPal ,My Daily Digest), brings ReceiptPal with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ReceiptPal app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Now with this app you can earn money by receipts..

Overall Satisfactionc69
I'll recommend to my friends.
This one has a lovely UI.
Ease of Usec79
Sleek and simple.
Great Simple App.
Easy to get money.
easy to play.
Easy to use and very organized.

I'll recommend to my friends. found in 1 reviews
We get rewards for taking pictures of receipts from shops. found in 3 reviews
I'm not paranoid like other people Lol. found in 1 reviews
UI is beautiful. found in 2 reviews
I won't stop snapping to rack up those bonuses & rewards. found in 2 reviews
Sleek and simple. found in 2 reviews
So easy and handy for keeping records. found in 1 reviews
Pesonally did not redeem anything yet. found in 2 reviews
Easy to use and very organized. found in 1 reviews
This is probably the best app I've ever used to scan receipts. found in 1 reviews
Great way to keep track of all my receipts. found in 1 reviews
really helps a lot. found in 1 reviews
I've seen credit card wallets that worked almost like this. found in 2 reviews
It will probably take a long time to earn gift cards. found in 16 reviews
Useful extra app. found in 1 reviews
really a novel software so that I can save my notes long. found in 1 reviews
Just take a photo of your receipts and earn points. found in 7 reviews
Instant gift card. found in 1 reviews
You have to send photos of your receipts to earn gift cards. found in 5 reviews
Wish they'd fix that. found in 1 reviews
But the rewards that are offered are great. found in 1 reviews
Please add the ability to take photos of long receipts. found in 1 reviews
General nice idea but it needs improvements. found in 1 reviews
pls fix this issue. found in 1 reviews
I hope I can launch the application. found in 1 reviews
Now it keeps crashing when I try to take a picture. found in 1 reviews
but two new cards of four spots every Monday seems stingy. found in 2 reviews
like a paypal option would be ideal for me. found in 1 reviews
My only complaint is that you can't snap long receipts. found in 2 reviews
I wonder if anyone really wins. found in 1 reviews
Please keep it up and add more new features. found in 1 reviews
If you're comfortable doing this. found in 1 reviews
I don't expect much but a reward here and there is nice. found in 1 reviews
All of a sudden I get an error saying I cannot use back camera. found in 1 reviews
This limit needs to be fixed. found in 1 reviews
Needs to beef up. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download ReceiptPal for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-31.
More Info: Find more info about ReceiptPal in The NPD Group, Inc.`s Official Website :

ReceiptPal lets you earn great rewards in a snap just for taking photos of your receipts. Submit a photo of a receipt or an e-receipt to ReceiptPal. You`ll earn points that can be used towards great ...
I was curious when I heard they had new gift cards I could redeem so I took a peek At first I couldnt tell where the gift cards were to so I hit the gift card It asked if I was sure I wanted to redeem it I hit no but the app processed it as a yes I was sure I didnt hit yes because I was using a stylus with a precise tip I had emailed about the issue but the rep named Brian emailed back stating that they cant do anything about it and that the app was functioning correctly They would not reimburse me with the points the app decided to take away I was saving up for a larger gift cardthe email responses took 1 week per response On top of that I only get 3 cards per week We shop enough for 15 cards I dont care for the sweepstakes since its like one in a million chance Id win it anyways I just want the points from the cards Im iffy about continuing to use this app Customer service was not good and the app is greedy with their rewards        Bad service and greedy
Im reading other reviews and Im confused Theres an option to actually cash out using PayPal I only see following options donation Amazon gift card dinner movie and restaurant gift card                 Wait
Stupid update made me lose all my receipts and points This needs to be fixed        Lost Data
Ive never had a problem with this app since I started using it 10 months ago and now it crashes as soon as I opened it Please fix this I have enough points to cash in but now I cant           Crashes
Started having trouble yesterday I have earned enough to cash in now the app wont stay open Loaded onto another device It worked fine until I registered it with my email so my infopoints would be restored Now it is doing the same thing on that device Seems like it is programmed to crash after receiving what it wants from me but prior to paying out promisedearned rewards     Wont stay open only AFTER earning enough points to cash in
Its pretty cool it helps me keep track of how much Im spending as well as earning points                 I like it so far
It takes far to long to accumulate enough r points to make the reward worth it even then most of the rewards are Amazon gift cards Come on 62 receipts gets you a 5 Amazon gift card Id save time money by just spending 5 at Amazon And Im not even a big Amazon shopper So these Amazon reward options dont really appeal to me     Not really worth it
This app is awesome I already redeemed 2 Amazon cards and Ive only had this app for two days I love it and I totally recommend it                 Awesome app
I was really eager to capture many points as possible so that I could see how this app really works I ended up redeeming my reward when I reached 3500 points I was able to select from a list of local places to dine I redeemed 5 coupons certificates which one can only be used per month you must make a 20 minimum purchase Hope this helps                 Get the tea on the receipt pal app
Ive successfully redeemed two 1 Amazon gift codes so far which obviously isnt much but its not like theyre going to pay you big bucks for taking pictures of your receipts Reward choices are sparse but I shop on Amazon somewhat often so its nice to get a couple bucks off                 Simple easy to use
Brilliant app but please get a paypal reward option                 Brilliant App
Its a good app but I think they should provide more point cards I keep all my receipts for to gain points I dont care too much about the sweepstakes If you finish submitting receipts on the point cards you really have to wait till Monday to receive new point cards              Good App
I got to about a 100 gift card and then they decided to void all of my points they will not pay out then apologize for stealing your money but not actually give it to you     SCAM
This App seemed exciting at firstuntil I neared an a actual reward amount The App kept saying Timed outRetry and it also deleted ALL of my earned points TERRIBLE APP     DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
I love how easy this app is to use and that I can submit all f my receipts It takes a little while to be able to cash out but since its also very little work I feel its well worth it                 Love this app
But as you get near the higher level rewards in the 25 range suddenly they up the points needed and drop the better rewards So all you can get is something that says only gift card without specifying what kind of card it is     Starts out fine
In the beginning I received points for each receipt I submitted When I started getting points where I would actually receive a gift card I noticed that I wasnt receiving points from the receipts I submitted I contacted support twice I never received a response I am now deleting this app     Dont waste your time
I need a rewards for paypal to make payments please someone help us make this app a realty The app is giving me some problem it not allowing me to take pictures of my receipt                 Amazing App
I have been trying to submit receipts all week and the app will not work There is no place to contact support either The app works when it wants to but not when I need it to     Very Glitchy
I got it I made it to 17000 points submitted for my 100 Amazon GC it was in my email within a few minutes I applied it to my Amazon account now Im going shopping Granted it took 16 months to get but I got it              It really works
I thought this would be a great rebate site until it came to sending long receipts Every one I took photo of came back as invalid How can I take photo of long receipts from tabletop if all get rejected I have sent 3 emails to ask why and no reply so far Seems like a scam and a waste of my time     Waste of time using this site
I like this app but I hate that your points dont add up once u enter the sweepstakes I want my points Have 2300 points with 125 receipts when I should have 3100 points PLEASE FIX        Points
Thanks for making it harder to obtain any rewards from using this app     Increased Points Needed
This app was working great then it suddenly stopped working I contacted them for support They were helpful at first then it stopped so dont waste your time     Dont do it
Love this app Easy to use Redeemed my points for Amazon gift cards Would recommend to anyone                 Awesome
Love this app but it does not take a lot of receipts Other than that its great                 Great tool
I love receipt pal There isnt any easier way to get gift cards All you have to do is snap your receipts I have gotten about 10 in amazon gift cards in no time Thanks ReceiptPal                 Awesome App
I heard about this app from KCL and really wanted to try it and even downloaded it onto my iPad but after reading all of the negative reviews I changed my mind and will be deleting it The only reason it gets one star is because it will not allow me post my review otherwise     Changed my mind
Ive been using this app in conjunction with receipt hog for the same amount of time and this one is WAY better I have only earned 10 on hog but I have close to 50 on here The best thing about this app is that they take any kind of receipt as long as it has the namedate on it meaning I can upload way more on here than I can on other apps I also love that receipts are treated equally at 25 points each instead of basing it on the amount spent at the store like on receipt hog The only things I wish they would do is expand the amount you can upload each week does anyone actually win those sweepstakes and make it so you can upload long receipts in sections                 Easy to use and earn
Super easy to use app Would recommend a way to snap super long receipts Otherwise happy with interface and got my rewards without any hassle                 Easy to use great rewards
I have used almost all the money savingmaking apps out there and this is the MOST EASIEST one So easy to use and upload receipt pics plus THE PAY OUT IS GOOD Yesterday I got my first reward gift card and it was so Quick as soon as I hit send my cell rings because they send the code rite away U DONT HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK OR 2 Best app hands down I thank who ever developed and maintain this app Im surprised this app is not well known                 BEST MONEY MAKING App 2015
Wont allow my iPhone 6 to use back camera for receipts        IPhone 6
By far the best rewards app that i use                 Love
Each week three cards is too little Please do not limit the number of cards           Add more cards
Was an ok app people have been asking for more cards each week but as you can see the developers must be deaf Instead of making this a better app they decided to increase the amount of points needed to redeem gift cards People have also complained about not receiving points for receipts entered into the sweepstakes I am pretty sure the developers are making a good profit off of all of us Shame that they are also greedy Hey receipt pal stick your app where the sun dont shine Deleting in 3 2 1     Greedy developers
So easy to use and so many awesome sweepstakes whats not to love                 Sleek and simple
I love this app but It recently started closing the app right after I open it              Glitch
I really like this app so far its a nice way to make some money by simply taking a photo of a receipt However I think the app would be even better if you got more than just 3 or 4 cards to fill out a week My parents and I go shopping nearly every day as well as going shopping for others as errands so I think itd be nice to have 8 or 9 cards to fill out or to be able to get up to 1000 points a week I also wish that the receipts would count when you enter them into the sweepstakes I dont really care for the sweepstakes Id rather have the guaranteed points              More Cards for More Points
I downloaded this app about 4 months ago and already gained enough points for free dinner and a movie The only downside is there is not a big selection of rewards Just Amazon or resturantscom Overall through great app              Overall nice app with perks
The app would be great if 2 things were fixed 1 You have to take 1 picture of the whole receipt Some of my receipts are so long that the image is too blurry and therefore I lose out on a lot of points Receipthog lets you take multiple pictures of the one receipt so thats never a problem on that app You guys could make your app do that also 2 I get a notification that the date or store logo is missing So I look at the pic of the receipt in question and I can easily see it on there If those 2 things were fixed Id happily give you 5 stars because thats the only problems I have with the app and it is great otherwise           Could be much better
I have been using this simple little app for a few months have already earned 15 worth of Amazon GC It does take time to build up points 300points week 1500 points 5GC but thats 15 more in my Amazon account then I had before I started using ReceiptPal              Every little bit helps
I absolutely love this App but just the last few days it crashes when I attempt to open it Please fix this so I can enjoy making money again                 Attention
Frequently rejects receipts stating amount date or vendor name missing I then go back to the photo of the receipt in question what they claim is missing is clearly visible        Great idea but flawed
This is the best receipt app out there in my opinion You can earn up to 300 points weekly Once you reach 17000 points you can redeem a 100 Amazon gift card Its very worth it in my opinion                 Best receipt app out there
Like the app just wish they would let it link with your iPad or second phone easier The sign in process is ridiculous Havent had a chance to search rewards yet           Fine app
They cheat you out of your rewards when you get close to cashing out Also they dont return emails     Waste of time
Was great at first Told all my friends Got up to a great prize and lots of points but now just keeps saying retry timed out and wont go in I cant even get support SAD     Disappointed
Tried reinstalling it but no luck It stays on a boot loop     Stopped working
I liked this at first Then there was a problem with trying to take a picture It said my request timed out The only option it gave me was retry Now every time I open this app the timed out retry thing pops up I cant seem to do anything Very frustrating Please update this so that if we get a timed out screen it lets us cancel instead of having to hit the retry button It constantly keeps retrying and then saying its timed out I cant seem to find a way to stop it        Retry loop

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