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David Ward , the publisher behind many iOS app (Castle Invasion: Throne Out ,Mouse Bounce XL ,Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory ,Castle Invasion ,Mouse Bounce), brings Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory app has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 35333120, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory app version 1.5.1 has been updated on 2016-02-19.
Bottom Line: For more information about Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory check developer David Ward`s website :

Record Ha s A modern spin for your vinyl collection. Record Ha s is a vinyl album collection app that enables you to finally keep track of everything you own in one easy location...your phone ...
The app limits you to 30 records and then says you have to upgrade to add more There is no process to up grade So far this has been a total waste of time         Easy to use but Eddweebic
I would suggest that every vinyl fan should try using this App It works great                     Fine App bacvuamoidatminh
So far no complaints from this App Really enjoying using it Great work                     No hassle nguitquama
I really love that this app arranges my vinyl information in alphabetical order Wow                     Love It khicalenhochiminh
I didn t know but this app really works well Easy to grasp information of vinyls through barcodes                     Interesting toihatnganloica
This is so far the best App I have come across for keeping information of my vinyl records safe                     Best App chacxuongkhoe
This comes from a vinyl lover that this App is the best No competition to it                     Vinyl Lover hoahau2016
This App isn t like the other apps Really reliable and not at all costly                     Truly Amazing connhotennhau
I like this App so much that I have made in app purchases to save 2000 vinyl records                     Love It Ruby Murray 91
I was amazed by the working of this App Easy to use and easy to navigate                     Wonderful Built hotrodima
Wonderful App Such an amazing App Really a must have                     Extremely Reliable bansunggioi
I can really save the vinyl details manually It is so easy to use this app                     Something New congtygiadinh656
Great App for Vinyl Music Lovers A very creative app I love it                     Totally Amazed cauchuyensuckhoe
I can t imagine anyone touching my precious Vinyls This app is really great as I can share the details of my Vinyls just by a click                     Great For Sharing banhrangbua
It provides graet information to keep a track of my Vinyls Sometimes it just does not read the barcodes Please look into it                 Works Well chuyendidai789
A huge shout out to the creators of this App I love it soo much Thanks                     Must Have nhieulanchaytron
Functions so well All the information are safe and secured in the App Truly great                     Great App xahoihoa
I always used to forget how many Vinyls I own Thanks to this great App I keep a count of them                     Safe bongbongbangbang2016
Such a good App The barcode gets scanned easily off the vinyls Thank You                     Wow bangcap2
This app is a must have for vinyl lovers So great                     Creative laulamroi
I was amazed by the idea of this App Really a safe way to keep my vinyls accounted                     Wonderful suoiveday43
This app makes you pay for it hold more records Then when I log in today it has zero records listed I ve tried everything to restore it I have a 250 record collection which took a very long time to enter I m so disappointed by this app Total waste of time     Just Lost My Collection CPFANDAN
This is an awesome app I m keeping a list of all my vinyl                     Awesome DarkestOfKnights
Keeping track of my collection finally I mean mine is reasonably alphabetized but that can still be a pain to look through Now I scan my collection and can browse alphabetically by genre Sold And can send my list to whoever I want or just keep track of what I already have so I don t buy a duplicate Bravo this app is easy and useful                     So easy Brynne42
First thanks for creating my records are all from the late 60s early 70s so there are no barcodes to scan but entering the catalog numbers is easy enough That said here are my gripes 1 There is a bug with the catalog number search where the text will fall below the text box 2 There is no search nor a side listing of the alphabet for quick reference 3 No meta data like album art year released song list etc 4 Sub collections to put my favorites in a separate list would be huge             Great start but needs some work goldfinger7476
I love this app I can enjoy music with this app It is so easy to use Thank you so much                     Great app SangLH Reviewer
There are many features quite stable and other new applications with no or it s wrong to use At Record Haus it very good use new functions as well as other commonly used functions I still think that it has some functions are not good but everything is great                     A refreshing change nguyenxuandat1310
I have many songs in my iphone and now it is not easy to manage After using this app I see that the management now is so easy I can edit song information folder                     Very useful DiepNguyen90
this is amazing app and exactly that i need easy to manage my music folder make them find easiest Good job thank for developer                     Great app Adsen24h
I hear a lot of music genres such as rap hiphop EMD country rock US UK K pop I need 1 app that help me to manage them This app help me do that Easy and simple to set up and use it Thank to developers                     Easy to use it HoaGD Reviewer
Exactly what I needed Quickly and easily catalogue your record collection However two problems 1 There is currently a glitch which causes the flashlight to stay on after scanning and inputting a record App needs to be quit and restarted to fix 2 Free is limited to 30 records so be prepared to fork over for a paid version That being said I m glad to pay for the full version since this fits my needs so well I d like to see an ability to add a photograph of each record and a section for notes per album Tracklist might be handy too                 Great app for serious collectors Disgruntled Cannibal
Strictly a list I like that I can put in the bar code number and it imports the album but No track list No album art Good start but there s more that could be done             Good but jOhnnymordant
Very interesting app and so good interface I like this app                     Amazing app Topskiy
It s a very useful app with good design I can scan the album barcode or manually input the artist title and instantly add it to my collection list Great job                     So cool Deantran
I used a lot of music apps but this application is the best of them It is a vinyl album collection app that enables you to finally keep track of everything you own in one easy location your phone You can scan the album barcode input the catalog number or manually input artist and tittle instantly add it to your collection list This application also have a good icon and friendly interface Thank for developing and share                     Amazing music app Doitsu Reviewer
Must have app for those who have vinyl collections Easy to keep organized and you are able to share your collections with others                     Awesome Rasmtazberry24
WoW a very useful app My father have a big collection of disk and this app help him a lot in many way Hope you will have more feature in the furure haha                     Classic NightStalker44
Now I have all of my favorite music with me The app is easy to work with and brings lots of fun Thank you great job                     Awesome app cuckookris
This enable me to finally keep track of everything my own in one easy location We can easily export our collection titles to friends or family via email they can listen to the album anytime Really very easy to use this app                     Very simple to use kapali0012
A friend told me about this app thought I d give it a try Pretty cool and easy to use just scan and there s your library No more friends digging through your collection either Feels like the old days when we used to trade baseball cards What do ya got                     Like sliced bread Vinyl360°
Great app for organizing my sick vinyl                     Awesome JayDeeAre3
Good update thanks I like this I ve catalogued a ton of records in record time Makes it easy to show off my good ones                     Very handy tool for a collector coinfamily04
Record Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory MusicRecord Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory MusicRecord Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory MusicRecord Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory MusicRecord Haus - Vinyl Record Collection Inventory Music

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