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Tribune Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (Daily Press for iPad ,The Bulletin , Connecticut News ,FOX40 News ,Orlando Sentinel UCF Sports News ,Orlando Hoops), brings RedEye for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. RedEye for iPad app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download RedEye for iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about RedEye for iPad in Tribune Interactive`s Official Website :

RedEye is now available on your iPad It s everything you love about the newspaper celebs, sports, news, nightlife and much, much more. Get expanded video, photo and audio features plus more awesomeness available only on ...
Ive been a subscriber since the app was launched and when logging into my library I see every issue Ive ever downloaded For a daily magazine thats quite a lot It would be great if previous issues could be archived by month saving the real estate for the current weeks issues Also as my archive of previous issues increases it would be great to create a spotlightlike search for text from an old issue On occasion when flipping from page to page new images and text take longer than expected and maybe previous app version to come into focus on my new iPad I loved last weeks article about the window washers for two reasons 1 Its a good article and 2 landscape reading Please enable landscape reading in the future and port it the app to the iPhone And one more thing LOL keep up the good work        The app needs a better way to manage previous issues
I thought this was a great idea until I subscribed I prefer reading the current news articles that come in the printed version and have been left out of the iPad version I also like doing the crossword puzzle at the end however it isnt offered in the iPad version Im a bit bummed out I didnt try out a month at a time before I bought the iPad version Lesson learned        MmmI prefer the printed version
Seems to be a good news and entertainment sourcebut who doesnt want both landscape and portrait mode           No landscape mode for iPad
Ever since the update Summer 2013 this app has been fantastic Love the interactive images and videos within stories                 New version is the BEST Chicago iPad app
This app is beautifully designed super easy to use Those asking why it costs money as opposed to the print edition the print has probably been subsidized and has been for a while The app though is not free Other apps like relevant magazine use this same software If Im not mistaken it costs around 500 per month or somethingeither way its not free No way could they take that kind of loss either                 Great app and yes the price is justifiable
Seriously Redeye is free in print but they charge as much as an annual trib subscription for a digital copy BS     Seriously
This is the first electronic newspaper app that works really well The pages turn like I expect but the articles scroll against a colorful background which adds to the story The extra links give me what I want and just enough of it Functionality is great The deal is great I love this app              Red Eye Rocks
The Bomb I love and live in Chicago and the the RedEye The paper is now interactive on the iPad It doesnt get any better Love it And worth the 20 subscription which translates to 07 per issue Nice                 Two Words
So you have stopped making the daily edition available on the iPad Fine But how exactly do you justify the continuation of the subscription fee Pretty terrible implementation of your new product which is not good You lost another reader No stars And I would dislike on Facebook if possible     Seriously
I love the fact that I can be sitting on the tarmac in NYC or LA and still keep in touch with whats happening in Chicagoin a touchfriendly beautiful designed publication True RedEye is free on the street in Chicagobut this is so much more than anything offered in print Ive never listened to or watched an edition of RedEye before but with all the audio and video its almost hard to see the relation to its distant print sibling It would get five stars if I could read it in landscape mode but the retina version is so pretty I can almost let that slide Overall well worth the 199 a month price tag                 Missing Chicago and loving the RedEye
They recently redesigned this app and they moved backwards with it It used to be wonderful to wake up and have a daily paper at my fingertips that I could read even when not on wifi somewhere Now its a weekly magazine that requires an Internet connection in order to read some highlights from the week I feel as though it is a ploy just to drive traffic to the ChicagoNow site              Redeye for iPad
Awesome Worth it                 Red eye
The app could be better I dont find it the easiest to navigate        Ehunderwhelmed
I love it all                 Love
Its a great and intuitive app with a competitive price Whats better than some other newsstand apps is that this downloads new issues automatically while you sleep too so that its always there when you need it regardless of WiFi                 Worth the Subscription Price
I wish Newsstand would autodownload new issues It used to consistently then every so often and now it doesnt at all           Nice layout no auto download
Pros Nice and fresh every morning easy to read and there are really nice extras that make it worth the 200 a month Cons No landscape mode except for the photographs which annoys me to no end since I prefer to read in landscape The stories are often a lot of froth the froth of self indulgent 20 somethings it really isnt that much news and the interactive aspects are kinda tiny        Portrait Only
ONLY IF POSSIBLE can we add crossword and option save red eye events and stuff to calendar                 GREAT IPAD APP BETTER THEN THE PAPER
Worth the pennies                 Great design and content
Since moving out west its great to be able to read whats happening in the best city ever Great app                 Great
Have a hard time getting it to download most of the time              Its okay
This app is horrible When I first bought this app they actually sent me the red eye every morning All of a sudden they made an upgrade and I dont get any redeyes The great thing is they make you pay for a full year up front and stop delivering half way through If you want to get ripped off buy this app     Dont waste your money
I like the links and interactivity built in Very cool              Great App
The publications are just too large to be effectivly downloaded Hardly worth the effort and it is not possible to retain issues in the library     Good Information Terrible App
This is one of the best publications Ive seen for iPad Very well organized Definitely would recommend                 Great app
This has officially blown my mind I have yet to see a better newspaper go digital as well as this Stunning layouts Easy flow of news The navigation is easy to jump around I wasnt going to subscribe because the paper is free However the iPad version is just plain amazing Props to the Chicago Tribune on creating this Get it people                 Wow Wow Stunning visuals
Pay to read a free paper online Crazy someone should tell the Tribune that in 2012 you typically do not pay to read content online that you otherwise pay a fee for in print     Opposite day
Loved the paper version of the red eye Now when I travel I can get to it no matter what That alone is enough for me to give it full marks                 Chicagos Best
Really great app Great design with nice added features to articles for more entertaining reading Pictures are so vibrant LOVE THIS APP                 Newspapers Meets the 21st Century
With more features that are mainstays in the print version this app would be a home run The biggest omission has to be the crossword puzzle I need my daily fix out here in the burbs           Work in progress
This app was great until they stopped providing what they advertised Instead of a Red Eye each day we now get one per week I paid 1199 at the beginning of the year and now get far less than what I paid for Only one star because the App Store makes you give the app at least one     Ripoff
Good information in a smooth running ap              Smooth app
Great app best part of my morning metra commute Nice work                 Awesome
Very good so far havent had any issues                 Great app
Awesome app Ive really enjoyed redeye for the iPad I especially liked the nationworld section the pictures just look better and bigger than the print version Ive even kept it after the free trial my only hope is that there is an update to read the articles in landscape view                 Awesome app but please add landscape view
Innovative layout and Prompt delivery aside I cant get past the principal of paying for an otherwise free publication First issue is free and then its 099 an issue        Pay for free publication
Its always handy available at the touch of your finger                 Better than ever
Why would I pay for a subscription when I can just grab one on my way to work and read it for free     Clarification its not free
I like it better than the actual paper                 Great
This is a cool and convenient app but if Im going to pay for something I can normally get for free a crossword would be nice        No crossword
One of the better apps Ive seen in a while Useful informative and gives me all of the Chicago news and info I want with none of the junk I dont Keep it up Red Eye              Great App
Have not been able to open one paper since I downloaded the ap Hit the button screen pops up and stays there I got nothing     Does not work
I live in the city but I do not have access to the red eye publication I saw billboards all over advertising for the app so I thought Hey Why not I am beyond impressed with the layout and design of the app It is easy to use and makes sense Bravo I recommend this app to all of my iPad users                 Awesome
The design is bad Its never a good sign when an App has to give you long instructions on using the App before you can understand how to use it And why are you charged to download issues The print versions are free on every corner Where are the ads     Bad Design Terrible Pricing
Dont waist your time and money     Less than a penny
I originally downloaded the old RedEye app before it was a part of newsstand and while the information and graphics were good the app crashed all the time I hadnt even bothered to check out the electronic version since then But this app on Newsstand is great The electronic layout is interesting and easy to navigate Its so much better than reading the paper version Love it                 Huge improvement over the old RedEye stand alone app
Looks cool                 Chicago news
Lots of fun and informative If you live in Chicago or the area keeps you current on restaurants theaters sports etc in and around the area Not sure how they do this on a daily basis but glad they do              Great app
I used to always pick up a copy of the magazine during my commute to Uic Its great to see on my iPad ready to be read every week The only downside is that its only available on Wednesday wish it would be a few days a week at the very minimum Great visuals and like the embedded videos and reviews on current events Keep it up                 Great app
Good daily content              Redeye

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