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Abundant Health , brings Ref Guide for Essential Oils with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ref Guide for Essential Oils app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app appears to have everything my quick reference guide does..

Overall Satisfactionc77
Technology at its best.
It is wonderful and very helpful to me.
Great for distributors and essential oil lovers.

I love this and a place to take notes. found in 1 reviews
Would love to see the rest of the products added. found in 1 reviews
In comparison of the app I tried to purchase from Sound Concepts. found in 1 reviews
in a future revision. found in 1 reviews
the singles used in some of the blends aren't always correct. found in 1 reviews
s natural ability to heal itself. found in 1 reviews
Outstanding App for EO use. found in 1 reviews
Handy and filled with info. found in 1 reviews
Will give5 stars when added. found in 1 reviews
Great info on the Run. found in 1 reviews
I have three concerns and two recommendations. found in 1 reviews
where are the charts for feet and hands. found in 1 reviews
Technology at its best. found in 1 reviews
And while I love the note feature. found in 1 reviews
Great for distributors and essential oil lovers. found in 4 reviews
Maybe share by text and email. found in 1 reviews
Incorrect information. found in 1 reviews
Same thing happened for thyme and peppermint. found in 1 reviews
It is an ok app but not worth the money. found in 1 reviews
Another disappointment is the attention to detail. found in 1 reviews
But awesome info. found in 1 reviews
will give it five stars if they add the vita flex visual aids. found in 1 reviews
But there is one major problem. found in 1 reviews
for lack of a better word. found in 1 reviews
The product list isn't updated or have the collections. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see the skin tag info come back. found in 1 reviews
Would love it if the notes didn't have so many bugs. found in 1 reviews
Needs charts of hands & feet. found in 1 reviews
"Tags" is now missing. found in 1 reviews
Irritating Kinda Love. found in 1 reviews
Very FRUSTRATING and a waste of my $6. found in 1 reviews
If I've already seen these two issues. found in 1 reviews
Love my books but can't carry them everywhere. found in 1 reviews
Not kool at all. found in 1 reviews
I don't like paying for apps continuously
Had I known there was not a symptom checker. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Ref Guide for Essential Oils for $6.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 33.8 MB to download. The new Ref Guide for Essential Oils app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2015-01-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Ref Guide for Essential Oils check developer Abundant Health`s website :

This convenient app runs on the Apple family of iPhones and iPads. This app combines information from the authoritative Reference Guide for Essential Oils, written by Connie and Alan Higley, with convenient search and note-taking features. ...
Love what this app has to offer but it crashes often and none of the links work in the store at all        Great app If it would just work
Going to love having this at my fingertips without carrying the book guides with when traveling will give it five stars if they add the vita flex visual aids But this is a great start              Great Resource
Very helpful user friendly                 Living Oils
Love it Handy Please fix note part                 YLEO Guide app
Notes are clunky and have a tendency to disappear etc Suggestions 1 Make a wish list section 2 Make an Oils I have section 3 Make notes more useful accurate           Nice but buggy and have suggestions
Im so thankful to have this information available in an app format This is a wonderful resource There are a few things Ive noticed so far that need attention One is a guide on how to read the informationtheres nothing that explains the difference between the oils that are written in green and the ones that are written in blue I finally located a desk reference version and learned that the green oils are the oils that generally get the best results and are the ones to try first Another disappointment is the attention to detailthings Ive seen to this point are that there is no information for Sweet Biblical Myrrh and the ingredient list for Inspiration is inconsistent with the actual ingredients listed on the oil bottle If Ive already seen these two issues it makes me uneasy because I wonder what other information isnt quite right Please find a thorough editor and pay them well to do their job so you can provide the best resource possible              Really great app but needs improvement
This app is so close to being a 5 star I would really like to see a share button for all of these oils to help share and educate others that ask me about them Maybe share by text and email Also would be an added plus to be able to click on each oil and it take you to the oil from the guide area I also think it would be helpful to have an info area it took me a little while to figure out what the green oils and blue meant also with the AT beside each but still a great app to have on the go just needs a little improving              Good to havewould like to see added
This app has fantastic information butthe Notes option on this app doesnt work for me at all which is a bit of a bummer Still worth it though especially if you want to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils              Great AppBUT
How do I create more than one note for a different Guide Page For Example 1 note for Gallbladder oils and a 2nd Note to reference to the Guide Page for Allergies There are no instructions to help you with any features in this App When you click on App Support it doesnt give you any help there either Very FRUSTRATING and a waste of my 6        Confusing to Use No Instructions
This is more of a AD application It has the oils and blends but NOTHING to be able to look up a symptom Also does not include any of the VITAFLEX charts at all Had I known there was not a symptom checker I would NOT have purchased I wanted this for then ease of looking up symptoms so I did not have to get out the HUGE book It is also more of a BRIDGE to the Abundant Life store to guide you to them to purchase more Not happy Probably will never use this app either since I still have to pull out the book for symptoms     Disappointed
Has everything you need                 Great help
This is totally a must for every oil user                 Reference guide
Well it was great Even though I had to pay 7 for the app Then a month later it charges me again I dont like paying for apps continuously Not kool at all Contacting I tunes to kill app and cancel subscription Which no where in the details does it tell you its a monthly subscription Cuz if that was the case I would have never downloaded in the first place     Crap
I love that this app includes all the specifics on each oil and blend That is a section that isnt included in my Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils However I wish it had the vita flex charts for hands and feet Please include this in an update It would also be great when an oil is recommended for a certain use if you could click on that oil and be taken to the product info for the oil But awesome info love having it on my phone which is always with me Edited to add the notes section of the app does not work Please fix it              Great info but
I am new to the essential oil scene and this app came very highly recommended It is a fantastic resource for single oils and blends and what they can be used for It does not however that I can find tell us the difference between the color references the app makes in regards to the oils Maybe single vs blends I have found some inconsistency between the app usage instructions and what the actual bottles direct And while I love the note feature it doesnt make sense that the notes you keep in your phone dont carry over to your tablet The worry is that if I have to get a new device where do all my notes go Can I export them somehow              Great resource
It is an ok app but not worth the money Limited I get more info from the Internet        Not impressed
Love love love this app It is wonderful and very helpful to me I used to carry around the thick book reference guide and now I dont have to I always have my phone on me and this is a very convenient way to look up things for potential clients and for myself I would like to see only 1 change I would like to be able to tap on the particular oil when finding it under the ailments section and be sable to go to the oils detailed specific information Other than that perfect app                 Amazing
This app is junk Its just a promotional tool for the pyramid marketing company Young Living snake oils     Young Living Promo App
I use this app multiple times a day I have three concerns and two recommendations The product list isnt updated or have the collections the singles used in some of the blends arent always correct and the notes section goes crazy on me I will paste a note on one oil Sometimes it disappears and sometimes it shows up under another oil My recommendations are as follows 1 I wish wish wish there was a part that has the supplements Those are the ones I really have to look up 2 I always want to click on the recommended oils for specific remedies for lack of a better word Instead I have to navigate back to the oils look it up then go back to the recommendation and start all over with the next one Then I never know which of the 30 oils listed I should use Maybe a favorites would be great too Ok thats my spill Thank you              Irritating Kinda Love
Love it Please add contents of Appendix Need the crossreference capability of both the single and Blend Summary informationThanks              Great Idea
Since the update the app will not open the screen has the heading but there isnt any information I paid for this app and it needs to work and be a reference It was fine before the update     Wont open
Really love having this app on both my iPhone and iPad but it would be nice if the note section would sync between them somehow I keep forgetting which on I put a particular note under              Great App
This is the best reference book and Im loving the app                 Love
This app is the perfect complement to a hard copy essential oil guide I can access information about essential oils anywhere I go because its all on my cell phone It has a Guide section that gives suggestions for different conditions and body systems It has a section for single oils but it also has a section for Young Living oil blends like Thieves Purification Deep Relief Panaway etc Additionally it includes information about the chemical properties of the oils as well as recommended and historical used Dont leave home without it                 Reference Guide For Essential Oils
So glad to have this as an app Love that you can enter notes Would love to see the rest of the products added Supplements etc in a future revision Would also be great if in guide section that you could click on the oil and it would link to the info on the oil directly              Great app
I see the chart of vitaflex points on the feet now Helpful                 Nice addition
Love the fact idea of having this with me all the time but just as the others said where are the charts for feet and hands I do hope you update soon to include              Finally Love thisbut
Needs charts of hands feet Please put in update A section for babies toddlers would also be appreciated in this quick reference Its hard to know whats safe for babies how to dilute           Helpful for quick referencing but missing charts
Im new to the oils and a new distributor for Young Living This app is so handy for me to useI use it on my iPhone all the time I dont have to carry the books with me and if someone asks a question I can get some information for them immediately I do wish there were more recipes involvedI need the directions for the Blends to begin with and can alter later on But Im using this app all the time                 Very Helpful
I dont think this app has a productsupplement section like the book Knowing what oils to use for each condition is great but I would also like to know what other products would be beneficial There was an entire section of the book devoted to supplements household products and beauty products What happened to it when they created the app This is the only reason I wouldnt give this app 5 stars           Am I missing something
I love having the reference guide at my disposal on my phone But there is one major problem The notes section has lots of bugs I need to be able to add info I gather into the notes section but it changes where I put the note and other quirky issues So if I add a note of what to use for inflammation under that title it will change it and put it under another titletopic like nausea or some other random topic Ive contacted the developers but after one weak response that didnt address the issue they have never gotten back to my continued requests for help or fixed the bugs           Would love it if the notes didnt have so many bugs
I love this app but have found that it is a little quirky When I add a note to one oil sometimes that note will show up under that oil and another one For example I added a not to lemongrass and that note appeared there and under eucalyptus Same thing happened for thyme and peppermint           Great app but
This is so easy and informational all in one place Love love love this ap                 Technology at its best
UPDATE 51215 They have added linking of keywords in the quite which is helpful not EOs though Id like to see the skin tag info come back Its not under skin tags tumors ORIGINAL REVIEW This is really the best resource for EO information and their usage Im not a huge user of EOs but I do use them from time to time and the resource has helped me tremendously The only thing I wish that could happen is the linking of keyword in the app In other words if you are in the guide and reading on anxiety it lists the EOs to be used It would be nice if tapping on the oil names that they would link over to the information about the oil I noticed in this update that there was information I was using and it is now gone In the Guide Skin Tags Tags is now missing It was using this guide that helped me find a solution to get rid of them and it worked Makes me wonder if other info is missing too              Outstanding App for EO use
I am loving this app Now it does not have everything the book does but if you want to look something up quick This is the way to go                 Loving it
Love everything about this app Add the Hand and foot vita flex charts and it would warrant a 5 star rating Please do update with this info              Almost perfect
Easiest and most useful one Ive ever used Im just getting started and learning about Essential Oils and so happy to find this to answer all my questions Recommend                 Best app ever
The store portion never works so frustrating        Store doesnt work
I find the information included in this app useful but different from the info in the EOPR Which makes me wonder which one in correct Not sure how you could figure this out Like for instance with Elemi the chemical makeup is completely different between the two Aside from this the misspellings drive me batty It makes the app appear very unprofessional in my opinion Since I do refer to it often and the info is still there albeit misspelled I gave it 4 stars But I still feel the EOPR is a more complete guide So I still lug that around too Im a nurse Ive got to have some real knowledge behind what I say              Useful but poorly edited and not a substitute for the EOPR
I would recommend this to anyone starting with oils or to those who want a reference book in their pocket I really love how you can search what you want They give you all the Vitoflex diagrams So much more as well                 Wow Love it
In comparison of the app I tried to purchase from Sound Concepts this app is great Its a onetimecharge and it is incredibly convenient helpful and spoton Other EO reference guide apps charge 1499 each year GET THIS APP                 I LOVE THIS APP
In the app guide you have Bursitis information listed for the Bunions information Please correct this as I need to know about Bunions              Incorrect information
So glad to see the addition of flex charts Filled with all the amazing info I need                 Handy and filled with info
Agree with other reviewers that Vita Flex points should be visually presented Otherwise what a great app Love my books but cant carry them everywhere This is a great tool and so complete              Almost Perfect
The app is very helpful and has a lot of helpful info in it regarding oils Would like to see more of the supplements included Thanks              Very helpful
This app will be improved if the Vitaflex points visual is added in the applications section Otherwise its great and has so much info              Missing Vitaflex points visual
This app addresses ailments individually and makes oily suggestions Then reverses it and explains each oil and its uses and locations on the body Worth every penny                 Best App for Young Living Oils
I have an iPhone 6 Plus and when had it when I downloaded this APP used it a few times just now went in it to look something up and all it does is if I click on Singles Blends etc it just slides to the Home or Menu side not sure what its called though when I click on Store it goes right to the store Looks like some more bugs need fixing Then Id move up my stars     Nothing is working except the store selection
Perfect for when I am on the run and someone asks about what oil to use Or just for myself when I want to find out which oil would be the best for what ever Havent used it long but I love it                 Great info on the Run
This app is awesome Im actually at about 45 stars only because it would be really nice to have a keyword search for all the oils regardless if they are single oils or oil blends Besides that this app is wonderful Instead of buying the 30 huge book that would normally stay at home anyways I have the entire reference guide right at my finger tips wherever I am Im so thankful for this app                 Amazing

Ref Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & FitnessRef Guide for Essential Oils Health & Fitness

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