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ViewTextmode , the publisher behind many iOS app (Textmode ,Reminder App ,Chinese Card ,Super Timer ,Super Timer Pro ,Jot Notes Lite), brings Reminder App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Reminder App app has been update to version 1.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc86
    One of the best reminder apps out there.
    Great app love the tones.
    Reminder helps me keep up with all sorts of things.
    Very Helpful Tool.
    Awesome and useful app.
    Will switch everything over to it.
    Very helpful and reliable.
    and how to keep track of my time every day.
    It keeps everything organized and on time.
    Ease of Usec78
    Easy to use app for reminders.
    Simple reminder app.
    It is a simple quick easy way to keep up with a busy schedule.
    Ads not Intrusivec39

    Great for shopping lists. found in 1 reviews
    Great app love the tones. found in 1 reviews
    I have to remind myself to check it daily. found in 3 reviews
    Great apps love it. found in 1 reviews
    neat and clean. found in 1 reviews
    Simple and very handy. found in 1 reviews
    Easy to use app for reminders. found in 3 reviews
    Very user friendly with a simple design. found in 7 reviews
    I already had a factory installed reminder app on my ipod touch. found in 1 reviews
    Really helps you remember important dates and birthdays. found in 4 reviews
    Best App I downloaded. found in 1 reviews
    I use this app to follow my monthly bills. found in 3 reviews
    One Of The Better On The Market. found in 1 reviews
    Great at reminding me of things several days away. found in 1 reviews
    Better than the reminder application that's included in the iPhone 4S. found in 3 reviews
    Reminder helps me keep up with all sorts of things. found in 2 reviews
    and works when it feels like it. found in 1 reviews
    Easy use n reminds me whn pay bills. found in 2 reviews
    This is a good app for people. found in 1 reviews
    Keeps me organized while I'm on the go. found in 4 reviews
    Good but needs some things. found in 1 reviews
    Would be 5 stars if it were more colorful. found in 1 reviews
    Set a reminder to go off and it doesn't do anything. found in 7 reviews
    It'd be nice to be able to delete a reminder when something gets cancelled. found in 1 reviews
    A badge showing overdue items on the home screen icon would be great. found in 1 reviews
    The only problem is that it doesnt sync with iCal. found in 2 reviews
    no control of default settings. found in 3 reviews
    I wonder if works with other like email etc. found in 1 reviews
    Also would be nice to have quarterly time spans. found in 1 reviews
    Can't delete alarms. found in 1 reviews
    Nice but could be better. found in 1 reviews
    Good but outdated. found in 1 reviews
    The snooze feature itself is very disappointing. found in 2 reviews
    but can't figure out how to delete a reminder. found in 1 reviews
    This app needs a lot of tweaking to be reliable. found in 1 reviews
    But I too have had some problems with the alarm not working sometimes. found in 1 reviews
    The snooze function is not working on my iphone5. found in 1 reviews
    but I simply cannot get the alarm to sound. found in 1 reviews
    Why doesn't this app sync with iCal anymore. found in 2 reviews
    Can't seem to cancel reminder. found in 2 reviews
    No alarm bypassing silent mode. found in 1 reviews
    I began to realize that I was missing deadlines. found in 2 reviews

    The Reminder App is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.8 MB to download. The new Reminder App app version 1.6.1 has been updated on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
    Bottom Line: For more information about Reminder App check developer ViewTextmode`s website :

    Monthly reminder application with notifications before due. Suitable for credit card payment reminder, monthly loan payment reminder, monthly bills, birthdays and many others. Reminder dates are shown in calendar date individually. Assign any dates to ...
    this app is full on terrible it glitches me out everytime i tap on the app so i basically cant even use it and it wont let me delete it either whenever i press the x to delete it just stays there     not even worth one star Frankie 🐘
    Please update this app                     Suzalita Suzalita
    I downloaded the latest IOS on my phone and now Reminder won t let me open it Says the developer needs to upgrade it     Help smg. grayslake
    Very helpful and simple                 Not working with latest iOS 11 Imran raj
    This will not work with the new version of IOS for an IPad Needs to be updated         Needs update jim kep
    I have medical appointments on the app I cannot access anymore and need to have access to them     Update Grace defalco
    Works great for me but need update for IOS 11                 Update drmsj
    Will not work with iOS 11 Now I can t even open it to see my reminders     Doesn t Work jak112460
    Deleted immediately     Just kept crashing Sruj77
    Crap app     Doesn t work Reddghj
    Please update app                 Need update for OS whabz
    I tested it many times the alarm doesn t work like the iPhone alarm i e Alarms in silent mode Editing an alarm causes the text box to fill the screen no way to close it                 There is no alarm Paj006
    This is the best reminder ap I have ever used but now it works all funky because it needs an update and there isn t one I have tried other apps and they just don t work like this one especially on wake up alarms                 Best ap but needs update blondie499301
    App keeps crashing when I try and do anything in it     Doesn t work keeps crashing PVB27
    Love this App but cccording to Apple This app needs an update before the iPhones next iOS software upgrade What s up developers of this app Should we just ship before we loss all our data or what         Needs UPDATE OR WON T WORK Way jazz
    I just got the app and it keeps kicking me off help me out at 1269 720 7252 only text me please     I just got the app Kiele Lafountain
    Apparently the developer of this app needs to update it for it to work correctly on new iOS updates     Please update bmartini007
    There is so much wrong with this I would not be able to elaborate     Bad code Utreviolet
    This is a good straight forward easy to use reminder app The only thing it s missing is a way to add notes below the title of the card For example the card title might be something like John s party but it would be helpful to be able to add a more details like the party s address the host s name etc             Good but needs notes Fincab
    Fantastic                     Reminder Steve2153
    I have just installed and have not yet tested a reminder However it seems interesting Good job                     Fazlur Rahman Fazlur458
    Keeps crashing Just got app can t set it up It never let me finish I tried it three times keeps going to home screen Please fix this     Can t type in description Bargina
    It keeps crashing when I try to set a reminder now It might be due to the iOS update or something else tho I suspect the former But it s a nice app and a bit better than the iOS default as it were UPDATE FIX UR DAMNED APP UPDATE II UPDATE UR MUTHAFUKKIN APP         Needs an update for iOS 10 True_Gauntlets
    So far so good but could not open in landscape view                 So far so good Xeyedowl
    I tried many reminders so far this is the best                     Very good app Electro optical man
    This app crashes so much I am typing a reminder in and it just crashes I probably tried like 4 times do not download Please fix     HORRIBLE CRASHES anayboy
    Crashes all the time     Disappointed Asansone11
    App gave message saying it will slow down my phone if it is not upgraded Keeps crashing if I put a space in description         Needs upgrade SiddharthGoa
    Purchased this app for reminders but when I got to type in the event in urgent reminder it crashes every time DON T WASTE YOUR MONEY     Crashes when typing Kscott56
    I love this app and recommend everyone very much Keep going                     Manager Rajank1970
    Crashes with iOS 10 Please fix     Crashes Retroduck
    Not good     Doesn t work Crashes before I can set a reminder Kenny iPhone 44
    is not working     is not good m seck
    this app used to be great Now it s not worth having it I ve tried many times to add other reminders and it crashes I deleted it and added it again and it does the same thing Now I can t even add one reminder     Reminder App 72miamidolphins
    Great app but need to update to new iOS Crashes constantly Please update because it is such a simple great app             Need to Update Scoot18
    After installing iOS 10 update the program crashes whenever you create a new reminder or try to edit an existing one Obviously has a bug that needs fixed         Program now crashes Currently not very happy!
    It keeps shutting down on me every time I try to add a reminder     Can t even use Damedelamour
    Unable to enter more than one word in item description then app crashes every time     Doesn t work with iOS 10 Desert Mole
    Since iOS update can t key in more than one word         App crashed Call 0505
    Very good app to use                     Rating Shaffeek
    This app was great until I upgraded to iOS 10 It no longer works I m having the same problem as the reviewer of 10 12 2016 Please fix is soon     IOS 10 Frantic Amoeba
    I tried using it right after downloading and it crashed 3x in a row within 5 minutes Don t waste your time     Garbage HizzletotheJizzle
    With the new update to 10 the app keeps crashing     Use to be great but keeps crashing now Buffyan
    This app used to work really well and then something weird happened I can t even finish writing a reminder before the app crashes Not very good         Keeps crashing ErinLoves1D
    I have loved and depended on this app for years Updated to iOS 10 and now the app no longer works You can only write in one word in reminder details then it boots you from the app when you try to type a second word Does me no good if I can t write what I need reminded of Please fix the bug that s causing this cause this is a daily staple in my life and I need it back Thank you                 Does not support iOS 10 Tee Acer
    Every edit or save I make breaks this app Is there a fix available     Doesn t work Manju praj
    When creating an entry the app wilk crash when I hit save It ll disappear and poof I m back to my desktop             My favorite reminder app BUT its been crashing lately Fereuchemy
    The app now crashes when the space bar is used in the Reminder subject line worked flawlessly prior to the update             Crashes Since iOS 10 Update WeatherBuffVt
    Will not hold whatever settings you set Waste of time     DO NOT GET Dream Patch
    For this app to have high rating OMG It does t synch reminders are not being fired off everthing configured properly You guys should try a Alarmed if you read this five stars you have a stroke you ll be so happy     The bar has been set very low Note_Luver
    Dont let u delete after the last one thats way I have it at a four instead of five              The app
    I like this one it is very good                 Awesome app
    Love it so easy to use                 Reminder app
    Exactly what I needed to replace iCal Google notifications by SMS text Reminders can be daily once monthly whatever The perfect todo reminder app                 Simple perfect
    Thank you                
    I got because a review said it had location reminders But dont see the option to use So not sure Ill keep Is there help avail     Not sure
    Dont use this if you actually want to be reminded of something     Better reminder apps out there
    Gives great peace of mind in not missing important dates                 A personal secretary
    A very nice App Would recommend anyone to try it              Great App
    Great              Just what was looking for
    Needed a different reminder app than the standard iphone6 app It works great              Great app
    I like it and it helps me remember my goals                 Its good
    This app is amazing I helped me to remember to do my homework clean my room and remember my testsI really recommend this app                 Great
    Great app when you dont want to put the event in your calendar or its not a calendar worthy event Love it                 Awesome app
    This app does not work with my iPhone six it will not sync Not a good app     Reminder app
    Events set up to repeat disappear as well as onetime reminders Also difficult to delete events Should show a delete option inon edit screen     Reminder Events Disappear
    Exactly what I was looking for easy to use              Love it
    I love this app I forget everything but not with this                 Reminder ap
    I love this app Its a great way to stay organized and on track The alarms are fantastic and you dont have to keep checking the reminder app It will REMIND you so that you can go about your day worry free A must have for someone on the go                 100 Amazing
    I originally gave this one star in a pretty rough review see below However the problem I was having were the settings on my iPhone itself and not the app After trying many different reminder apps and finally getting this one to work let me tell you that this is the best one out thereI have been crying intermittently to finally be able to change my review I feel bad for misrepresenting a wonderful little app Absolutely a fivestar app After downloading this app it appeared to be exactly what I would want It had every feature you would want and then some for a free app it was very user friendly and overall a pretty tight app I set up a reminder as a test to see how it would work and the alarm never went off I have been tinkering for over an hour and cannot get the alarm to sound I had such high hopes                 Such high hopes
    The prompt to review the app came too often before I could really try it out So far its good Might be a five star app but I dont know yet              I like it so far
    As someone going through school it helps me a ton                 Best reminder app ever
    The apps monthly reminder setting remind after 31 days NOT on the same day each month so if youre using it to remind you to pay bills dont because after a few months it will move the date forward by a couple of days I had a reminder set for the 15th of each month and it now reminds me in the 17th                 BEWARE
    Very useful app                 Nice
    I love it very much I just hope it could sync with existing calendar so I do not have to reenter all my reminders But overall I love it yo the max              Better than the iPhone reminder
    I am very disappointed in this App I lost a very important phone because I was unable to take care of a note when it was due I looked later in the day and it was not there I looked in the archive file and it is not there either This is definitely not an app to use for business     Very disappointed
    Biggest issue is no way to delete reminders        No way to delete
    I have used for several weeks and I find prompt Great appt shirley Jones                 Reminder
    This app doesnt actually remind you if anything It lets you store your monthly reminders in cool little notes but then it fails to notify you in any way that you have events coming up Do not trust this app for anything much less sensitive reminders because you will miss them     Worthless
    It will remind you alright but cannot delete reminders Some of its features are limited Will look around for another reminder app        Not what I want
    I believe this app will help well to remind because sometimes whoever can forget some parts of their life                 Essential Part
    I like it well done                 Complement
    The app is fine Please stop harassing me to write a review              Works fine
    Exactly what I needed Easy to use and complete I highly recommend                 Excellent App
    A little drop down menu is all I get How does that remind me of anything I need an alarm blaring on my phone until I turn it off stupid drop down menu does not remind me of anything other then how dumb this app is     So dumb
    Well so far so good with this app Im laughing because every time is set a reminder it reminds me to rate it so Im just writing this review to shut it the hell up              Haha
    Iphone6 I have set multiple reminders and have not had a single alert There is no option for hourly reminders either Im forced to use the urgent tab for such request And still no alert has been audible I implore you to not waste your time with this app Poorly developed     No reminders
    Only thing is it really pesters you to review it If that does not stop Ill delete app                 Nice app
    I dont know if this review is coming through multiple times or not at all after writing this entire review on my phone it said my nickname was already taken a and it made me start over After starting over and rewriting it it seemed to accept my review but I dont see it anywhere I finally got on my laptop still dont see it I clicked write a review and it brought up a text box with the review I had written in it So I added this to the beginning Here is my review of the app When I set a reminder on this thing it changes the date and time of the reminder on its own I can clearly see the reminder in the list for Aug 13 I look at it again 5 minutes later and now its set for Oct I have fought with this thing for over a week now On the rare occasion it actually sets off an alert I can barely see or hear it This is after going into the settings and setting it to the setting that requires action to get it off the screen and the alarm clock sound It just makes one little beep I pick up the phone and the reminder is going away already Call me crazy but I want a reminder app that will actually remind me of things on the days and times I set it too     Doesnt work right
    Nice app but need to remove add please if j can              Great
    This app is awesome It has keep me on track with keeping up with my bills No more late with late fees I recommend this to anyone who is on a busy schedule and let this app be your daily reminder                 Very convenient
    Outstanding best app for sure Doesnt work on my IPAD              Reminder App
    I put in one reminder and it worked perfect That reminder appeared in my notification area Then I put in the second reminder That appeared in my notification area but erased my first reminder        It forgot to remind me
    I forgot a very important holiday because I was so busy with the host of things that come with having A new precious baby girl I have tried quite a few reminder apps probably the entirety of the catalog on the App Store I found this app it long time ago and for some reason there was one particular thing I did not or could not deal with initially When I took a look again recently so I could try and avoid forgetting more important things this application stood out Many of the other applications try to provide too many features and dont implement those features properly This application does a fantastic job of simplifying the user interface so you can focus on whats important The one item that leaves me scratching my head is how to backup or restore or save a configured list of events If I want to transfer the same list of events to my iPad I cant do that as far as I know I would like to know if this is even possible There doesnt seem to be a Settings or data file anywhere that I can backup or restore This fact cripples the functionality of this kind of app If I can find out how to do this this would be a five star review              Phenomenal implementation how do you back up your list of reminders
    This is a wonderful app I use it to take my meds Different meds at different times every day Great app                 LUV LUV LUV
    Cool              Awesome
    Ive only had this app a few days but so far it has met my expectations and needs                 So far so good
    Would be nice if Calendar view was in sequential order rather than alphabetical order Other than that I believe this is going to be one of the best apps Ive tried Im looking forward to working with it           First Day of use
    Pretty easy to use Plan to use it a lot Hope there will be an Apple watch version              It works
    Works as advertised Cant go wrong with this app                 Works great

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