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Apple Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Apple Store ,MobileMe Gallery ,TV ,MobileMe iDisk ,Keynote ,Keynote Remote), brings Remote with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Remote app has been update to version 2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best application for whole house music..
  • This is great application for all you mac users..
  • Very awesome remote control for iTunes over a wifi connection..
  • I like how the volume control works in real time..
  • especially if your away from iTunes and you wanna listen to music..
Overall Satisfactionclick me75
thanks apple for making this app it was helpful.
Thanks apple for ruining another product.
I love being able to control my iTunes music from anywhere in the house.
It works great good job apple.
I have a Mac mini hooked up to my tv.
Now it won't connect to my tv at all.
This is the best app in the store in my opinion.
Fun & Engagingclick me56
I like to mess around with my parents itunes.
It's a good way to mess with someone too.
Remote is awesome update is SUPER AWESOME.
New remote is awesome.
Usefulnessclick me68
I really like the option to control everything with my iPhone4.
I can see and control everything on my iMac G5's iTunes.
This thing tries to control everything at once.
I will buy everything apple puts out.
Like everything APPLE.
Family Friendlyclick me87
the family room system gets upgraded next.
family room and my garage.
Production Valuesclick me55
It also runs really smooth on the Apple TV interface.
using the Apple TV interface on your TV.
and its interface is even better than the iPod interface itself.
It's a perfect fusion of the iPod interface and remote control.
Ease of Useclick me92
Easy setup - fantastic - airport express - enjoy music.
Easy setup so cool you should get this app.
It's so simple to set up and works seamlessly.
Connects quickly and simple to set up and use.
Reliabilityclick me27
Security & Privacyclick me45
The reason why is HomeShare uses you main Itunes account.
this app as well as my itunes account through my phone.
Enter the password on your touch/Iphone from the remote app here.
I then was able to enter the password finally.
but no place to enter the password.
Updates & Supportclick me25
It says that for the newest setup including iTunes version.
Works great with new iTunes version 7.
Updated remote app works with latest Apple TV version.


With Remote you can control the music on your computer or Apple TV from your iPod touch or iPhone.


Play, pause, skip, shuffle. See your songs, playlists, and album art on your iPod touch or
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
as if you were right in front of your computer.

Tags :   remote ,   control ,   itunes ,   playlists


Remote works with your
Wi-FiWireless local area network
network, so you can control
playback from anywhere in and around your home.




- Control the music on iTunes or Apple TV
- See the album artwork on your Remote
- Create and update Genius playlists
- Edit playlists in iTunes
- Search your whole iTunes library
- Control your AirTunes speakers
- Control your Apple TV with simple finger gestures



The Remote is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Remote app version 2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Remote check developer Apple Inc.`s website :


Easy setup - fantastic - airport express - enjoy music. found in 27 reviews
It controls the itunes library over a Wi Fi network. found in 28 reviews
The Whole things Works Like Magic And Is Really A Genius Idea. found in 7 reviews
Cool remote control for iTunes. found in 9 reviews
its d best application 4 any imac and apple tv users. found in 9 reviews
Completely freakin' awesome. found in 5 reviews
Great for pranks not to mention helpful. found in 9 reviews
maybe plug wireless speakers into the headphone jack. found in 8 reviews
The remote app is extremely easy to use and works exactly as advertised. found in 12 reviews
Apple has finally made a great application for lazy people. found in 16 reviews
It transfers your entire library including music videos. found in 29 reviews
Apple DJ is great for partys or when friends are over. found in 8 reviews
Select " share my library on my local network " and then select "share entire library". found in 28 reviews
Perfect for being managing the stereo during a party. found in 9 reviews
Even though my computer's only a few feet away. found in 9 reviews
Great for parties when you run a media center PC. found in 98 reviews
Makes iPhone an amazing home entertainment device. found in 18 reviews
I'm looking forward to buying the software upgrade. found in 6 reviews
We also have Airport Express Units connected to powered speakers. found in 9 reviews
It wouldn't be all that bad if it actually STAYED connected. found in 7 reviews
this app started off fine but will not connect anymore. found in 17 reviews
there seem to be many more connection issues than previously. found in 35 reviews
Apple needs to add this basic functionality to this app. found in 35 reviews
Album artwork doesn't appear on iPhone screen during songs. found in 208 reviews
but ever since your latest update the app can't connect to my apple tv. found in 124 reviews
Remote needs to be able to control all NETWORKED iTunes. found in 12 reviews
This latest version loses connection constantly. found in 28 reviews
Works flawlessly but needs iOS 4 update. found in 8 reviews
Apple please fix the remote to work properly with Apple TV. found in 93 reviews
You open the Remote app from your iPod and plug your iPod. found in 15 reviews
It won't pair with Apple TV anymore since the iOS update. found in 27 reviews
When it does connect to my iTunes library or apple tv3 it works great. found in 120 reviews
For people who cant connect. found in 18 reviews
remote needs bluetooth connectivity. found in 6 reviews
Still needs iTunes Radio control for computers and Apple TVs. found in 153 reviews
however the removal of the ability to rate songs is frustrating. found in 98 reviews
After the app fails to connect to my iTunes library again. found in 20 reviews
The remote disconnects the first time the phone goes to sleep. found in 76 reviews
It won't connect to my Apple TV and never remembers the device. found in 124 reviews
Can't connect to Apple TV or iTunes library. found in 202 reviews
selecting song and Play Next in iTunes DJ crashes the app. found in 112 reviews
can't control my apple tv3 from this app. found in 105 reviews
Frustrating because that little Apple TV remote gets lost a lot. found in 221 reviews
Can't rate songs with iPhone anymore - major functionality blow. found in 98 reviews
but attempts and fails epically to connect to my iTunes Library. found in 120 reviews
Can't add an iTunes library or connect using homesharing. found in 551 reviews
but the last update caused it to no longer connect to my computer. found in 109 reviews
Cannot access iTunes Radio and orientation is locked on portrait. found in 153 reviews
This worked fine but now it's telling me to turn on home sharing. found in 576 reviews
Since the lateslt update it will not connect to my library. found in 111 reviews
Way too slow and unresponsive with the new Apple TV. found in 67 reviews
Controlling Apple TV with an iPad is horrible. found in 2492 reviews
They also seemed to have removed the " Now Playing " shortcut. found in 89 reviews
Completely broken in ios 6 or new Apple TV update. found in 79 reviews
The new Apple TVs are worthless because they have no storage. found in 105 reviews
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Didnt work with my shared iTunes library or apple TV Not worth the download Hopefully itll actually do something helpful in the future    Useless
Apparently from reading the reviews there are lots of things this app does not do well But if you are mainly interested in controlling iTunes music over your whole house audio system it is great It is much simpler and significantly less expensive than solutions like Sonos Basically any Apple TV box or Airport in your home is selectable from AirPlay within the app as are all music libraries on your HomeSharing network I have 3 TVs and 7 zones on 2 stereo systems Two are outdoors Granted my components were all set up before Remote was even introduced When I looked to integrate everything Home Theater system integrators where bidding many thousands This simple app and a airport express or two and I have total control Plus it has ever acted up when I update a room or component                Absolutely great for controlling whole house stereo
I use this to control my iTunes through Apple TVmy stereo system Now that Apple Music is such an integrated part of iTunes which I love and the little heart button is the simplest way to send feedback to Apple Music itd be great if I could do that from the remote          Add the Apple Music heart button
This app used to be great but since iOS8 it just doesnt work anymore My computer isnt showing up on my phone and ice tried everything Might as well delete it now and it holds no value    This app lost value
Disconnects and wont connect even if deleted and reinstalled A total piece of garbage    Garbage
You know this app has issues from all the other bad reviews Do your job    Fix your bugs
Ive tried for months to get this thing to work consistently and its terrible It will work for a day or two at most and then needs to be reconfigured or AppleTV needs to be rebooted    Sorry app Never connects
Big fail Apple This is a great app but they need to fix the problem of not playing playlists Also it should capable of accessing music to be played on the touch That is go both ways Simplify tried this but is very good    Doesnt play playlists
Wont connect with my ipad or iphone 6 Whats up apple    Bad app
Touchpad will not let you scroll left or right up or down Only the menu button works How about fixing this sometime this year apple    ERROR
Used to be able to access iTunes and my favorite Apple Radio stations Working fine until I updated to latest iTunes on my iMac Apple Music Radio is Terrible by the way Then figured I need to update my iPad to iOS 84 Nope Cannot access or control the recently played stations or switch to any stations Seriously If Apple is going to roll out an update it should warn us of what will get broken in the process How about adding AirPlay to the new Music app or integrating bothIve had a Service ticket on this for months now with no communication from Apple on whenwhether it will get fixed Very disappointed in Apple right now BTW I have no issues accessing my music library Just the iTunes Radio    Broken by Updates
Reasons you might think you can use this appYour fingers slip off the buttons on the Apple TV remoteYou cant navigate very well with only 7 buttons on the Apple TV remoteSearching is like a late 90s nightmare and you could use a keyboardReasons you can actually use this appYou cant find the Apple TV remote because it fell between the couch cushions    Completely and Utterly Useless
Loses connection with the Apple TV constantly Has to be force restarted to connect every time Miserable excuse for an official Apple app    Useless
Basically what everyone else has said When it works it works good however the many times it doesnt makes it almost not worth it If I have to walk over to computer to set up home share 80 of the time I might as well change the song there       Consistent at failing
This used the be the best app on my phone It has since failed to connect 99 of the time saying to use home sharing Which is in fact turned on in both my phone and Apple TV Im deleting it now since it is a waste of space    Stopped working
Put this app on my moms phone so she could control all seven of her speaker zones powered by Airport Express and her new Mac Mini and new time capsule base station The app worked flawlessly for over a year Until the last two or three updates The app continuously says that it cannot find her library or that home sharing is off Or sometimes it will show the library but you cant select it Other times the app works fine for days without issue Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times Always check the settings and everything is always correct Apple needs to fix this problem Youd think their own apps would work the way theyre supposed to Fix the connection issues    Horrible
Really bad It wont even show my Apple TV Apple is failing due to the weight of its success    5 stars Worthless app Garbage
Ive used this app for years but I just got an iPhone 6 and now it doesnt even open I touch the icon it darkens for a moment and then Nothing Ive deleted the app and redownloaded and its the same thing over and over    Trash
Wont connect using either of the two connection optionshome sharing or direct    wont connect
When this works its great It used to work fine at the house I nanny at but now I cannot connect it to the nanny house or my own Apple TV Home sharing is on ARGH Please fix Apple the tiny remote that comes with Apple TV is bad enough Now I cant use my devices as a remote This is ridiculous    Terrible
Keys just disappear only function button is menu back button Used to work great for a few weeks then just stopped working altogether even after trying erase and redownload Waste of time Wish there actually was an app that worked to replace the apple remote that is so well designed to be lost    Works as well as humpy dumpty after he fell off the wall
Ive used this app on my iTouch and iPhone and the UI for the smaller devices is easy to use and almost flawless Though on the iPad it seems like this app hasnt been updated in a while and the UI is harder to navigate Especially when it comes to iTunes Radio I cant easily find stations like on the smaller devices       Needs refining
This was great but even Ive been trying to reset the router its working good                Idea for using iPhone iPad iPod Touch
Only works about 40 of the time Constantly having to quit and restart it to try and get it to pair with my Apple TV Also we have two Apple TVs and the icons are identical and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which icon goes to which Apple TV Its the luck of the draw if the one you click on works    Pretty horrible app
I used to be able to control my Apple TV from my iPhone With the remote app Now the app wont find the Apple TV I am fully invested in the Apple ecosystem iPhone time capsule and an Apple TV but it still doesnt work Disappointing    Doesnt work
Fails to stay in the control part of the Apple TV Need to continually shutdown the app and restart    This cant be too hard to fix Come on Apple
Would be great if it would actually connect       Doesnt connect
Recognizes my Apple TV but when I click on the icon nothing happens This occurs 25 times a day Totally frustrating and a waste of time Fix the app or produce a better remote Ps Siri remote looks like complete garbage Get back on the thoughtful design wagon apple    Broken
The app crashes every time it opens with the new update It was much better before please fix    Will not open
This used to be a great apploved controlling my library all over the house But the last few months its gone downhill It doesnt connect as easily I have to restart it or even uninstallreinstall the app and so on and hope it works This used to be a key Apple app to have for their various devicesnow it seems they gave up on it and didnt bother to work out the kinks that exist Hopefully with the new appletv there will be a different version of this Hate it when tech companies just let good products go by the wayside    Used to be great
The instructions for how to use this app do not match the ever changing iTunes UI Apple stop imitating Microsoft Just because they change their UI to hide features and confuse users doesnt mean you shouldThe app is unusable    Instructions dont match UI
Not only is Battlestar Galactica superior to store wars but I have to sit here and listen to people be all hyped up about the new store was movie All Im asking for is for an updated Bell store Galactica movE or TV I am very upset and I dont understand where to unleash my pain Should I lease my pain old Lucas films and Star Wars or should I release my pain on the creators of Battleskar Galactica I think the Lucas films doesnt even make good movies besides Indiana Jones I think that the loss Indiana Jones Indiana Jones wasnt very good because of the aliens in the face melting the first building whats ostream dont get me wrong but I think that it ddnt make sense and it was out of story and God nothing to do with the story and The worst of it all is white tech teacher at my private school isnt letting me format the computer it really makes me mad it really boils my panties when I get home every day I cry and I dont understand why and my history teacher and one thing that I would say is mrs Jenkins would be a lot better if she wasnt so into her husband OK yeah Anyways guys Im just really upset and you can help me by leaving some nice comments on subscribing to my YouTube channel Battleskargalacatluver14356294838129643187367108112603911121003How do you end wone 0v deez          Battle star gallactica should be updated like Star Wars
Worst app Ive ever downloaded    The worst
This app worked well several years ago and then the support went down the drain The app and my iTunes wont even discover each other anymore I would give this app 0 stars if possible but Id stretch it to half a star if that was an option since it used to work even if it was only for a little whileNeedless to say the app is a major disappointment now Yes Ive tried all the recommended fixes No none of them worked for me Im almost jealous of the people who get spotty connectivity because at least theyre getting SOME use out of the app Otherwise its just a waste of memory Fix it please Pretty please    Half a star should be an option
I love this app Its gotten better and better over the years and with the latest iTunes 122 in particular The low ratings break my heart and seem to be due to wifi issues that this app is not the cause of For me iTunes on Mac airport express this app provide the ideal way to enjoy a large music collection throughout the home Dont know what Id do without it                Love it
While convenient the remote app has serious issues that havent been addressed since its introduction I primarily use it to control my Apple TV and it has numerous issues It looses its connection frequently and will often appear to be working while failing to send commands In addition the swiping gestures are unreliable and you often cannot navigate effectively The user experience could be improved by at least allowing for reliable navigation through buttons rather than swiping which generally leads to undesirable results       Needs fundamental improvements
Actually Very useless    Useless
My Apple TV remote was having issues and wasnt working this app saved me I was able to use this app instead of the remote and it works perfectly It does what it needs so I cant complain                Does what I need
It does not work ever I think this app needs a major overhaul I expect more out of Apple If I could give this app 0 stars I would    Horrible app
The app has stopped working and no update for months    Stopped working
Hard to believe this is an Apple product    Constant Difficulty
Only use this if your apple remote battery is dead and you dont Have one on hand this app is not very good at all very hit or miss in terms on functionality Its lag fest    This app is really crap
Connected easily then nothing    Doesnt work
Drops connection repeatedly have to close iTunes relaunch and renter codegot App today and have reconnected at least 5 times so far    Poor App
I have loved this App but now I cannot navigate up down left or right to get around Apple TV be it one of my many iTunes Movies TV shows or even Netflix Please fix the App so that the gesture control finger swiping actually produces a corresponding result on my TV and Ill gladly provide a 5 Star Rating However as it stands now my kids have lost the Apple Remotes and my Apple TV Remotes on my iPhone and iPad dont work do now Im going to have to watch a Blu Ray or turn on ComcastPlease Help    Broke Remote
I have been using this app for years without any problems but it just inexplicably stopped working recently Nothing about my iPad computer or home network has changed yet this app refuses to connect to iTunes anymore    Doesnt work anymore
The app helps you type searches faster Works great Not sure what other customers were expecting and why there are so many bad reviews                Works great
Needs work    Glitchy
This app no longer works when trying to connect to Apple TV I cant connect my 5s 5 or 6 Try fixing that and maybe the app can get a 5 star    Wow
Tried to pair on multiple iOS devices with Apple TV to no avail Dont waste your time    Does not work


Apple Inc.
English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Remote 2.3 Mobile

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