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TeamLava , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fashion Story: Valentine`s Day ,Bakery Story™ ,Bakery Story: Christmas ,Empire Story™ ,Fashion Story: World Games ,Fashion Story: Christmas), brings Restaurant Story™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Restaurant Story™ games has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • tip for beginners: ADD FRIENDS to progress quicker..
  • It's a super fun game for every mine to play..
  • It's really fun to play with friends and look at other peoples places..
  • Enjoy decorating and rearranging easy to make friends..
  • It's kind of a stress reliever for me..
Overall Satisfactionclick me82
Plenty of food options weekly updates are a welcome addition.
Also what happened to real weekly updates and more food options.
I love playing this game all day it's a stress reliever for lol.
TL has really caused me to rethink playing this game.
Seriously one of my favorite games to play on my iPhone and my iPad.
THIS would be my favorite game EVER.
I truly love this game I play with it all the time.
Its an amazing game on top of that very addictive.
Was an amazing game until.
I used to love Restaurant Story sooooo much.
Love all the story games One questionHow do you get to your storage.
But other then that this is a wonderful game.
Fun & Engagingclick me84
This is an awesome game and totes love it.
This game is very fun and also very addictive.
Plenty of food options weekly updates are a welcome addition.
Also what happened to real weekly updates and more food options.
It's a super fun game for every mine to play.
Fix please because this game is super fun.
I love this game I play it all the time it's my favorite.
Very addicting very fun game I need neighbors edgar18.
This game is fun at first.
Fun little game that acts as a 10 minute diversion each day.
Usefulnessclick me88
I truly love this game I play with it all the time.
Annoying popupsI do tip and gift everyday.
Resteraunt story is sooo much fun I play it every day.
Family Friendlyclick me92
I love this game my whole family plays.
Love the game whole family plays.
Value for Moneyclick me45
Needs more ways to get gems without using real money.
Plus is there another way to expand other than buying gems.
again getting fun things without having to spend real money.
Replay Valueclick me78
such as not letting people buy more stoves on higher levels.
Love that they are adding more foods for the higher levels.
This is a great game it's fun and never gets old.
One of my favorite games and never gets old.
I love it and new levels brings new things.
Social Aspectsclick me87
I meet new people daily through this game as well.
You can meet new people by becoming neighbors.
It's really fun to play with friends and look at other peoples places.
You can have your own restaurant and play with friends.
Fun an addictive social game.
it's a fantastic social game.
Production Valuesclick me74
Cute graphics of the environment and the meals.
fun and cute graphics.
Ease of Useclick me78
The greatest simple game.
This is simple game.
Reliabilityclick me57
This game keeps me occupied and entertained.
-My game keeps crashing -You honestly expect people to pay 8.
there should be a function to reset the game.
Please fix these problems or no one will want to play.
Please fix bug asap.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me55
Do not install way to many ads and traps to lose your gems.
Too many pop up aids.
Security & Privacyclick me25
Need help getting my old account back.
How ddo I get my account back.
Updates & Supportclick me19
So I contacted customer service they fixed it SUPER FAST.
You need much better customer service.
Restaurant story Halloween version.


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virtual world "Story" series returns with Restaurant Story! Design your own dream restaurant to show off to your friends. Don`t forget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tasty new dishes! New content will be released EVERY WEEK so the game continually gets even better!


- Design and build a unique restaurant with stunning variety and creativity.
- Customize and choose a top-class menu to suit your tastes.
- Showcase your restaurant and earn extra-special tips from friends.
- Invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors.
- Exchange secret recipes with your friends.
- FREE updates with new dishes, decorations, themes and more EVERY WEEK!
- It`s FREE!

Restaurant Story™Restaurant Story™
Tags :   restaurant ,   friends


- This is an online game only. iPod touch users must be connected to
WiFiWireless local area network
in order to play!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Restaurant Story™ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5.1 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Restaurant Story™ check developer TeamLava`s website :
Restaurant Story™


The game is addicting but it has to many pop ups for other games. found in 68 reviews
Great game except the massive amount of "news" that comes up. found in 37 reviews
but the ads when you first open the game are just ridiculous. found in 90 reviews
Fun game but TOO MANY ads for other games and special offers. found in 68 reviews
But way to many pop up adds wanting you to download other games. found in 69 reviews
Too many pop up ads &small; glitches but overall a fun game. found in 69 reviews
Way to many ads for other games. found in 187 reviews
There's way too many pop ups & they're REALLY ANNOYING. found in 346 reviews
Great game but WAY to many popups at the beginning. found in 31 reviews
I am quitting all these games because of the annoying pop ups. found in 37 reviews
Wish the food had more servings for less hours though. found in 25 reviews
The pop ups are annoying but other then that it's fun. found in 31 reviews
Is a great game but a little boring in higher levels. found in 24 reviews
Needs more food options and tons of decorations. found in 380 reviews
The game crashes after only a couple min of play. found in 28 reviews
The five million pop ups every time I open the game is EXTREMELY annoying. found in 90 reviews
Very good to waste time on but needs update badly. found in 56 reviews
I have had to restart game twice because of device issues. found in 80 reviews
Also I want to start over on some apps but it doesn't work :. found in 189 reviews
and they actually force you spend gems which are ridiculously expensive. found in 85 reviews
So save yourself the frustration and don't download any teamlava games. found in 131 reviews
Too many taps to collect tips and no new food added. found in 224 reviews
Don't buy gems because they'll just take them. found in 304 reviews
Do not install way to many ads and traps to lose your gems. found in 187 reviews
Without spending real money it's impossible to enjoy. found in 310 reviews
I hate how food takes so long to cook. found in 706 reviews
it constantly says no Internet connection found even tho you do. found in 129 reviews
This gives to many pop ups and it's getting annoying. found in 242 reviews
it's unplayable i put my food to cook CRASH. found in 636 reviews
Too many pop -ups when you launch the game. found in 346 reviews
They also don't have any sales for gems like other apps. found in 170 reviews
team lava is back to being inconsistent again. found in 301 reviews
Haven't been able to open the game for the past 48 hours. found in 90 reviews
Do not get takes too long to cook. found in 696 reviews
but you should really add new food and new decorations. found in 163 reviews
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I have played this game in the past I love it                This game is totally awesome
Great game                Awsome
fun but cant make coins          idkkkkkkk
I spent almost 30000 on tiles but then both my money spent and tiles disappeared    Items Money Disappeared
I really like this game but one problem I keep having is that sometimes when I buy stuff the screen will say processing then I will lose a lot of money and the items I bought will be gone Please fix this Its very frustrating          Entertaining but
I love this game I just wish I was able to get more space without have neighbors             Restaurant story
This game is great you can meet people from all walks of the world the only thing bad about it is all the pop ups it has to play other games or to buy more diamonds or other things if this keeps up I am about ready to stop playing and know one can get past level 99             Fun
its very frustrating when I open the app and want to serve food to hungry customers but I cant because you make me click through 5 or 6 ads before I can do anything in the gameAlso a very needy game constantly asking for reviews and nice comments in order to stroke its ego                Fun game but
Dont get me wrong Ive been playing both Bakery and Restaurant Story on and off for years most likely since the game was released Its a fun game and one of my favorites BUT THE ADS ARE DRIVING ME INSANE I get a free game needs to host ads to they can make the money theyre not charging to keep the game afloat but most of these ads DONT EARN YOU MONEY as theyre for GAMES BY THE SAME COMPANY These ads are EVERYWHERE and interfere with gameplay I get three ads sometimes more when I start up the app before I can even check my food or start more they overtake my goals sorry if its not relevant to the game its not a goal and the ads even like up the side of the screen just in case I forget that oh btw you make more games Theres not even an option to purchase an adfree version like in a lot of free apps Im honestly debating uninstalling and never playing another Storm8 game again because why bother if I spend over half my time looking at ads    TOO MANY ADS
I love this game play it on all 3 of my devices ipod iPad andriod so I dont miss any updates or spoiled food Add me im a daily player marshaye85 sweet85mom Only problem I have is so many popup ads when you first open the game I can understand decoration updates but the other games popups I dont care for                Fun GameAdd me
Totally in love with this game Btw it would be nice if we have instructions page or forum to share tips and more ways to earn gems                Great app
Banshee23       Add me
Muy bueno me encanta uno de mis juegos favoritos porfavor agregen cosas de halloween y decoracion                Muy bueno
Ive been playing this game for years Ive always loved it However I hate that you have to download other games just to achieve a goal I also dislike that I cant copy and paste messages anymore onto other players walls       Cool game but
With this latest update team lava took away all my precious notes I had on my wall Birth dates of my neighbors what their kids names were and all those precious stories we all shared with each other This is a game but we are all truly friends and care about each other Team lava took that all away Soooooo disappointed I wish you could bring those all back and I would rate you higher I am a two year player not just someone passing through You may contact me with your solution Too and Boo          Updates arent always great
This game is wonderful to play I love to decorate watch the movement of the characters and of course select the food to be prepared I only wish it was more often that you earn gems Overall its a great game interacting with and meeting your neighbors through writing on their wall                Restaurant Story
Nice game Addictive and fun I have been playing this game for about 1year and I enjoy being able to create something like a Resturant It is quite nice to sit back and design your own place Sometimes when you leave the food sit overnight after the day before making it it disappears I guess that would be the only down fall                Restaurant Story
Im shocked there are all these problems yet Restaurant Story still remains at 4 stars I believe Storm8 customer support needs a tidal wave of complaint emails If that doesnt wake them up nothing will    Get Your Together Storm8
Best app ever                Best app ever
Awsome game I love it soooo much I cant stop playing its like if its real I hope they come with a new version cause sometimes I get bord                Amazing
I love this game The recipes are genius the decorations are amazing Very addictive game                Restaurant Story
Add me VivKaiIm trying to expand the size of my restaurant Thanks             ADD ME
I have been playing this game for years and I love it I would like more dishes to chose and less cooking times for big dishes                Restaurant Life
Fun game but I have lost 20k plus in cash and a lot more in furniture due to a bug You get cash go to design buy furniture and just when you are about to finalize a little blue box pops up like it is saving and you lose the furniture and the cash leaving you in a bad spot Has happened four times in the two days I have been playing    Buggy
Very good gane I like ir very much                Restaurant Story
The game is great to play but there is the occasional food item that I will try to make and it makes it but during the cooking time and after serving it I do not see the item its literally invisible And whenever I buy an appliance like most recently a grill it will not show me that its there I can use it but like the food its invisible             Fun but annoying
Fun game                Restaurant Story
Bring back nightclub story          
Add DGallop Great game                Add DGallop
Add me tye23 need more neighbors                Add me
Love the game very addicting and I actually like it more than part 2 No complaints                Love
Order up My absolute fav game series                Restaurant Story
Its good    Good
Addictive                Restaurant Story
I emailed a month ago that since the June update I dont receive ANY notifications even though they are all on Unless I set the timer on my phone to remind me my food spoils Sometimes I come back and all my food is gone Sometimes I go to take good off and its still there like I never kept tapping to finish preparing it Dumb Its September why no update for big fixes       No notifications since last update
This game is very fun and addictive but the ads in the beginning are extremely annoying There is at least 3 things to pop up every time I open the app Once a day I would understand but every single time I reopen the app Thats excessive and driving people away          Ads
I have played for a couple years now and will continue Like anything else there are good and bad points Nothing that would make me stop though             Time consuming but I like it
I really like and enjoy playing the game but its irritating that in order to expand my restaurant i need to add people Yes the whole idea of having neighbors is interesting but to make it a requirement is quite absurd       Neighbors
It made me like picking food and decorating                Cute
They need to fix this Ever since I joined the community I regretted every decision I made Every single time I reported someone or tried to remove something the administrators would not listen They need to have more safe administrators who dont leave your letters aside I deleted the app and never touched it again because of them          Cyber bullying
I used to love this game and it was 5 star Now it disappoints Like others I absolutely HATE the fact that you removed copy and paste ability for comments Ive loaded and played most of the story games and depended on that ability to deal with time expenditure As a programmer myself I regularly upgrade my apps to make life easier for my customers not more frustrating Terrible move on your part and you will lose customers Especially if they read these reviews       Gone down in my opinion
Im getting real tired of phoebe popping up every freaking time    Stop advertising
I really want to like this game Its not easy to invite friends I cant expand the restaurant and found it impossible to invite the neighbors I really do not want to delete this game but I will How can I make any progress if you are forcing me to invite friends with a code What if I dont have any friends oor just dont want to invite my FB friends I sure hope you think this one through             Really
This game is a very good game but it lacks in thing to do I would recommend adding catering missions they keep you busy Also another recommendation is to add more food that are 110 minutes long Also I think the higher your level it should raise the amount of customers you can have at once The last thing I would add is special people that rate your restaurant and demand certain food they also should give the play certain missions to satisfy them as a customer Thanks for reading this I would give this app a five star if some of this can happen          Needs more Things to do
I love playing it                Addictive game
Love this game                Super fun
I love this game some times I make the food thats the game this is a perfect game                Love it
Gave 5stars now you can get free gems                Restaurant
Very cool game                Love it


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Restaurant Story™ 1.5.1 Mobile

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