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Requires iOS 7.1 or la

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Ring.com , brings Ring Doorbell with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ring Doorbell app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Packaging says soemthing about Weather Station feature..
  • and the video quality and push notifications are super reliable..
  • Great security feature..
  • The video recording feature was just made active and works well..

Overall Satisfactionc74
and the video quality and push notifications are super reliable.
Love the product.
Amazing product.
really love my new Christmas present.
Happy to recommend.
I now have the Ring doorbell and it is working wonderfully.
Ease of Usec46
The app is easy to use and it has minimal delays.
I love this product very easy setup and works so good.
easy to navigate around and very easy to change my settings/password/etc.
Security & Privacyc84
Great security feature.
linked it to my doorbell/ app account.
Updates & Supportc53
and customer service is very responsive.
the customer service is very polite.
Sometimes a little slow to respond when your not on wifi.

I just hope they plan on being part of Apple's HomeKit. found in 2 reviews
I feel the support team is very responsive. found in 1 reviews
that your modest front door bell is much more than that. found in 7 reviews
unlock the phone with a code. found in 1 reviews
easy to navigate around and very easy to change my settings/password/etc. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes a little slow to respond when your not on wifi. found in 2 reviews
I am looking forward to the motion sensing update. found in 3 reviews
Night vision is clear and has a long range. found in 2 reviews
We use the Garage Door as the main entrance. found in 2 reviews
And the cost is well worth the received secureity. found in 1 reviews
FedEx and UPS just ring and dash. found in 1 reviews
I'm one of those guys that thinks everyone deserves a second try. found in 1 reviews
To make a long story short. found in 1 reviews
We have peace of mind knowing who is at our. found in 1 reviews
A scenario would be - Ring detects motion at your front door. found in 6 reviews
To my delight Ring has a clear picture and voice transmission. found in 2 reviews
Also the when the unit is hard wired. found in 2 reviews
Just sometimes the notifications don't pop up so -1 star. found in 1 reviews
Please add Portrait Mode when Accepting Rings. found in 1 reviews
every company wants to have a subscription model nowadays. found in 1 reviews
or the garbage truck drive by on our street. found in 1 reviews
I hate the new tone. found in 2 reviews
ring tone so low cannot hear it need to improve it. found in 1 reviews
It would be nice to finally see the promised features. found in 2 reviews
It makes the whole thing completely useless without it. found in 3 reviews
If I receive a text while my iphone is locked. found in 1 reviews
Quicker than previous version and firmware but still doesn't work at times. found in 2 reviews
I can barely hear it. found in 1 reviews
Great App but slow connection time. found in 2 reviews
I had some issues with the first ring doorbell. found in 1 reviews
Problem one no delete button. found in 1 reviews
Herd the advertisement on the Howard Stern show and ordered. found in 1 reviews
There is no way to access camera feed from the app. found in 3 reviews
This seems like a really great tool if it worked reliably. found in 2 reviews

The Ring Doorbell is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 30.2 MB to download. The new Ring Doorbell app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Bottom Line: For more information about Ring Doorbell check developer Ring.com`s website : https://ring.com/help

The Ring Doorbell is a wi-fi enabled video doorbell for smartphones and tablets. This Video Doorbell blends convenience, monitoring, and security all into one sleek, simple to use smart doorbell. Benefit from peace of mind ...
Best idea Ive seen in a while Only had for a week so cant give it 5 stars yet Seems to do as advertised Would be better if had an IR Camera with the sensor Great wide angle view and sound is sensitive Get this before the holidays              Excellent Idea
I purchased the Ring a month ago and I really love it I was getting alerts all the time when there was motion at my door But now with the last updateI get nothing UPDATEI recently contacted their customer service and my device is up and working great again Great customer service              Love it but not working right
I like this doorbell so much I bought 2 one for my home and one for my vacation home Its great to know whats going on when not home and to be able to communicate with people no matter where You are at The only reason I dont give it five stars is because it interrupts my Bluetooth when Im driving my car              Love it
I have now had the ring for a month I love it It was fairly easy to set up My husband hard wired it into our old door bell We had a problem with our doorbell not ringing but got it going Even made a call on the weekend which was returned on a Sunday So the service was fine I have answered the doorbell when away from home and it worked great My cell phone had great connection I have also received packages and have seen who and at what time they were delivered I also watched the temp mail person throw the package on the doorstep Does exactly what I needed it to do                 Great Gizmo
This is a great product and app I just wish that they could add ondemand video ie the ability to turn on the camera without a doorbell ring or motion trigger Also Apple Watch support would be amazing imagine being able to see who is at your door just by looking at your watch Overall fantastic product just hoping for some upgrades              Great product and App
I would give a 10 star rating Excellent product by any standards I am not Tom the tool maneasy installationyou can do it in minutes Just as advertisedyou can see and speak with the person at the doorfrom anywhere Note Audio video are excellent 247                 Excellent Product
Ive had this product for approximately one month and it is a great product It was easy to install easy to use and a fantastic security device for the price point The only other feature I would like to see is the ability to get a live view at will Not just in response to camera activating by motion All in all great product and highly recommended                 Outstanding product
I am only giving it a 35 due to some limitations While I had to call customer service during the hard wire installation they were able to tell me immediately what I needed to do I live in a town house so the area from my door to the street is short and had to dial down the sensitivity so as not to get a lot of false alerts The main issue I have is that I still get a lot of false alert and I would like a way of quickly deleting alert in a group and not one at a time The other issue is I do not always get the alerts until the delivery person has already left Quicker notifications would be great One last think that would make this really unique would be the ability to turn the camera on whenever I want           35
Are there any plans to allow the RING doorbell to function with a Windows PC If so approximately when                 Mr
Purchased the doorbell camera last week from the ringcom website and was delivered within a few days Configuring it was very easy and replacing the other doorbell was a task since the wall installed on was stone My husband had to grind the stone to install it evenly against the wall since the surface was not leveled Once we got it installed it worked great The only feature Im not satisfied with is the alert feature The camera does not start recording until the alert is opened on the application I missed recording to delivery persons who dropped off a packed at my door Due to the lag in recording by the time I reviewed the video the persons were gone Im glad the cloud storage is now available The ability to tweak the motion and alert setting was very easy as well So far I have no complaints with this application              Great Application
Great deviceevery one we show it to says they are going to get one also The product speaks for itself                 Ring
First to let you know Im 65 not a tech person I found the set up of the Ring Video Doorbell easy simple The package had everything needed to install even a bubble level to help mount straight The online videos quite helpful called customer service excellent reps for help I feel much more secure for my girlfriend her grand baby to be able to first screen who is at the door before opening Great when we are out shopping to know who is at our front door or when we are away The app is easy the home page helpful I am pleased with Ring would recommend it to any all I am a quite Mobile Senior but for those of my age who are not why get out of your recliner when your fingers can do the walking talking Thanks Ring for making life easier most of all safer As Ive read some of the tech peoples reviews like life all can be improved tweaked over time but as for me quite happy satisfied Our family friends who have see it are impressed also                 Excellent Buy
this is very useful but i hope you can make it compatible with earliy ios so i can just use my ipad 1 and other old devices I hope Thanks                 love it
My wife and I decided we needed an added layer of security at home We had very little knowledge about this type of product but with a little research online we decided to try it It set up quickly and all of the programming proceeded as the instructions outlined Within minutes we were reviewing the videos it had already captured when we walked in and out of the house We are happy we purchased and will definitely recommend                 Simple and worked without a hitch
Got this as a gift from our son neat idea was very interested in trying it Install was easy and we had it up and running with just the instruction manual That says a lot about how easy it was to install After using the Ring for a couple of days my opinion went from nice idea to incredible product Great quality picture clear voice and very reliable device How did we ever get along without it When expecting a package we can see it delivered even though we are 30 miles away Cant say enough about this great product try it and you will love it                 Nice product
The concept is great A bit buggy though The video works on a delay Doesnt catch all motion no matter what setting My speed on my router is 120 So theyve got some work to do to get a five star rating But Ive tried other units and his ones the best I hope future updates take care of the lag              Very Nice
The ability to see people walking to and from the front door is pretty cool It would be nice if the developers of this app would allow the selection of multiple videos for deletion instead of selecting each video and then having to hit delete twice When there is a dozen or more calls a day that gets really annoying           Some good aspects some bad
Saves me time and effort by eliminating unnecessary trips to the front door Works perfectly once I adjusted the sensitivity range I recommend it highly and Im getting one for each our daughters                 Technology at its best
I really like the ring doorbell Mine is attached to uneven brick work and had to be placed over 2 bricks that stuck out different depths That was a real chore Thankfully Ring has very helpful support My doorbell is also on a left wall and faces another wall Support was able to get it working well Thanks to all that helped me they were all very helpful and patient with me              Neat tech item
Late notificationsometimes noneupdate please           Good needs improvement
The only disappointment is that you can not access the camera unless someone rings the doorbell The video access should be able to be initiated from the app at any time and not only by the doorbell when someone rings it Hopefully this feature will be added soon              Waiting for new features
1 the camera cannot be activated unless someone pushes the button 2 Notification of button push requires sign in to answer many visitors give up and walk away before this can be done 3 Interface is clunky must tap a notification and sign in to answer 4 Cant turn motion sensor completely off 5 No way to take a snapshot or video on the phone cloud costs extra and only for revenue wouldnt be needed if app hap proper features     Needs Work
This device couldnt find its way out of a paper bag The motion detection is horrible It capture the person back each and every time Never a frontal view Whats the sense in having it if you can capture an ID the person at your front door     Bad Product
Pleased absolutely Easy install easy setup and works as promised Best performance when using high speed wifi router and connection wireless 4G and current cell phone models If your cloud connection is slow you wont get the full benefit of this innovation and may be disappointed Definite 5 Star rating                 Spot On Innovative New Product
Before purchasing this from the reviews and advice at the ring site I surmized that a strong internet connection is needed and as my router is more that 40 ft From the door I purchased an extender recommended by ring that was about 20 from Amazon and gave me a strong signal at the doorbell site The ring arrived in slick packaging and the self levelscrew bit everything there to make a quick professional instal quickly Even though I installed on uneven flagstone installation was quick and easy a 10 minute job I installed to my existing doorbell first thing I noticed is my doorbell didnt work Upon removal of the unit discovered one of the wires had broken of when I installedreattaching and the doorbell charging worked great Next I worked with the motion detection great wide angle video which is great because my doorbell is a good 4 ft Offset from the door and night Vision excellent What I really appreciate is unlike my dropcam that was alerting me every minute when a bird or branch moved I get alerts only when a car pulls into my drivewAy or a person comes bravo The bad part was that the live part did not work when doorbell rung I got the reported black screen stuttered noise etc I emailed costumer support who immediately got back to meand they mentioned that brick can interfere with the wifi signal I tried moving the extender to every possible plug in the house with no luck Then as a last resort I placed the extender upside down where I had it originally about 5 feet from the ringviola now everything works perfectly So it seems crucial that placement line of sight signal is perfect Now that everything works perfectly I cant rave enough about this Reasonable price great features good looksjust a great product As others have said in the future I hope they add a feature to turn on at will and also would request deletion of cloud videos by a date range rather than having to delete each one manually Along with my sky drop sprinkler controller one of the best purchases Ive ever made                 Very happy
Recieved mine today setup and installation was easy works perfectly Planning on ordering another one for my back door                 Great product
Purchased a Ring Doorbell and Chime about a month ago Installation was easy and it works great Planning to buy another one for my back door Very nice product                 Love It
The Ring is an amazing product I love being able to view and communicate with delivery people or anybody that comes to the house It gives me a very comforting feeling that I can answer my door from anywhere anytime The service is very good also I had a question after I installed the device and they helped me within ten minutes and were very competent and pleasant Its a great compliment to our security system also Thanks Ring                 I love the Ring product
I have had the Ring for eight months and it has been buggy from day one Software glitches failure to report battery percentage accurately freezing inaccurate motion detection I have had it replaced recently Similar problems My home network is high speed and supported by Netgear Nighthawk router maintained by professional IT guys This product is simply not ready As of today I am awaiting response from the elevated response team Days go by with unit inoperative and meaningless response from front line apologists Regret purchasing this product and recommending it friends        Too buggy
I like this device because it is a deterrent from home breakins It does the job as advertised Also customer service at Ring is topnotch Issues I was having with video feed were addressed promptly and successfully by Ring personnel Overall this device is a winner Still room for improvement as with just about anything but the are on the ball and eager to improve it                 Security and peace of mind
I gave it 4 because the product is a great idea but does need work Truly it sits at a 3 star but because ring is so worried about making the product the best They deserve an extra star for that They listen Customer service is fantastic They truly want to know how they can be better Yes video lag happens or it takes to long at times to connect but it has been improving each update Ill say this even with the bugs I still rather have it than not              Please read
This app is easy and intuitive to use to setup and operate the Ring Video Doorbell Customer support is Outstanding The WiFi doorbell communicates with the app with twoway voice and video on the phone The video can also be initiated by motion detection in an area and sensitivity that is adjustable within the app As others have said this product is a winner                 Great doorbell camera device and app to support it
My husband saw this and had to have it The set up for the ring was easy and I love that it came with items needed for installation Saying that this was a great buy for us to save steps from pesky salespeople during dinner The problem I have is one that was noted in several reviews 1 The lag time is annoying At times when the camera comes in focus the person isLeaving 2 Cant get the motion sensor just right I have moved it back but there is a truck in the neighborhood that still sets it off but not the children playing on sidewalk 3 There is a white camera bloom when you first review the motion but it quickly clears Saying that the night vision is great No light needed All in all this was a great buy to see what is happening outside the door without opening the door Dont want to pay for cloud storage but love the Ring              Time saver
I bought Ring after hearing an advertisement on my Sirius This tech doorbellcamera voice system does what it is supposed to do and then some A relative who lives with me is disabled If I am at work or just outI know when they come and goor just if they go outside I never knew that once home from the workshop they go Outside 46 times I can now ask why they are going in and out Thank you Ring for allowing me to monitor my loved one                 Fantastic product
I have had my ring doorbell far five months now and as of now I am quite pleased with it I did have some problems with the motion sensor either not showing motions consistently or showing false motions However this feature has been improved and is now working properly The battery only lasted five months before needing a recharge However this might be because it was giving a number of false motion alerts for a while before this feature was fixed I am very happy with this product                 A very good product
I have had the ring video doorbell for a few months and absolutely love the ability to see who is at my door without going to the door I am also altered if there is motion close by Great product easy to install and connect to the phone DF                 Ring Video Doorbell
The app on iPad should work in Landscape mode for the main screen Currently only works in portrait mode and allows video to go Landscape making it difficult to use when in stand I have the same issue others have with video delayed and missing what activated the motion detector Additionally it would be nice to activate the camera remotely to see what to peek in on what is happening without recording           Nice but Needs Work
Excellent product I installed a second in my invalid parents room to monitor her well being and the care she is receiving                 Security privacy safety
This is a real disappointment please fix so we can see live video any time we want not only when someone calls Also I have to wait at least 10 secs from the moment someone rings to the moment it rings on my phone and the wifi and signal is excellent so no excuses on top of that the motion works but late so if someone takes les than 10 seconds in front of your door you will never know who it was because the delay on the recording is just ridiculous how in 2015 we still have these buggy products good for nothing     No live video ondemand delay on call and recording the worst product in years
This has been a great product for me It lets me know when there is activity around my house and I actually caught someone stealing from me The customer service is wonderful                 Love it
Great video quality now Being able to see who is at my front door while Im away is very helpful Same for being able to talk to somebody at my front door while Im away The chime is also very helpful to hear the ring throughout the house regardless of where my phone is Well worth the price                 Ring Video Doorbell and Chime Wow
Ill echo others in saying the installation of h unit itself couldnt have been easier Though my doorway was a bit of a challenge and it took a little woodwork to get a good angle while being able to hardwire the unit Not sure if the Ring team is undergoing growing pains but I actually found tech support to be pretty lacking Their email said it would take about 8 hours to get a response Both times I wrote it took a whopping five days And neither response was useful I was told to consult a hardware store specialist andor move the unit Anyway I dont mean to be a downer because I do love this product It has been beneficial in so many ways in the two weeks Ive had it Ive avoided people walking the neighborhood looking for handouts and been able to see deliveries It took some trial and error to set the motion detector just right but I have it dialed in now and it is great Yah maybe a little laggy but I can get the gist of what is happening when it is set off As far as the app itself my two wishes for the devs are to add landscape support while in the menus on iPad and an option to bulk delete video clips And Ill also echo the desire for video on demand Everyone who Ive told or who has seen my Ring have been very interested in it Despite the few issues Ive had expected for early adoption I cant speak highly enough about it Huh You only gave it four stars Yes theres room for improvement here but Im also pretty satisfied for the current iteration              App and Service Review
The easy simple setup was neither The separate chime would not broadcast network to connect to Visitors cannot hear me speaking hear when any traffic hoes by Help and support is sparse and basically useless to effectively troubleshoot issues Love the concept Hate the execution     Nothing worked as advertised
It would be nice if you could add these two options 1 obvious ability to see live feed 2 I live in a condo with multiple units all around me if I have visitors come late at night I dont my neighbors to have to hear my door bell which is loud and unnecessary when I have my phone and iPad ringing not to mention my chime can you at least make the outdoor ring optional Or allow you to turn down the volume anyway Thanks for listening              Nice but
I called customer service yesterday Thursday Aug 13th and spoke with Jesus O regarding delayed videomotion notifications to NO notifications Jesus made suggestions change my motion sensor and frequency which I did These changes didnt work I called back customer service and never received a call back I received an email today from Jesus stating they are working on the motion algorithm Really How does that correct my issue I am dealing with now It doesnt I bought a second door bell as a gift and I still have it I think Im going to return it because Id be embarrassed to give as a gift and have the recipient have the same issues as I am having now and they too not getting them resolved Whats the point Do the math two door bells at 199 x 2 It has been an unfortunate and expensive mistake I even went as far as hiring some one to wire it into my existing door bell           Disappointed
I have had it about a month now and I love it Very easy to install and set up I love being able to see who is there before I open the door Provides security even when I am at work I know who is near my door                 Great Product
First I was unable to even create an account as I received an error message saying that the email address was invalid Customer support told me that was not possible untilfinally Courtney tried it herself and it gave her the same error Then once she added the email address directly to the server even she couldnt set up a password that would work After over an hour and her giving me the wrong directions for how to set up the wifi I figured that out myself Pressing the doorbell button worked one time while I was on the the phone with her Courtney told me that the device will not record if you dont answer the call while you are on the phone and you cannot switch from a call to answer the Rings call It did record but that was the first last and only time the device worked Motion detection does not work at all and even pressing the button does nothing but make the thing chime I noticed that almost every single review mentions customer supportthat should have been a BIG RED FLAG Bottom line device doesnt work and customer service is cranky and unknowledgeable     TOTALLY WORTHLESS
Product is great fun My wife loves it and the video and audio before getting the door Call center is 5 star also based in US Thanks Ring                 Lots of fun
I bought this product for safety It is great you can see who is at the door and even talk to them I read some of the question and answers on the ring site and was able to hard wire it in the place of my old doorbell I am a 67 year old disabled woman and was able to put it up by myself I would recommend this to anyone and have already                 Great Product
I love my Ring Works perfectly Clear images although I would like a wider or bigger view No prob with seeing whos at my door from the shoulder up Great technology though Brilliant concept Jut need a larger view                 Absolutely WonderfulBuy it

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