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Rite Aid , brings Rite Aid with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Rite Aid app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • uploading pictures for printing..
  • Best way to refill prescriptions..
  • This app is very user friendly..
  • Particularly the Passbook integration..
  • store locator..
Overall Satisfactionclick me33
Best way to refill prescriptions.
Best drug store app.
I would love to be able to add the receipts though in an update.
Usefulnessclick me26
All the pharmacists and techs are so helpful and friendly.
Reliabilityclick me10
Has never given me any problems.
Security & Privacyclick me10
Updates & Supportclick me10


Now, manage all of your prescriptions, product savings and wellness+ activities anywhere or anytime from your iPhone® or iPod® touch with the official Rite Aid app. Some of the convenient features include:


•Locate the Rite Aid store nearest to you using your phone’s built-in GPS or by entering your zip code.
•Filter all nearby stores by specific features like 24-hour service, drive-thru pharmacy, GNC and in-store health clinics.
•Get store hours and call directly from the locator.

Rite AidRite Aid
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•Browse the weekly circular for your area with thumbnail page views and zoom functionality or in a convenient list-view format.
•Add selected items from the weekly circular to your mobile shopping list.


•Manage your prescriptions from your phone, including refill from history, refill from your prescription bottle or simply refill by scanning the label on your bottle.
•You also can sign up for our convenient Rx Reminder services that notify you when your prescription is due for refill or ready for pick up - in whatever format your prefer (e-mail, call or text).
Rite Aid


•We’ve also made it easy to transfer your prescriptions to Rite Aid from the convenience of your phone.


•Link your wellness+ card to our app so you can use your smart phone as a virtual loyalty card at our registers.
•You also can view your updated points and member tier status, and access our Load2Card tool, where you can load e-coupons to your card right in the store and get these discounts when you check out.


And, that’s just the beginning. Many more personalized convenience, savings and wellness features are on the way with our official Rite Aid app.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Rite Aid for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.5 MB to download. The new Rite Aid app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Rite Aid in Rite Aid`s Official Website :


Tips for fifth star. found in 1 reviews
Helps with shopping. found in 1 reviews
Great time saver when refilling prescriptions using the scan option. found in 3 reviews
Best drug store app. found in 2 reviews
For photo service. found in 2 reviews
Barcode scanner refilled my prescription too. found in 3 reviews
Passbook integration please iPhone 5 compatibility please
This app needs to have iPhone 5 support. found in 5 reviews
Refill by Scan a HUGE Fail. found in 2 reviews
I needed a prescription refill. found in 3 reviews
Add to list missing. found in 1 reviews
Says service unavailable for photos and to get coupons. found in 5 reviews
Still needs update for iPhone 5. found in 4 reviews
no photo center. found in 8 reviews
Broken Links. found in 1 reviews
Perhaps having the shopping list categorized would be helpful as well. found in 13 reviews
The Store Locator Search Filter doesn't work. found in 7 reviews
The bar code does not work for the wellness card. found in 27 reviews
Needs Passbook Functionality. found in 3 reviews
Bar code reader does not work. found in 1 reviews
Barcode for wellness card still doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
Please fix the photo portion of the app. found in 2 reviews
Better app please. found in 2 reviews
No upload pics. found in 1 reviews
can't scan an Rx barcode using an iPod touch 4. found in 4 reviews
Won't let me view weekly ad for my zip code. found in 11 reviews
This app needs a photo center. found in 8 reviews
they can't scan the barcode in my iphone. found in 7 reviews
I don't understand why there's no passbook integration by now. found in 15 reviews
still unable to refill prescriptions from history. found in 32 reviews
I've been unable to order refills. found in 12 reviews
Please Update the Rite Aid app please. found in 7 reviews
Can't scan your wellness card bar code at the register. found in 27 reviews
You have to sign up for wellness plus card to print pictures. found in 8 reviews
Needs iphone 5 optimization and passbook support for wellness card. found in 10 reviews
Every time I try to upload photos the app closes. found in 16 reviews
The store locator gives an error message as soon as opened. found in 7 reviews
Rite aid card needs to get added to passbook. found in 10 reviews
Only with looking at the weekly ad and nothing else. found in 11 reviews
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iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
Ill come back and update this review ifwhen the app is ever fixed but at this time the app does not function at all It refuses to load past the opening screen with the Rite Aid logo Considering it was updated just over a month ago I can only assume this is intentional Why not just remove it from the iTunes Store altogether Whatever the reason please fix the app or remove it    App appears to be broken
Tried several times to register but couldnt get back the plenti section Super complex process that I could not figure out Obviously broken app I guess Ill try Walgreens    Crap app
Now I have to use plenti at Riteaid and it doesnt even have a passbook feature Yet another reason to stay with Walgreens    Now plenti and no passbook
No problems with the app at all Able to view ads scan prescription for refills and everything I dont use my iPhone to pay anything dont find it safe even with password lock and everything else The app is a big improvement from when it first came out             Great
Lost Passbook with Plenti card I will be sticking with Duane Reade where I can also use Pay Get with the program Rite Aid    Plenti Update
The Rite Aid app description clearly states that it supports Apple Passbook but it does not Stating Passbook is supported when it isnt is dishonest and a big mistake since many customers rely on Passbook Passbook compatibility is the only reason I downloaded the app and went through the unnecessarily long registration process    No Apple Passbook Support
Plenti o reasons why giving consumers options is good but forcing unwanted integration with other unrelated products and services is not    Illconceived changes
After having used the well designed app from W I tried using this and its just not well thought out at all to the point where its annoying to useI moved and now the Rite Aid is much closer to me than WAnd PLEASE allow Apple Pay instead of the garbage MCX       Annoying
It took me 25 minutes to sign up for it between the insane specifications demanded and the glitches When I finally finished the app no longer opened    WrongAid Get it together its not that hard
Rite Aid should be ashamed of itself For a major pharmacy to push out should crap is unconscionable    Worst app I have ever used
They just dropped passbook support the only useful feature they had First rite aid thinks its a good idea to drop Apple Pay support now this You know what Duane read and Walgreens support both    No more passbook support
Almost all functions in a paralyzed state Overall need for greater technical update and come with the latest version of ios and plenti And why can not find riteaid app in the app store passbook applications             App
Though it says it has received and processed two prescriptions it only processes one This continually happens Just a very sloppy non user friendly app    One of the worst apps
Update ASAP    This app needs improvement
I have never wrote a review for an app before but this one really makes me mad The app is filled with glitches and the pharmacy part of the app does not work Heres a suggestion go look at Walgreens app and do exactly what they are doing    Needs massive update
Seriously this app almost never works the first time it takes me hours just to send a few pictures to print off Its very frustrating and definitely not user friendly    Fix this
This app is a POS spent 20 minutes at the store trying to access my acct and couldnt Then tried creating a new acct and that never worked after multiple tries I just wanted to use the app to print a photo but could never get in Left the store empty handed and wasted 20 minutes of my time that Ill never get back    Try creating an acct NOT
The app never opens and loads the first try Way too many questions for setup Cant easily send in refill request for more than one person nor review their history Needs a LOT of work    Really bad
Tried to sign up and could never get to Plenti Wasted 1520 minutes twice today Save yourself time and use a different store    Gets stuck
Very annoyed that my old Passbook pass from Riteaid no longer works now that I linked to Plenti at your encouragement and that there is no means within the current Riteaid nor Plenti apps to create a new Passbook pass THIS IS A HUGE MISS Im a novice and even I could program this functionality into these apps So I can only assume that Riteaid andor American Express are trying to make some statement against Apple AT THE EXPENSE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS CONVENIENCE Whether you like it or not a huge segment of your customers use Apple iOS devices and the convenience of the customer should be your primary focus always Im a VERY disappointed GOLD level Riteaid customer    Passbook Plenti
Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix itFix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it    Junk junk
I just cancelled Plenty which is a waste of no use for me its a scam and now I cant readd my old wellness card to Passbook Really    Cancelled Plenti cant readd my wellness card
I am consistently unable to place an order for pictures to be picked up at my local store through my app This was my primary reason for downloading this app so that is frustrating       Not fulfilling my purpose
All I wanted to do was find out if my script was ready An hour later after signing upFor rite aid then yet another savings Card THEN SIGN UP FOR MY PHARMACYI Give up and call the store RidiculousDo you think I have nothing better to do than help you with your marketing andResearch    Ready to scream
This is without a doubt the worst app I have ever dealt withI have a lot of patience but his app is impossible This is the second day I am trying to sign in to use it and there is one problem after anotherand I am not a newbie to computersForget itNot worth the hassle    Terrible
I really like the convenience of being able to load all available coupons to my rewards cards Its a feature I wish more retailers would include in their app The Rote Aid app is mostly reliable but the weekly ad navigation especially the aesthetics could use some work             Love the coupons
Does not work Wasted too much time trying to make it work otherwise Id elaborate Returning to my veryfunctioning and helpful CVS app    Useless
The registration process is waaaayyyy too long and the photo center features of the app have been disabled by rite aid    Photo feature disabled
I activated my card and down loaded this app It asks for a username but it would not accept my email Tried calling the company and got nowhere They even hung up on me once    App activation
Terrible    Awful
While I can once again access the weekly store ads I made the mistake of being forced to use a plenti card Only after having my card forcibly linked I was then shown all of the plenti policy Excuse me but what does my credit worthiness and Am Ex sharing it with it affiliates and third party buyers have to do with store rewards NOTHING So as my punishment for closing that horrible credit scam of a card my silver status and 677 points were all taken away Good job rite aid you lost a good customer iPod touch 5th gen 712    Rite gone wrong
Must have multiple usernames and passwords to get into your pharmacy account Must have one of your prescription numbers also cant look up via address dob or phone number Every time I go to use it I am resetting my passwords Going back to Walgreens    Horrible
I really wish the app was like the website where it tells you the last time you filled a prescription    No last filled date for rx
Apple passbook is missing to add member reward card to passbook wallet please update ASAP    Passbook Missing Update
An app that is not mobile friendly is totally ironicI downloaded the app so I could print photos but I gave up half way through filling a signup form that was half a mile longFrankly Rite Aid should be ashamed of putting this app out    Junk
I always check the weekly circulars on my iPad and use load 2 card with this app It has been awesome and convenient I also check my ecoupons when Im in the store on my iPhone However I havent been able to see the weekly circular on either device since the last software update please do something about it soon          Works well until recently
If I had paid attention to the reviews I would not have downloaded this But alas that was not to be So I double checked my login info online only to find its correct So I go to sign up again No such luck So I email support takes me to a page that doesnt even have app support Im so confused    If only I had paid attention
Passbook support and scantorefill prescriptions were the best things about the old rite aid app Passbook is goneRite aid had a rewards program that actually resulted in a yearlong discount in their store if you had enough purchases in the previous year Fill your monthly prescriptions there and you were easily set for a 10 discount on all purchases 500 in purchases 10 discount Its not clear that the new program will preserve these rewards Passbook support is gone so Im back to carrying a stupid little plastic card on my keychain in 2015 I use Stocard for nonpassbook rewards cards but honestly they dont work most of the time and the clerk enters the number manually Passbook seems to be a bit of a ignored stepchild at Apple Its one of the my favorite things about having an iPhone and should be developed more aggressively alongside apple payAdditionally if you read the fine print by signing up for Plenti you agree to let American Express share your personal information and credit score with its affiliates for marketing purposes Typical corporate antiprivacy scam Its easy enough to turn off sharing on the Plenti website if you look for it but its not obvious when you sign up The average grandma isnt going to look for it Hopefully more legislation will come forward that requires companies to ask us to OptIn at the time of sign upThe Rite Aid employees forced me to get a new card at check out They said were changing cards you cant use this anymore referring to my passbook wellness card when in reality Plenti seems to be an add on to their old program Stick to your old wellness card and avoid the Plenti scam altogether Im sure the employees are being told to push the new card and all its benefits that most of you will never use    Plenti is a SCAM ruined a previously good App BOO RITE AID
Terrible waste of time    Wont even let you sign in
With the new merger with plenti theyve also removed the ability to use passbook Major dissatisfaction    Removed passbook functionality
Just wasted a half hour entering way too much info in order to get my card in passbook hence it says passbook support Didnt work No passbook support Will report    Passbook support Where
Too intrusive way too many questions to download an app to be used to upload photos and pick up locally Its not like Im registering for some government program jeezStopped and deleted app by 2nd of 4 of personal questions    Sucky
I was trying to order pictures through the app and now I cant select the store to send them to the box that says select store is grey and wont let me click on it    So annoying
When I used to use this app to transferrefill my meds it works pretty good I had to switch pharmacys a for location reasons Now Im trying to get back to rite aid and every time I try to transfer it says successful with a pick up date every time I tried to pick it up its not there    Used to work
While riteaid investigates a data breach the online and photo app have been shut down as of July 17th Access to the photo section was the sole reason I downloaded this app and after entering all my information there IS no photo section available Extremely annoying And of course the app advertises itself with two screenshots one of the home screen and one of the photo section Take that advertising down until you can deliver what you promise    Dont Do It photos section not available
I very seldom use the app My favorite thing was using Passbook and with Plenti its taken away It states that the 34 version supports it but not with Plenti Really a step back    Lost my Passbook
Still havent found the number                Nice I am trying to find the phone number to my local Rite Aid Pharmacy
Log in does not work Tech support could not make it work They say they fixed it but did not I never set up a username but it requires a username separate from email BAD MEDICINE Going to Walgreens    App is bad medicine
Passbook       Passbook
Since the update to Plenti I cant integrate my new card into Passbook Plenti Support has acknowledged the problem but couldnt tell me when it would be fixed Dont upgrade to Plenti until the bugs are worked out unless you dont care about having the card in Passbook Otherwise everything else seems to be working       Dont Upgrade If You Use Passbook


Health & Fitness
Rite Aid
7.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Rite Aid 1.2 Mobile

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