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Safe Roads Alliance, Inc. , brings RoadReady with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. RoadReady app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc52
    Amazing Support.
    Love how the app takes the guess work out of driving times.
    Thank you for making my life with 3 teenagers a whole lot easier.
    I like being able to record everything I need right here.
    It has been very handy and useful.
    This app is great and very helpful.

    Great job development team. found in 1 reviews
    The app logs your child's driving sessions. found in 1 reviews
    you only need service or wifi to sync to the server. found in 1 reviews
    Still learning the app. found in 1 reviews
    I love anything that simplifies my life. found in 1 reviews
    or on the day before the exam. found in 1 reviews
    It has tips for parents and badges for teens to earn. found in 5 reviews
    This has been a great app to track my daughter's driving. found in 1 reviews
    and allows you to email and print the logs for the DMV. found in 1 reviews
    and is excited to track it. found in 1 reviews
    We installed it on my wife's phone Andy new drivers phone. found in 1 reviews
    Great for keeping track of the time. found in 1 reviews
    As opposed to the alternative of paper and pen. found in 2 reviews
    I love it already. found in 1 reviews
    It has been very handy and useful. found in 1 reviews
    It does everything you need to track day/ night driving hours. found in 3 reviews
    the app runs very nice. found in 1 reviews
    I'm 16 and I log my hours here. found in 1 reviews
    Super frustrating. found in 1 reviews
    there is no need to be connected to internet to run the app. found in 1 reviews
    And when I don't have service or wifi. found in 2 reviews
    I start a new log. found in 1 reviews
    if the timer stops when your phone blacks out. found in 2 reviews
    would be nice to edit weather conditions. found in 1 reviews
    it won't let me open the app at all. found in 1 reviews
    Fixed their bad crash. found in 1 reviews
    Update needs work. found in 1 reviews
    Super super irritating and waisting time. found in 1 reviews
    It needs an update soon. found in 1 reviews
    It created a problem that made the app unusable. found in 1 reviews
    Having a comments section to document progress or notes would be nice. found in 1 reviews
    Feels like it was rushed to market. found in 1 reviews
    the app continuously crashes making it impossible to log in and use. found in 1 reviews
    Good idea but lots of issues. found in 1 reviews
    Crashes every time I try to finish creating my account. found in 1 reviews
    dosent work unless connected to internet. found in 1 reviews
    All my data was erased. found in 1 reviews
    This app is so annoying and it's very frustrating. found in 1 reviews
    It would occasionally crash but was at least usable. found in 1 reviews
    Been stuck on the same screen and can't go anywhere on it. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iOS owner,you now can download RoadReady for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 21.0 MB to download. The new RoadReady app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21.
    More Info: Find more info about RoadReady in Safe Roads Alliance, Inc.`s Official Website :

    RoadReady is a free app that allows parents and teens to track their driving experience together and to keep safety top of mind. The latest addition to The Parent`s Supervised Driving Program offers parents and teens an easy, ...
    dosent work unless connected to internet why so they can track you     Bad choice
    My son just completed his first drive around some lonely roads and empty parking lots He was behind the wheel driving for well over 90 minutes yet the RoadReady app only registered a total of 24 minutes of him driving Even with the starts and stops thats quite a lot of actual experience thats not registering Ill give the instructions a better look but this seems too far off to be simply conservative If this is how the app actually operates that defeats the purpose of an app being easier than maintaining a logbook           First try concerns
    App gets in a loop if you dont log the final step It say it recovered the info but it really didnt Have to delete it now Cant do anything else So if you want it to work log all the info after App developers the data about the trip needs to come first        In the end useless
    Between the frequent crashing and the slow loading this was a frustrating experience As a constant user of apps and technology this app is disappointing     The manual log wouldve been easier
    This app has been extremely helpful when keeping track of my sons driving hours Makes it a lot easier for me to track his time It does crash at time but then I just add the drive in to the app at a later time              Works great for keeping track
    Weve been using this for our teen driver It crashes less than it did four months ago but it is really frustrating for two reasons 1 Only one device can log on with a specific user so if my daughter doesnt have her phone we cannot use mine to log time 2 The export log feature does not work and now it is gone entirely Given the crashing it really worries us that we cant make a back up copy of the log or email it to ourselves Basically you are stuck taking screen shots of the log if you want a copy or writing it down by hand after every drive HELLO What is the point of having an app if you have to duplicate manually We are 25 hrs into the 50 required and taking screen shots of the log after every drive I wish we had purchased a different app instead of going with this free one which was recommended on our daughters permit brochure        Mostly works but big problems
    This is an awesome idea for an app but every time I use it it crashes Fortunately it recovers the last drive before it crashes but what a hassle     Crashes every time I use it
    This is a great idea but instable Crashes a lot and so has caused lost time in my sons driving time        Crashes a lot Ford please fix
    Love the App But I have sent four emails about help with changing my email address NO REPLY FROM ROADY READY              Frustrated
    So happy to have this app to track all of the hours necessary for new drivers                 In love with this app
    It requires one to be connected all the time to work It makes no sense It crashes often It misses drives All it needs is a timer and a way to save drives     Pathetic
    App is recently saying that it is unable to establish a connection to the Internet when my phone is clearly on full bars of LTE or wifi When this happens the app wont let u start a new drive or access any of its features This is a major problem and its needs to be fixed immediately           App has connection problems
    Loved this app when we first started using it I have twins Both of whom were using this app to track their driving I forgot to save a drive which is very easy to do The data recovery window came up as normal but it says the data was no longer there That in itself is fine Im the one who didnt remember to save it The problem is that it will not move on from there It needs some sort of home button to get off of that screen Very aggravating     FRUSTRATING
    When I learned that I needed to document our sons driving while he had his learners permit I assumed that was going to be an impossible task RoadReady has made it really easy to meet that requirement He likes to use the app and usually reminds me to record his drives We get a weekly email with all the drives of that week Its a huge help Really glad to have found it early in learners permit driving era                 What a great idea
    I just downloaded this app so I am new to it And it asked for my zip code so I tried to put it in but itll keep saying that it needs a valid zip code and I know that my zip code is valid     Disappointed
    This is great for keeping track with verses paper and pen however it crashes a lot Please fix        Could be better
    Thought this app was working ok until it stopped tracking miles among other things My son drive 30 min today and app wont let me save the drive Been stuck on the same screen and cant go anywhere on it I guess I will have to delete the appand lose all data and start again Very frustrating     Good idea but lots of issues
    When I first downloaded this app I was so thrilled to have an app that was so user friendly and easy to work with The first couple times I used it it worked great After about a weekend of using this app it keeps force closing down on me it wont open or it will shut off while Im driving and recover with zero hours or minutes that I have driven This app is so annoying and its very frustrating I would NOT recommend it     So frustrating
    There needs to be some bug fix because sometimes the app crash                 Bug Fix
    Easy way to document driving time Ability to email report nice feature Would give 5 stars if could edit log as needed some day drives should say night etc would be nice to edit weather conditions           Pretty Good
    Lots of trips are short ones to the store and back Make a Pause button so its one drive vice two           Add a Pause button
    This app is so easy to use Much better than the book youre given to write in                 Love it
    This app worked fine for me until One day it erased everything I had 44 hours and now no proof that I drove that long     IT ERASED EVERYTHING
    I go to start my drive and it kicks me out so I sit there and it kicks me out of the whole app Had to relog in after my drive so now I have to manually log my drive It needs an update soon           Annoyed
    Worked just like it was supposed to Easy way to keep track of required driving hours Totally recommend                 Best app ever
    This app is incredibly useful however there are a lot of bugs For example after ending the started drive the app will crash Usually I can just start the app again but sometimes I will return to the app and it will ask me to add a new driver and the profile I had been using was NOT on the list of drivers The first time this happened I planned to create a new profile and then just add my previous hours but in the middle of registration the app refreshed itself and my dashboard came back up again Every time I end a drive the app crashes and will then wipe my profile for a few minutes or it will allow me to recover the lost drive The app shouldnt crash every time I use one of its most basic features and I am worried that one of the times I log in and it asks for me to add a new driver it wont refresh and give me my stuff back        Needs some serious debugging
    This app was ok when I first downloaded it It would occasionally crash but was at least usable But then some changes were made and you would get into an endless loop after the drive I had to delete the app and download it again to get out of the loop Now after downloading the latest version I am required to add a driver before I can even login to my account But I already have a driver in my account Just let me login already Worthless Totally worthless Totally unusable at this point Id give it 0 stars if I could     Totally Worthless
    Im always surprised when we get to the end of a drive and the app hasnt crashed A pen and paper log in the car would probably be less trouble The app seems to need constant cell coverage throughout the drive a luxury we dont always have here in Montana     Crashes ALL THE TIME
    Hi I love this app and have used it for years as I am on my second driver Within the past 3 months it has started not capturing drives and not properly recovering drives About 7 out of 10 times With the recent iOS update 9 the app crashes consistently I couldnt even enter a feedback request regarding the crashing Love the app hoping an update is coming soon to fix these issues Rating as a 1 star because of the usability with the crashing Once thats fixed it would be a 5 star Thx     Great app but needs update
    Ive seen the reviews And I agree the app isnt perfect However it is better than having a paper log that Ill likely lose Yes weve lost a few minutes when the app has crashed or didnt start right away But having the log your time feature helps Plus My kid will get WAY more than the 30 hrs needed So no huge loss Everyone expects perfection and likes to complain about everything For a free app Its a nice work in progress           Not perfect but its something
    I love the idea but app is simply NOT stable enough for a single drive I had a 16 min drive with my daughter unlocked my phone only to find a recovery screen erasing half my trip and milesmap along with it Extremely frustrating     PLEASE FIX
    i can not figure out how to print my driving log        okay
    As opposed to the alternative of paper and pen I love this I had two kids on permits overlapping This was super easy to use I do wish it worked better when drove in areas of no cell coverage But all in all it was great Especially nice that Vermont DMV accepts the printed log in place of the actual DMV form Sadly my kids high school required we complete a paper based log to satisfy their needs clearly not the fault of the app in any way just saying                 Love this app
    How am I supposed to track driving if the app doesnt work     Doesnt work
    Its literally broken and unusable Its a shame because it could really come in handy and shows promise        Extremely buggy
    Crashes Even when it appears to be working it doesnt end up saving drives Sometimes it tells me it is recovering a drive but time is not added Back in December this worked pretty well Doesnt work at all now Cant even access to manually add time driven     Dont bother
    Super frustrating App wont recover my daughters drive but locks me into the same screen with no way to exit As is its completely unusable I tried to use the app support and it goes right to a blank page Not good at all        Mom
    This app is OK at best Its nice to have an electronic log but all the features dont work The app hasnt recorded the map of our last several drives The maps of our first drives are available but then it suddenly started saying the maps are unavailable Often times the app crashes middrive which is very frustrating if you dont realize it until the drive is over Additionally you are unable to edit a drive once you save it so if you mistakenly tap the wrong road type or weather condition youre stuck with it You are able to log additional drives which can be used to overcome any glitches but its really not worth the added effort There are probably better apps out there that serve the same purpose but this one was free You get what you pay for        Probably Better Options Out There
    Wisc requires a supervisory driver log for kids with temp permits Have used this with my daughter with no problems on my 5s Anything to alleviate my paperwork for this teen ritual is appreciated I really like the mapping feature so I can see where weve been easily and what we need to do next                 So far do good
    Very inconvenient Ill just use paper        It crashes too much
    I love what this app does but I hate that it crashes ALL the time I also would like a pause option like when we stop to get gas or traveling and want to use the restroom etc           Frustrated
    Id really like to just press the start a new drive button have it record the time driven and map the route It seems like an easy request Sometimes the app starts ok sometimes I have to delete and re download it Sometimes it wont record a drive and I have to manually add it Lately it has been starting recording but not mapping I regret not just starting off using pen and paper Im really disappointed in the lack of quality        Inconsistent buggy dissapointing
    The idea behind this app is great but it constantly crashes making it difficult to use It usually crashes when Im trying to save a drive so not all my drives are saved Please fix this     So much crashing
    A potato clock works better than this app It always crashes and takes forever to load     Awful
    We have tried to use this app twice to log my daughters driving time Both times it crashed while trying to save We lost both drive times Such a bummer it looked good initially     Not a good choice
    This app has a lot of nice features especially the fact that it saves everything to a server so no syncing is necessary and multiple users all have the same uptodate data However when you forget to stop a drive and you will a Recovering Drive window will take over the app and render it useless for 5 10 15 or more minutes Why it takes that long to fetch data from a server or whatever its doing I have no idea but it is EXTREMELY frustrating iPhone 5 on latest OS Happens on multiple phones        Frustrating
    Its a good thought but needs work Miles are listed but even when I have cell coverage it does not log it I cant not manually enter the miles Map seems to work and at present have not used enough to compare times        Roadready
    Now your dumb app screwed up and got stuck in a loop and now i cant do anything and on top of that it constantly crashes C R A P     Crap
    I was willing to live with the occasional crashes as you can manually input the info but the email a report function doesnt work I made the mistake of recommending this app to friends and my sons drivers ed teacher before realizing this So beyond annoyed His test is today and we now get to spend the next hour or filling out a log book would have preferred to do that from the beginning frankly Dont bother with this app     So frustrating
    Had this app since last fall Had some glitches but now its frozen on trying to recover a lost drive time Downloader beware        Road Ready frustrating

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