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Roblox Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS games (Survive the Disasters ,Space Knights ,ROBLOX Mobile ,ROBLOX Developer), brings ROBLOX Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ROBLOX Mobile games has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's a great way to socialize and make friends..
  • even when there the ones that use the arrow keys..
  • by going into first person then into my normal perspective..
  • It could be because of the update you guys made..
  • It's an awesome game this is a must download..

Overall Satisfactionc69
Roblox is one of my favorite games to play on my iPad.
This is an amazing game and it's better on pc.
Ahhh roblox the best game on the Internet better than minecraft obviously.
play my favorite games on ROBLOX.
Get roblox it's the best game in the world sooo GET It.
Thanks for reading I appreciate for excepting my opinion -Mtlbrf123.
This game is awesome I totally recommend this game to everyone.
I do not recommend this game anymore i really liked this game.
Fun & Engagingc81
It's an awesome game this is a must download.
Every time I try to play a awesome game it freezes.
The other game is called Super fun easy obstacle course.
It's really fun i love it I hope people make more games.
This app rocks I play it all the time when iam not playing minecraft.
I really love Roblox but I don't get to play it all the time.
Needs More Stuff :l.
I do not reccomend this game it's really boring.
I love roblox I play it every day cause its awesome.
I love this game I play it every day it is.
I like it so much I could play it everyday.
I love Roblox so much I play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc50
little kids.
First off the game is filled with annoying little kids.
Value for Moneyc51
My only compliant is builders club costs real money.
Real money.
Can't drive cars which I hate and to much real money.
Replay Valuec52
I do not reccomend this game it's really boring.
Social Aspectsc53
and I get true cross play with my friends over on PC.
to play with my friends because most likely.
Our computer isn't working and I want to play with my friends.
game crashes whenever I log in PLEASE UPDATE.
Even though it's small I personally really want a reset button.
No reset button No graphics options.
It's so stupid that iPod can't play games please fix.
when i open a game it says FAILED TO CONNECT.
Security & Privacyc46
I tried logging in to my account.
because I forgot my password.
Updates & Supportc40
Make a new update.
so please make a new update then I would be.

I completely recommend it for all ages. found in 13 reviews
Have a Nice Day Roblox user: Dnet_Games. found in 11 reviews
you are led to think this game is appropriate for children. found in 9 reviews
Get roblox it's the best game in the world sooo GET It. found in 38 reviews
My game crashes when I join servers a lot. found in 168 reviews
You should make it compatible with iPod touch 4th generation please. found in 72 reviews
Every time I try to log in it say unabletologin with no spaces. found in 219 reviews
The game keeps crashing when I play pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez fix. found in 96 reviews
Only wish I could play games on iPod 4th Generation. found in 43 reviews
Whenever I try to open a game it says the server has shut down :. found in 101 reviews
Every time I login it's says: login failure unknown error. found in 57 reviews
Anybody know how to fix the lag please anser. found in 64 reviews
Needs to have gameplay on the iPod 4th generation. found in 1695 reviews
The chat button is not working anymore it disappeared. found in 113 reviews
Great but cant play games on iphone 4. found in 231 reviews
I can't play games on my iPod touch because mine is only 1st generation. found in 105 reviews
Every time i try to join a game it automatically says game closing. found in 426 reviews
I wanna play this really cool game but the game keeps closing :. found in 96 reviews
When I clicked go it said unknown login error. found in 137 reviews
The thing is that i can't follow my friends anymore. found in 47 reviews
Its good and everything but needs ipod 4th gen compatibility. found in 26 reviews
NEEDS TO PLAY GAMES on iPod 4 gen. found in 1329 reviews
Why no iPod touch 4th generation work for this app. found in 353 reviews
game crashes whenever I log in
Please add iPod Touch 4gen on play game compatible. found in 238 reviews
Can't play games on iPod touch 4th generation. found in 1329 reviews
this place uses too many parts for your device"
It closes me out of the game It won't let me build. found in 144 reviews
and Roblox crashes and sends me to my home screen. found in 180 reviews
You guy should let iPod 4th generation play games. found in 1695 reviews
Please make games available on iPod Touch 4th Generation. found in 168 reviews
Really annoying. found in 150 reviews
DESPERATELY needs to be available for ipod touch 4th gen. found in 298 reviews
I almost smashed my ipad mini cause of game closing. found in 229 reviews
Really annoying. found in 301 reviews
this place uses too many parts for your device "
Whenever I try to join a game it automatically closes on me. found in 426 reviews
Every time I play a game it keep exiting out please fix this. found in 144 reviews
I just cant play right with the lag. found in 231 reviews
It keeps crashing every time I try to log in please fix this. found in 219 reviews
I know it is a very good game but make it for iPod touch. found in 286 reviews
PLEASE UPDATE. found in 168 reviews
This game keeps forcing it's self down every time I try to play a game. found in 306 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download ROBLOX Mobile for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.4 MB to download. The new ROBLOX Mobile app version 1.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-08. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about ROBLOX Mobile check developer Roblox Corporation`s website :

ROBLOX Mobile provides every ROBLOXian with mobile access to their friends and messages. Features - Profile: View your character and account information. - Friends: Manage your friend list and add new friends - Messages: Keep in touch ...
My ipad got the ios 9 update and the keyboard changed and so when i try to type i cant see chatbar and i spell words wrong so please help i work at a cafe and they are gonna fire me for wrong spelling so please try to raise chatbar or something     Please Fix ASAP
This is an awesome game I play it all the time My only complaint is that they need to start making it less glitchy and please make the games more compatible with a phone not everyone has a computer to play on and not everyone can build stuff                 Awesome
Love the game it has one of the best worlds keep it up                 SO FREAKING COOL
Roblox the game is good but this app is not Literally all the good intricate games cannot be played using this app And of course there is an issue about certain games using mor than just jump and move so figure it out already        Needs work
I tried to go on my groups base and its crashes on the IPad 2        Fix this
I love Robles on computer for one reason its playable this badly coded piece of junk crashes every time I enter so ones world Im pretty angry and want to play this game without it crashing so fix the problem and I will give a 5 star rating if it didnt crash as much I would give it five stars but thats the one problem please fix it and help me out here     Pie
I cant take this no more My game keeps crashing every single time I play I am tired of it If this doesnt get fixed I swear I will scream to the top of my lungs Fix this It wasnt like this before but now I cant play on any game It is really annoying so please FIX THIS     Fix this now
I have never had a problem in this it only crashes Sometimes                 Roblox
HUGE PROBLEM every single world of the different games have problems loading and do not show all of the map it is extremely sad because this is one of my favorite games please fix                 Jellyman206
I play one piece but it wont let my friend play it with out freezing for 5 hours strait and were both on iPad                 Roblox glitches
I tried to download it but it said I couldnt connect to the App Store              It wont work
I love this game its the best however when I acidently deleted the game and installed it It said I was banned from playing it That made no sense because I didnt talk dirty to anyone I was trying to be nice and all but I rage and that doesnt mean I use inappropriate language Btw I love this game a lot but I am giving this a 2 star because it banned me for no reason        What the
Is it only me or is there a lot of ads playing while you play           Too many ads
I THOUGHT IT WOULD WORK BETTER BUT NO I CANT PLAY ROBLOX THE NEXT UPDATE BETTER WORK Oh and fire the idiots who programmed the last 2 updates Im giving a 4 for now              JUST FIX THE GAME
Ok so warriorz fan gets the point but its not awesome its terrible on iPad Every time I click on a game the game starts loading then it goes black and takes me to my home screen When I first got the app it didnt do that but now it does and it sooo frustrating this app totally needs work        Thank you warriorz fan
Whenever I play roblox on my iPad it crashes my iPad please fix this now the first time I got it it worked great now its slow and crashes and also please fix the need a keyboard issue for some minigames thats why I gave it a 35 stars please roblox corporation please fix these issues please           Please fix this
Roblox is cool and fun to build and playThe only thing i dont like is the hashtag thing We should be able to say anything we want              Roblox is cool
You see my friends told me that roblox Is fun so I downloaded it and I needed A acount but Im 9 years old and why Do you need to bye a thing or whatever It is to create a level and then I Dealeted it because why would I spend 343 just so I can make a level WHY     WHY
Okay                 Its cool
This game is the game I all ways play every day but to day its not letting me go on to roblox I mean like it says err and cant get in thats what Im mad about                 Best game ever
When I open up the app it wont let me sign in at all it will only let me create a new account please fix this Thanks love the app btw                 Weird glitch Or bug
The game is really fun but when I join a game it crashes the screen turns black and goes to home screen        Needs to be fixed
Roblox is cool because there are keyboards                 Roblox is cool
I dont have any more space i love the game and all but its getting a little too hard to handle it and prepare it for a new update I have like 126 GB and i dont want to waste too much of it I understand you make updates to improve the game and i like that very much but please only update in 2 months or so and THANKYOU for taking your time to read this review and dont take it the wrong way i love roblox i dont hate it              NO MORE UPDATES PLS
They really need to make the games better all the games I try to play all usually have to have a computer to do certain things its really annoying but other than that it is a really great game              Keyboard and mouse
When I play a game like super bomb survival or phantoms forces it crashes and it only lets me play small little obbys pls pls pls fix it I want to play better games              Sooooooo many crashes
It is a good game why people are complaining I mean it is their internet that is causing the problem                 Awesome Game
If you dont know what ROBLOX is its basically a game where you or your character can play many other games or mini games that other players have created You yourself can make games but you need ROBLOX studio You can buy things like clothes and gear for your character in the catalog with the ROBLOX currenciesRobux or TicketTix You can also chat with other people online But although sometimes ROBLOX mobile doesnt let you do somethings that you CAN do on your laptopComputer it is really worth getting this game So get it today                 Love this game
Sine the new update I havent been able to do any of the games          
Its a good game                 Melanie panama
Anyone who wants this game dont want it it crashes every single time I try to Pause     FIX THE GAME
Im stuck on guest mode unless Im on computer until someone fix the login           M8
With the false updates contintinueing I ran out of space on my phone I cant get new updates so PLEASE STOP WITH THE FALSE UPDATES     STOP WITH THE FALSE UPDATES I RAN OUT OF SPACE ON MY PHONE
Awesome GAME One thing though my game wont let me speak to anyone with a question mark above their head Please fix              Good but glitchy
Really bad I got it and people dont respect me    
I think yall have a temporary glitch I cant sign in it only lets me create a new account Please fix           Wont let me sign in
Bad     Bad
This app is awesome                 Woot
My wife no longer found me attractive and was no doubt cheating on me My children became drug addicts and never spent time with me I was fired from my job and became an alcoholic But then I found out about roblox mobile Now I can have fun on the go Thanks Roblox                 Saved my life
I have been playing Roblox for a long time and it says I am banned because innapropriate language that is very false I dont even speak on roblox so how am I suppose to use profanity That was a false report you guys better let me get back on my account     Confused
Best game everrrr                 Yassssss
I Love Roblox but a few months ago I Wanted to Play Roblox After skating But It didnt let me in On BOTH Roblox Mobile And the actual Roblox WHY                 Why is it not working
I love roblox but it keeps crashing when i go to a single server so please fix              Love it but owon thing
This is an excellent app I have been playing this app since 2012 and now that it is updated it is even better but there is a recent glitch where I cannot sign in All it says is for me to create a new account A simple mistake that could be overlooked easily just please fix as soon as possible My user name is Tony518935 Follow and Friend me              Log In
It used to be good Until all of the adds started coming in So annoying before there was no ads do not wast your time it is horrible so disappointed     Worst game ever
I like this game a lot But you should fix a bug or glitch that makes me not wear a shirt that I bought                 Its great
I enjoy playing roblox but I always play on iPad The thing is I wanna build a game But I cant Please help              One thing
Stop updating it i cant update because i need to verify my acc and my bro dont now the code so why do we have to get the update its never good anyways roblox used to be fun but nowyou cant even consider it that AND IT WONT LET ME OUT OF GUEST MODE     Stop
Deez nuts     Deez nuts

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