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Description - Robot Unicorn Attack 2

[adult swim], the publisher behind many iOS games (Meowcenaries ,Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition ,Amateur Surgeon 2 ,Amateur Surgeon Lite Edition ,Monsters Ate My Condo ,Extinction Squad), brings Robot Unicorn Attack 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My favorite game of all time..
  • Typical side scrolling runner game..
  • This is one fun game and perhaps better than temple run..
  • Awesome game it is very addicting hehe love it..
  • It's funny and I like the customization options..

Overall Satisfactionc75
need to make more levels and more options for your horse.
Please make more levels.
An amazing game and a very worthy successor to the original.
this game is very beautiful probably one of my favorite games.
This was my favorite game until the last update.
Hands down one of the best games I've played in iOS.
And I'd DEFIANTLY recommend this game to a friend.
I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to anyone.
This game has taught me how to love again.
The graphics are amazing and you can customize your unicorn.
I never thought I would come acrossSuch a wonderful game.
Please don't ruin a wonderful game like this.
Fun & Engagingc76
Awesome game it is very addicting hehe love it.
A shame bc it could be an awesome game.
Really fun and addicting game :My favorite game of all time.
need to make more levels and more options for your horse.
Please make more levels.
this is a super fun game with good graphics.
Super fun game but it allllllways crashes.
This game has the best graphics and such addictive gameplay.
I play it all the time every where i goGO TEAM INFERNO.
Other than usernames and / or passwords I think this game is perfect.
Awesome graphics and gameplay and I love the customizations.
I love everything about this game and I could play it for hours.
Boss I play it every day and to think its from adult swim.
Value for Moneyc36
Replay Valuec72
need to make more levels and more options for your horse.
Please make more levels.
but it needs more levels.
The graphics are unbelievable and the gameplay is fun and challenging.
it's easy to master and the customization is cool.
The various modes offer endless replay value.
Social Aspectsc79
join team rainbow we need more people to win.
We need more people.
Production Valuesc85
It has awesome graphics and sound effects.
The graphics are amazing and you can customize your unicorn.
Beautiful graphics and environments and love love love the new features.
Ease of Usec93
The depth to the deceptively simple game is unparalleled.
I love the simple game mechanics.
Easy controls that fit the iPhone screen perfectly.
Great game easy controls and very addicting.
it has very intuitive controls and I am absolutely addicted.
Simple intuitive controls addictive game play and unique.
Every time I play the game for more than five minutes.
Keeps crashing before I can even play the game please fix soooon.
Ads not Intrusivec45
Still no way to pay to remove them.
Updates & Supportc67
This game is fantastic- way better than the first version.
Way better than the first version love playing this game.
Also the heavy metal version too.

Having so much fun yelling "Fly my rainbow unicorn. found in 12 reviews
I play everyday and now I can falcon punch tanks. found in 6 reviews
I love the customizable bodies and addition of wings. found in 4 reviews
Which is gotten rid of by simply pausing the game :. found in 2 reviews
Omg I love this game so much. found in 3 reviews
The various modes offer endless replay value. found in 5 reviews
Beautiful graphics and environments and love love love the new features. found in 14 reviews
I love this game it's a good time passer. found in 4 reviews
this is a super fun game with good graphics. found in 57 reviews
like a fire world for team inferno and an earth world. found in 12 reviews
Makes a great sequel to good game. found in 14 reviews
This a fun and entertaining game to play when you're bored. found in 11 reviews
Very enjoyable to play especially to old school 80's music. found in 7 reviews
This game is fantastic- way better than the first version. found in 4 reviews
I liked the first RUA as a diverting time waster. found in 13 reviews
An amazing game and a very worthy successor to the original. found in 4 reviews
Great game for all ages and has two teams inferno and rainbow. found in 4 reviews
Almost everyone knows and plays jetpack joyride. found in 6 reviews
Truly worthy of playing and keeping as a time killer. found in 15 reviews
I especially like the ability to customize your character in this game. found in 4 reviews
So if you're halfway through the first wish. found in 20 reviews
It it doesn't work on iPhone 6 :-
Not iPod 4 compatable /:
It lags so badly that it is impossible to play. found in 9 reviews
Music and sound effects do not play anymore. found in 15 reviews
Everything is where It was last time I played and its boring. found in 49 reviews
Good game though. found in 50 reviews
app keeps crashing mid game before completing 3 full wishes. found in 11 reviews
The game is fun but it crashes every time I play one round. found in 41 reviews
Otherwise I'd give it more stars. found in 7 reviews
Frequently lags and crashes needs tech support very soon. found in 47 reviews
I can barely make it through the intro without the game crashing. found in 16 reviews
but it tells me "cannot connect to iTunes " when I attempt this. found in 17 reviews
but I'll quit playing soon if it continues to crash. found in 34 reviews
The in game lags way too much not registering dashes. found in 13 reviews
Keeps crashing before I can even play the game please fix soooon. found in 14 reviews
The game itself is amazing but it crashes and lags A LOT. found in 26 reviews
I love this game but they need to fix the music bug. found in 6 reviews
The only huge problem is that it crashes and lags ALOT. found in 6 reviews
but sometimes the buttons don't work which aggrevates me a ton. found in 7 reviews
The game lags during second and third wish and occasionally crashes. found in 22 reviews
The jump button doesn't always work when it's suppose to. found in 19 reviews
Just lags and crashes on my 4th gen iPod. found in 59 reviews
It still lags really bad on my ipod 4G please fix. found in 50 reviews
000 and it crashes and goes back to the home screen. found in 30 reviews
Loading screen crashed every time on my iPod touch 4. found in 94 reviews
It's fun I guess but it's crashes literally every time I play. found in 49 reviews
Crashes on all devices iPod 4. found in 27 reviews
Ever since the update I haven't been able to open the app. found in 60 reviews
Awesome game but too much lag. found in 27 reviews
It still has crashes on my iPod 4th generation. found in 105 reviews
just needs to fix a bug that continues to crash the game. found in 34 reviews
Really fun game but force closes a lot please fix. found in 31 reviews
THIS APP NEEDS AN UPDATE 4 iPOD TOUCH 4th GEN. found in 67 reviews
The game keeps crashing before I can even start the game. found in 27 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Robot Unicorn Attack 2 for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 50.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Robot Unicorn Attack 2 check developer [adult swim]`s website :

Get your hands on the latest, greatest, most epic installment of the Robot Unicorn Attack series to date, available for FREEBrought to you by PikPok and Adult Swim Games, makers of "Monsters Ate My Condo"FEATURES:- ...
I played this game for years and I paid it all to unlock everything and its still have problems You never listen to reviews Im done paying Adult Swim apps     That is Im done
I loved this game But now Im honestly thinking of deleting it because of some major problems First off my gems are disappearing I had 10 gems at one point and then get back on 5 mins later and boom there all gone Where are they going Cause I sure dont And secondly when I want to finish a wish because I died and I use a gem it takes my gem and then doesnt let me finish the wish This has happened on many occasions And lastly when I want to use a power up it takes my money but doesnt do anythingnothingnada This always happens on first flight and others I honestly dont want to delete this app because yall wont fix a few problems many people have reported This is an okay game that used to be GREAT What happened        PLEASE FIX
I really love this game and i can play it forever But one thing that annoys me so much is that if i go out of the app the changes i made to my unicorn is gone I have to customize it over and over again I dont understand why So please fix that problem Also please let us have access to the other world without having to payThank you           love it but gets me annoyed
I love this super addictive app Its ridiculous fun and cheesy I especially love the SAILOR MOON unicorn horn I hope to see more sailor moon customizations to match                 Player
I recently purchased the lava world and the transaction went through oddly enough but the data apparently did not and left me a message saying Cant connect to iTunes My purchase did go through however because when I tried to redownload the lava world it said that I purchased it already and if I wanted to get it for free I tried to redownload it many times but no luck If anyone knows how to fix this problem Im all ears I do have reason to believe that adult swim games could have scammed me out of my money and I am hoping this is not the case                 Give me the lava world or give me my money back
Well first of all I just got the game and I love it but I would like t know if the customizing will unlock Can someone tell me or at lest say what to do But otherwise I love the game its very addicting                 How do I unlock the Customizing
Just love it                 Love this game
I love this game cause it is entertaining and addictive But it should let us have the one boost that rainbow has Im on inferno its fun and it should tell us when we earn a new world like the level its on Try this game its AWSOME You get to change the parts and get a certain amount of unicorn tears each day At rank 11 you get the ice world I think it should be more challenging in the ice world like more giants and new creatures maybe even more different powers I love this game so try it and be satisfied AWSOME GAME                 Love it
I love the game but its upsetting when Team Rainbow has absolutely no chance of winning anything because Team Inferno has twice as many players If you could just give the losing team a boost or make the teams even would make the game more fair for Team Rainbow              Team Rainbow never wins
is so much fun I love the music                 robot unicorn 2
The but part about it is the wings lookLike paper the Soler Chairiat escuseMy bad spelling and stuff is toExpensive and the boosts should beLike pay once then free forever OtherThan that GOOD GAME              Great Game BUT
This game is in serious need of an update Theres nothing to save up drops for anymore the goals are repetitive the team feature is sadly broken the songs you purchase ingame are not transferred to your itunes library the songs keep cutting off in the middle of your runs or wont play at all and your rank is meaninglessPlease update the app     Used to be really fun now pointless
I would gladly pay 99 or 299 to have the popup ads removed I have only had my new ipad for a month and every time i play this game I see the exact same lexus ad I hate this and its making me not want to play the game I would rate this game 5 stars if it was ad free Or can you please at least remove this lexus ad and replace it with an ad for something people in the adult swim viewer demographic can afford to buy I dont want to be forced to look at a lexus i cant afford every time I play this game to relax     Please no more ads
Its a great game but why adult swim I mean its a unicorn game Why is it adult swim I just downloaded it           Ok but
Every single one of my dreams came true                 Perfect
A new world can be coolLike a plant and fire world           ADD
Im suprised its freethis game is great                 Awesome adult swim game
I made my review sword fighting because it is so cool this robot unicorn game is so awesome                 sword fighting
I hadnt played the game for a little while and I noticed that they have recently added ads This new addition really annoys me mainly because I had to pay to own this app Every time that you start a new trial you have to look at their ad and then select no thanks to continue Im really disappointed with the ads and Im thinking about deleting the app altogether We shall see how I feel     Recently added ads
this is one of my favorite games freakin love it                
I downloaded hoping to try this game but Im not able to because I keep getting redirected by ads to download other games Uninstalling     Overly intrusive ads
Great game to kill time                 Fun fun fun
Overall a really great game tons of hours of gameplay and never gets old                 Super fun
I like it so much                 Good Graphics Good Game
Great game                 Amazing game
I use to play this all the time but now I try to play it again and I downloaded it but it keeps crashing           Well
If I could I would give this game 1000000 stars Super addicting and fun I love the music and the unicorns I have no idea how to get past the monsters though I recommend everyone should get this game Its AMAZING                 THE BEST GAME EVER
I love it                 So much unibow
I love this game Ill play it for a long while then stop for a couple weeks then I always come back Im working on just getting all the unicorn parts Plus I am getting better every time I play Avg was 30000 now Im almost past 80000                 I keep coming back to it
Absolutely love this game My only suggestion is to include David Hasselhoffs True Survivor from Kung Fury as one of the soundtracks to listen as you save the world                 Awesome Nostalgic
All i would like if is this game have more world for free           Update pls
Its fun better than most games I really like the makes of this and an other game that is crazy fun Pik Pok you Rock                 Fun with mythical creatures
I have thrown money at this app before for shiny thingsnow please give us an option to pay and remove the constant stream of ads I will likely not hang around for long if I have to continue deal with 5 ads JUST to play a bout of RUAAlso there are noticeably more glitches than before ie A cavern that will not turn transparent when you are in it           Constant ads are miserable
The ads wont bother you if you turn of cellular data                 Fun
Have had this game on my iPad for at least a year Wont sync my account to the iPhone love the game but I want to use what I paid for     Wont sync
3 wordsBEST GAME EVER                
Ive experienced some issues that are really bothersome 1 my unicorn never stays the same setup and its annoying to always have to switch everything and 2 Ive given up on team rainbow and gone over to team inferno twice now and both times i have been switched backplease help a brother out and remedy these issues           Some issues
Miles away from the first installment Customize your dream robot unicorn and chase your wishes YOU WILL FAIL NEEDS MORE LIGHTNING                 SPLENDIFEROUS
I like playing this game and its really cool looking BUT the Game is a CON Artist GAME Like an OLD CON MAN CARNIVAL GAME THE DASH OR JUMP WONT WORK On the 2nd or 3rd wish EVERY TIME And you get KILLED At the same AMOUNT of Points in Game LOL YOUR PROGRAMMING CON ARTIST IS TOO OBVIOUS Its A JOKE TO ME1800 Tears because I used them for Dashing through 3 giants but now its back up there as a Goal ALSO EVERYTIME I BUY WINGS on the Third wish I have NO wings I just FALL and DIE Sometimes on the 3rd Wish I cant jump at ALL This game KILLS you even as your pushing to jump IT KILLS YOU ON PURPOSE OLD CON MAN COMPUTER PROGRAMMER                 Took my Tears and Wings on 3rd Wish
This game is very good better graphics However one thing i was hoping this game could show is how many lives wishes there are left If possible add in the 3 unicorn icons since most of time when im at 200k points i forget how many lives I have left So if possible add this otherwise good game                 Add lives notifier like the original
Awesome game                 Robot unicorn
I loved the first edition but I love this one a lot more Keep making new worlds and levels Im addicted                 Addicted
As others say the ads are quite annoying but its an addicting little game              Fun Little Time Waster
I play the first one and now this for over a year still one favorite games                 Love it
I played this game for a year or longer I finally got a phone and downloaded the app I love it I probably reach to 2000070000 thats not bad Next thing you know my battery is at 10 Please fix this also I press jump without pressing the dash and I suddenly dash into a wall and die It is very frustrating please fix Thank you           Addictive game drains my battery
This game is absolutely beautiful on iPhone 6 which is why I redownloaded itUnfortunately though mandatory ads were implemented somewhere along the update path The ads arent particularly intrusive but they are still there and theres absolutely no way to opt out of them whether you pay for the game or notId gladly support such a gorgeous and smooth running title for monetarily if it also allowed me to remove the ads Apparently Adult Swim sees things differentlyIm hoping in the future they bring back the ability to remove the ads              Gorgeous Game Sullied by Ads
I love this game but theres something that buggggs me Out alooot Is that it takes my money away just in 1min why i love playing tus game im gonna tAke it off which dont want to beacuz i already got far and ranks and boost but Its left me with no choice till its fiixxxxxxxx ill get it back but plzzzzzzz fix it i loveeee the game its soooo cool and awsome but i take along time to earn why had but is not only me theirs other people that love this game so if u want people to love ur even then FIX ITplzzz           RUA2 fix it
i love unicorn dash                 Unicorn dash is the best game ever
Im not sure if its supposed to be like this The UV N7 has the runs fast description but Ive tested that it doesnt run as fast as the Void Maker or Celestial Resonator Maybe you guys could tweak it so it does like a mini update or something                 Problem with UV N7
This game looks and plays amazingly It runs without any lag the controls are simple and silkysmooth and its simply BA to charge through surreal landscapes as the titular Unicorn That said Ive noticed a few flaws with the game Music sometimes stops when you die changing music or returning to main menu fixes it iPod 5 problem Teams wildly unbalanced in favor of team Inferno Lava world is pretty expensive still planning on buying it Relatively few worlds moar packs pl0x 3Overall however these are mere annoyances at worst and dont detract from the excellent core game Looking forward to more updates to this wonderful game                 A few flaws but otherwise excellent

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