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Roku, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Roku Live TV & movie streaming ,Roku), brings Roku with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Roku app has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Never lose the remote again because its on my phone..

Overall Satisfactionc91
This app actually works better than the remote that came with the roku.
The remote that came with the device doesn't function properly either.
Much better than the regular remote especially since one of our buttons is missing.
Love being able to play videos or pics from my iOS device.
I love being able to control my Roku from anywhere in my home network.
Supremely excellent app - thanks Roku.
Love messing with my family from another room with this app.
Best purchase decision I have ever made.
Fun & Engagingc95
Controlling your Roku with your phone not needing the remote all the time.
Plus it's great to use to mess with my daughters.
This is for sure an awesome remote.
The perfect addition to an already awesome device.
that I use this program all the time now.
It's wonderful being able to control everything from ipad/iphone.
Saves Time.
Amazingly Helpful App.
useful and works like a charm.
Family Friendlyc94
Never lose the remote again because its on my phone.
Don't lose the remote.
I use the app to find u201cMean Girls" for my family.
Ease of Usec93
Works great an super convenient.
Easy setup and works better than the actual remote.
Easy set up and day to day control.
This simple App improves an already excellent product even better.
it is not as easy to lose as a simple remote.
Has everything you need with a super intuitive interface.
easy navigation /remote available on the iPhone is a great bonus.
Easy breezy.
Works perfect with my iPhone 4S and iOS 6.
Remote doesn't work after update.
Security & Privacyc27
Updates & Supportc38
This saved me a call or email to customer service.
Either add landscape mode to this app or make an iPad version.

Better than the factory remote considering you can keyboard your searches. found in 7 reviews
Best purchase decision I have ever made. found in 4 reviews
Getting high speed internet soon and may eventually get rid of cable. found in 5 reviews
Love the Roku and love the remote app it works easy. found in 44 reviews
Great remote replacement right from my iPhone. found in 13 reviews
The remote for Roku is exactly what you would expect a remote to be. found in 2 reviews
So much better than controlling with the Roku IR remote. found in 13 reviews
Great backup remote and the extra features are awesome. found in 18 reviews
This app is more convenient than the Roku remote controller. found in 6 reviews
I use the app to find “Mean Girls" for my family. found in 5 reviews
Plus it's great to use to mess with my daughters. found in 14 reviews
Thank God for this app. found in 4 reviews
A perfect solution - even works better than the actual remote did. found in 8 reviews
I downloaded this because my dog chewed the factory remote. found in 10 reviews
We are ALWAYS misplacing one of our two Roku remotes. found in 8 reviews
I also love the streaming feature for my music and pictures. found in 17 reviews
Love being able to play videos or pics from my iOS device. found in 39 reviews
It's actually easier to search for things with the key pad. found in 9 reviews
Easily stream photos and music from your iPhone to your roku box. found in 24 reviews
The Roku works great and serves our purpose for Netflix mainly. found in 7 reviews
Needs iPad version and it will be even better. found in 3 reviews
Channel selection slightly limited-cannot input code for " private channel. found in 8 reviews
Please update for iPhone 5 support. found in 3 reviews
Remote needs serious work. found in 3 reviews
But con we please get a native iPad app. found in 8 reviews
It said invalid eMail address. found in 3 reviews
I loved this app until the latest update. found in 4 reviews
After trying to connect manually and signing in. found in 11 reviews
Barely connects to Rokus. found in 3 reviews
Cannot find my player even after entering address. found in 8 reviews
4 stars because I can't search for channels using the search function. found in 9 reviews
Would like to see volume controls as well. found in 2 reviews
Will not stay signed into my account. found in 2 reviews
Needs video on play on Roku. found in 2 reviews
I wish there was full blown iPad support. found in 6 reviews
hate the forced swipe navigation. found in 5 reviews
That's because like Amazon's also disappointing "Fire Video" voice search. found in 3 reviews
But the remote doesn't work anymore and we don't know why. found in 14 reviews
Every time I click the remote button it just crashes. found in 10 reviews
Cant find my player connected to same network. found in 8 reviews
Why do you have to sign into Roku account every time. found in 20 reviews
clicking on the remote tab crashes the app every time. found in 7 reviews
" Play on Roku " crashes the app after every video or photo switch. found in 115 reviews
unless you memorize the serial numbers of each box. found in 8 reviews
I'll connect manually and a week later. found in 11 reviews
This app will not connect to my Roku XDS. found in 19 reviews
Tried updating my wifi connection to roku and still not working. found in 13 reviews
The latest update crashes automatically at iOS 6. found in 18 reviews
do not upgrade to ios 7. found in 11 reviews
iOS7 - Even inputting the IP address manually doesn't work. found in 48 reviews
Whenever it attempts to select a Roku device it crashes. found in 109 reviews
2 keep crashing when connect with Roku 2 XD. found in 12 reviews
Can't find my roku 2 HD even after I logged in. found in 65 reviews
Even after the suggested heroics the app will not connect to Roku. found in 6 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Roku for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.2 has been released on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Roku in Roku, Inc.`s Official Website :

Turn your iOS device into a control center for your Roku streaming player. Launch channels, use your phone as a remote and find new channels to watch. Our free application lets you: Launch or rate any ...
This is sooo great Our grandson misplaced our remote I bought a few different universal remotes and could get none of them to work Found this app on my phone Better than any remote I could of purchased Havent had any problems w it I use it all the time for our Roku Thanks                 MiMi
Wonderful remote                 Roku
The remote function is nice but I couldnt access my roku channels This may be because I have an older roku and an older iPhone but I think it is worth noting Its main feature is fantastic              The Main Feature but some minor issues
Love the tv love the app and everything works out amazing together                 Love
Best product Ive used all year                 Roku is TOP NOTCH
I used to love the Roku device and the Roku app Especially with babies who lose my remote In fact the actual remote is on its last leg Broken and taped together So the app was a godsend But now I cant get it to find the Roku device on my network Its an older model Roku 2 I think But it still works and I cant afford a new one So Im not too happy Nothing Ive tried works     I cannot get the app to connect
The remote eats batteries like no other remote in the history of time Having this app on my phone keeps me from having to scurry around looking for batteries while watching Netflix Lets face it scurrying is the LAST thing anyone wants to do while on a Netflix binge This app is basic but does everything I need it to do                 Life saver
Bought my 1st Roku in 2010 The Roku upgrades adds content automatically That makes Roku smarter than most smart tvs Over the years Roku has added many desirable useful features My fav is the Roku app that replaces the remotes the kids grandkids seem to lose frequently What a convenience Too bad every device needing a remote doesnt develop an app for their remotes I remain a loyal Roku fan                 Roku Everyone should have one
Freezes all the time and destroys your phone battery life This app is always at the top of my battery usage after 20 min of use Worthless     Freezes and Battery
Easy to use does what its supposed to do and more convenient than the regular remote Im a big fan                 Works great
This is a great app Would be awesome if it incorporated the headphone functionality of the Roku remote                 Great App One Suggestion
Extremely ugly but is an improvement over the remote Now if Roku could just improve its product updated Crashes to my home screen Not really worth the effort        Ugly but does the job
The app looks great and is easy to use with my Roku 3 However it would be nice to see additional information when playing music which would eliminate the need for poweringup the TV Improving the app to show additional details for a Roku channel would save time and would be much more energy friendly Lets take the next step Roku and go green           Nice Basic App but Needs More Capability
the remote app is so much better than the actual remote                 Great App
Awesome Only wish I can program it to control my tv also                 Jr
I love it                 Roku App
I love it                 OMG
Works great on my iPod and gives me easy access to my music and pictures I lost the remote that comes with the roku so this app is a life saver I love to use the play on roku feature                 Works great
I downloaded the app to my iPhone 6 and when the first step asks to select my roku device I select it and the app closes     App crashes
This app is useful when the paring with the remote is lost                 Handy App
The app has an excellent ease of use Also comes in handy when one of the kids has misplaced the remote                 Great app easy to use
Love it                 Use it constantly
I use this app with no issues I have an iPhone 6 and the hubby loaded it on my phone when he bought me the stick for our bedroom I always have my phone so I always have the control Plus its great if you search or have to login because you can use your keyboard Love it                 Super easy and convenient
Dropped my rating to two stars The app works but hangs every single time you hit a button It is TERRIBLY unresponsive        Easy but unresponsive and hangs
I switch back and forth between the app and the remote For casual watching the remote that came with the Roku 2 is fine The app is more responsive though and I prefer it for browsing Thanks for the app Roku                 Better than the remote
or just tend to misplace them this App is invaluable It works perfectly and costs nothing unlike purchasing backup Roku remotes The only minor disadvantage for me is I cant listen through headphones which was the reason I upgraded to Roku 3 in the first place but I usually soon discover where the attentionseeking K9 has hidden the Roku remote so no harm done                 IF U HAVE REMOTESTEALING DOGS
My old remote so were eaten by my dog and I was skeptic of the app In my experience apps like this are incredibly buggy To my pleasant surprise it works most of the time key word being most Once or twice the app couldnt connect properly with the Roku device However I believe it was still a good purpose despite this              Works like the remote
This app works great Doesnt freeze up quick response makes roku even better Thanks              Better than remote
Far superior to the remotes provided by Roku an outstanding app                 Outstanding App
Works as expected                 Works fine
The keyboard function for text entry does not work iPhone 6 iOS 84           Broken app
Better than the remote                 Better than the remote
Great since I always seem to lose the original small remote It easy to search with as well The only con is that sometimes a message pops up saying that the roku is not connected when it clearly is and works when I exit out of the pop up                 Works better than the original remote
I enjoy it immensely The stick is particularly handy and affordable                 Great device
The title says it all Much more responsive than the remote that came with the Roku box                 Works better than the Roku remote
Downloaded it and within 5 seconds it found my Roku and was working                 Perfect
It works every time we lose the roku remote                 Great app
The remote would freeze up and the stick was unresponsive I was consistently having to reboot Tried all of the fixes The app works with only occasional problems A significant improvement              Works much better than the remote
App can never connect to device Useless     Crappy app doesnt work
Does exactly what it should do The voice search function is great Ill be sure to update this if I encounter any issues but so far its been smooth sailing                 Works great
I have tried numerous times to get this app to work to no avail I am connected to the same network and even tried connecting manually This app has been very disappointing     Very disappointing app
Roku2 guts are identical to the Roku3 So this remote control app is a great equalizer              Turns a Roku2 N2 a Roku3
It does its job              Its a remote
Great App Thanks                 Great App Keyboard alone is worth the grab
This app worked fine up until last week and it keeps popping up a message saying Roku services temporarily unavailable I see no updates so I am deleting the app I found another one that is much easier to navigate     Services Unavailable
This app works so much better than the actual Roku remote                 Works Great
Lets just say I was sitting in the living room and j left Roku remote above the fireplace and I was too lazy to get it Suddenly I remembered there was a remote app and I downloaded it LIFE SAVER I can now be lazy whenever I want and the app is pretty great The only bad part is if I leave my phone somewhere                 Lazy
Love it                 Roku
This is handy                 Cool

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