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Wal-mart Stores Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sam`s Club Travel ,Sam`s Club For iPad ,Sam's Club), brings Sam`s Club For iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sam`s Club For iPad app has been update to version 1.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Sam`s Club For iPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 31.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4.1 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Sam`s Club For iPad check developer Wal-mart Stores Inc.`s website :

Announcing the newest Sam s Club location Your iPad Now you can visit your local Sam s Club anywhere you use your iPad Whether you are at home with the family, at your favorite coffee shop ...
Great app that makes it very easy to find and purchase items The downside is it is so easy to find and purchase through the app that I have a tendency to spend too much                 Great App
I dont now if this app its updated to the last version of IOS and now its incompatible with other version but just dont open on my iPad and on my iPhone Just crash     Dont even Open
Took 2 hours to place an order with 6 crashes iPad Air 2 How is this efficient Wouldve been faster in the store     Unbearably SLOW
Makes my shopping easier and in the comfort of my home To bad is too slow           Love the app
I use this all the time and is convenient to have my order already waiting for me to pick up at the store                 Love it
Car racing set was not available in store but I was able to have it delivered to my door                 Sams club
Every time I place an order many items are out of stock on the site but the next day when I go to the store they are present After two years I am tired of it and will switch to Costco Maybe they actually know what is in their stores     Out of stock online when in stock at store
This app is decent Not a real user friendly site but workable              App review
What a timesaver online shopping is the bomb                 Great App
Click and pull is nice app is ok Kinda slow and prone to errors sometimes but i still think its faster than going to the store and grabbing all the stuff yourself           Ok
This app has improved dramatically Much easier to move around Thanks for the changes                 Much better
This app would be great but every step takes so long to load It took me at least 20 minutes to fill out my order where it takes less than 3 minutes on the desktop website Anytime you add something to the cart look at an item detail or edit your cart you get a loading popup I will not try this again unless they make some serious optimization updates     So slllloooow
Very easy to navigate and find items Prices are better than store prices                 Awesome app
Really great app for iPad                 Love This App
Sams App is much improved over the original Its easy to use and easy to find everything Nice clean interface Not at all clunky like some of them out there Nice job Sams              Easy to use
Having been a Sams customer for years I have suffered through their terrible website Finally they have this wonderful App that makes ordering on line soooo easy Thank you Sams for making life a bit easier for us Mom Pop shops that buy from you                 A Long time a coming
great app easy to navigate                 great app easy to navigate
I have used this app for in store pick up 3 times during the past 4 months and I have not experienced any issues Most of the items I look for are listed If you create an order early in the day you can pick it up the next day No waiting in line and it is pick up and go I only buy in store items so I do not know how buying items available online for delivery works              Used 3 times and no issues
Easy to use and a nice way to get the savings of my local Sams Club at my front door              Easy
Love the app                 Great
Very easy to do                 Great
What happened to the choices Under produce you cant even search fruit           Missing search options
I couldnt run my household without the tools on SAMs I dont drive so being able to order things on line that my caregiver can pick up makes my life so much easier                 LOVE SAMs
So easy to just click what you want for pick up and choose when you want to pick up Very user friendly                 Store Pick Up with App
When I first used this app it used to crash on me but now it is much improved I quickly can locate items add to my cart read information create shopping lists select a pickup time and much more This app is easy to use and it saves me time to shop and pick up in store                 Much improved from beginning
Only uses 40MB Does let you search or browse Better than the mobile version of Samsclubcom but thats not saying much Incredibly slow on fast device with fast connection Need to enter zip change my club to check stock nearby Then is confused about my club showing different items prices in different menus Did not test this on store wifi on a small screen        meh
This App is great for reorders If you have placed an ordered and later want to order even some of the same things you can pull up the old order and either place the same order or modify the previous order without having to wait start from scratch Makes spending your money way to easy                 Makes Shopping Easier
Very good app Easy to use and much nicer than having to sign on to the full website every time I wish order or look up something                 LarryTX
Love this Quick and easy to use no problems at all                 So easy
Love this app makes life easy                 Works great
Lists do not work right Do not use them or you will get shipped the wrong size and colors I carefully saved the correct size slacks in three different colors to a List Then I put the List items into the Cart This resulted in the wrong items shipping It looks like the first color and size was put into the List for all three of my saved items I tried to see exactly what was in the List but on the iPad App it only opens for editing and does not give details other than description and quantity              Save to List Results in Wrong Orders
Essential for keeping up with needs at resturant I can place my order the night before and pic up in morning                 Must have for small businesses
I have had 2 events where I used the order and pick up feature of the app it worked perfectly The whole experience was amazing It was easy and everything was done on time pick up was easy and fast I will use this regularly for my shopping at SAMs Club                 Love the app
Love this app I can shop easily and pick up when convenient for me                 Love it
The Sams Club app for the iPhone allows access to place photo orders but the iPad app doesnt Whats up with that For that reason alone Im giving this a 1 star rating would be 0 stars if able Why download this one when you can download the iPhone version and have more functionality     App disparity
I love being able to order items online and have them picked up around my scheduleguaranteed                 Great app
Love this app use it all the time Makes things so simple                 Owner
Really enjoyable experience                 I like it
It saves me so much time I love it                 Love this app
I like how easy it is to find the things I am looking for Checking out was a snap                 Great App
Just started using this due to new store in the area Very good value                 Good app so far
Took one full hour to order 29 items App crashed three time during process Wouldve been faster to go into club and select items myself Boo Sams Club You of all companies have the means and the technology DO BETTER        Sloooooow
I love this app Cant believe I just pick what I want and its waiting when I get to the store Ill let you know if it was waiting when I get there tomorrow                 Wonderful
Very easy to use You can ship items or pick them up at the store near you                 Great app
LOVE to order all my groceries and stuff in this very detailed app I then choose for it to pick up in store and run by on a day that I can and grab everything Note to developers Allow the toggle switch at the top for Pick Up Only to save during each session Also to consider allowing me to pay for it online so I can send my kids or other family members to pick up the basket for me Thank you                 Love to order and pick up in store with this app
I use this app far more than I ever expected Other comparable warehouse stores do not provide as much specific information about what is on the shelf inside I can actually go down my shopping list and know before I make the trip what on the list can be purchased from SAMs Club I have even become adventurous and purchased for pickup a few times for the sake of time So far I have no complaints                 Use it More Than I Expected
One of the VERY best apps I have Intuitive and fast                 Super App
I love this AppEasy to navigate                 Great
I think that this app is fabulous It makes shopping so easy for a person with MS                 Awesome
Where to begin As I check boxes for items on my list I get halfway thru and all the checks go away and my time is wasted If I do check off items on my list and add them to my cart I cant go back to my list to add additional items unless I uncheck all of the previous items added to my cart Once things are added to the cart the list should clear of checks You put a button at the bottom that says remove item Remove item from where From things I want to add to my cart NO it removes them from my list How about saying that When items change at club level weather its description pack or item number they never change on my list The old item continues to show up as unavailable It could be weeks before I realize that SAMs just gave it a new item number and I can still order it The biggest retailer in the world should be able to figure out a way to update the item on their apps or web site When items are discontinued at a club how about putting that Welchs grape soda still shows up on my list but is no longer available Ive offered for years to sit with someone and show them how a business owner uses their app and website Dont you think that would make sense instead of some computer geek sitting in an office designing something that looks pretty but doesnt work for customers     Terrible

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