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The Charles Schwab Corporation, the publisher behind many iOS app (On Investing ,Institutional Intelligent Portfolios ,Schwab Workplace Retirement ,Schwab Intelligent Portfolios ,Schwab Mobile ,Schwab Advisor Center® Mobile), brings Schwab Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Schwab Mobile app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Love the mobile deposit and bill pay features..
  • Update with camera/ image check deposit..
  • As of today remote deposit is here..
  • Not only does it show my online bank accounts..
  • This is one of best financial apps around..

Overall Satisfactionc49
This is by far one of the best banking apps.
Other bonus for an already amazing bank.
Fun & Engagingc46
Mobile deposit is awesome.
Check deposit is awesome.
Ease of Usec42
Also need to add dividend yield on the quotes page.
Security & Privacyc35
I'm digging this app for my brokerage and checking account.
A Paypal direct checking account transfer would be fantastic.
and keep an eye on transactions account balances on the go.
you must still enter your password every time.
must then re enter user ID and password.
Updates & Supportc20
Looking forward to the new features coming in the updates.

Good start and good progress. found in 1 reviews
Wells Fargo. found in 3 reviews
New heat map and charting are nice. found in 4 reviews
Saves me from having to drive to the bank. found in 4 reviews
Finally I can stop using PayPal to deposit checks. found in 1 reviews
Clean and fast on iPhone. found in 2 reviews
and lots of useful tools. found in 2 reviews
July 2011 upgrade is bad. found in 1 reviews
I have a high yield checking account. found in 3 reviews
they'd prefer you use a PC though. found in 1 reviews
I do freelance work. found in 2 reviews
Nice new icon. found in 1 reviews
keep those updates coming. found in 1 reviews
must then re enter user ID and password. found in 3 reviews
More sleek. found in 1 reviews
A Steadily Improving App. found in 2 reviews
Gets info. found in 1 reviews
This app works great for things like check cashing and transfers. found in 5 reviews
Great for investing. found in 2 reviews
Mobile Deposit Broken and No Bill Pay. found in 10 reviews
making it impossible to make a mobile deposit. found in 3 reviews
the Chase app has not problem with the camera. found in 4 reviews
Need to reboot phone to get around deposit crashes. found in 8 reviews
I don't notice it to be slow at all. found in 2 reviews
Schwab needs to dedicate more resources to improving this app ASAP. found in 9 reviews
It is annoying to log in every time you leave app. found in 38 reviews
Check deposit doesn't work on iPod touch 4g. found in 13 reviews
Ever since the last update the deposit check has stopped working. found in 14 reviews
it's missing bill pay. found in 2 reviews
The fact that you can't transfer money between accounts us ridiculous. found in 7 reviews
the app simply freezes after taking a photo of the front of the check. found in 8 reviews
you'll be forced log in again afterwards. found in 4 reviews
When transfering between accounts it's impossible to write a $ amount. found in 20 reviews
and all of a sudden it's not working anymore. found in 2 reviews
App crashes when taking photo for check deposits. found in 20 reviews
This update has made the all unable to deposit checks. found in 95 reviews
This update crashes every time I try to take a picture of a check. found in 19 reviews
but this newest update causes the app crashes every time I try to deposit a check. found in 68 reviews
There's still no Touch ID support on iPhone. found in 47 reviews
and now there is no way to download new schwab app. found in 37 reviews
It immediately crashes and I have to log back in. found in 38 reviews
Every time I try to do a photo check deposit it crashes. found in 151 reviews
Watch list crashing. found in 19 reviews
but it almost always crashes the first time I try to deposit a check. found in 68 reviews
Mobile deposit requires that you try to take a photo. found in 19 reviews
Schwab suggests downgrading to iPhone 4S if you want to make deposits. found in 42 reviews
Still can not access bill pay from within the app. found in 56 reviews
Can't deposit a check over 1000$ and no exceptions are made. found in 30 reviews
but the mobile check deposit function no longer works. found in 135 reviews
It's unfortunate the Check Deposit feature has been broken for while. found in 41 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Schwab Mobile for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 16.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about Schwab Mobile in The Charles Schwab Corporation`s Official Website :

Manage your money wherever you are.With the Schwab mobile app for iPhone, no matter where you are, you can view your account balances, trade stocks, and more.ManageView brokerage and Schwab Bank transaction histories. Keep an ...
Used to work Now it quit I control IT and app security and no changes were made Two days ago the login failed via finger print failed twice due to washed hands and now no longer even asks for fingerprint loginI must have it back           What happened to fingerprint login iOS
The app has been crashing with every attempt to make a trade since the last iOS update     App Crashes when attempting a trade
Still need the ability to pay someone via email Removing touch ID after updates didnt really make sense              Getting better
The updates dont fix basic problems such as the iPad screen view of account history that is about the size of my iPhone screen And scrolling and tapping continue to be excessive to find basic infoThen I notice that under the app details it says the app has a 4 rating Looking at the rating bars for all versions there is no way to come up with a 4 rating And recent versions have had very poor overall ratings Maybe someone can correct the rating or explain why it is to be believedThe level of incompetence associated with this app makes me wonder about the whole corporation     Schwab fixes do not fix this sorry app
1 The tile view and other windows are a complete disaster You have to scroll through literally 10 pages to see all the content EVERY aspect is way too large2 WHERE ARE THE CS RESEARCH PDFs I still have to rely on Merrill because I can sit back and browse equity research reports in PDF format I was hoping Schwab would allow us to do the same for their Credit Suisse and JPMorgan PDFs This is a REQUIREMENT for a market leader Im tired of brokers touting generic news and quotes as research features If I can read it on CNN its not research3 More prominently display news specific to my holdings That way I could view what matters to me I dont care about AP Market Update stories If I wanted broad unfiltered market news I would open Bloomberg or a similar app that doesnt make me login and see oneline headlines that are really kind of uselessThe only way to fix this app might be to completely redesign it Just go copy one of your betterrated competitors Please give us a sign that youre working on this How hard can it beThanks        Its Not Improving No Research
App works well and is easy to use Love the Touch ID integration It is a littleDifficult to get to myBank information              Works well
Overall experience is subpar Difficult to navigate around the app and constantly have problems with mobile check deposit Ive been trying for 30 minutes to deposit a check     Clunky
What happened to Touch ID with this update              Touch ID
Well optimized for iPhone 6 plus items are clear and well organized 5star                 Best brokerage app
I just opened a Schwab banking account Wanting to fund my account as quickly as possible I downloaded this app and went as instructed to the deposit check screen There were two buttons to select either brokerage or banking you could select both I did select both but nothing happened I went to the web and on the Schwab site the instructions were to click the APPLY button But there was no APPLY button I did everything I could think of to find it but no luck Fortunately I have an iPad as well and I was able to apply using it because on the iPad there WAS an APPLY button I am not impressed with this app Shame on Schwab for associating their name with such a poor product Better to have no mobile presence than a bad one I gave it 2 stars because I was able to accomplish my task on a different device but really for a big company they should do better        The very first thing I tried as a new user didnt work
First thing youll notice is that you can no longer login with fingerprint I deleted and reinstalled thinking it was mine acting up Dad when a good product is made worse in its new and improved version        Made it Worse No fingerprint
This is been a very handy app It seems to work very well I particularly like the ability to remotely deposit checks                 Handy
Slow to update no research like the website just very basics Hard to navigate A 3 out of 10     Not a great app
In the app go to menusettings and turn on Touch ID        Reenable Touch ID in app settings
I mean if it works the second time why the hell make a 4th one     Stupid CRAP stupider than qoogle
No problems yet                 Online banking is the best
App wouldnt even open     Blackout and freezing
Why is it gone     WHERE IS THE TOUCH ID
50 has a fresh skin but has lost lots of quick access top level features with way too many options buried under multiple levels of touches Quite dumb and frustratingTop ten holdings What about showing all my holdings I have to rummage around additional taps to see things Where are the original tabs at the top of each accounts details screen Who cares about the pie chart I could go on and onThere was nothing wrong with the previous layout Wanting to freshen the design is fine but they took large steps backward in functionality if you manage reasonable number of accounts and holdingsSomeone at Schwab should explain what was wrong with the old app interface and navigationI will start looking for a new brokerage firm if they dont fix this it is that bad     Still feature the new terribly unintuitive interfaces
Where is touchid     New update a big step backwards
Great string of recent updates One new issue that has popped up is the refresh portfolio button at the bottom of the brokerage account list left side iPad is no longer there The button is still present on the iPhone version of the appUntil this is fixed its a logoutlogin process to update my account values Please fixThanksPrior reviewFantastic upgrade I love the font sizing being able to see more data and that the Tile view is no longer the default view for an account Speed issues have been rectifiedAll the new changes are definite improvements Two quibbles1 Please give us a history button in the header area As it is now I need to go to the Tile view or hamburger menu I like to see the latest transactions almost as much as current positions2 Please make the app native for the iPhone 6Thanks for a great upgradePrior ReviewLOVE the new Touch ID login and the general redesign of the app However even on my iPad Air 2 the interface is very slow Scrolling is sometimes nonresponsiveAdd some performance tuning and itll be great              Wheres the refresh button
I love Schwabs customer service and their investment offerings However when it comes to technology they are WAY behind other firms particularly in the mobile arena There are so many differences between their app and most top firms Im not sure I have enough room to listFor such a quality firm overall and one located near Silicon Valley its hard to believe they havent recognized the significant shift to Mobile by many usersAlso this morning Aug 6 I cannot access my account positions on my Tablet App Every other tab works in the Schwab App except the Feedback button which also says unavailableIts unacceptable not be able to pull up my existing positions Its the kind of action that makes one start to look at other brokers even though I dont want to        Leaves plenty to be desired
I have used this app and previous versions extensively The new version makes it much harder to get information The start screen shows market info not my accounts Within an account only one historic transaction is shown All data can be accessed but many more clicks are required A big step backwards     New version much worse
New version ok but u fail to make signing out available If its out there its not obvious Disappointing     Have you never heard of signing out
Once again To much crap for an appSimple details are fine I dont need to see top 5 or 10 movers I want to see all on one screen rather than have to navigate to see all my positions     App continues to be terrible
What happened to TouchID for token users How about an app to avoid the hassle of carrying a physical token           TouchID
I want to see all my positions when I select an account Please revert back     New interface is horrible
TouchID support easy transfers check deposit good brokerage options                 Great App Great BankBrokerage
This app is crap without Touch ID I dont have enough time to enter my full passcode why would you do this to me     Crap
Very disappointed in the number of reloads Ive had to do this past 2 weeks I cant count on the app anymore on my iPad Air 2 Trading is slow research is either slow or frozen Ive missed a couple trades while having to cancel and reload the app Once it saved me money but I still gotta complain because its so inconsistent        More restartsfreezes
App deteriorated significantly Used to be able to check positions by lot on my ETFs not anymore Only still available for my mutual funds Bizarre Called customer service and the said they are aware     Schwab doesnt care
New update seems a step backwards     Crashes daily
I just find the latest update to be lacking in flow and just to see an overview of positions really awkward There is a new layout that you can either see what your position is or what you positions total value is There is no way to see todays change and position with to value Other brokerage firms have smooth apps but Schwabs feels clunky The menu feature doesnt even list some old the most important links like getting to read research on a stock Bottom line is not very good and best of using the web page instead        Latest version a step backward
Balance of an Equity Award account doesnt show the vested amount     Inaccurate
Okay when its working but still tends to get stuck Just like previous versions when I bring up options tables and select one it tends to lock up spinning continuously instead of proceeding to trade entry This happens about 30 of the time Very frustrating when trying to place a trade        still hangs and hangs
This offers a fantastic experience very similar to their online experience Great set of services and very responsive                 Fantastic user experience
Getting better but still a mediocre app They should build a new app from scratch instead of continuing to just make incremental improvements with each new version        Touch login please
App stinks as does brokerage     Mad1964
As a 30 year Schwab client this is becoming untenable And it is not getting better if anything it is getting worse It crashes repeatedly and all you can do is delete it from the phone and then go to the App Store and download it again Bad Bad Bad     Very Buggy
Love Touch ID loginThe Apple watch app is also great where I can easily view market updates and quotes without having to open the phonePlease improve the Quote Research Page for symbols to show earnings dividends etcKeep the updates coming                 Great App
The app has worked great for me until this latest update when Touch ID was removed for some unknown reason Please return that functionality as soon as possible Thanks                 Schwab App
App crashes every time I attempt to TRADE I called Schwab Tech Support They had me change settings uninstall and reinstall No helpI downloaded the app on my wifes iPhone 6 and it had the same problemToday after 3 previous marathon phone support sessions over a period of a week Schwab tells me this is a known problem and they are working on itIf you have an IPhone and wish to use the app for trading I recommend choosing another broker     Unusable on iPhone 6
The app is not horrible but it is far from ideal compared to other banks Navigating through the app is clunky and you should be able to reorder viewable accounts           App needs work
A bit of a pain to have to redo TouchID on updates At least this time I didnt have to delete and reinstall the app Go to MenuSettings Worked for me and I also have a Secure Token              Update requires reactivate TouchID
With the current update you cannot trade stocks It simply doesnt work Worthless on iPad 2     Cant trade
App doesnt allow you to paste your password into the log on form This discourages people from using secure passwords managed by apps like Dashlane Keypass Lastpass or 1Password No secure messaging Seems designed by lawyers        Design by lawyers
I really like this app Very easy to use I would like to see images of checks written like they so for the deposits              Great and convenient
I use the checking account features the most TouchID is still there but after updating you first have to log in with userID and password no big deal The app appears to be loading a bit more quickly The text is now smaller Overall Im happy with the update Not sure why its getting bad reviews              Improved
Love the app since it is clear not too crowded and fonts are readable Just wish we can adjust the time out issue If you do not use the site it logs off in such a short time frame Is that something we can changeDavid Calleo              Schwabb has come a long way

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