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HuntLogix, LLC, the publisher behind many iOS app (Bassmaster Fishing Weather ,ScoutLook® Weather FishLog ,Mossy Oak Hunting Weather App, powered by ScoutLook ,ScoutLook Hunting ,ScoutLook DeerLog), brings ScoutLook DeerLog with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ScoutLook DeerLog app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The wind direction feature is also a major plus and accurate..
  • deer management planning tool for deer hunters..

Overall Satisfactionc68
This is definitely the best hunting app I've found so far.
I look at every day scent cone helps me choose a stand.
At first I thought this app had a ton of bugs.
Updates & Supportc88
but now with the prompt responses and outstanding customer service.
New Version Running faster than ever.

Great for determining what stand to hunt. found in 1 reviews
but now with the prompt responses and outstanding customer service. found in 5 reviews
This is a great app for guys like myself who eat. found in 1 reviews
Besides my weapons this is the best hunting tool I own. found in 3 reviews
Overall the app appears to work as promised. found in 1 reviews
I have/will continue to recommend this app to fellow outdoorsmen. found in 1 reviews
Loving the ability to track scent cones and lunar phases. found in 3 reviews
One app I'll pay for. found in 1 reviews
This is definitely the best hunting app I've found so far. found in 9 reviews
This is a great app for marking stands and tracking deer. found in 1 reviews
Needs fixed ASAP. found in 2 reviews
Map updates needed. found in 1 reviews
Was really enjoying the app until the update. found in 2 reviews
I tried to edit the log bit you can't. found in 1 reviews
Location set up is very difficult if not impossible on the app. found in 1 reviews
deer log feature only works sometimes. found in 2 reviews
Since the update it crashes as soon as I open. found in 1 reviews
Neat concept but freezes constantly. found in 1 reviews
Making the scentcone more dynamic would be a big plus. found in 1 reviews
but could benefit from some minor usability tweaks. found in 1 reviews
Keeps saying enter a valid email. found in 1 reviews
Their needs to be more edit ability. found in 1 reviews
the drop down to choose location type doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
I really enjoy the deer log app. found in 2 reviews
Love this app but won't work after new update. found in 1 reviews
App is crashing and closing out every time I try and save a location. found in 1 reviews
iOS 6 not compatible. found in 3 reviews
Can't open anymore. found in 1 reviews
Slowly going downhill. found in 1 reviews

The ScoutLook DeerLog is now available for $3.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about ScoutLook DeerLog in HuntLogix, LLC`s Official Website :

ScoutLook Weather DeerLog App is the ultimate Weather & Deer Management/Planning tool for Deer Hunters. This app merges world class Weather, Wind Mapping, Solunar Times, Tides & Moon, Hourly Barometric changes, and a sensational Deer ...
This app is a must have if you deer hunt a little or a lot It helps us track deer movement and minimizes a lot of guess work                 Love this APP
The website is OK for organizing multiple stands with remote members The app crashes constantly on my iPhone and IPad You need to update your maps and allow drag capability for current marked positions     App Crashes
I like the overall of this app wish they would update the map though              Map updates needed
With their stupid new update you cannot use this anymore say that you can still access you old saved locations but on mine there is nothing There are plenty of other deer logs that are not going to force me to update to something that wont work and crashes when the old one worked awesome     Pointless update
I like this app a lot and I would recommend it to others Great structure so far and hoping to see more options in the future more Categories to choose from Some examples Rub pin Scrape pin RubScrape pin Trail pin Trails Crossing pin Kill pin Tree Stan pin etcIts hard to define which exact one you want to focus on since they all looks the same Good example would be Bushnell Hunt Track options Overall Happy and hoping for these improvements                 Good App overall
I love this app it seams absolutely amazing But i would like the map pictures to be more recent              Cool app
Wont let me create an account Keeps saying enter a valid email I tried hotmail yahoo gmail What is a valid email I want my 4 bucks back        Umm Ok
Neat concept but freezes constantly Wont save dropped pins deer log feature only works sometimes        Not impressed
Awesome                 Awesome app
Elusive Outdoors Television loves this app Keep up the good work                 Nice Job
Trying to put guests on deer is hard enough every advantage is a plus and this app definately has its advantages I can input sightings from myself and other hunters in camp and put all that info into on source to go back and review to help plan future hunts for tomorrow next week or whenever This can definately help put down more deer around our properties                 Great Advantage
Great app              Great
This scoutlook has not been updated and continuously freezes The Mossy Oak Scoutlook app however is identical and has been updated and works perfect     Download Mossy Oaks instead
Great weather app for the hunter It is a must have Love it use it every time Im out                 Awesome
I love this app Great for wind direction and the deer log is great when you use it with your trail cameras A hunters dream                 Scout look
This is a really good app for deer hunting Well worth the money                 Great app
For some reason it shows that my current location is in Africa when I live in Minnesota Would not recommend this app to anyone     Not impressed
Really digging this app Great features and very useful to help plan my hunts and log how they went when done Probably my favorite part is the scent cone feature as it gives me something to think about when it comes to which stand to hunt Now if it could provide a guaranteed deer for my hunt would really be sweet                 Great app
I did not lose my stand placement but new map will not expand Hard to use Way too many pop up ads     Old app was good Too many ads Map too small
Now Ill know when to stay home and do chores or go hunt a stand with the right wind                 Nice scent cone
It keeps locking up then kicking me off Cant use it at all so I deleted it     Bad bad bad
Been using this app for a year now and the last 3 months wont allow you to plug in locations App randomly freezes or shuts down Come on and fix it It was such a helpful app before     Constantly freezing
First I do love this App Been using it for a long time They do need to update the maps though Since I upgraded to IOS8 I am having all kinds of GPS errors the drop down to choose location type doesnt work Also when you choose a location you shouldnt get the menu right away have the location info come up with the menu from there I dont want to edit the info just to see the name etc Also the ability to highlight and label food plots and other things would be awesome Maybe a trail camera option for the locations Good stuff for the most part though           Great App needs a few things
Needs a serious updated for the iOS 8 App not working correctly     Update Please Please
Love this app and it helps me                 Best App ever
Im enjoying the APP but still learning the inns outs Handy              Enjoy the APP
App is using a map that is several years old Website is using a more current map Location set up is very difficult if not impossible on the app Finally went online to set up my locations           Old map and location set up
I paid 5 for an app that doesnt do anything The radar doesnt work plenty of rain on the way and nothing shows on map I would wait a while before purchasing this        Hmmm
Need to have the ability to share location with friends or other user              Location share function
Excellent Maps need to be updated though              Scout Look App
Great app Update the satellite feed so hunters can see property changes Overall I use it daily during hunting season              Glad I downloaded this
Great app to really help you with scent issues and I love the deer logging feature as I have always wanted to track weather moon position as it relates to movement              Hunter
Great App Lots of info on one place                 App Review
Loving the ability to track scent cones and lunar phases Also like being able to see everything around my stand Would like to see maps updated and a topography map to show elevation changes              Mapping
Great app but satellite imagery needs to be updated Overall good app though              Great
Worse app ever It was ok last year but forced to update all data lostI tried 0 stars but could not submityuk     Yuk
Great tool to use while hunting Seems to be pretty accurate as far scent cone and wind Id like to see updated maps and possibly topo map option to show elevation changes                 Great tool
Had this app for a while It used to be reliable but it no longer is Especially for wind speeds scent cone and precipitation I plan my hunt get to my stand and my hunt is usually ruined before it starts Ive since started using other more reliable sources        Used to be good
Love this app really cool and helps with planning all types of hunting                 Hunter
Love the upgrade tutorial very helpful and kept my old logs love the new map features                 Kent Harris
What a great app no glitches or freezing runs smooth and the weather forecasts for 72hrs have been so much closer to the actual conditions we get in my area more so than any of the other weather apps or local TV meteorologist so much so that I now use Scout Look exclusively and havent ever been disappointed Thank you Scout Look Your not only great for my hunting escapades but also for letting me know if I should bring my rain gear with me on the bike Plus the deer log is awesome too Great app                 Great app forecasts awesome
It locks up you have to go into edit location to view your notes and it doesnt zoom as well as other appsTRIMBLE TRIMBLE TRIMBLE makes this app look like a joke     Junk junk junk 0 STARS
I loved the sophistication of this app I dont understand why it is no longer supported when it worked so well     Disappointed
Tried it twice Wouldnt work either time     Not good
I absolutely love this new app ScoutLook has always been a tool I use in the field and now its even better Thanks for taking all our needs as hunters into account and for making such a great product                 Love the new app
Great app for wind direction for your stands                 Great app
Ive had this app for a long time but recently its becoming increasingly frustrating to use I spent an hour this morning on my computer marking potential stand locations for a new property only to have 13 of them actually save when I tried to pull it up on my phone     Slowly going downhill
You really do need to update your maps and make the app a little bit more user friendly I love the weather feature           Scout Look
I am all about user experience and making it easy for the user I have found it a bit difficult at the beginning and frustrating at times I love the scent cone I have leaned towards connectedafield app as it has so many additional features but the interfaces are both lacking           A good start
Great app I like the design and easy use of the app You should add in barometric pressure though Deer tend to move around a certain pressure so that would aid the hunter quite a bit           Needs more

ScoutLook DeerLog Weather Weather Details Details WindScoutLook DeerLog Weather Weather Details Details WindScoutLook DeerLog Weather Weather Details Details WindScoutLook DeerLog Weather Weather Details Details Wind

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