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Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (ROCK BAND ,SCRABBLE ,YAHTZEEâ„¢ HD ,The Sims 3 World Adventures ,The Sims 3 ,LITE-BRITE), brings SCRABBLE with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SCRABBLE games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Try this app and increase your word/ brain power..
  • Super fun - like competing w computer..
  • I like a fast paced and challenging game..
  • Excellent time passer that is actually therapeutic for the brain..
  • Great vocab & mental exercise..
Overall Satisfactionclick me50
So much fun to play and so much better than words with friends.
I absolutely love scrabble & the iPhone version is amazing.
Love scrabble but HATE EA's management of it.
Love playing scrabble with friends all over the world.
I love playing Scrabble but not when it crashes every 30 seconds.
I love the teacher feature because I get smarter under its tutelage.
I don't have the teacher feature or the dictionary.
Love being able to play multiple games I never get bored.
but simply being able to play the game IS.
What's not to love about ScrabbleIt is the classic game.
Love the teacher function - shows you tips after your turn.
There is no teacher function on the iPad app either.
Fun & Engagingclick me72
Awesome game complement to the online Facebook version.
If scrabble weren't an awesome game.
Very addictive and make your brain working.
Very addictive game but there are continued issues.
I play it all the time This might prevent me from Alzheimer's or dementia.
Loads of fun and challenging just like the original board game.
Super fun - like competing w computer.
If all of this weren't already super fun to deal with.
Had scrabble for over 3 months now and am totally addicted.
Love scrabble and this app is fun fun fun.
Tons of fun love love love the dictionary option.
Usefulnessclick me73
I play everyday at all different times of everyday.
I love this app and I play everyday multiple times.
I play every day with my sister who lives several states away.
I play every day and particularly like the teacher feature.
So ticked off -- used to play every day at least once.
Family Friendlyclick me71
it is relaxing to play with family and against the computer.
This is very fun to play with family and friends.
One star until they let me play with family.
Replay Valueclick me68
Having different skill levels makes it fun for everyone.
I like the additional difficulty level that had recently been added.
The game supposedly has three " difficulty levels " for the AI.
iPad and iPhone versions will provide hours and hours of entertainment.
Been playing for years with multiple partners and it never gets old.
Normal level is too easy and Expert level is impossibly hard.
Social Aspectsclick me49
So much fun to play and so much better than words with friends.
The graphics and game play are far superior to words with friends :-.
I have had lots of "dropped connections" during multiplayer games.
Great way to stay in touch with friends in a casual gaming environment.
The starting music is annoying and doesn't remember to stay silent.
The single player mode and the teacher are awesome to have.
Doesn't have a real multiplayer mode that many others have.
A great mental puzzle with some social networking mixed in.
Production Valuesclick me48
The effing music and sound effects won't stay turned off.
The graphics & sound effects are wonderful.
The facebook interface is flawless and a lot of fun.
Last 2 versions had Facebook interface problems.
New Graphics seem a bit junkie & chunkie.
Like the new graphics and dictionary.
Ease of Useclick me16
It's an overall great simple game :.
it's such a simple game.
Reliabilityclick me24
Upgrades often introduce new bugs.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me26
Security & Privacyclick me27
through my Origin account.
Updates & Supportclick me20
Bought Scrabble version that works with iPhone and iPad.
Every bit as fun and challenging as the board version.


Play America's favorite word game -- ANYTIME ANYWHERE! Whether you connect with friends and play up to 25 games at a time, or savor a game solo, wordplay fun is always at your fingertips.


Challenge friends via Facebook, or square off in Pass N’ Play or Local Network Play. Play up to 4 friends per game! Any way you play it, SCRABBLE spells more F-U-N for everyone!

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Socialize and stay in the game, too! With the in-game chat feature you don’t have to exit to talk with your friends.


The SCRABBLE Teacher Feature lets you see the best word choice from your previous move – so the more you play, the better you get.


Get a helping hand! Use the in-game word list, built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, or the EXCLUSIVE best-word feature to see your highest scoring choices.


Shake to shuffle letters. Drag 'n drop to place tiles. Pinch to zoom and get a better view of the board. Intuitive menus get play going quickly. You can start a classic game with just one click!


Listen to and control your iTunes® Library, and get the wordplay party going with friends and family.
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The SCRABBLE is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SCRABBLE app version has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about SCRABBLE in Electronic Arts`s Official Website :


Otherwise it is great for passing time at airports and on planes. found in 14 reviews
A great way to unwind or fill time while waiting in line. found in 16 reviews
I feel like its a great brain exercise. found in 48 reviews
Great time killer that also builds up my brain cells. found in 47 reviews
Fun pastime and the 'teacher' helps you learn new words and strategies. found in 15 reviews
This is my favorite word game of all of them. found in 30 reviews
keeps my mind working hard & keeps me focused. found in 98 reviews
Play it every night before bed and in every waiting room. found in 14 reviews
The game itself is fun and entertaining. found in 15 reviews
Love the challenge - the teacher really keeps me on my toes. found in 15 reviews
Awesome time waster and good way to increase vocabulary. found in 28 reviews
Bought the full version and thoroughly enjoy the single player mode. found in 16 reviews
Love scrabble and this app is fun fun fun. found in 46 reviews
Used to play scrabble on family game nights. found in 15 reviews
Good brain food and intellectual spackle for downtime and refresh. found in 11 reviews
Always up for learning new words to improve my game. found in 37 reviews
I play everyday at all different times of everyday. found in 43 reviews
Love playing against the computer with 3 different levels of difficulty. found in 35 reviews
I find it very relaxing and challenging at the same time. found in 15 reviews
shutting off the phone and attempting to connect to FB. found in 134 reviews
Fun to play but " network errors " cause frustrating crashes. found in 174 reviews
I love everything about this app except it constantly logs me out. found in 62 reviews
But the Origin login fields don't allow the Paste function. found in 48 reviews
Great game but facebook login everytime gets old quick. found in 147 reviews
but -1 for the annoying music that can't be stopped'n. found in 64 reviews
I don't want to log into Facebook to play a Scrabble. found in 709 reviews
Haven't been able to connect to facebook thru my iphone. found in 613 reviews
Don't get the latest update after you do the game crashes. found in 79 reviews
Fix the music thing and this is a 5-star review. found in 30 reviews
Why capitalize when proper noun and adjectives aren't valid words. found in 44 reviews
Still would love to login to origin on the Scrabble for iPad. found in 97 reviews
Facebook connect and/or scrabble server is constantly down. found in 54 reviews
And Two: the game needs other opponent options besides facebook. found in 30 reviews
but requires me to log in to Origin more than I would like. found in 97 reviews
Now this version of Scrabble no longer will login to facebook successfully. found in 52 reviews
I'm not sure why Origin's auto login never works. found in 930 reviews
The integrated dictionary needs to provide definitions. found in 49 reviews
Its constantly logging me out of facebook and I have to log in again. found in 69 reviews
great game except for the annoying facebook stuff. found in 36 reviews
I have to retype my FB login credentials over and over. found in 161 reviews
They constantly egg you to start a new game with pop-ups. found in 256 reviews
STILL can't play with Facebook friends without giving Facebook access. found in 211 reviews
Constant " Network Errors "and can't log into Facebook. found in 174 reviews
I mostly play with friends and the Facebook connection is awful. found in 355 reviews
Apparently "Jew" is not a word according to the scrabble dictionary. found in 172 reviews
the auto login feature does not work properly. found in 930 reviews
Keep getting can't log into facebook error on my iPhone. found in 709 reviews
UPDATE - Facebook login issues still exist even after latest update. found in 147 reviews
This version of scrabble is horrible old version was much better. found in 211 reviews
The app sends me push notifications about random crap constantly. found in 138 reviews
It hasn't been able to connect to FB for two weeks. found in 134 reviews
I do not like playing against random opponents or the computer. found in 214 reviews
I play words with friends and thought this would be a nice change. found in 121 reviews
No way to delete old games - one of many new issues. found in 132 reviews
Facebook games are basically useless with this update. found in 123 reviews
I still cannot connect to Facebook with my iPod touch. found in 613 reviews
score numbers are difficult to read & colors look washed out. found in 231 reviews
The last update wiped out all my current games. found in 154 reviews
I can't play online anymore unless I go thru FB. found in 128 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
I love this game I used to live this app Then I upgraded my phone cannot play one turn without the app crashing What happened Because of this I rarely play anymore I paid for this app Fix these bugs please    Crashes every time
Fun and challenging                Instructor
Buying ad free doesnt work          Mr
The advanced settings really challenge you and I also like Pass N Play                Great game
Ive been playing with my sister who lives in NH since Feb 2010 I live in Florida What fun                The Best
Timeless                Cracking
Updated and downgrading from 5 stars to 3 Still a good interface but unfortunately notifications no longer work So I never know when its my turn without checking in the app Simple problem Hopefully theyll release a simple fix in the near future I thought I loved this app beforenow I am obsessed I love the online gameplaying capability that alerts you when the other player has finished their turn Addictingly lovable fanastically wonderful applicationIf you like Scrabble in real life you will fall in love all over again with this app Now go download it                Not so Ahmazinganymore
I play many friends not on fb words with friends because we cant use origin for scrabble I enjoy both games There r many words the teacher comes up with that r not in the dictionary             Scrabble
Love the game but I paid for ad free play and still get ads after EVERY SINGLE PLAY I want my money back       Tim s
The one and only game I play regularly Getting my butt kicked but getting better and better as I get back into scrabble again             Great Game
This is easily one of the strongest Scrabble programs online Versatile supple supportive its a pleasure to play                Nice version
Greatest game             Greatest game
I bought this for the iPhone six and a iPad airThis was so my wife and I could play against each other without having to set up a board We like to do this oftenIt seems there is no way to get friends and your user list I have gone to the EA site and found multiple complaints about this but no answers from the EA staff I would totally suggest not buying this until they finally fix that issue So far it is a frustrating waste of 10Plus why am I paying to have ad space on a product I paid for I dont care what other apps the company has I dont want to see themAll in all I must rate this as a oneiif it wouldnt crash as much and I could add users and friends it would be possibly higher I shall have to waitandsee    Not a very good game
Please fix the bug that makes the app crash when opening Happens 50 of the time    Needs to be fixed
I play Scrabble almost every day                Love to play scrabble
The Origin was always asking me to log in it would get on my nerves When I used to play on gamescom long ago we used to be able to watch others play I miss gamescom but this is good too you cant complain I think that they give people to much time to do their move if a player gets say 5 mins per turn that would be good keep the games moving I think the Teacher is very helpful I used to be able to search for Origin people but now I cannot seem to do that oh well             I still miss gamescom
Get the paid version its so much better without ads                Great app
It seemed like the game was unavailable to play for the first 15 hours after I bought the Scrabble app Its working great right nowbut it occasionally is unavailable to play for extended periods of time So I dont recommend buying this game    I had trouble connecting the app
I am getting annoyed with this version It randomly crashes OFTEN Last update was March Keep up developers with technology          Keeps Crashing
Love this game                
It would be great if it gave u dictionary that told u what a word meant so u could look it up Please please update with a dictionary that tells you what the words mean I will give you 5 stars then          Would like a dictionary that looked up what a word means
The dictionary it uses is not real Often when I tap TEACHER it shows a word that cant even be found on the Internet Scrabble is my most favorite game I play almost daily It feels better to me to use an ironclad dictionary I typically choose Websters I have no idea what this app uses Still fun but frustrating    Made up words
Maybe Im too new but little hints would be great seeing as how the word selection is so vast             Hints would help
Its really well done I just wish there was a word definition option to understand some of the opponents words                Favorite game
Worst app ever Crashes all the time Useless    Awful
I am no longer being notified when its my turn if I have left the game and am in another app             Bugs need to be squashed
If youre not on Facebook cant seem to invite contacts via email or even search for their user name even if they sign up on their own basically cant do anything but play random players       Impossible to figure out how to invite friends via email
The game is great but the application randomly close sea mid game This happens often Almost dailyThe app also logs you out too often and sometimes it takes so long to log in that you have to restart the applicationDictionary is never updated even when youve updated the application Not worth the money I paid for Way too many problems that are never addressed As for customer service Its non existent I say REFUND EVERYONES MONEY       Logging out every time
I like that I can play against the computer and dont have to play with other people                Fun app
Craziest words ever in play often not in dictionary app             Which do you use
My husband and I love playing                Awesome game
Good app I like the teacher feature                Exactly what youd expect
This is Simply the best board game                MK
Outstanding game Almost exactly like the board version Classic and fun                Great game
Love the pass n play feature                Great
This game is such a Chamaeleon that at times I think its human My only question is who uses these words LOL It truly has made me a very good Scrabble player                Almost human
I thought this was a great app I love scrabble but this app crasheswont allow you to sign in cant play for daysI PAID FOR THIS APP and it allows the use of plurals and non English wordsI would not recommend this to anybody sorry guys       Cant playkeeps crashing
Love this game Love this format                Scrabblicious
Would give it five stars except for one dreadful but fixable problem I play against the computer in Expert mode and hardly a game goes by without the computer using a word that isnt a word Tonights examples grrrl talcy karahi and enjamb This ruins the game and needs to be fixed          Words Words Words
The version I am trying to enjoy confounds logic The computer uses words in no English dictionary but with a decidedly French spelling and flare I was amused until the games dictionary denied me the word preference as invalid I am using the US Flag version so that is unacceptable When I contacted customer service to resolve the issue I was guided to restarting my iPhone and reinstalling the game neither of which actions addresses the programming snafu I like everything else about the game but will not play again until this is corrected    International Mixup
The app crashes all the time Constant network errors even with a strong network or wifi present Notifications are very sporadic and inconsistent Otherwise would give this app 5 stars but these bugs are extremely annoying       Ugh
Fix the dictionary Remove the slang foreign words AND SPELLING LETTERS Z ZE Scrabble has real rules Why on earth would this poor excuse for an EXPENSIVE app 799 not just let you invite friends Got it to play with a friend and you cant just seek someone out using an iPhone Not like iPhone or iPads are common these days And why force me to use Facebook to do it I have zero desire to deal with that crap There should be a clear warning when in the App Store that tells you it IS NOT iPhone friendly I want my 799 plus tax back for a product that exaggerates its capabilities    Could be fun WITH FRIENDS
Great game but can only see a few friends with fb login and only allowing me to invite 1 out of 500 Every time I try yo login with OA it says my password is incorrect go through multiple emails and still says its wrong after resetting it Cannot hook up with hubby to play hd is having same issue snd my sister in law too We all paid for upgrade hoping it would fix it No such luck       Fix invite a friend and pw login
Game counts by 2s Played 4 games won 3 lost 1 Score shows 6 won 2 lostWhat else is messed up    iPhone 6 Fail
Love it I play a game as soon as i wake up to get my brain muscles pumping                Only game on my phone
Once again another Scrabble update and more problems Now the game lags when I try to open any game in progress or it wont open until I pull down to update which it already did I was getting notifications then as mysteriously as they started back up they stopped No I dont receive notifications when another player plays a word It amazes me that a company like EA can make all of these other console games and not have problems But an iPhone app Every update comes with problems How hard is this app to code PatheticDont waste your money on the paid version I did Youll only be disappointed If I could rate it 0 stars I would    Another Great UpdateNot
The version for I phone is awesome                Throne
My mom plays this game and she doesnt use FacebookThere appears to be no way in which to add friends via the only alternative means Origin login from within the app It looks like you have to go to Origincom to download a Mac app to then login there to add friends I did even this and could not find her friend via email address I have never seen a more idiotic design for simply playing against another humanYou used to be able to add via email address when playing via Origin That option was removed From what I can tell EA could not give two ships about how they have ruined this experienceI would gladly pay 2 per month if they would add this feature Is it money theyre after Or selling your data to Facebook I just dont get it    Worthless Cannot add nonFacebook friends
When playing against other humans take away the teacher ability Way to much cheating using the teacher recommendations Words that might get used by a single person every twenty years seem to be too common Also limit the number of nudges a person is allowed Its not speed play if someone is using the entire four minutes every time Give them three nudges then the fourth is a forfeit Im sure most folks are probably spending all that time looking words up REDUCE THE CHEATING ABILITIES       Reduce the cheating ability
The game is solid and i play the computer a lot BUT some of the words though legal are so obscure it spoils the game I wish there was a way to edit the dictionary or customize it                Good game though computer cheats


Electronic Arts
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.
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