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SUPER SOFTWARE , the publisher behind many iOS app (DVD Creator Pro - Video Movie Burn to DVD Lite ,DVD Copy & Rebuild Lite ,Video Add Subtitle Pro Lite ,ISO Make Pro ,Screen Record HD - Video Recorder ,( Super ) DVD Ripper Pro Lite), brings Screen Record HD - Video Recorder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Screen Record HD - Video Recorder app has been update to version 3.2.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Screen Record HD - Video Recorder is now available for 4.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 9902706, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Screen Record HD - Video Recorder app version 3.2.4 has been updated on 2015-04-01.
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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Record screen and you can pick the screen that you want to record, which is cool. Record microphone audio and computer audio. Record computer audio , you can record video from video website. What you see is what ...
It works as it should except for that already mentioned pesky problem of access to the start button which is not always a problem just sometimes I d give it 5 stars if I could set it to come on and go off while I m asleep or not home in order to record live conferences and webinars since I m in a very different time zone Thank you                 I like it SouiriaHil
1 It wil only work on your main screen you can t select a screen if you are working with multiple screens 2 When you select the area to record you can t click in the area to move your content around You have to decrease the size of the record window make your adjustments then resize your record window back where you want it These are small quirks but drive me nuts when I m making screen recordings Other than that it s not too bad             It s OK needs improvement George Sot
This application does not work Tried different settings multiple times Apple needs to improve their App return efund process or pull garbage apps like this off their site     Does not Work 2HappyParents
Downloaded the app and the initial appearance would lead one to believe use is relatively straightforward The app locked twice requiring a reboot When attempting to resize the custom capture window the window disappeared and now will only record a random portion of the screen with no apparent way to recover the window Reboots and reinstalls do not offer any help A regrettable purchase     4 wasted DanNC61
I love this app but it has one huge problem for me 10 25 min recorded videos open and play by default player Quick time player but longer recorded videos like 1 hour and more or more than 5 GB videos wont open by Quick time player Any suggestions guys Please help                 does not play more than 4GB recorded videos erlankg
I I have a movie that I can play but I can t copy it or ripp it So I thought I d try to record it so I bought this program got it running selected the area wanted to copy and when I pressed record When I pressed the record button the section that I wanted to record turned GRAY I have worked on it for half a day and got absolutely nothing Don t buy it         won t record Foxie Lady 1935
I am new macbook user I just bought this app for screen shot shifting from using microsoft window In Microsoft Window I can use snap shot free But when I bought this app is amazing It can say cost effective Thanks for your app Regards Khaing Minn Nyo                     It is Great App Khaing Minn Nyo
when i record i is off sync with the audio by a fraction of a second and i always have to correct this in imovie afterwords but the video isn t laggy and the software is good overall you just need to fix the sync problems                 is off sync with the audio DocWut
I got this app for free a while ago when they were having some kind of promotion but even for 5 it is totally worth it I had been looking for a free screen recorder for a while since I was having trouble with Quicktime recording sound from the computer plus the mic at the same time This app is seriously amazing it is extremely simple and easy to use I love how I can easily check a couple boxes and select it to record the computers sound as well as sound from my mic The quality is great you know when the files are so huge It makes mp4 files that I can easily drag from Finder into iMovie and start working Easily 5 5 on this app great job developers I just wish they had this app for Windows                     Great for making Youtube videos Warhawk15
I easily recorded the things I wanted but when I tried to find them in my editor iMovie I had a VERY hard time trying to find the videos to put them into a new one for YouTube Still can t find em             Where d It Go Skye Shelden
I love making youtube videos but the audio is off for my voice AND the built in audio The quality is amazing I love it so much But if the audio problem can be fixed in an update PLEASE do so Thanks             Good but audio problem Epc1220
Claims you can record system audio The only option it gives is to record microphone audio     Doesn t do what it claims TobyGant
The software is junk The video recording had a lot of noise in it The videos recorder with this software aren t just low quality Not user friendly hard to figure out what to do You need to fix quick of give me a refund     It does not work XIyteon Joms
Works great I would recommend it                     Does What It Says Jace Nicklien
Pretty much does what it says I like that I can rely on this more to record my mirrored footage from my iPad 3 versus using Air Squirels Reflector recording feature in which the end result is choppy and lagging video Quite simple to use just adjust SSRP screen capture according to what you re about to record hit the Record button and you are on your way Make sure to also download the free software to record the audio from the soundboard of your computer otherwise it will record from the onboard mic on your mac                     I use this versus Reflectors recorder myst515
I just got this personally i would pay 1 2 dollars for this its not the best but i use it for youtube videos and it fits my needs and since its free even another season to get it FYI it no longer freezes and works gr8                 Pretty good no longer freezes because pf latest update HeadShot6
Freezes everytime I use it Have to hold the power button force my MBP shut down         Freezes a lot Vermontier
Screen Record HD - Video Recorder Business Screen RecordScreen Record HD - Video Recorder Business Screen RecordScreen Record HD - Video Recorder Business Screen RecordScreen Record HD - Video Recorder Business Screen RecordScreen Record HD - Video Recorder Business Screen Record

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