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A R Ermes , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sports Car Engines Lite ,Game Cheats for iPhone/iPod Touch ,Secrets for iPhone ,Secrets for iPhone Lite ,Motorcycle Engines Lite ,Secrets for iPad), brings Secrets for iPod Touch with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Secrets for iPod Touch app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Secrets for iPod Touch is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Secrets for iPod Touch app version 3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-06. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
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MAJOR iOS 4 UPDATE IS FINALLY HERE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: - "5/5 - Excellent - Getting more pages took quite a while to work out but I eventually managed it This app is fantastic value for money, with ...
This is really helpful I like how it shows you how to have 11 screens Like it says this is for the iPod Touch not for iPhones                 Awesome
this is really a grat appeven for those who know alot about the ipod touchi saved a gigabyte of data on my 8gb ipod touch from reading this                 great app
Thanks it realy helped all it needs is codes for graal classic                 Thanks
This app is awesome and when there wasnt something on there i emailed them amd they responded quickly and really helped me out so thanks                 Awesome app
Some of these tips helped me save time and made it easier to use my iPod It was very useful to me I have more space too These tips helped me alot and you should try them                 Thank You
OMG This is the best app ever Buy it Youll be glad you did So many tips tricks                 Best app ever
It is good for some of the basics yet is not thorough enough to be truly useful Ill need a separate book for that sigh           Good but
None of this stuff works uhhh i really dont like it but o well hailey        kinda sad
All new users should have this Some tips are very useful              Secrets of iPod touch
You should get it It is worth it U will be my friend if u buy it                 Awesome
This app had information that any iPod or iPhone user would know already This app isnt worth paying for because all the information was basic stuff that you can just ask your friend about and they know the answer Dont buy it just ask a friend if you have questions     Not worth 099
I saved about 17 gigs of memory on my 8 gig itouch This app is the bomb                 AWESOME
I have the 2nd gen iPod touch A few of these secrets helped but 8090 were for iPhone If I would have known this before I wouldnt have bought it        Ok app
This app would be a true 5 with camera roll as in my 4th generation iPod Touch I cannot find the camera roll option in which I need to set a menu background Please add a camera roll instruction for a easy 5              Camera Roll
Ive only had it 10 minutes and already Im finding out coolstuff I didnt know Very useful Well worth the 1                 Great app
This app does not work at all     This app is a fraud
Many helpful tips Some obvious and some not It has been very helpful for me Thanks                 Great App
Best ever I saved so much battery And learned a lot of stuff                 Best ever
It had 1 or 2 tips I didnt know about but that was about all Ive only had an iPod about a month or so and I already knew most of these        Not that great
This app is good It also doesnt have too much interesting info Most of it we could figure out on our own Its good if its ur first apple project if not its not worth it and also if youve had it over 7 months its pretty useless as well              Its a in between
For only 099 cents I doubted getting this but after deciding to buy it I found out that even though some tips may be for iPhone I realized that the creator did this to the people who had apps like remote camera and found out it was well worth the 099 cents heck I would pay 599 for it not saying it should be priced that high but I am a huge iPod user and wherever I go my iPod goes with me So I needed to find the easiest way to keep alot of space and keep a long battery life and this app has it all If you think you know all the secrets like I did think again                 A Must Buy
there are so many hints and tricks luv the font trick this app is worth a dollar if u have an iphone i suggest the other app just as well                 USEFUL
Most of the tricks are common sense iPod touch user guide is as good        Get the free one
This app has so many iPhone tips that youll spend a good evening playing with em all You wont care if every single one works on your device cuz there are that many to try Recommended                 Everyone will Learn Something Cool
I got a 8gb with 40 update and a lot of these dont work might if i have a 3Gen itouch who knows        Great if u got a 32 or 64 gb
Gives you good tips and helps alotlike resetting the home screen layout                 Awesome app
This is good if you just got your iTouch or if you are not techy but I figured all of it out just by playing around        Alright
A great app I installed like 10 then deleted them of course this has basic but Alot more helpful tips THANK YOU PS I BOUGHT UR OTHER APP TOO                 A TRUE APP
71 makethings easyer to read wont work i have a third gen ipod with iOS 4 and i cant find accessibility at all              some great tips but
Best iPod tipstricks app EVAH WHY CANT I RATE IT HIGHER Heres how it works for peoples ratings on this app Five starts smart people Four stars ok people Three stars what are you thinking Two stars stupid people One star mental headgear problem Thank you                 Ahhhhhhh
I think that this app is so totally awesome The developer updates almost monthly I have a 2G iPod touch and he was more than happy to answer all of my questions I would pay 700 for it but dont price it that high it is totally worth ur money He makes separate apps for iPhone and iPod Touch Go ARE                 Totally Awesome
The secret 54 Save space on iPod touch helped me out so much I needed space despartly and I only had like 200 MB left but when I converted all of my 387 songs into 128 kbps AAC files I SAVED AN ASTONISHING 15 GBS This app rocks There are also many more amazing apps that tell you very cool secrets BUY                 SAVED SOOOOO MUCH SPACE
I never knew almost all of these secrets I can do so much more with my iPod touch                 This app is amazing
I knew pretty much of dis stuff on here but its good to download it if ur a first user Good job           Good app
I had my ipod for 1 month I didnt know any of these Except 12              Helpful
Most iPod users already know 99 of the stuff in here        Not that special
Great app I found it to be extremely helpful for my iPod Much better than the app I purchased from a different developer for my iPhone                 Extremely Helpful
great appi was able to figure out a lot i even figured out a trick by myself once i was looking at pictures and all of a sudden i was able to look at my games and apps from the bottom screen i was able to do it once but now i cant figure out how to do it anymore                 Great
Find info free online pod app     Waste of Money

Secrets for iPod Touch Productivity Ipod Touch Super FastSecrets for iPod Touch Productivity Ipod Touch Super FastSecrets for iPod Touch Productivity Ipod Touch Super FastSecrets for iPod Touch Productivity Ipod Touch Super Fast

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