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InfoReach, Inc. , brings SendHub with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SendHub app has been update to version 1.5.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • All you need is the capability to send multimedia messages..

Overall Satisfactionc75
All you need is the capability to send multimedia messages.
Call quality is excellent and texting is a breeze.
the call quality is worse than Line2.
It has great features and the voice quality is impressive.
your voice quality over wifi is pretty terrible.
Best VoIP quality I have heard.
SendHub has the best platform and the strongest features.
Fun & Engagingc71
Awesome app for business use.
Great App For Business.
Awesome phone /texting app.
So helpful for organizing events.
Useful and slick app.
I use it everyday to communicate with groups of coworkers.
Super useful for anyone running internship programs or summer camps.
Loaded with tons of great features it's everything you need in one app.
Ease of Usec92
This one seemed the cheapest and easiest to set up.
This app is super easy to use.
Easy setup and simple integration to replace our current phone systems.
Super simple to use and really useful.
It's easy and convenient to use.
Easy and Reliable.
Updates & Supportc63
Also beats google voice and Skype with awesome customer service.
Buggy + HORRIBLE customer service.
Latest Version is fast.
-the new update has made it even better.

Great app and voice over ip app. found in 1 reviews
Exactly what we need for our small business office phone system. found in 8 reviews
I think it should work in school wifi. found in 1 reviews
Latest Version is fast. found in 1 reviews
Excellent App for today mobile office. found in 1 reviews
Great for med school. found in 2 reviews
I paid for the premium vm transcription. found in 1 reviews
Best VoIP quality I have heard. found in 5 reviews
Best soft phone in the market. found in 1 reviews
Will assist with sending messages when I'm on the go. found in 2 reviews
Our team relies on conference calls for our daily meetings. found in 9 reviews
So helpful for organizing events. found in 1 reviews
Great business phone for travelers. found in 5 reviews
The bulk texting has been tremedously helpful with my sales team. found in 5 reviews
Using for free clinic. found in 1 reviews
Good for communicating internally and keep all my contacts compartmentalized. found in 1 reviews
voicemail transcription on the premium plan is excellent. found in 7 reviews
I use it everyday to communicate with groups of coworkers. found in 1 reviews
Great for doctors. found in 1 reviews
and staff of our high school for the past two years. found in 1 reviews
cant use it because i cant even get signed up. found in 1 reviews
But limited texting. found in 1 reviews
Consistent Errors. found in 1 reviews
Only thing missing is MMS. found in 1 reviews
Still frozen. found in 1 reviews
Will give more starts once they fix the problem. found in 1 reviews
It's ok but would be great if you could DELETE Messages. found in 3 reviews
even if your phone is currently connected to the internet. found in 1 reviews
If it wouldn't crash and allow me to delete old messages. found in 8 reviews
Buggy and crashes. found in 2 reviews
so I will be looking elsewhere. found in 1 reviews
No photo capability. found in 1 reviews
Aside from the lack of a FAX function. found in 1 reviews
Buggy + HORRIBLE customer service. found in 1 reviews
so doesn't need to be running in the background to receive calls via wifi. found in 1 reviews
Even crashed when I tried to answer a phone call. found in 2 reviews
Hasn't opened for weeks. found in 2 reviews
then refused to refund the $6. found in 2 reviews
Needs to be fixed or you have just lost a paying customer. found in 2 reviews
Unable to delete SMS under iOS7. found in 2 reviews
as the app has issues with incoming calls going through. found in 3 reviews
Another week I tried again and they refunded the $6. found in 2 reviews
No caller ID. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download SendHub for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5.3 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about SendHub check developer InfoReach, Inc.`s website :

SendHub makes it easy to send text messages to any number of people. Send and receive messages from large and small groups. Contacts can join your groups with a simple text. Get a free number ...
Id give it 5 stars if youd please make an iPad layout              Id give it 5 stars if
Exactly what I was looking for Everything that I need for my business in one place Thank you dev team                 I stumbled up on this from the related apps
I personally use it exclusively for work conference calls Its a great app and they have a wide range of numbers to choose from Call quality has been great for work purposes Overall a great app albeit a bit over priced if you dont need all the features              Great for conference calls
Much faster than the last one and the inbox is updating better                 This update is fast
Great app need iPad version too please              Opinion
This used to be my daily goto app for my business and church App now wont even open crashes every time Fix this and you will go back to 5 stars     Crash and Burn
SendHub is my business communication tool It has great features like conference calls Great VoIP quality too                 Complete Phone system solution
Edit yep still uses over 10 per day in the background Every day Sendhub uses 12 of my iPhone battery while in the background never being used Thats what ios8 tells me If I kill the app it tells me I have to reopen it to get calls Thats a crazy amount of battery to use in the background     Uses 13 of iphone 6 battery in background
Crash Crash Crash Simply does not work on iOS83 on iPhone 6     Not ready for iOS8
Sometimes doesnt ring or update           Not reliable
This app is good to have so that everyone does not have your personal mobile number And when a person responds it does not go to EVERYONE within the group However IMO this app is definitely NOT worth the rate increase Now the app crashes on my iPhone and ipad Which pretty much defeats the purpose of having it its not functional     Disappointed
Its just like a normal There are a few things here and there But overall its great                 Great app
Constantly crashes everytime upon opening Unusable IOS 8     CrashHub
Broken layout on iPhone 6 buggy on iOS 8 Its not like you guys didnt have time to prepare Unacceptable for an app critical to my business     What am I paying every month for
Still junk Grades C grade for call quality F grade customer policies A for texting D for ethics Not good Call quality is choppy skip as phone but solid sms tool Company is not customer centric They killed off a free pricing tier providing one notice to customers and very shortly if you blinked you missed it disable accounts and immediately released the s therefore customers lost their number for good Ethically some issues with former governor of FL Jeb Bush who had one of his top aids email State employees to use the service all the while Jeb Bush has an investment in the company via relationship with a cofounder at SendHub Overall below average call quality and a track record that doesnt build confidence to trust them with your number certainly not a business number     Ok service poor customer values
Its great app I just wish we can pay through App Store and to be 1 hour instead of 30 min                 Ahmad
Good clarity and text functionality this is a required app with my new job and better than anything Ive used in the past Grasshopper Unoim                 New User No Problems
Great idea but unprofessional group with handful running show Tech support cant fix little things They are using global system as a reseller Not quite there yet Try and find their address or even get an agent to provide it Sales team are thugs and possibly friend of pop owner Small group Office 365 is rolling dial tone for Lync Full integration with PBX from ATT     Mom Pop Shop Lots of glitches wont give their address
We use this app to communicate with each other both using SMS and calls on a daily basis The new app is much faster and more reliable                 Great update
Great app for managing all our business phone lines and texts                 Great App
Great second phone number for my business May be all I need as phone number Good interface Great for conference calls Highly recommend                 Awesome product
A Perfect solution for online SMS business messaging                 Great tool for business sms
Another cosmetic update to a deeply flawed service and then a handful of suspiciously enthusiastic reviews Staff need classes in both business ethics and computer programming Used this service for 6 months was a nightmare of shady sometimes flatly illegal practices First they randomly upgraded my account I hadnt exceeded any limits on my plan or requested it But one day they decided to upgrade me So I had a prorated charge of 6 then 25 a few days later They refunded the 25 then refused to refund the 6 since it was from the previous cycle Another week I tried again and they refunded the 6 A month later I tried to port my number out According to FCC regulations this should take about 24 hours In clear violation of FCC regulations SendHub first refused then tried every tactic imaginable to obstruct and delay the process 7 days later I was finally successful at porting my number out Ive just received a call from my new carrier telling me that now SendHub is trying to illegally port my number back Unbelievable I filed a complaint with the FCC SendHub responded to the FCC with lame excuses for breaking the law     App still garbage
After signing up for the free trial of send hub I quickly caught on that something was amiss This is not a professional company with a goal of customer satisfaction All of the incredible sounding features for such a small price sadly should have been clue but after interacting with a support representative that very clearly was an immature owner of the software I did my due diligence searching around and then quickly asked for my credit card to be removed from the account giving up my remaining 12 days of the free trial Ive never left a one star review before now but felt compelled to come do so now I was relieved to see the reviewer below me point out the suspicious five star review I noticed a similar pattern on other review sites and called attention to it there I will say that nothing blatantly illegal was done to me although it did become worry but the app and service itself is enough to turn anyone away     Awful unprofessional and deceptive app
Finally the app works for iPhone 6 users Id love it more if I could share voice messages via text within the app                 Showing progress
Terrific interface and wellorganized menus make this a joy to use                 Great easeofuse
SendHub is the perfect phone system for my business and has the best VoIP quality I have heard I love how easy it is to communicate with my customers with SwndHub                 Best VoIP and SMS for Business
If we use our own wifi why should we have to pay for credits to buy minutes I understand 60 mins for 99c is a great deal but still think it would be a better app if completely free without hassle              Its good just wish it was 100 free
HUGE BATTERY DRAIN Plus it Crashes all the time With each update I keep hoping that it will get better but I am constantly disappointed     Just keeps getting worse
Ive been in sales for years and the tools are usually too complicated This is simple and it works                 Sales Team
F Their support email doesnt even work it bounces Dont communicate account billing issues I signed up for a free trial and expected it to upgrade automatically like everyone else Apparently there was a billing problem I did NOT receive any emails about it Got a voicemail on my sendhub that I couldnt log into because my account was suspended Again no emails were received stating this So no emails and one voicemail I couldnt listen to A couple days later my account is 100 deleted No way to recover the phone number This was my business line It made me look very bad Every other company in this space communicates account issues through email or by calling the customers ACTUAL phone number This is a Mickey Mouse company run by a bunch of amateurs Terrible terrible experience     Highly Questionable Company 0 stars
Way too many free apps out there with fewer bugs and crashes After this being a free service for so long Im not paying for I can get a prepaid cell phone with unlimited talk and text for 25 a month and not have to worry about bugs and crashes     Im not paying for
I have been using this app for almost a year and have stood by all the updates Last few weeks the app keeps crashing and I havent been able to conduct any business from my phone and its so frustrating Please fix it I have deleting the app off my phone and put it back on twice and still keeps crashing Needs to be fixed or you have just lost a paying customer     Needs to be fixed immediately
I have used sendhub in the past when it has 60 minutes free and texting however I pass on a shot and thought this app was better than line2 I was very wrong its similar to line2 Nevertheless the call quality is worse than Line2 I got tons of voice mails and 90 percent were empty less than a second long Most of my incoming calls go straight to voicemail even though the app is open andor running the background The customer service is like a oneman show yet there is someone to chat with        Great thought but far from being a business Voip
We needed something that was essentially gmail for texting and this is it                 Great App for Dispatch Company
Weve been using SendHub to communicate with the students parents and staff of our high school for the past two years Its made a HUGE difference in how and when people get the info they need Although the SendHub app can be quirky the tech support staff is extremely responsive I highly recommend SendHub                 Makes school life so much better
The system is great but their app drain to muck battery It is the number one app under battery usage even without login in     App drain too much battery
Call reliability has been great with recent updates It also seems much quicker when sending messages Really love the new conference lines as well                 Makes for a great work phone
Ive had send hub now for a few months and I like it Came across a few bug problems after downloading ios8 but the support team reached out and promised they were on it and it wld be fixed which it was in a few days The only thing I dnt like and hope they are going to do something about is fixing to wear you can receive pictures Im a nail technician and I send out pics but cant receive incoming pic at all This is the one thing I hope they are working on           I like the app
No issues prior to iOS 8 and new iPhone 6 Now opens and crashes Please resolve quickly This number is a main source of contact for my business 500 business cards banners and signs etc with SendHub number     Issues with iOS 8iPhone 6
Very easy set up and a fantastic business app this will definitely help your communication run smoothly and effortlessly Highly recommend                 Great App For Business
We dial into a conference every day for our team meeting and never have issues dialing in because SendHub makes it so easy                 Conferences have never been so simple
Im required to use this app for work I didnt want to But it is good I like how it keeps work communication in its own little box And I didnt havet o get a work phone D                 My Work Phone
Seeing such a consistent dedication to improvement on both new feature development and reliability makes me glad to work here I can also say firsthand that we try very hard to work with customers and keep them happy                 Good company
My favorite SendHub feature is the single stream for text and voicemail combined It also quickly integrates with my OS and contacts which is a huge benefit when on the go                 Great interface for textvmail
For business purposes Ive been shuttled along through four or five different competing soft phone services over the past five years This one is hands down the very best Im practically inured to the string of broken promises that are reliability Not here Ive never missed a call Thats enough for me                 Better than the rest
Excellent                 Excellent
Super easy to use                 Great app
Great app and voice over ip app I have all calls transfer to my cell it works perfect it also turns off and on automatically so I dont get calls in the middle of the night                 Great app and voice over ip app
Started with the company their first year and was happy until they changed their prices and increased my monthly by 20month First startup I worked with that didnt grandfather in their first users Few months later chose to pay for a full year After 1 month of their app not updating on my iOS they recommended canceling my service which I did I then asked for the remainder of the year I paid for and they refused to refund the months of unused service I hope their investors know how shady their business is being run Do NOT USE THEM unless you want to be victimized after you get and list a new phone     Greedy with horrible ethics

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