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Decisive Tactics, Inc. , brings Serial with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Serial app has been update to version 1.2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Serial is now available for 29.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 1288804, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Serial app version 1.2.5 has been updated on 2014-06-05.
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Serial is a modern terminal emulator designed to make working with servers, network equipment, and embedded hardware easier for engineers and system administrators. For system administrators, Serial supports the all-important break sequence required when working with ...
Good work developers You ve managed to write some software that DOESN T make other developers complain This is good stuff Worth the 30 even if it s just a few megabytes of code                     Yeah this app is great al-ec
This is hands down the best serial applicaton I have used for the MAC I am constantly needing Serial access to various Cisco and HP switches routers etc This app has not failed me once If I had any complaint it would be that the serial port for my Cisco 3560x over USB shows garabage for the name But when selecting it it works perfect I wish I could attach a screen shot here which would explain this better                     Best Serial APP Kris.Armstrong
This is exaclty what I was looking for I use it to connect to various Odroid SoC micro computers The one thing that kept me from giving it the extra star was the baud rating was missing 115200 which is a fairly common baud rate Also on the first initial connection we should prompt for settings such as emulation baud rate etc I had to go hunting for those settings when the squiggly lines danced accross my screen on the initial connection A serial newbie might not have realized what that was all about and not know to go looking for these settings Overall simple to use and powerful I m happy with the purchase                 Works well eanjprice
I have tried many Serial programs for a MAC and this is hands down the best Worth every penny I spent plus some Very happy                     Best Serial connector there is XBMXBMXBMXBMXBMXBMXBMXBM
Let me start by saying in my many years of existence this is the first time I have found an app worth writing a review on I am one of the few that uses a MAC to administer network administration I have a Windows laptop I have been using prior to finding this app and what I still have to use going into multiple clients corporations And I despise it but I had no choice until now I am not a fan of windows and like Android I never have been I could not be any happier to have found this I did the trial version to make sure I had no issues and it worked absolutely flawlessly There are a lot of programs apps that claim to do the same but this is the only one that works without ANY ISSUES WHATSOEVER I have been using it regularly and it has not failed me one time I connect to mostly Cisco and Linux If you are on the fence about the purchase you get what you pay for It is worth every cent I guarantee it                     Absolutely Perfect Conf T
Apple doesn t seem to think we need serial port support So if you have to use a serial console over USB this is the best app to get                     When you need it you need it Nicknameless person
My company stopped using Windows laptops several years ago but they d been keeping one old Toshiba for years because they needed it to console a SunOS box in case of an emergency The HD died on that poor old Toshiba a few months ago and left us in a world of pain because we had to reboot the Sun server a few days later and couldn t watch to see what was happening That turned into about 30 minutes of three guys scared and twitching because we didn t know if the machine was booting or not and it doesn t have a VGA port to plugin a monitor So after that madness I started looking for a way to get USB to serial access on our MacBooks rather than doing something like putting an old desktop next to that server I googled here and there for a few days and kept finding forum posts from the guy that wrote Serial I finally decided to download the trial version and test it out I plugged in my USB to serial adapter and it just popped and worked without me having to find the drivers or anything for it That s amazing Anyway I d recommend this to anyone that needs a Mac alternative to Putty or HyperTerminal                     Spectacular JustinoCXI
I love this app works with all serial adapters I ve tried great UI doesn t leave sessions open that I forget to close etc One bug I found was that it crashes loginwindow when used in conjuctiion with Remote Desktop and the built in serial port on an Xserve And then when I try to force quit Serial it becomes a zombie process I send HUP to loginwindow and it doesn t come back so I have to power cycle the Xserve out of band It s considered vintage so no longer supported but it runs Yosemite and it is a bug though it might not affect many people So I have to use screen for using the serial port on the Xserve but other than that it is a great app well worth its price I d love to be able to use it with the Xserve serial port though                     Great app if you use serial consoles at all one little flaw Ted E. Bear
I ve tested many serial terminal applications This is the only one that really works well it is flexible and has a clean design I use it mostly as a console for embedded devices and for this is great It handles the FTDI USB to UART adapters very well supports almost any baud rate and hardware software flow control combination It will pay for itself very quickly with your reduction of frustration I like the option to configure it so it will open a terminal as soon as a particular adapter is connected and reconnect automatically this is very handy when developing embedded devices                     Great application for serious users gatoAlfa
I got tired of fighting with another terminal emulator because XModem transfers crashed the application I had a couple of switches that needed software reloads because they had corrupt images I did a quick search and found serial I downloaded the trial version saw that everything worked and that I didn t need to even confiure the KeySpan serial adapter that I have had for years I was hooked Thank you                     Finally Terminal Emulation for Mac That Works Imaflgeek
Latest version only displays 3 lines of output running macOS High Sierra         Only 3 lines of output displayed Michael in Conn.
It works flawlesly with a console cable connected to a Cisco Router via USB to Serial adapter Spent almost an hour trying to get CoolTerm on my MacBookPro El Capitan to work And that s not counting the USB to Serial driver installation Eventually I got CoolTerm to work except for the up down arrows in order to repeat my previously typed commands I had to jump through some many hoops in order to get CoolTerm to work with a console cable connection With Serial it only took me a minute Granted I had the USB to Serial adapter driver already installed before purchasing and installing this app I can t really tell how long it would take without the driver being installed first but compared to the other app it was a walk on the park To me it just worked right out of the App Store                     It works flawlesly with a Console Cable connected to a Cisco Router via USB to Serial adapter Charlie Q.
Simple Easy Helpful Everything you need and more My situation Need to make console connections to switches from Mac with USB Serial cable Console RJ45 DB9 cable Not only did this application just work Before just working it detected a setup cable problem Prolific controller cable and provided instructions on how to fix On top of this Decisive Tactics has coded around the cable mfr s ancient problematic driver If you want to get back to getting your work done Get this app Buy it Don t look at anything else Spend the money Worth every cent Buy it You will save money in the long run Trust me Buy this app                     This one you want this one Buy it WB IT
Its about time a serial application was this easy on Mac OS A note to the writers as more and more devices are becoming native USB or Mini USB can we expect an update that somehow uses a native USB cable instead of the USB Serial s that you purchase Cisco Systems Aruba Networks and others are just sending USB cables as the serial device Thanks                     Easy to Use Is Native USB Coming Aikitaido
So far this thing has worked with every single interface I ve thrown at it great emulation No more kext shenanigans along with the device disconnect mishandling that goes with them I use it nearly daily Could not be more pleased                     I love this app stephencrim
This application is great Plug in your serial adapter and Cisco console cable then open the Serial app and you re on your way No drivers to mess with no hunting for your adapter in dev no screwing around with screens It just works Easily the best 30 bucks I ve ever spent It has saved me plenty of time and frustration                     Must Have for Cisco Admins C_Man1
Connected to the RJ12 console port on an APC7830 with a Sabrent 6 foot USB to Serial DB 9 Model CB FTDI combined with a DB 9 to RJ 12 adapter and Serial worked perfectly Very pleased The default settings for serial were what the APC7830 was expecting so a click to accept the default comm settings and then a tap or two of the Enter key and I was being prompted for the login Console screens displayed without any issues Default font and screen size was just right Very cool                     Works great with Sabrent CB FTDI 6ft USB to Serial DB 9 EricWinn
Thank you for making an awesome application It is pricey but worth it I m in the midst of some equipment upgrades and when I got my trusty USB to serial adapter out of my bag and plugged it into my MacBook Pro running El Capitan I actually cringed thinking about finding the instructions to make it work Then I did a Google search and the developer of serial mentioned his app and the fact his app was available and required no drivers or configuration I downloaded it and within 30 seconds was connected to my first router Amazing This is the way Mac software should be This really does just work Thank you Thank you Thank you                     Worked Immediately *lanik*
The trial is important to see if your adapter is compatible it likely is but make sure before spending 30 That said this program is the difference between having a professional tool that works all the time every time and stuff you have to fiddle with to maybe get results I have a USB Serial dongle The program does support bluetooth but have not found a BT serial adapter that works the way I need it to Have used this program to connect to Cisco and other routers and network gear CNC controllers Mazak VanDorn DEMAG Cincinnati G L proprietary phone switches actual old school modems etc Not one issue and as others have said often times the app tolerates circumstances that choke other serial terminal comm programs Cable pulls machine suspends due to screen lid closure all pass without issue One wish more detailed logging When you re looking for that stray ESC having an logfile of the port traffic is helpful                     Nothing like it EHelmuth
This app deserved a review The user interface is clean and the app is simple and easy to use It has just the right balance of including all the features you need for a great terminal app without any clutter of useless options Well done                     Great app and simple to use svx2005
The time this saves me from having to deal with serial commands drivers or wonky configurations in invaluable I think this app paid for itself the first time out Also great to see regular updates from the developers                     Saves money in the long run Dr. Bertz
It works well I haven t needed the Bluetooth functionality yet but everything worked right out of the box with a USB serial adapter cable How to set the speed parity and stop bits was instantly apparent It s a little expensive but rock solid reliable Highly recommended                     Easy to set 115200 8 N 1 Joe Loughry
I am quite disappointed that there is no ability to log a serial session The only option is to export the text of the session after it is complete I have never used a serial emulation app that didn t have this function on Mac or Windows so I didn t even think to verify this feature was available before purchasing Logging a session is very important for network equipment admins for a few reasons First you may be logging serial output for an extended period of time and you want to make sure you have as much data as possible and don t want to have unlimited scrollback especially when unexpected events occur Second you can monitor the file output to trigger scripts or other processes to help in troubleshooting Third you might not want to have the whole session as output You can do multiple copy and pastes but temporarily logging a portion of the session is a standard way of going about this Not to mention it is darn convenient and gives you that warm and fuzzy that information is already stashed to a file To be fair the rest of the app s features seem solid I wish I would have used the free trial which I encourage everyone else to do I didn t see that was available from their web site until after purchasing through the app store If the app had been 5 I could see letting it go But I had to shell out 30 Unfortunately I am going back to ZTerm         no logging support Tikidiction
If you re looking for a good serial terminal emulator this is it I needed something for a Raspberry Pi console cable Tried several things but this is the one that really worked well Kudos                     Best serial terminal on the market JoeGuru
Step 1 Plug in USB serial device Step 2 Start app Step 3 Stare in amazement that it simply worked even on El Capitan Yes this app paid for itself This beats the heck out of the days of crappy drivers and virtual machines burning cpu ram to run less desirable operating systems Nice job Decisive Tactics                     It simply worked GroggleFroth
Seems like a lot of money for a terminal emulator but it works perfectly and its easy to use When you lock yourself out of your pfSense router all you need is this and a USB cable to your Mac and you are back in business                     Expensive but it works well W5YK
The app works fairly well but I wish there were more features such as more terminal emulations or the ability to log all of the IO to a file If you just need a basic application to connect over a serial connection this works fairly well but I expected more functionality for the cost That s why I did not give it five stars                 Works well but very basic m0j0TX
i have been trying to get a usb serial cable to work with my RPi 2 for days this simply worked                     I am Simply Shocked 3.14159ryan
No more trying to locate serial port drivers install this and you are done Worth the cost                     Just works WifiSec
This app is a lifesaver Not only for Cisco admins and it s perfect for router configuration but also if you re working with headless Linux boxes think Raspberry PI as well Wonderful job                     Must have if you re doing any kind of serial work on a Mac staying_under_the_radar
I m a network engineer and this app is one of the most useful ones I have I have always hated having to do the terminal method using screen The only thing this is missing is the option to log all of the output to a log text document I still use PuTTy the most on Windows and find the logging feature useful for historical reasons being able to record text and messages even though the buffer has filled However still an amazing app I hope they keep up the good work and keep adding new features Thanks much                     Great for Network Engineer Authority.wL
This is the only terminal emulator I ve found that allows me to use nano or vi All the others I ve tried including screen barf with nano It Just Works One thing I haven t found a logging functionality I hope it s there and that I just haven t found it If it s not there consider this a feature request Normally I d deduct a star for a missing feature but the quality of this thing more than outweighs that one shortcoming assuming that there really is no logging function                     Excellent gap_nj
Consoling into network devices is a pretty standard part of my day After crawling the web trying to find a way to make my existing adapter work I decided to save myself some time and download this app It definitely works as advertised and saved me a bunch of time                     Transitioning from Windows PC Amanda Jorgensen
No kidding if you are a network engineer working on a MAC you have to have this app Best money I ever spent                     This thing is GREAT z26o
This was worth the money although at first I thought I could get around it If it were 20 it would have been a no brainer For Cisco equipment though it became such a hassle with OS X I was using my Windows VMs but even that now is a pain Thirty bucks and the pain went away instantly This has finally released me from network administration on Windows I can use my Mac full time now Thanks DTI                     Finally Technohermit
Best serial app I ve found yet Works great and allows XMODEM transfers                     Great for Network Admins on OS X Fregi Ventun
I m a Cisco networking administrator This tool works great with my new MacBook the one with only 1 USB C port I have the Apple brand USB C to USB adapter This terminal emulator works immediately with a generic Prolific USB to Serial adapter which NO LONGER WORK IN EL CAPITAN Let me stress that anyone reading this review The only way to get a USB to Serial adapter to work other than this excellent utility is to modify your operating system and remove safeguards to prevent unsigned applications from running I do not recommend doing that This terminal emulator works great No playing around with screen or whatever it was I was using before Plug in your console cable hit enter twice and you are at the command line And all the putty functionality that you are familiar with works No drivers needed for the USB to Serial adapter Great job DTI                     Nice job RosebudYT
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