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Soda , the publisher behind many iOS games (Snake ,Country & Area Codes ,Mundo Jurídico ,TOUCH LYRICS 2 with 1M+ LICENSED LYRICS ,iSpreadsheet), brings Snake with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Snake games has been update to version 2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Snake for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.3 MB to download. The new Snake app version 2 has been updated on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 2.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Snake check developer Soda`s website :

Snake By SavySoda The Original and the Best iPhone Snake game. - and still available at just 99 cents Description: An iPhone version of the classic snake game which was popular on the original Nokia phones. The game runs ...
this app is frustrating and slow to respond and I am disgusted that I even spent 99 cents on it it didnt compare to the original on the phone in the least and it isnt worth a dime dont waste your money I know I wont be spending my money on any apps made by this company ever again     stupid app
Great app One of the better Snake apps                 Sweet
Tip hold it sideways it makes the controls easier                 The original
This is why you always read the reviews before wasting money its slow long reaction time and weird controls that go against apples human interface guidelines     Dont waste your money
Once you start to get used to controlling the snake its pretty fun but the game needs more of a challenge maybe adding a level after python called cobra or something           Needs more levels
All my complaints have been made Please fix the problems in an update     Bad dont buy
The graphics are Orginal and great but the snake goes so slow which ruins te game        Ok
Huge lag and impossible to controlhuge waste of money     Stupid
Not worth the dollar It was way to hard to move the darn snake Not worth it     Nahhh
If you are looking at this now to see if it is worth your money thank me later     STOP
Good but make an option took take vibrate off its annoying ruins the game make an update Ill rate 5 stars     Stupid vibrate
Idk what these people are talking about its just like the original you just tap where you want to go unless your a moron the game is great and super cheap only 99 the price is right                 Its awesome
This doesnt even deserve 1 star It has delayed reactions and odd controls     Terrible
Terrible the controls are messed up and there is horrific lagging usually resulting in you killing your self     Blegh
But sometimes you dont eat the fruit needs to be fixed NOW                 Fun
Good game Should be free        Should be free
Very hard to control snake And the reaction is delayed I wouldnt buy this     Bad
makes me     Dont waste ur it stinks If I could I would rate it a big fat
The controls are horrible and hard to get right Not like what I remember at all Not worth the 099 Theres a better FREE snake out there     Horrible app
Sometimes i wish you could rate a game negative stars because of games like this Never have i ever wasted my money on such a worthless pos Do not buy     Awful awful awful
The controls are delayed Very hard Nearly impossible to steer the snake Very unhappy I paid 99 for it     Horrible
Its juat like the game i played on my dads old cell phone when i was little Controls are simple The three levels from slowest to fastest are great                 This app is not a piece of
if i could rate this game with zero stars i would its nearly impossible to control it do NOT make the same mistake i did by buying it     this game is ridiculous
This game is terrible nothing like the nokia game Im so pissed off about it i want my money back     Pathetic
Wana giw the game 0stars but i can worst game i haw ever playd     Tereblu game
TERRIBLE game I want my money back Such a waste of money     TERRIBLE
Really good like addicticting I just with it had high scores it just keeps track of your best score                 Great
All right here the lowdown This game is horrible controls are nothing like the original game once you do finnaly get the controls down theirs this crappy pause button down at the bottom of the screen MUCH lag horrible DONT buy waste of money     Game sucked
Ok heres what I think some people dont know what snake is this is excatly what snake is If you played snake on the computer its the same controls just tap it where you want it to go so the controls are great the game is laggy because your on a easier level and I only have 1 complaint its that you need to add a couple harder levels                
Dont waste your money The original creator of snake would be rolling in his grave if he knew about the crappy gameplay of this version of snake           Just awful
Awesome Game 5 stars all the way                 Really Fun
I dont mind a few problems with response to directions but most of the time the game did not respond accurately to the direction I gave It was so frustrating that Im not sure Ill even try to play it again So its not worth the pennies     Frustrating
DONT BUY The snake is really hard to control and you ALWAYS run into the edges Trust me waste of a dollar I wish I could rate zero stars     BAD
I personally love love LOVE the game Thats almost just me apparently Haha It was worth the dollar for me Its probably only good if you were crazy addicted to the original Nokia version Just one thing I wish it did was pause the game automatically if you receive a text                 Love it
This is absolutely horrible do not buy it     HORRIBLE
Just like the Nokia version and the controls are perfect I dont know what these other peoples problems are this game excellent                 Wow
Great game simple like I remebered it One bug I have is the snake wont eat the fruit every once in a while which can get annoying when you start growing bigger Other then that it would be 5 stars              One bug so far
Bad controls snake will not go the direction that you want it to Buy tiltsnake instead and its free     Horrible app
Do not waste your money You cannot even pause the game There are better games out there     Horrible
of was terrible no controls which made it frustrating and it was reallllly slow I wish I could just return it of something I usually love this game but this is just horrible and it doesnt come close to the real game and its not challenging either just plain old stupid     dont waste ur money
This game is very hard to control this game is very BAD     UGH worst game ever
The controls are absolutely awful Every tap touch slide or flick is delayed DO NOT BUY UNTIL FIXED     Terrible controls
Why did I buy this It would be worth it if it had arrows to control it that alone may make it a 5star game     Nooo
For 99 cents i could have gone to mcdonalds and gotten a higher class piece of than this game DONT BUY This should be banned I want my money back fools     PIECE OF
DO NOT BUY CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH terrible waste of money you would be better off paying for an iphone mirror or flashlight or whateversigh F     DO NOT BUY
It is not worth the 99 cents at allll Its way to slow     Horrible
All who say it has bad gameplay are just unadaptable people Just click where you want to go                 Epicsauce game
Okay snake is made of pixels the game doesnt support the retina display there are pixels within the pixels Lol                 Fun game
This game blows     This game blows

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