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Bala Murugan Mahendran , the publisher behind many iOS app (OriginateGlobal ,SetMore ,ShoeWars), brings SetMore with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SetMore app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works perfect for small business with appointments..

Overall Satisfactionc78
The best appointment managing application found.
My entire staff loves having this on the computer and phones.
My clients love being able to book whenever.
Better than advertised.
I absolutely love my pocket appointment book.
Fun & Engagingc100
Awesome software.
Very useful for my business.
Easy to use and has everything you need to stay on top of your appointments.
Can organize everything for services.
It's so awesome and helpful.
confirmations and keep my busy schedule up to date.
Ease of Usec92
Incredibly easy to use with seamless integration into my Facebook business page.
Setup is intuitive and quick.
setmore is that easy to get started with.

can this be developed for Microsoft phone. found in 1 reviews
Use it for new members and staff. found in 1 reviews
Free and efficient = perfect. found in 1 reviews
t have access to a computer. found in 1 reviews
It's easy for my customers to use. found in 2 reviews
100% of my client appointments have been self-set. found in 2 reviews
Very useful for my business. found in 1 reviews
I absolutely love my pocket appointment book. found in 1 reviews
Enough to get you hooked and upgrade to the premium service. found in 1 reviews
Life changing App. found in 1 reviews
confirmations and keep my busy schedule up to date. found in 1 reviews
Looks great for small biz. found in 1 reviews
My clients love being able to book whenever. found in 2 reviews
The best appointment managing application found. found in 2 reviews
This is the best scheduling software I have ever used. found in 3 reviews
Would be awesome if we were able to approve reviews from the app. found in 1 reviews
Also the ability to import contacts would be a plus. found in 1 reviews
That's frustrating. found in 1 reviews
However my app suddenly started working for who knows why. found in 1 reviews
it does not allow you to schedule more than one service per person. found in 1 reviews
Needs an import from contacts function. found in 1 reviews
SetMore still has some things to fix and improve but again. found in 1 reviews
This app will just delete the ones that are cancelled. found in 1 reviews
but head and shoulders above the rest. found in 1 reviews
except one: we need to track cancelled appointments. found in 1 reviews
PLEASE add evening hours to this app. found in 1 reviews
Please add the option to add a document or jpeg to an appointment. found in 1 reviews
It's what I needed years ago for my tax practice. found in 1 reviews
Please add this capability Setmore peeps. found in 1 reviews
I'll update my review if fixed. found in 1 reviews
It looks like it would be a good app if it worked. found in 1 reviews
now I can't even get into the app. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't work on iPhone 6. found in 1 reviews
What good is an update when it causes more problems. found in 1 reviews
Now it's frozen and I can't get in at all. found in 1 reviews
Needs Repair. found in 1 reviews
Error on hours setup screen. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SetMore for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.0 MB to download. The new SetMore app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about SetMore check developer Bala Murugan Mahendran`s website :

SetMore helps you manage appointments, schedules and customers, all through an easy to use use web application. Your customers can book online, and pick their favorite staff, service and time-slot without picking up the phone. ...
Incredibly easy to use with seamless integration into my Facebook business page Even for a novice like me                 Too easy
This app is super gnar and I love it Keeps me organized like gnar gnar binks Seriously its great                 Sick and gnarley
This app is very goodI think most hairstylist should use this                 Style Studio Salon
I recently started my own makeup artistry business and this app has been great Clients are able to schedule or I can do it for them It has kept my calendar organized Its great                 Great For Appointments
I wish theres more options for the currency and languages Im trying to convince business in Taipei to use an app like this but cant seem to make it work to fit the business here Otherwise its practically perfect for me who lives in Europe and US              Great app but
Set more is always setting the bar higher Improving on improvements I would use the paid version on the site if I saw the need for mailchimp integration Until I figure it out Ill continue using this great app Thank you for being sticklers about bugs and for your great customer service                 This is a great app
This is a great app Im a barber and it works great for me                 Great app
Everything I was looking for in a scheduler                 Simply Awesome
Love this app It the only free booking app I could find and I really like the layout              Great
This app has really helped me out Thanks Setmore                 Great app
5 of us share an office We all know when the space is available Emails Reminders Its great                 Awesome app
Thank you guys so much for making a stable and secure scheduling app I was not sure at first but Im glad I gave this a chance way to go guys you rock                 Best ever
I run a studio photography business and this calendar app allows my clients to book directly from both of my Facebook pages as well as my personal webpage I also love the customization and categories Took a bit to set up but both myself and my customers love the Facebook integration                 Love this app
I really like this app It work perfectly on my phone However on my iPad the keyboard does NOT work Please please fix this problem Thanks     I want to rate it 5 stars
This is such a great and helpful app Very easy to use                 LOVE THIS APP
This is a must have for anyone wanting to schedule better and more conveniently It doesnt have adds which is amazing and works like a charm Thank you for this awesome app its helping my DJ business out a lot                 Great App
I am a psychic medium and tarot reader One of my flaws is taking too long to return clients calls Since using Setmore clients are booking appointments and my business is steadily growing Awesome app Thank you                 Life Saver
The SetMore software on my Mac is amazing Its exactly what we need and its working perfectly We have oneonone appointments at our fitness facility and semi private group orientations and assessments The one on one appointment through the app is great But whenever someone schedules a semi private group orientation I see the person and their information but when I check appointments in the app it says no appointment scheduled So I guess that means the class feature is not updated on the app yet I still have to be very careful not to trust that the app is an accurate snapshot of whats actually happening in my business              Its great online but online classes for the app too
Love this app has all the features I need and its free yay I am an esthetician and love all the options it gives me to keep me on track also love the appointment reminders                 Great app
Great UI I do wish it had the full functionality of the web version Particularly the timeoff functionality for blocking out multiple days on the fly I could do this using the slot blocker tool but it isnt convenient for multiple days Also why is the slot blocker scheduled in the number of minutes rather than a start and end time The app is great other than those two workable flaws              Great overall missing some web functionality
Im a photographer and I integrated Setmore in my website The app is easy to use and free Its a must download                 Best app for me
The app and web services are an indispensable part of our clinics workflow Our scheduling is now at the point where it is essentially handsoff I am equally impressed with the customer service responsiveness Ive received real time responses to my questions and features that I suggested were introduced in short order                 Invaluable for our business
I absolutely love this app Its easy to use and better than anything else Ive tried I love the user interface and the fact that it tracts my income The only thing its missing is the ability to set reminders for appointments For instance if I have an appointment at 9am Id like the ability to set a notification to remind me of the appointment at maybe 9pm the night before Or sometimes even just 30 minutes before hand Other than that its the best out there that doesnt require a monthly fee                 Perfect minus one thing
This app is great                 A great App for a great service A Business Saver
Im impressed this at and system are extremely clear friendly and performant I love it                 I love it
Easy to use just awesome                 Vice President
Love this product Their website version is great the app version is so very easy to use The app almost mirrors in features as the full web version Which few companies offer Their support team always answers questions you can tell the developers are eager to continually make this product better Im looking forward to watching them grow keep using them Looking forward to PayPal integration Ive used other scheduling companies they were either too difficult or too expensive Setmore is going to be 1 scheduling program super soon Just watch                 Upcoming Stars
This has saved my business so much time and money It is the best system out there It was the most customizable out of all the scheduling software I tried The employees can each look up their schedules without having to burden the reception staff Setmore is easy to use and I could not recommend it more                 Zoom Zoom Driving School inc
Helps manage my busy photography season                 Love this app
This is a great option especially for the new entrepreneur to offer an online scheduling tool for their clients                 Great scheduling tool
Solid app The free version will solve a lot of your problemsupgrading is s no brainer Myself and staff use it dozens of times daily and it is smooth and intuitive Integration with billing software or including billing software should be the goals of a future upgrade and would get my 5 star endorsement              Medical
When I was on trial version they the support team responded fast and quick After I got my year subscription they do not respond if any at all to the bugs they have Im not very happy Its great app but it needed a little tweak I will move on to another provider when my year is up Unless they can convince me other wise     Level of service decrease
This thing is not promising or efficient I have been booking my services over the phone and email because I cant rely on SETMORE to DO MY BOOKINGS Yes they are failing to do their MAIN SERVICE It seems to sync up whenever it feels like it but not everytime If you like getting double booked and canceling on your clients this is it Look no further If youre looking for a professional booking service go with square or anything but square I wish I had never switched Ill update this review once they are doing their job properly and consistently        Dont bother for now
It is a very good appointment app I love the way that it looks But it is not intuitive and nor easy to customize I am a professor who does research so I need to use the app to set student meeting and research participant interviews But overall it is good I would be willing to upgrade the app if I could customize it to suit my needs as a nonbusiness person           Good almost great
for personal trainers and fitness professionals                 Great scheduling app
Sweet                 Awesome
Works well and makes scheduling easy              Great app
This app changed my life So glad I can set own my schedule Get it and Tell God thank you                 Game changer
This program has allowed the Quick Lane at our Ford dealership to schedule online appointments The app allows seamless usage between the computer and mobile devices and the push notifications of new appointments or changes to an appointment are extremely helpful                 Works Wonderful
Great app and simple to use                 Just what a Barber needs
Totally impressed absolutely LOVE this app Like my own secretary working behind the scenes Easy flawless booking for me and my clients Couldnt be happier Thank you and rock on                 Love it
I agree with all the five star reviews this tool is awesome in every way but it falls short for me in two areas which may or may not bother you Here they are If you only manage one website or one business then its slick as can be but what if you have two websites or you want to mix personal life with business life For example what if I own a hair salon and I put my appointment button on my hair salon website with all my services and rates But I also run another business where Im a private consultant and need to also schedule appointments now when I send out my appointment link or post my button on a different website these people see all my hair styling services and prices too I cant choose what appointment options get displayed with each button its all or nothing The current design does not accommodate this you have to setup two separate calendars and then you end up with double bookingsI cant be in two places at once The second place this program falls short for me The appointments are not shared between my Apple Calendar which also causes me to have double bookings If they would add these two features I would never use another calendar program again this thing would be perfect Once they add these two capabilities Ill upgrade my rating to 5 star for sure and upgrade to their paid versionuntil then we wait I hate waiting              Almost perfect
As a director of career services I use this app each day with my students I love its functionality                 Director
Convenient easy to use Makes things soo much easier                 Love it for my business
This site is perfect for what I do I run a free tutoring program and with Setmore parents can sign their kids up without a hassle It helps me keep track of everything without any double booking between my supervisor and me I would definitely recommend this appsite to anyone who manages their own schedule or business                 Perfect
This app is really great it is a must have for every salesman Thank you for the good work                 WOW
Just perfect application and solution Couldnt get any better I have stopped looking for other app since I have found this app Deleted others Why didnt I find you guys before Makes managing and scheduling so much easier Best of all its Free or for minimal fee Nice                 Awesome
I am using it              Good

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