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NTT Solmare , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kimodameshi-Dare Game-/Solaruru ,(3)GINGA - Silver Shooting Star -/Yoshihiro Takahashi ,Solaruru Digest/Solaruru ,(9)GINGA - Silver Shooting Star -/Yoshihiro Takahashi ,(5)GINGA - Silver Shooting Star -/Yoshihiro Takahashi ,COBRA: LEGEND OF MANDRAD/Buichi Terasawa), brings Shall we date?: Castle Break with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shall we date?: Castle Break app has been update to version 1.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc82
    Thank you for releasing another paid game.
    Uh anyway I think this is the best one they have out.
    love romance xd7.
    definitely recommend this game.

    There are three endings per route. found in 1 reviews
    The story seems interesting so far. found in 1 reviews
    Great story plot. found in 1 reviews
    I love the background music and art style. found in 1 reviews
    thank you very much for your interests and downloads of our games. found in 1 reviews
    escape game xff5e. found in 2 reviews
    I laughed out loud at some of her reactions--and the options. found in 1 reviews
    It's so cute. found in 1 reviews
    I hope they release more characters for Castle Break. found in 1 reviews
    the castle break is one of our game series x201c. found in 1 reviews
    Friend ID: GiFa7uQQZk
    Every character has secrets which I'm dying to find out. found in 1 reviews
    not everyone has enough time to dedicate to the free games. found in 1 reviews
    you need to find a way out. found in 1 reviews
    You guys hit a home run for this game. found in 1 reviews
    love romance xd7. found in 1 reviews
    is an epic romantic and escapes adventure game. found in 1 reviews
    Thank you for releasing another paid game. found in 1 reviews
    And there's puzzle solving. found in 1 reviews
    not the horrible free ones. found in 1 reviews
    Maybe if they release a free version I'll check it out. found in 1 reviews
    I will redo this review if this bug gets fixed. found in 1 reviews
    I'm soo disappointed right. found in 1 reviews
    the blood rose one they made it seem boring and depressing. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Shall we date?: Castle Break for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 28.5 MB to download. The new Shall we date?: Castle Break app version 1.1.0 has been updated on 2015-06-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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    Join millions of fans who have enjoyed all types of romance from Shall we date series. Well, it s all up to you ALL NEW EXPERIENCE LOVE ROMANCE ESCAPE GAME Something more than a love ...
    I just love this game I was wondering if youNTT Solmare could make this game but one where you have the energy stuff for the people who would love to read the storys but are unable to Im just trying to be thoughtful of those people Thanks              Love it but one request
    This shall we date series thing is amazing Im so glad that you guys continue to do what your best at Ive loved shall we date ever since the first story came out and Ive been a fan ever sinceWhen I read them it makes my heart feel like its going to meltThank you so much                 Awesome
    Friend code K28njUqeeJ I LOVE this game everything is very beautiful art music characters puzzles and story I already completed all the stories and I really love the clock at the end of every chapter so you can know what type of ending you will haveI CANT WAIT FOR MORE CHARACTERS PLZ ADD MORE I WILL BUY THEM ALL                 BEST GAME EVER
    This is the best thing ever I do not like to buy apps but because Im really into the Shall we date series I decided I was going to give it a try Im so glad I bought this I tried the Lancelot story This story had so much emotion in it I never wanted it to end Its the relationship that every girl wants to have The drama and the love all put together I strongly encourage you all to buy this app The only thing I would really like to see happen is for there to be another story You get so engrossed in this story that when it ends you are so sad I would really like to see another sequel of Lancelot because I never wanted it to end Five stars all the way                 AMAZING
    I dont mind the paid apps but I could never virtually date guys with such weird looking noses So not a fan of the animation Story seems better written than some SWD releases Maybe if they release a free version Ill check it out           bananas
    Why is it you keep changing the art style I wouldve liked to play it but the characters are too ugly weird looking I swear you do this on purpose to turn people off The characters are supposed to catch your attention as much as the story does Unfortunately Im gonna have to pass on this one You shouldve stuck to the old styles I would even take the Blood in Roses art Or even better Wizardess Heart or My Fairy Tales So not spending money on this app sorry     Art
    Friend ID GiFa7uQQZk The story seems interesting so far While I enjoy Solmares free sims having an escape game and date sim hybrid warrants a paid version              Fun Date Sim with a Twist
    Wow what a great addition to the SWD series I prefer the paid games because I can read it at my own pace but this one is so intriguing Ive read it way too quickly lol Ive already completed one ending each for Jordan and Roytheir stories are really interesting and complex The art is as always good and the background music is a great way to really get into the game Im really glad for thatMagic Sword got boring with no music to keep my spirits up And theres puzzle solving Just like playing an actual castlebreakstyle rpg Ah Im geeking out but it just is such a great combo of things Every character has secrets which Im dying to find out Also your own character isnt weak or stupid or clumsy thank goodness I also love the clock dials that let you know what ending youre headed to at the end of each chapter And the new letter boxesthe ones about Rui made me cry and I never even got to meet him This whole game is everything I never knew I wanted and I know when more characters are added I will be playing them Im already working on getting the other endings for the two characters Ive played so that says a lot about my obsessive feelings for this game lol GREAT job Keep it up As background info I mainly play voltage games and 34 of the free SWD games P                 I LOVE this game
    I love this game so much I bought lancelots story and I love it Ive been reading it since yesterday and I finished it today and I absolutely love it can you please release the sequel already I cant wait to read it and I hope you guys release it soon                 REALEASE THE SEQUEL PLEASE
    I love your games and I fangirl every time you release new games especially paid ones Lancelots route is like reading a classic fairytale but with a heroine who speaks her mind and never backs away from it She will stand on her ground and never be swayed when she knows she is right Lancelot was arrogant and bullheaded in the beginning but I like how he slowly changed as the story progresses Overall I highly recommend playing Lancelots route it will play with your emotions but it will also make you giddy with happiness when you finished his story Roys story is really sweet like himself but it didnt leave me with much impact like lancelots route or Astaroths route Still I find him really adorable how he dedicates himself to the heroine and that he will really do anything for her Next is Jordan UGH I thought I was gonna like this guy but wow I really regret buying his story His antics for trying to hurtkill the heroine makes me want to flip tables and bang my head to the wall Also I always love the heroine in every otome I play but this one of the rare instances that I want to shout to the heroine on how insert swear word here she can be She was amazing in other routes but wow its a complete turnaround on how different she is in Jordans route Its like she cant think for herself and that really frustrates me Really disappointed on this story Astaroth I was contemplating whether I would buy him or not but after seeing him in other routes I got curious so I bought him I didnt regret it At first I thought Lancelot has the best route but wow I was blown away how amazing Astaroths route is This by far is of one of the best routes I have played even among other mobile companies The heroine is the best in this route She knows the right words to say in difficult situations and even if shes not a skilled fighter she will fight back for what she believes in and this is the reason she saved Astaroth many times in the story Astaroth is an amazing character and now one of my top biases in my otome games Your heart will melt throughout the story and feel all the feels when you play his story I wish I could say more about Astaroth and the heroine but it will be a spoiler so Ill stop my gushing here I rated it 45 stars before because a certain red haired character frustrated me but I take it back and I rate it 55 stars now because thats how amazing Astaroths route is and how amazing this game is To the people rating it low because it isnt free please be mature about it and give it a fair review This game deserves it The developers deserve it I applaud Solmare for this wellwritten game The price is worth it                 Love this game
    This game is amazing Everyone should try it out I assure you that you will not be disappointed D                 Lovethegame
    Oh meh Gawd u guys make amazing love stories and I just love this one thx so much D LOVE YAAAA                 Love it
    Not gonna lie I got this app because the moment I saw Astaroth I knew his route was going to be the one I was gonna get And I was not disappointed Amazing character design beauty and the beast schtick Im sold I hope he gets a sequel While Im sad I had to buy the story Im glad I did because I can go back to replay it whenever I want                 Wheres Astaroths sequel
    Ive never reviewed an app before but for this one Im making an exception I love all the Shall We Date apps The stories are always wonderful However this app was terrible As soon as I tried reading this story the app started glitching no matter how many times I reloaded it And as if the glitching wasnt bad enough it would also be stuck in a sort of fast forward throughout the story So instead of tapping the screen to move on the app would just continue with the story This wouldve been okay if it was going at a pace that was actually readable Overall Im very disappointed with this one Complete waste of time     UGH
    It would be wonderful if there were payed and free versions of the games so that everyone could enjoy them I dont have the money for the paid ones but they seem like they would be amazing              I wish I had money
    I actually prefer the paid versions cause in the end they can be cheaper than the free ones And the stories are already ready for you                 My ID BzqjNG4UQN
    UPDATE This is actually a really good game Thank you game creators The quality if the art and the slow pace character development is amazing Its not so cliched or rushed definitely recommend this game PLEASE continue the main stories It felt like something was missing in the story but oh well                 Great story plot
    I LOVED ASTAROTHS PATH Thank you for including it I would definitely by a sequel for his path                 Really Enjoyed Astaroths Path
    I have to admit this was most likely my favorite Shall We Date game yet The stories are worth the money no matter that its only 16 chapters but they each are quiet long And I personally prefer when they cost money means I can go through at my own pace 3 A nice mix of the Middle Ages Fantasy and cute love story Only if real life stories ended like this Not to mention the fun puzzle solving All of the SWD games before didnt have much interaction other than the choices which select your ending So this is a great new pace with the interaction The game runs smoothly without any annoying lags making me very happy Thank you for the beautiful game and I will be fantasizing over your next update Which I hope is soon                 Love it
    I personally really like this game and love that its paid unlike most people it seems I prefer the paid version because you dont have to wait and you get to play it as much as you want for one lump fee per story I wish Wizardess Heart came out in a paid version it looks really good but whenever I try to play a free version I eventually get frustrated and delete It I also really like the puzzle twist              Invite code KtGqW0na48
    I love the additional puzzles That made it even more fun Love the story line to all 3 stories and I cant decide who my fave hero is Cant wait to read the sequels when available Wish there were more made like this Good job                 My favorite by far
    I absolutely love this story Definitely one of the best you have written so far I picked it up thinking I would just read the prologue and ended up reading for two hours I have never read a story that drew me in so fast The plot is intriguing and the characters are so so interesting Their personalities are very different and none lack in development In terms of the mystery aspect of the game I couldnt believe how much I enjoyed it I usually HATE mystery stories however I absolutely LOVED how mystery was weaved throughout this story It was done very very well Overall this app is the perfect blend of romance mystery and intrigue I highly recommend it I have only read part of Roys story so far but plan on buying the other stories as well Lastly I am SO VERY HAPPY that this is a paid version I detest the free apps I love being able to read as much as I want and reread as much as I want Please keep making paid versions Thank you again and keep up the good work                 One of the best stories I have ever read 3
    So far so good I really like the story its very interesting I like the art and the gameplay is interesting Use my friend code to get extra stuff DMKBjv1G64              Great story
    Ive been playing Soulmares Shall We Date series for a few years and I absolutely ADORE this one I love all the characters and the stories are equally heartwarming and humorous as they are heartrending You get little glimpses of each character in all the stories and with these small glimpses Im very excited for Astaroths the antagonist story line which has yet to be released but he is on the character screen Hopefully he will be released soon Only down side is Roys and Jordans stories would not download onto my iPad while Lancelots downloaded just fine and I tried many different troubleshooting methods but all three stories downloaded just fine onto my iPhone All in all I highly recommend this story                 AMAZING I WANT ASTAROTH
    Why isnt this game freeI waited so long to play it and its not free        Why
    After I read the prologue I couldnt wait for the main story but then we gotta pay for it That made me disappointed and I wish that it could be the same as destiny ninja it doesnt cost money but use energy and 1 energy in 4 hours it would make me very happy if it could be like that        Disappointed
    Spent my whole Saturday night reading Jordans story and now Im obsessed People complaining about price are just cheap the money was so worth it Those complaining about the art style seriously have no idea what nice looking art is                 Amazing
    Stop complaining about the prices Its called paid entertainment People work hard to generate stories and its a long process so either pay and enjoy it or stop complaining Ive only done Jordans Story so far but I love it Its so cute                 Love this
    The title says it all This game is awesome I love the background music and art style Just from the prologue I can tell that Ill like the main stories too I hope they release more characters for Castle Break Id buy everyones main stories u                 Awesome Game
    The art was beautiful in Roys story Hope there will be some spinoffs My friend code is HaWzDR59m6                 Loved Story and art
    This game was great I loved the characters they were interesting and different from each other The story was also really good and the romance didnt feel rushed The fmc had a backbone and wasnt a complete doormat and the puzzles made the game more interesting For the developers Please please tell me that you will release more characters Im too impatient for the free ones they take forever and I really liked this game I have already bought all three stories                 Love
    Friend code M5fBDPnc6N I am currently in the middle of Roys route and oh my gosh he is SO adorable I love the new spin with the puzzles as well as the story and the different characters are so refreshing from the usual cast of cold kidlike and ladys man Having Roy being mute is not only fascinating but sweet too The MC is fabulous as well standing up for herself and being more outspoken than some of the other SWD games I cannot say enough good things about this game and I really hope there are more games like this one in the future Plot is interesting and entire storyline is spot on You guys hit a home run for this game Overall I rate this game as 1000 out of 5 stars x3                 PHENOMENAL
    Why Why do we need to pay for just a story Stupid as hell I would get 100 accounts to 1 star this game STUPID GAME DONT PLAY IT IF YOURE A FREE PERSON     Fudge this game
    The fact is not everyone has enough time to dedicate to the free games so we appreciate being given an option to enjoy these stories at our own pace It is ridiculous for people to leave bad reviews because of this vs because of the actual quality of the game I certainly dont go leaving bad reviews on the free games just because my personal circumstances mean I cant play them Ill come back and review the game itself once I have a chance but for now Im rating it a four just to balance out the silly onestar reviews people are giving it because its not free Update Im sticking with a 4star rating for this one the art is good IMO Ninja and Prince are better music is nice and the stories are enjoyable I think the puzzlesolving is overhyped as far as I can tell wrong answers dont have any impact on the game you just try again until you get the right answer Overall its a solid game and I recommend it to other otome fans              Thank you for releasing another paid game
    Fun charming and heartwarming The guys are interesting and the heroine has both a face AND a personality Totally worth my time and moneyand the routes themselves are surprisingly long compared to other paid games The translation contained minimal errors and the writing and dialogue felt very natural in general I completed Jordans story first then went for RoyRoys story starts off ADORABLE and never stops Finally a heroine who knows whats up when shes in the vicinity of a hot guy I laughed out loud at some of her reactionsand the options Lancelots route and endings are the most reminiscent of traditional fairytales There are three endings per route including the bad one but getting a certain ending the True Freedom one for me involved a lot of trialanderror The fastforward option didnt feel fast enough when I was going for different endings but thats my only real complaint Astaroths route is the most recent one available and its definitely worth playing Id recommend playing the other three guys routes firstor even just oneas their routes are more interesting and mysterious when you dont yet understand Astaroths motives His story is also significantly different from theirscant wait for the next route to be available I dont usually buy all the routes in mobile otome games but Castle Breaks length characters and quality impressed me enough for me to get every single one so far                 Love and Mystery
    I loved this game and it was worth every dollar I spent on it The boys are amazing and their stories are deeply complicated Ive played Roy Jordan and Astaroths routes so far and they were all amazing Here are my thoughts on the boys Roy He is a precious cinnamon bun This bae loves you from the bottom of his heart Hes adorable at first and sexy later A pure sweet love story Jordan This little mother flipper He is someone who is just fun He teases and pesters but really hes just a lil tsuntsun boo Astaroth My gosh the Yandere is strong in this one However through many twists and turns this ends up being a really sweet story These are my general thoughts on the game I also really really reeeally want them to come out with a Levi route Shes the effing bomb Please I will love you forever                 Amazing Stories of True Love
    but id rather you have done this app free and bloodroses a paid app this story is so much more better and its the type of story id most definitely play hopefully in the near future a version would be out but i can only hope                 great prologue
    I just started playing and Im really enjoying this game the characters are cute and the story seems well written and creative so far Its nice to play a shall we date game where I can play as long as I want and not wait four hours to recharge My friend code is HrT1FsXzNE please add me                 Good story and art
    Im soo disappointed right I rather they made this game free and had the blood rose one paid This one looks so much better and more fun to play than the blood rose one the blood rose one they made it seem boring and depressing It just makes me not want to play it at all They had all the good ones paid and only like very few of the good ones free I was so looking forward to this game only to find out it was a paid version They really should of made this one free Now Im gonna have wait for another long while for a good free one sigh     So disappointed
    Friend code JTkZkzWgHk Wow This was actually very good Worth the money spent for sure and Im so glad I didnt have to go through it on the slow time consuming pace a free to play The thing I hate the most about free to play is that I actually spend more money playing free to play then the Pay to play games So far I found that the story is very wonderful indepth and paced very well Im a little iffy on the art Because when I saw the preview art for Lancelot I about squealed with glee and purchased im a sucker for blondes and I like his art to the storybut some of his individual pictures just seem to be lacking compared to the first one you get in the preview I noticed it was the same with the other stories but overall due to the quality of this particular game five stars for me                 Wonderful
    I think the shall we date apps are great but this one wasnt free so please fix this     Meh
    Dear some of you If you have not read this nor intend to stop voting the game down JUST because it isnt free You people are incredibly irritating If I were this company I would abandon free games all together for that simple matter Uh anyway I think this is the best one they have out it is super fun                 Please stop and also I love this game
    I honestly had given up on Solmare as a viable source for me to get otome from because of their string of free to play games with no paid versions available But this game is not only a paid game it knocks most of their other games out of the park I really hope they continue making games like this one and release routs for Levi Ronove and Noah so we can play more of this wonderful game                 Best NTT Solmare game in a while
    You should keep this one and make a free version of this one because some people like me are poor and we cant afford to pay for this games It would be great thanks Voltage inc should also make some free game as well     Make a free version

    Shall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle BreakShall we date?: Castle Break Entertainment Castle Break

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