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NTT Solmare , the publisher behind many iOS app ((11)GINGA - Silver Shooting Star -/Yoshihiro Takahashi ,(1)Nurse Station/Kyoko Shimazu ,Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince ,(2)DominionF/Shirow Masamune ,ZQ Books ,[MANGA]Save the Cafe/Solaruru), brings Shall we date?: MySweetPrince+ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shall we date?: MySweetPrince+ app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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  • I really like the story line and the different personalities..
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Overall Satisfactionc90
I really like the story line and the different personalities.
Amazing game my ID is your invite ID: YbYrvMifq.
I love the character designs and peraonalities.
I really love this game just like the ninja ones.
Started today and I am already in love with this game.
Also maybe have more events and rewards like ninja love.
All in all I recommend this game it's fun and catchy : P.
Love these kind of games and all the different types of stories and personalities.
Fun & Engagingc88
Overall it's a really awesome game with an amazing plot.
This game is fun and makes you want to keep going.
I'm stuck and I just want to pass the barrier.
super fun game and sooo many cute guys.
My invite ID B45BBMDGfQ Please use Really fun game.
This game is super cute and fun to play during down time.
I've become slightly addicted and downloaded almost all of them lol.
I am officially obsessed with this game.
Play everyday.
Use my ID to get some useful items : BhSGfzLcFY.
I play every day.
Value for Moneyc65
Also you have to spend money just see what's happens next.
Production Valuesc68
The graphics are great.
Really liking the graphics and story EkXsCzSYzU to get special rewards.
I love the graphics and story line.
Bugs in the game.

Also maybe have more events and rewards like ninja love. found in 8 reviews
I am officially obsessed with this game. found in 2 reviews
This game seems to combine other aspects of other otome games. found in 6 reviews
It's an addicting game and the artwork is awesome. found in 4 reviews
Come join me and we can both get rewards :
The story is well written. found in 2 reviews
Please use Really fun game. found in 10 reviews
JaMSyAX4P6. found in 6 reviews
My invite ID
Started today and I am already in love with this game. found in 10 reviews
This is such a cute game. found in 24 reviews
I really love this game just like the ninja ones. found in 10 reviews
super fun game and sooo many cute guys. found in 11 reviews
Someone help me out :. found in 1 reviews
Wonderful storyline and plenty of cute guys to choose from. found in 5 reviews
I wish I could play nonstop without having to recharge energy. found in 3 reviews
but waiting for energy is annoying invitation code: Lh26GU6us8. found in 2 reviews
The game is cute but prices are ridiculous. found in 5 reviews
I love it but the energy thing is dumb. found in 2 reviews
but full of grammatical and spelling errors. found in 2 reviews
Most disappointing thing is the waiting 4 hours for energy. found in 23 reviews
it is not a very user friendly game at all. found in 2 reviews
I love the story but I wish there was music and sounds. found in 2 reviews
There seems to be nothing wrong with the story and art. found in 2 reviews
but I really don't want to spend money on something so pointless. found in 15 reviews
I would have no way to earn money. found in 1 reviews
I just wish the energy restore time wasn't so long though. found in 3 reviews
but the waiting times are too much. found in 2 reviews
I can't claim anything. found in 4 reviews
Time but still love. found in 2 reviews
but the energy wait time is ridiculous. found in 2 reviews
CTi5b4AT7G is my friend code if you want goodies after the tutorial. found in 3 reviews
It's impossible to get avatar items without SP coins. found in 2 reviews
My only complaint is the grammatical errors every now and then. found in 3 reviews
The main character is just dumb. found in 7 reviews
Such a waste of time and money. found in 2 reviews
I can't claim any of my prizes anymore. found in 4 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Shall we date?: MySweetPrince+ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-20.
More Info: Find more info about Shall we date?: MySweetPrince+ in NTT Solmare`s Official Website :

Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince+ is a dating simulation game to choose a king of a foreign country you visited for vacation among 6 princes. My Sweet Prince+ is a social version comes with new ...
Very nice I do think the use of points is a bit quick but not horrible My ID Emizh6GTAw                     Nice Emizh6GTAw Hipsteredneck
Correct me if I m wrong but wasn t Ivan one of the people you could choose And if so why did you remove him I played this game about a year ago and I played his route I m sure of it So I don t really want to play anymore because of it Sorry             Ummm Colloyd
PLEASE ADD BL i would buy every game                 add bl silver_tails
Art style is cute characters are kind of cute story is alright Gameplay is slow at times an drags like a person with a bad limp sorry not sorry karma will bite my rear missions seem to take a while but they re passable Honestly the father s the hottest character and inaccessible although the ancient butler who looks like Austria from Hetalia is a route To each their own             Like the Sands of Time Tis I!
FBUbWQMEhU                     My id Madddddtttyttt
Super glitchy please remove     OtakuDucku
I believe this is one of Solmare s original games and it shows from the short chapters and lack of music That makes it tough to compare to the newer games like Wizardess Heart or Destiny Ninja 2 However the characters are great Lambert is my favorite the CGs are awesome and the story line is quite original There s a fair amount of entertaining spin offs as well The only reason I didn t give it a 5 is because it needs an update                 Oldie by goodie needs update WordUpYoYoYo
This one is boreing the others are so mug better but I ll rate 4 cause I m nice                 Fill-up Fam
I play allll the shall we date games and I m happy with them However this game has been left in the dust There are still stuff up since Valentine s Day I understand they are coming out with a newer games and updates for them but don t for get about your older games This one is almost impossible to play for free unless you wait for days and days to get past one check point Give this game some lovin agin             In need of update Adabewbs
I really like this it intriguing and I love how you can choose what to say I can t wait to see how it ends                 Awesome 9/6/14
this game is to be honest the charm don t build up a lot energy take too long to regenerate it s basically a pay to win         invite ID Cj1k3SyHX2 valjinkies
Nice art cute stories                     Anime Art Lovers will love this pfarnsworth
I have played or are currently playing every game from the shall we date series They re a fun way to pass the time But this game is about to be deleted Every second time you click on ANYTHING it pops up a screen saying they re undergoing maintenance and I have to reload Every day ALL day Yet when I click reload it takes me back into the game so there s obviously no system maintenance going on just to do it all over again If you want more stars fix this     Have to keep reloading Ckmoster
I love reading the otomeios from NTT Solomare but I was hoping they can create a PAID VERSION of Destiny Ninja 1 2 Ninja Assassin NIFLHEIM Wizardess Hearts Blood In Roses Oz Ninja Shadow and Guard Me Sherlock Because I don t want to wait getting tickets to read the character s stories having to pay for an outfit to get the premium picture and having to pay with real money to get things that don t work I m fine with buying the character s story so maybe if their more PAID VERSIONS Of these otomeios                     More paid versions of the free versions Kawaii Sakura
use this to recibe gifts BSn6H6sPWn                     invitation code BSn6H6sPWn gabriela minoso
First off the app is awesome and I constantly come back to play it I do wish things were a little cheaper though but that s not my main concern What I don t like about this app is how dumb the girl appears to be She s always questioning things even though almost everything they say is pretty self explanatory I get that she s foreign but still Next thing is Ivan s story I made the mistake of playing his story after Lambert s so I though he would be as nice as he was there No Ivan comes off as incredibly rude to me and I wanna continue his story but It frustrates me If it was me I probably wouldn t have put up with half the stuff this girl is going through I honestly would ve walked out the door if they were talking to me like they do in Ivan s story                 Great but SlomoMomo
This is one of the more interesting of the games they have The male characters are pretty different though the female character is kinda dry                     My Welcome ID HqDetfNzfC ImariShinzo
N5BvUq7ZiN                 Diverse characters ElvinaHart
It was fun EMs213PK6s                     Enjoy Anime/otaku lover
Why is the update taking so long             Update Hidudhdjx
So handsome characters so exciting                     LiYCTgK7ks my code Rossyloveme
I really like this game it s one of the only solmare games I have played I d give it 5 stars but first off they literally haven t updated since last year The stories about Valentine s Day and white day while cute are old and still show up on the front page and your home page It makes everything look pretty cluttered Going back to the updating issue did someone forget about it Is it finished I hope not I just want to know what s going on My second issue is how expensive everything is when you run out of energy Also how come for this game you only four energy items while in others I ve played Ninja Assassin you get 5 It just doesn t seem fair The mini games also seem pretty pointless it just takes one energy from you every time you lose Those are mainly the two issues I ve had with the game but overall I ve enjoyed it The art is so beautiful which makes the princes themselves beautiful While Jun is my favorite each prince has a quality in them that does make them attractive and I enjoy how the story reveals how they came to be the person they are in the story Please for the love of God update something There could be an Easter story a family story the main character s family comes over just something             I wish they d update Sleeyreality
I was really excited to download this game because the art looks so gorgeous But once I did download it the app was super laggy Maybe it was only laggy for me but my wifi was working perfectly so I don t know why Every time I made an option outside of the story choosing one of he guys dressing my avi up etc the app froze and I had to refresh the app It was just so annoying to keep refreshing the app every time I wanted to do something that I ended up deleting it That being said I love the idea of the app bc it lets you dress up and take charm lessons in addition to dating one of the guys     Extraordinary amount of lag RainingBoba
Just started and I already like it Let s hope it stays enjoyable Add me and let s beat this game together User id DC3g714KUa                 So far so good Queenowlephant
your ID BV82yZm6ZL                     Very fun game Vip_zaria
I like this game I think it s one of good game in theirs series I just finished the first chapter I was able to play without frustration             good naonao653
It s like playing through a novel One of my favorite dating sims                     ID GyrG5VjRLs iimpulsee
Seems pretty decent so far Is there no audio Might just be my settings                 Decent OrionMatteo
I haven t gotten too far but so far the story is very captivating and the art is beautiful This review may change as the story progresses but so far I am delighted with the content My code is EuuD20neGW In case anyone would like to enter it                     Wonderful Intelligent idiyot
It s good but when you get in the middle of it They ask you to buy something for the game And you can t continue until you buy it     Bad game Mikaela gaming
Can you change the fact that you have mini games where you waste all of your points only to not accomplish anything Also to even pass the minigame you have to buy a stupid lamp that s 4 000 coins But then to get the coins you have to do lessons which you can only do 3 times and they give you MAYBE 200 if you re lucky PLUS can you do something about there being only 4 energies instead of 5 Would actually make me want to play it for once     Sad Jskalandbmabbsjaaaaa
I v seen the infomercials forever and now I got the game and it s pretty good                 Pretty good Lklmonkey
It has so many things you can do it will keep you busy                     Best game Best Game😍
This is so cool I love all the prince                 Shall we date Yuki nagto
First I really love that my 1st review didn t go through so I m having to rewrite this again I wonder if that s why there are so many negative reviews with high ratings that doesn t match up Every 30 secs the game play is interrupted because your character doesn t have energy really Is she anemic or physically ill No it s just a tackles way to greedily try to nickel an dime players Which shows that this company is not concerned about the overall gaming experience rather they want to get all they can out if you On the line of morals and ethics the ideas promoted in this game are disturbing The one that turned me off the most is that players must change or alter their appearance in order to grab the attention of the princes In other words a woman s value is in her looks This was further enforced by negative reactions by the other characters if any option is selected that represents having some amount of self respect Ladies you are worth so much more than the ideology behind this game     Sadistic Rip Off FenixDJoan
Let me just say that the plot for me was very unexpected and very entertaining The princes are all entertaining my favorite being Alvah who I would suggest to be anyone s first prince Ignoring the plot the app is very unfair when it comes to buying items if u don t want to spend actual money in the app It takes at least a week to make enough money to afford one key for the check points Dressing ur character is pointless and it s impossible to get a high enough charm level to pass through the challenges Over all I wouldn t play the app unless ur willing to spend real money or ur extremely patient             Good app The Dirt Man
Good game entertaining Use my invitation code MU2Zuf0vy8                 GoodGame Love4Tea
So far so good The only thing I don t like is that you only get 4 story points instead of the 5 you get with the other games Otherwise the artwork is great Use my ID to earn free rewards             Use my ID code KWVkNJpXs4 AvaLondon
The stories are good and as always i love the art The only things that seem odd to me is the energy power tickets for reading each chapter It should be switched from 4 to 5 and also switch the lesson power from 30 per to 20 so it evens out Other then i think the games are great                 Good art K.minamino!
The title is my friend ID enter it in to get in game content The plot is kinda silly and unrealistic though idk what you were expecting the in game content is super expensive and the wait time for energy is ridiculous However this is a good game if you re looking to waste time throughout the day with little maintenance and you don t HAVE to buy anything so I ll still play it                 LGeTZ4XFFC umbrawitch18
FJUwH6bZAe                     FreindSmile RazorStorm95
This game is so amazing                     AMAZING MissGigiMom
I m only writing for the whole I need a favor thing I just got the app but so far it s something cool I like using it to wind down for bed so if you just want something for free time this is good so far                 Pretty good Dream_catcher73
Loved it soooo much                     Loved Risa🍓🍎🍉
Add me Dd0QPDiij6 I love this game but i hate items and mini game check point hahaha              I love this game
This app is amazing just like the other apps from this company So far I havent been having any problems Please use my invitational ID which is above You will get special bonuses Hope u like the app as well                 DJJtyrVpBu
This is my third game of this type and I like it so far Use my invitation code BV6rY83rWE for extra prizes Thanks              I like it
Please use this so me and you can get presents           Invite ID G5AsxPBC3U
CU5qCQqJ8i                 My invitation ID
Not sure why everyone is bashing the game Ive played the older paid version and this one is like it but more social I really like it Use my invite ID for free stuff                 your invite ID Kw46AFbKry
Enter my ID for a prize in the game I like this game its a bit slow moving but nice to lay in bed and play before bed There are some grammatical errors but they are easy to look past              Enter my Invite ID DrjwibrnkW
I like this game a lot              Good but some problems
your invite ID PVCqAsDYyE I really enjoyed it Its fun and interactive I have enjoyed many of the shall we date              Its fun
I honestly love this game and all the games that you guys have made but I just find it ridiculous that you have to wait 4 HOURS for ONE energy to come back To me thats a complete turn off And then for some reason the most recent shall we date games just arent working for me with just wifi I have to also have service with I dont have where I live and I hate it For example I downloaded The Niflheim and the only way I was able to go onto it was if I had service              Good but could be better
I like it but its hard getting the keys and stuff it really needs a update              It need updates
So I deleted the app so I could make room on my phone now I want to play it again I downloaded it and first thing it says is Tutorial complete I tap that goes to a new page saying go to my page I tap that button and does nothing but go back to saying Tutorial complete total bs Please fix this I want to play this     What the hell
I love this game Its one of my favorite things to pass time with Just wish the lifes wouldnt take so long to refill              Love it
We will both get prizes              My invite ID CMJsu8AUW0
Awesome game My code your invite ID KMqxwaTyMk                 Love it
ιт συℓ вє вєттєя              ιѕ gσσ
I love anime I love romance But 4 hours Really I think thats a little too longjust to get 1 energy My ID GtkfC9AyyN              Ummm
Very fun lots of opportunities to get more energy                 V cool
I love the story and the design of this game                 Download
This game is so much fun so far I havent made it that far but I think that Im going to really like this game hehe Anyway heres my invite ID so you can get some cool stuff LZwAJirXmG              So far
Cdn7qiN4LN                 Cdn7qiN4LN
I love shall we date apps but I agree with the other reviews Its kinda ridiculous to wait 4 hrs for 1 energy I wish they can shorten it a bit of anything But overall I love the game and the artwork in shall we date              Love it but
i love this game                 hi
Sooooo cute                 Cute
I love the game                 ID ZKimb0RVq
Use my ID           GGpSSYsVxC
I love the story line in this one Im going for chezem Also if you use my invite id you will get free stuff upon starting game and so will I Its useful for playing this game                 E8b8u9MWnA invite id
This app is really fun              your invite ID MfSy3dsAHc
Loving the Chezem route so far The only downsides are how hard it is to get mina money and the lessons barely increase your charm at all So please use my ID so we can both get items                 Invite ID FqG6ktLKDy
Please give two golden keys because I really love to Finish a royal baby and get to the sweet ending of the spinoff                 Need 2 golden keys
Please use my ID it will give us both prizes and I would really appreciate it I LOVE this game its so much fun and really cute It does take awhile for your energy to be restored but the game is free so I cant really complain Overall this is a great game to download                 My ID MSgVgWzJvL
My third time playing although Jun was a bit boring He precious though Heres my ID MrJqNxrjpU              Love this MrJqNxrjpU
NM3sJDBkxy        ID
your invite ID GdwtyNrzMQ                 your invite ID GdwtyNrzMQ
ID DCb9Xxcy8a It is pretty fun but everything is so expensive and it takes forever for you to recover energy              Pretty fun
Must getyour invite IDJKe2xBwg1g              Love
Its sho coot              Awesome
Ji40GYk3GJ                 Ji40GYk3GJ
wwwwweeeooooooooooooowwwww                 Love it
Its like ur living it but its story                 Fun
Its some wat funny to me but yet so romantic and its cute                 I love it but it has a few flaws
GET FREE GIFTS WITH THIS ID Kq0tqq2sA0 ANYWAYS this game is fun and the graphics are amazing I just hate that the power up take 4 hours for one It should be more like 3045 min for one at least              GET FREE GIFTS WITH THIS ID Kq0tqq2sA0
I love NTT Solmare games but I wish theyd update MySweetPr Not only are the characters unattractive theyre also too young for the heroine Also the avatar given in the game isnt attractive either and the clothes are too expensive and oldfashioned           DpcqFuJ736
Fun game lots of keys you have to get and takes Forever             
I want bg music           My invitation code ELTG5cAfY0
Please get this game and you my code it is CHbGzHYVAW we will both get rewards if you do this thx                 Love this app
Ahh The ubiquitous dating sim The illustrations are good The scenarios utterly ridiculous but fun           Fun for what it is
Great game really I like it a lot keep making good games ok                 Awesome game
FEJirwqv0E                 Add me
Love it                 Neat af

Shall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet PrinceShall we date?: MySweetPrince+ Entertainment Sweet Prince

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