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Shazam Entertainment Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Shazam Player ,Shazam for iPad ,Shazam ,Shazam Encore ,(Shazam)RED), brings Shazam with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shazam app has been update to version 5.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best app ever for music search..
  • My music collection is so much improved with this app..
  • Great app for music lovers to find the titles..
  • This is a mind blowing application..
  • Works quick and even works when you have a lot of background noise..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Great app for music lovers to find the titles.
An absolutely horrible app for music.
I love shazam its super fast and really works.
That's too bad cuz I used to love shazam.
I love being able to find out the name of the artist & song quickly.
Love the way the sound is crystal clear thanks shazam.
Thanks Shazam for acting like every other greedy bastard on earth.
Shazam is the best music ID app out there.
This has to be one of the best applications for music lovers.
One of the best iPhone apps to date - and for free.
I feel it works better than midomi with slightly less features.
Fun & Engagingc89
Shazam is awesome for capturing song identities I hear and like.
Shazam is awesome - every iphone should have this app on it.
and I've learned about some awesome music.
Found tons of awesome music with this app.
People ask me to use this app to identify music all the time.
I hear new music all the time and wonder "what song is that".
It's so useful for my daily use and I utilise it to.
It's so useful and it works almost perfect.
How could I ever have lived without it.
Idk how I ever lived without it.
It's a great app I use it almost every day really handy.
I use it almost every day and it works great.
It's really helpful it stores like Hollister or Abercrombie.
I use shazam all the time it's really helpful and useful.
Hands down the most useful iPhone application there is.
By far the most useful iPhone app I have downloaded.
Social Aspectsc51
You can tag your favs and post to social media sites.
all around easy to share to social media.
I only use the tag feature none of the social features.
I Love the New Social Features.
so the database it uses to ID seems independent from Apple.
and it was even able to id his Japanese Pop collection.
This application has failed to identify every song I put at it.
Hasn't failed to find me a song name once.
Ads not Intrusivec58
It even finds the song from the fragments in tv commercials.
I used it on TV commercial songs and radio.
and now I can't ID songs on TV commercials.
Updates & Supportc10
Wish encore version cost less so I can afford it.
or go buy the encore version.
Awesome app and awesome customer service.
Incredible customer service.

Good for DJs locating popular tracks in real time by location. found in 6 reviews
Great work and kudos to the Shazam team. found in 11 reviews
I love shazam and when I'm in the car I shazam the radio. found in 25 reviews
I love shazam its super fast and really works. found in 285 reviews
Unreal - the best app I've seen yet. found in 8 reviews
It links together my favorite music source with sound recognition. found in 11 reviews
Always right always reliable just a great app. found in 11 reviews
Helped me find and remember songs I need to download. found in 43 reviews
It's worth having as a utility app just for this feature. found in 7 reviews
It will satisfy your curiosity and amaze your friends. found in 9 reviews
Even with multiple people talking and other sounds going on. found in 28 reviews
I was able to tag a song in the grocery store. found in 16 reviews
Worked great with even old Hindi songs. found in 11 reviews
A handy little app for anyone who likes to discover new music. found in 14 reviews
It's so useful for my daily use and I utilise it to. found in 14 reviews
allows me to remember the songs I hear and want to download later. found in 37 reviews
then this app feels like it's helping you discover new worlds. found in 20 reviews
The most amazing technology I've ever seen. found in 23 reviews
It's the best invention since Google. found in 16 reviews
Amazes me every time it identifies a song for me. found in 11 reviews
but it would be cool to recognize classical music. found in 12 reviews
but Shazam can't find a match on most if them. found in 21 reviews
But unfortunately Shazam doesn't seem to recognize some songs. found in 32 reviews
Could there please be an app for Classical Music. found in 128 reviews
but now it's only letting me tag 5 songs a month unless I upgrade. found in 595 reviews
This is good but midomi is better. found in 15 reviews
But the news notifications that it sends you automatically seems pointless. found in 24 reviews
Love that it seems to recognize songs faster than before. found in 65 reviews
it does not recognize music you Shazam during a TV show. found in 20 reviews
I find 9 times to 1 it doesn't recognize songs anymore. found in 26 reviews
but latest update doesn't recognize any songs. found in 34 reviews
It doesn't recognize even the most common classical pieces. found in 9 reviews
but I'm disappointed that you are now limited to 5 songs per month. found in 562 reviews
Viggle couldn't recognize songs that I was listening to. found in 19 reviews
Those push notifications they have recently introduced are annoying. found in 15 reviews
I can't believe that Shazam only allows 5 songs per month. found in 547 reviews
However it almost always fails when trying to tag classical music. found in 8 reviews
The only thing missing is a way to bulk- delete tags. found in 25 reviews
A shame it's now limited to five tags per month. found in 545 reviews
Frustrating that it's only compatible with iOS 6. found in 108 reviews
I would have been downgraded to a vesion limited to 5 tags a month. found in 1232 reviews
Worst app ever only limited to five tags a month is retarded. found in 545 reviews
The 5 tag limit makes this pointless to use. found in 200 reviews
The program does not seem to recognize classical music at all. found in 128 reviews
If I'm watching the Superbowl and shazam a song. found in 72 reviews
This application has failed to identify every song I put at it. found in 83 reviews
When I try to tag a song the app crashes completely. found in 503 reviews
Every time I try to tag a song it says that it's unable to connect. found in 503 reviews
but with the new 5 song a month limit I will be deleting it. found in 90 reviews
doesn't have the ONE song you were desperately trying to tag. found in 85 reviews
Nothing it does required iOS 6 -specific features/APIs. found in 108 reviews
again missing opportunities for music I wanted to ID. found in 79 reviews
Only being able to tag 5 songs per month is pretty useless. found in 547 reviews
This was awesome until they added the 5 song limit. found in 202 reviews
App crashes constantly and does not recognize songs. found in 65 reviews
This was awesome until they crippled it with the 5 tags a month limit. found in 83 reviews
They are forcing people to pay $5 for more than 5 tags a MONTH. found in 168 reviews

The Shazam is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Shazam app version 5.0.6 has been updated on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Shazam check developer Shazam Entertainment Ltd.`s website :

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of an issue whereby users who previously had unlimited tagging get restricted to 5 tags per month. We just deployed a temporary solution and this limit has been lifted. We ...
Shazam really amazes me with how well it finds songs It could be a song barely audible and like the last 30 seconds and itll know within seconds Not bad if you ask me Ive not had any problems with it so far so it gets 5 stars                 Find it all
Not only does it slow down my phone like crazy but it takes forever to start up The majority of the time Ive tried using Shazam the song has ended before the app is ready     Either my phone is garbage or this app is garbage
The is the best app ever                 Love this app
Love it                 Amazing
Could be be better just change it back to when it would land on songs you shazamed Not to a page I dont really care about        Could be better
The most used app on my phone Its so useful Its the BOMB                 The BEST used APP
This app is super awesome even more if youre a guy like me that doesnt remember any song name I just hear a song I like I Shazam it and add it to my Spotify Playlist                 Awesome
Great app                 Great app
Best app ever                
This app is second to none                 Great app
Love it                 Love it
Not that great at identifying songs        Not that great at identifying songs
How did you make it man Awesome app                 Amazing App
This app has saved my life soooooooooo many times Ive been like oh what song is that and Ive used this app and it can even be like a little peice of the music and shazam gets it right away 5 stars definitely                 I LOVE THIS APP
Its a great app Use it to create playlist                 Great app
When clicked on listen in apple music the apple music is opened but I am landed on the home page Need to search for the track myself     Apple Music doesnt work
Quick and acurate                 Great
Love this app especially when watching an episode of my favorite tv show or movie and a great song comes on that Im not familiar with Shazam it and you got it That quick and it keeps track of your music finds This is a must have for your phone                 Instant Gratification
i have ipod touch but i cant install any application because my version off ios is 616 how i can regler this problem     Mr
Never fails to get me what I want                 Mr G
Every time I try this app it hardly get the right song let alone the artist Just tired it listening to Bon Iver on Austin City Limits and it could not pickup any of their songs So only a one star to a zero star rating     Does not recognize music
Great                 Shazam
I love this app and I use it anytime I dont know a song thats playing in the background Plus I love the fact that it shows the lyrics as the song is playing Kind of how karaoke is              I love this app
This was my favorite app until the improvements with ads and popups slowed down performance and created problems with tagging Disappointed in what was once a great app but now abysmal        Too many popups and very slow performance
Best app in the universe                 Opinion
Yep it is                 Excellento
Good                 Good
Gets like almost every song does what it says its supposed to do Never crashes simple app that does its job                 Does what its supposed to do
Works really fast and is always accurate                 Amazing app
Its amazing and works when you dont have wifi it shows up when you get home                 Always the right song
Id like putting it when Im trying to remember who sings the music and the name of the music on a scale of 1 to 10 I give this and eight              ASG
Hello I hv been one of those used experiencing the crash upon trying to open shazam I used to use it all the time I still cannot get it to open it it still crashes upon opening U cld say What can be done to finally fix this problem     Shazam app crash
I was trying to delete an old tag and it wouldnt let me I could get the delete button to show up but no matter how many times I pushed it it just would not work           Cant delete tags anymore
Very helpful in finding Group Names Albums              Helpful
I keep shazaming the same song but shazam keeps giving me multiple wrong results     Cant find my song
Okay so I heard this cool catchy song but couldnt find it on YouTube and of course no one replied to what the song could be I download this app because I heard it can accurately find the song you want Accurate isnt the word I would use Its far from accurate I kept playing the song over and over and it gave me 4 other songs that werent it I decided it might be just the beat thats confusing the app I played the part with lyrics nonstop It wouldnt register It would say bring it closer to the sound My phone was right next to the speaker and it still wouldnt take So in a nutshell The app didnt work Big surprise there     Dissapointing
I like this app                 Perfect
Love it                
This app is great for all the songs I know but dont know the name of Then it gives the option of if you want to get the song or not Love this app                 The best
La adoro                 Indispensable
One of the great app i ever had                 A best friend
So far so good              Shhhhaaa
Ughghghh shazam used to be my favourite app when it comes to searching and streaming music but after a recent update ive lost the option to play any song Theres just a black line and nothing more no option to play or share Just ruined shazampleaseee solve this issue as quick as possible        Cant play any song
Its just what I need when I dont know the name of a song I want so badly This is a life saver Thank you                 Absolutely love it
Absolutely the best way to capture song titles and artist names when your memory lets you down                 Shazam saves the day
This app is so useful It continues to receive impressive updates I use it almost daily A fabulous tool                 Outstanding
I love shazam I use it all the time weather in the vehicle in the garage or even at a restaurant                 Shazam
Love that I can save title That I can buy it                 Dowse what I need

Shazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod TouchShazam Music Unlimited Tagging Ipod Touch

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