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Description - Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader , the publisher behind many iOS app (Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader ,Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner), brings Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader app has been update to version 2.4.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • good for capturing receipts for my llc and getting reimbursed from clients..
  • This is a good product for expense management and organization..
  • I use this to keep track of my spending for budgeting purposes..
  • Using Shoeboxed has streamlined and simplified my financial tracking procedures..
  • This app is useful when you travel for work..

Overall Satisfactionc72
I love Shoeboxed cause it puts my receives in an order.
My accountant loves the reports.
Much better than keeping all my receipts crumpled in a box.
I recommend it for anyone drowning in receipts or dreading expense reports.
Best office app I have found.
Upgraded to a paid account---the best money I've ever spent.
Fun & Engagingc82
Stop wasting time trying to OCR your receipts.
Mileage tracking is awesome.
LOVE this app - it's actually kinda fun to track expenses now.
Makes expense tracking actually kinda fun.
Awesome way to stay organized with your receipts.
Awesome way to stay organized.
It's easy to use to keep track of everything.
Helps keep everything organized without the bells and whistles.
Wonderfully useful and helpful app.
Helpful little app.
Super useful app.
It's one my essential tool to running my business successfully.
Production Valuesc90
It will not show receipts loaded via desktop or web interface.
The interface is simple and I donu2019t feel like a dummy.
Interface is simple and attractive.
Ease of Usec75
It's super easy to use too.
I've finally found a quick and easy way to keep track of all my expenses.
and easy to export files to other formats for expense reports.
simple app that does what it's supposed to.
Sleek UI and easy to navigate.
The interface is simple and I donu2019t feel like a dummy.
Its just kind of hard to get started.
Quick easy and accurate love the app really helps with the budgeting.
Security & Privacyc69
Upgraded to a paid account ---the best money I've ever spent.
Upgrade to a paid account ---the best money I've ever spent.
Updates & Supportc44
customer service excellent thank you andrew you always deliver.
Fantastic receipt service and excellent customer service.
Their customer service is never available and totally unresponsive.

organize receipts create expense reports track mileage and more. found in 14 reviews
has help us get rid of paper AND track our expenses. found in 4 reviews
Receipt management and contact management are a breeze. found in 11 reviews
Huge time saver for small business owners on the road. found in 83 reviews
It's easy to use to keep track of everything. found in 8 reviews
I'm an independent contractor & Shoeboxed has saved me money & time. found in 8 reviews
I've finally found a quick and easy way to keep track of all my expenses. found in 8 reviews
It literally replaced my shoe box. found in 9 reviews
I started using Shoeboxed to start tracking my business expenses. found in 35 reviews
have only been using this app for a couple of days. found in 2 reviews
This is a great way to stay organized and keep things accountable. found in 44 reviews
Very recommended for the Road Warrior. found in 5 reviews
but occasionally loses trips. found in 1 reviews
How does this happen with human verification. found in 3 reviews
to be able to log miles traveled manually. found in 1 reviews
Great app but wish more functionality. found in 2 reviews
but needs some work still. found in 2 reviews
no more mess. found in 2 reviews
Very useful but crashes a ton. found in 1 reviews
No more piles of receipts to dig through. found in 3 reviews
and wish I had an auto delete setting for receipt pics. found in 2 reviews
but a little frustrated that sometimes the trips aren't recorded. found in 2 reviews
human verify your receipt data " within 24 hours. found in 5 reviews
Please add camera roll functionality. found in 7 reviews
I'm constantly losing receipts. found in 4 reviews
Great idea but the app is kinda buggy. found in 1 reviews
Good app but charge up front. found in 2 reviews
but I'm still learning how to use it. found in 2 reviews
The only thing is not being able to manually enter receipts. found in 4 reviews
Status bar interferes with buttons. found in 1 reviews
Annoying spam and phone calls from developers. found in 3 reviews
Terrible customer experience. found in 2 reviews
Also can't enter receipts from camera roll. found in 7 reviews
Too many errors submitting receipts. found in 3 reviews
Crashed on first receipt photo. found in 3 reviews
but you only get 5 free entries. found in 11 reviews
Useless without a monthly fee. found in 2 reviews
Their customer service is never available and totally unresponsive. found in 16 reviews
When one enters receipt data via the app nothing is saved. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4.3 has been released on 2014-11-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader in`s Official Website :

Shoeboxed is the easiest way to keep track of receipts and generate expense reports. "I capture my receipts while I travel Shoeboxed does all the data entry, so I just run the app when I get ...
Im meticulous about keeping all my recipes and tracking my expenses After a while my huge envelopes filled with receipts start to pile up I downloaded this app to try and digitize everything but still keep track of all the receipts So far its taken a little longer than I would like for the receipts to get processed but its a quick and easy upload on the user end and the app does a good job at categorizing and accurately populating the information and expenses Hopefully this will reduce my piles of paper receipts           So far so good
It is so much easier being able to take a picture of the receipt when you make the purchase There is nothing worse then a faded receipt that has been left in the car or in your wallet With Shoebox you can make the purchase and then file the receipt immediately and categorize the expense Then just print the receipts when you are ready Easy as 123                 Never a lost receipt
I keep all of my business receipts in this app which make tax season easy                 Love it
SooooooI keep alllllllll my receipts only to have huge anxiety during tax time because I have to sort them and try to remember amounts when the ink has faded So far I loooooooooove this app which had given me time back especially in April I will be upgrading soon and I am ecstatic about reducing clutter                 Life changing app
This app works very well Excellent OCR capabilities However the free version includes only 5 receipt processings per month Im guessing if you only have 5 per month you wouldnt have been looking for an app If you travel a lot for work the subscription may be worth it Not for the occasional business traveler           Works well free version not helpful
100x better than throwing crumpled receipts in an actual shoebox                 Great App
I like the interface However I dont like having to wait for my receipt to be approved           Review
If you do the traveling gigsaudits this is an awesome app to keep track and actually averages out to see if its was a money maker or not I love it                 Great app
Nice streamlined receipt tracking with OCR                 Easy to Use
I just started using this app It shows promise but will it deliver After using it more I will review again           Promising
Its ok and the fact that it sees how much each receipt is worth is pretty cool What would make this app really cool is a way to easily print from my phone and a batch feature where you could select like 4 receipts and get a table with their combined information Also on the print option if it would print and include the notes and date that would be sweet Its a pretty cool idea though just could use some more features           Want an easier way to print
Overall I like this app Ive used it to quickly add business cards The one thing I would like is the ability to categorize each business card by the type of business it is Other than that works great              Great App
Takes awhile to process but great app              Receipt scanner
The app does what its advertised Not much more not much less I just started using it but Id like to be able to make my own categories Maybe you can              Pretty Simple app
I downloaded a couple of days ago Will use to track gas expense Dont mind waiting for the processing of receipts I am looking forward to see how it will help me when tax time comes around              Shoebox Review
It works I used Zenn99 and when that stopped I started using this Its different but works                 Works
This app has proved me right in being able to catch the essentials from documents like business cards and receipts Happy early on and happy to keep trying it in the future              Good App for Simple Data
Keep track of receipts and mileage is whole lot easier with this app as freelancer                 The best
Serves as a great electronic folder in case of missing receipts when tax time rolls around Great app              Good eFolder
This is exactly what I needed Saves your receipts in an IRS approved shoebox and tracks mileage with GPS from your phone Plus its pretty                 Perfect streamlined app for Independent Contractors
I have not had this app long you have to give it any more than a cursory review However as the title indicates it appears to have all the ingredients and the thought behind making it a valuable resource As mentioned in one of the other reviews the processing takes much longer than one might expect However Im not sure why there is the lag but it does eventually get the information is needed           Has all the ingredients has great potential
Makes organization easier It crashes sometimes but hopefully updates will lessen this But overall a useful app in my life              Love it
Awesome app for organizing and saving receipts                 Very happy
I travel a lot and its nice to keep track of the receipts because on my bank statements they are pretty vague and often times in different languages good way to budget                 Travel
Easy to use great                 Great app
Wonderful app Makes business spending tracking so easy Couldnt live without it                 Awesome
Im picky about keep track of my daily expenses However it is confusing to keep all of paper receipts This is a easy to use application let you keep all your paper receipt as well as online receipt in a categorized manner My only suggestion is if they could provide an icon of the store associated with the receipt that would be more fun and meaningfull              JohnSnow
Although I have only had it installed a few hours I am excited at the results it has given me thus far It really is simple to use almost to simple I will return with an update in 30 days Stan Thomas                 Shoe box review
Looks good but I prefer the features of some of the other free apps           Better Options
I just want to file receipts I simply need an app that i open take a photo and choose a category None of this reimbursable stuff This app is not flexible to do simple things It wants you to do everything in a complicated way I have no time for that        force you to think in one way only
I downloaded Shoebox looking for a simple app to help track mileage It does so much more My only concern is that I dont really need all the features but if you traveled all the time I can see that this would be a lot easier than the hassle of receipts              Lots of capabilities
Ive only had this app for a few weeks now but Im already obsessed For a college student like myself staying organized and keeping paper clutter to a minimum is essential I often keep old receipts after buying textbooks or other supplies in case I have to return something but it gets difficult since the space in my apartment is very limited Shoeboxed is the perfect solution to this problem and its already reduced the amount of paper I have floating around my house a huge amount Love this app and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a way to simplify their life                 Great for reducing clutter staying organized
Really like this Easy user friendly              Best app for business trips
The app has been great so far for tracking receipts so I dont have to try to hold on to them Its great for keeping organized                 Great so far
back ups automatically app for both phone and mac book so i can see my pictures at anytime glitches I found originally were fixed and updates keep getting better easier to use then iCloud                 wonderful
This app is great for organizing my business receipts and reducing clutter It is very easy to use                 Great for organizing reducing clutter
Easiest way to keep track of receipts on the go Just take s picture of your receipt and Shoeboxed does all the work for you              Easy as a click
Great app Easy to use                 App
If youre someone that jus wants to snap a pic and tap two buttons to record receipts premium is for you If you want to do a little extra work to keep it free its still a great app Will definitely stay a member                 Works great premium is worth it
Our photography business consists of a lot of traveling Having the ability to track our mileage and store receipts in one simple location is invaluable Its easy to use and well designed We also make a lot of online purchases and being able to sync with a gmail account helps keep so many digital receipts organized              Great App for Small Business
Have been looking for an app to function exactly this way a friend recommended shoeboxes and I have been quite pleased                 Just what I was looking for
Really good Potentially useful except for having to pay for extra features              Seemed good
Im a bit of a mess when it comes to keeping track of my expenses Ive been trying to find a method of archiving my receipts and keeping track of my mileage but so far everything I tried failed This app Ive only been using it for a week or so seems to be the cure to my problem Its easy to use and it doesnt take much time to figure it out On of the best things about it is that you can use it on the run it takes only a few seconds to photograph and archive a receipt I use the DIY method              Looks good so far
Loved this app helps me keep track of all expenses for taxes                 easy to use organizes great
I like this app a lot Im not great at remembering to keep track of my purchases so its great to have a place where I can do it with all of the receipts that have piled up digitally Good not to have a mess of paper all the time                 Good app
Just got to get the feel of how it works              Like it a lot
If youre willing to pay a monthly due this program is for you They cater to the busy that cannot go through the hassle of going through transactions Huge time saver              Great program if you commit
Perfect to keep receipts organized So far so good No issues Highly recommend              Great app for snake businesses
Works well but takes far too long to analyze data Took 3 days on my first few items           Good app some problems
I like taking pictures of receipts and the idea that GPS will capture my travel BUT receipts take forever to process I am using and I Pad and my tripos are being logged as receipts Yes I am clicking that they are not receipts they are trips And again it take along time for them to register I also cannot see where to get reports or download the data to use it I am real happy all of the rest of you like this app and I can see it could be useful but so far it has not been what I am looking for I am downgrading my review it really is not helpful at all So much promise so little delivery It will not track my trips and when I try to track trips it registers them as receipts And yes I saw how to press receipt vs trip Receipts take hours to update and help screens are almost non existent If it cannot perform the most basic tasks in the free version what would make me think buying it would make it that much better        Difficult to get satrted

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader BusinessShoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader Business

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