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shopkick , the publisher behind many iOS app (shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better! ,CauseWorld), brings shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better! app has been update to version 2.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easy way to earn gift cards for just walking into stores and scanning random items..
  • we should be able to use social media to add friends..
  • You could get awesome deals like facebook credits and gift cards..
  • Such a wonderful/ easy way to earn money off at great stores..
  • A fabulous shopping companion to anyone looking to save money..
Overall Satisfactionclick me64
Absolutely love getting kicks just for walking into stores.
But I do love getting kicks by scanning and walking into stores.
Love getting free stuff for doing things I am already doing.
Also I'm looking forward to more reward partners.
It also needs more rewards.
Love the new design and all the fun bonus kicks.
Love this app who wouldn't love free money.
I love the idea of this app I just wish it wasn't so buggy.
Fun & Engagingclick me77
Fun to collect points and to learn more about merchants in the area.
until they destroyed the ability to collect points in a timely manner.
Makes shopping fun and you earn rewards without spending money.
Frustratingly simple for use and fun to collect kicks.
It definitely doesn't get me excited to collect kicks anymore.
Super fun an addicting catching all the kicks.
This app is so fun and rewarding without costing any money.
Shop kicks is so much fun and addicting.
It's fun and easy plus I love getting free iTunes gift cards.
It's really great because of the awesome rewards that it offers.
Usefulnessclick me72
This App is fun and useful at the same time.
I like this app it's fun and useful.
it would be a fun and useful app.
It's a great way to earn rewards for everyday shopping.
Scans make everyday shopping like a treasure hunt lol.
Awesome to get rewarded for just doing everyday errands.
Love making money for what I'm already doing everyday.
Family Friendlyclick me95
Great way to keep kids busy at store while I shop.
This keeps my kids busy too when I'm at the store.
Value for Moneyclick me85
Being able to get royalty points without spending money is awesome.
Makes shopping fun and you earn rewards without spending money.
Ease of Useclick me75
Easy way to earn gift cards for just walking into stores and scanning random items.
So easy to earn points and actually get rewarded for it.
Nothing special and to hard to earn points for gift cards.
Easy to get kicks and love the little daily surprise kicks.
and you can't look at the look books to get kicks anymore.
Fast and easy to accumulate kick and get rewarded for shopping.
They constantly make it harder for you to accumulate kicks.
It's fun and easy plus I love getting free iTunes gift cards.
It's easy to get kicks and easy to redeem them for prizes.
Reliabilityclick me36
Security & Privacyclick me18
Privacy settings are helpful and useful.
Updates & Supportclick me25
Customer service replies back quickly with answers to questions.
The old version was much easier to collect kicks and view deals.
Batteryclick me47
the gps stays on and kills phone battery.
Does quickly drain my phone battery.


NEW V2.0! Your favorite stores… just got better with Deals & Rewards from shopkick, the #1 SHOPPING APP (Wall Street Journal). Join 1.5 million people that already use it!


#1 DEALS: Find new hot deals, exclusive deals & must-have items at the best stores, like Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Crate & Barrel and many more. We keep you posted on everything that happens at your favorite stores.

shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better!shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better!
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#2 REWARDS: With just a couple of shopping trips, you can earn cool gift cards, free movie tickets or help a good cause. Earning is easy: Simply WALK into partner stores (yes, just VISIT them – crazy, but true), scan products, purchase or even check in. Walk-in rewards are available in 80 markets now! Includes NYC, LA, SF, Dallas, Chicago, BOS, ATL, Houston, D.C., Miami, Seattle, St. Louis.


NOTICE: Users who improperly or inaccurately post referral information are violating shopkick`s Terms of Use and are subject to deactivation. You can report these at [email protected]
shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better!


The shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.6.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better! in shopkick`s Official Website :


This is way better than checkpoints. found in 15 reviews
Shop kicks is probably the coolest app for shoppers. found in 93 reviews
It's a great way to earn rewards for everyday shopping. found in 28 reviews
Easy k-bucks plus great shopping experience. found in 66 reviews
This is going to make my holiday shopping soooo much easier. found in 18 reviews
It's so much fun almost like a scavenger hunt for adults. found in 19 reviews
Super fun an addicting catching all the kicks. found in 141 reviews
Gives me something to do when I go shopping with people. found in 43 reviews
This app is so fun and rewarding without costing any money. found in 117 reviews
This with my military discount gives me great savings. found in 34 reviews
Great money saver and actually fun collecting. found in 39 reviews
It's like a scavenger hunt where you look for spare change. found in 777 reviews
Working towards a $ 25 gift card as my second redemption. found in 168 reviews
Already earned enough for a $25 hotel card with very little effort. found in 18 reviews
Points add up quickly without even having to make a purchase. found in 26 reviews
This is the best money saving app out there people. found in 21 reviews
Works well but it doesn't register all of the stores. found in 64 reviews
I reported the issue multiple times but nothing was done. found in 21 reviews
I still can't collect walk ins at Macy's. found in 946 reviews
Some stores the app won't work and you don't get credit. found in 16 reviews
Only improvement would be daily kicks actually awarded daily. found in 211 reviews
Love the app and the upgrades but don't like the new update. found in 17 reviews
This will make it frustrating at times. found in 17 reviews
My only criticism is that walk- ins don't always work. found in 85 reviews
Inconsistent with the walk in kicks at multiple stores. found in 776 reviews
Also frustrating when the walk in kicks or product kicks don't work. found in 102 reviews
It doesn't always recognize the store when you walk in. found in 39 reviews
Cool app needs more rewards though. found in 38 reviews
A lot of connection issues when scanning the higher point items. found in 23 reviews
Does anyone at shop kick monitor when we report a problem. found in 20 reviews
Scored walk in points whenever I remember to open the app. found in 205 reviews
I hate the new update it is very confusing please fix. found in 52 reviews
One star less since walk ins don't work everywhere. found in 85 reviews
Just can't get walk in kicks at Macy's for some reason. found in 20 reviews
Don't get many kicks anymore they have really cut them back. found in 19 reviews
Not a fan of the new version but love site. found in 20 reviews
It's confusing and over all I just hate the new update. found in 52 reviews
Would be nice if walk in points were actually awarded at stores. found in 396 reviews
You can't get the walkin kicks. found in 60 reviews
So you can NOT collect kicks for walk -ins or scanning products. found in 208 reviews
Walk ins don't work most of the time. found in 85 reviews
Why are there no more blue stars. found in 64 reviews
jCP walk in kicks haven't updated and neither have BEST BUY. found in 776 reviews
Fix the location services problem and I'll start using this again. found in 167 reviews
I no longer receive daily kicks upon opening the app. found in 211 reviews
Many have been banned after earning so many points. found in 121 reviews
Go to some of the stores and walk in kicks don't work. found in 102 reviews
Doesn't pick up walk ins and doesn't allow scans. found in 946 reviews
It's easy to waste your entire day in just one store. found in 54 reviews
I emailed customer service but that was useless. found in 268 reviews
Sometimes the store's sensor doesn't register. found in 64 reviews
There are many stores that don't recognize the "walk in" points. found in 87 reviews
there's no way to know if there are starred bonus kicks. found in 86 reviews
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Really like this app On my way to a gift card                Love it
I love this app             Fun fun fun
It sent this text to me and said that if I shared it with 5 friends I would get a free 100 gift card which I was stupid to even try of course it didnt work And if you get 500 kicks it will send you a gift card for 2 I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy DONT DOWNLOAD IT DONT WASTE YOUR STORAGE    So stupid
Customer service is terrible I can NEVER get my shop kicks in Macys I created a report in the middle of Macys Customer Service and I went back and forth for about 68 emails each They finally said just this one time they will give me the points but never again It was their app not working They tried to make it my fault over and over but I kept sending back a response    Customer Service is HORRIBLE
I love this app makes it more fun like a scavenger hunt while shopping and you earn free gift cards                Great kick in app
Im home bound quit a bit but I could still kick weekly and have fun doing so Then they got super stingy with the Just In adds Now you seldom get kicks when you click on those When I do get to the stores to kick sometimes I have to pass my local store to get to the participating store Kicks shouldnt be store specific in a chain Please help          Great first but
Its like a scavenger hunt each time I shop Who doesnt love getting free stuff just for shopping Thanks for continuing to update and add new stores                Love the app
Great app                Well worth it
Shop kick could be a great app When I first got it there were lots of opportunities to earn kicks but lately there are very few walk in kicks and the number of store where you can earn kicks for scans has also decreased I would like to see more stores like Food Maxx Food 4 Less and some non food stores like Office Depot or convenience stores          Started out great but went downhill
What could you possibly write negatively about this Its a free app where in the end you get free stuff And just for doing what you normally do or playing a big treasure hunt Its an amazing concept and i love it Its great for college students and parents or even kids Yeah it takes a minute to build your stuff up but its still free stuff You cant argue with it                Bravo
I agree with others that some stores dont work for walk ins and its been reported but I think it goes to a black hole because nothing is ever done I live that you get free gift cards for basically just visiting a store you normally would anyhow The app used to offer a lot more scans but not sure if vendors told the app to back off or it was the apps idea Ill keep using this app because its free and you get free stuffhow can you ever beat that          Used to be better a better app
I love shop kick it is fun I love all the free gift cards and making donations with my kicks                Cracra about this app woohoo
Love this app So fun relaxing                Shop kick
I love this app The only thing I dont like is that the kicks have started slowing down             Slowly getting kicks
I like all but having to wait days before more walkins are available for stores I go to frequently          Ms
Its great for kids to help them learn how to look for deals and start saving                Love it
It was a fun app until they took away the daily kicks Also they took away the kicks on the ads Its going down hill fast I am considering deleting this app       Was fun
Fun when works Not customer friendly at allNeed to compensate with points when not working properly for people to feel better about wasting their time       FRUSTRATING
Its fun and real easy to build points for your favorite gift cardI earned over 3000 plus points in a few weeks I havent used any of my gift cards waiting for Christmas I love this app its fun                Loving this app
Im enjoying this app a great deal I work at a mall so I often get kicks just for going to work I also get them for stores that I would go to anyway             Good app
Fun app Dont always receive kicks for editors apps             Friend
Like the rewards system but thats it Im annoyed that theres constantly notifications I wish I could turn off all notifications except notify me near stores I have everything turned off right now but it still sends me them Among other things this annoys me so nuff that I will delete this app       Eh
I love love love this app so much                Love
Very DisappointedStarted out great I probably wont receive the 5 stars promised for doing this review since this is a very negative review    Me
Shopkik is a great app that I use almost every day and I love doing the scanning The only issue is there should be a faster way to get points for the rewards and more accurate items to scan in your local area Some of the items that are scannable are items not carried in my area I reside in Overall I will continue to use the app and have fun adding up points Also the login bonus kicks are no longer happening Not sure why those login kicks stopped happeningis this an error or is it because I reached a level of points that I no longer receive them                Love This App but
Absolutely loving this appI really enjoy earning free money for going to places I already shop Ive used over 100 for simply waking into stores and scanning items                FREE MONEY
I love it just need more scans I run out quickly             Love
Fun addictive to use but app is sometimes problematic You can walk into a store with Bluetooth on and wifi on still not be able to get points for walking into store          Problematic
I downloaded this app awhile ago I was skeptical at first But then I fell in love with it Course with any app you download you run the risk of it not always syncingworking Its okay though Im fine with it occasionally not syncing up with the stores I walk into Im saving up for a Mixer one of the highest point items you can save for but I feel like its totally and completely worth the wait             Love it
I love this app                Great
This app is amazing and so easy to use                I love it
Great app love it its so easy and actually pretty fun                Awesome
This app has some wonderful pointsits easy to use its free and its user friendly I will say that the problems I have are these it takes a very long time to see rewards unless you travel all over the place or work at the mall the app doesnt work often because errors occur either with the app or the stores that are linked there is no way to get the points if you visit a store and the app is not linkingthis is very frustrating Overall its cool but these issues need to be addressed before its a 5 star Thanks for listening          Great appcould be better
Nothing much left nowGood to be before but not 1 kick pe day is sad in the books even walk in kicks have not been great recentlyI tried linking my card many many times but always errors out    Not much now
If it doesnt get better Ill be deleting Ive been using this app for a couple of years and there seems to be less items to scan Its taking a lot longer to get a lousy 5 gc Ive never hooked a credit card to the app because I only use a debit card Im very hesitant to give someone access to my bank account So the only way for me to get points is to scan items walk into places which doesnt always work and to open the envelopes in the product section Even the product section gives less rewards It used to be almost every box you clicked on to look at the items would have an envelope to click on for a surprise But surprise There is about 1 envelope in every 7 or 8 sections Seriously Youre taking away one point envelopesI hope it gets better soon But I highly doubt it will    Liked this app but
I like the rewards             Love it
Is fine not great          Ok app but need to fix the bugs sometimes it does not work
Free Money Anytime Yes Please                Great App
Great app its taught me some new things                Awesome Love it
I love this app easy to us and who doesnt want to get free money for walking in to places your already going too                I love it
I love the fact that I can receive gift cards for stores that I visit on the regular The only problem I have is sometime the items are not available at the stores and sometimes I dont get my kicks for walking into a store             Great app
The app is fun and if it worked as expected would be 5 stars I have never been able to get my walkin kicks and I have reported it every time with no results or responses Also in regards to scans some of the products that it shows for you to scan arent available in the stores here locally where I live For example the past few weeks I have the option to scan several different wines at Walmart and CVS Neither store carry that brand of wine so Im missing out on a lot of points that way And the same with the economist magazine neither store carry that either Also Ill check the app that morning and see that there are several kicks available to scan and within a few hours when I arrive at the store those options are gone It is taking a lot longer to accumulate kicks than what I expected Other than those few things I love the app I mean you are going to get rewarded for doing things that you do anyway so its kinda hard to complain too much I would give 4 stars if I atleast were getting my walk in kicks          SoSo
Like a little scavenger hunt If you dont get out the house that much its still good because your points never expire             Fun
This is a fun and addictive app However so many errors makes me not want to use it as much The more the app is used it seems to not work The kicks go down frequently It seems they go down the more you use it Errors occur when scanning and with walk ins They frequently dont work or say you have already done it when you havent I tried to get 3 people to join but it wouldnt recognize the third person Also customer service does not help So fun when it works but awful when it doesnt          Good but with errors
This is a fun way to learn things I love these types of apps it benefits the person that made it and the person that uses it keep it up great job thank you for making this app                Really cool
Love this easy app Rewards are awesome and quickly sent Thank you so much for all youve helped me earn                Best earning app ever Fun and easy
Amazing Iove getting free gift cards                JMR
Love this Ive used it for over a year have turnedon others of this app Great rewards                Pawnee
I love this app and the perks that go along with it All the free gift cards and free stuff                Love me some kicks
Love this app but there are a few very few scan glitches where the item apparently doesnt match up to what they have filed but Im sure that will be fixed soon             Love the app


14.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.6.1
iPhone iPad

iOS shopkick - Your Favorite Stores...Just Got Better! 2.6.1 Mobile

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