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hensoft , the publisher behind many iOS app (Shopping List (Grocery List) ,Shopping List Free (Grocery List) ,Design Your Clock Pro), brings Shopping List Free (Grocery List) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Shopping List Free (Grocery List) app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Much easier for groceries than any other list program..
  • The overall functionality is very useful & user friendly..
  • Great tool really helps me stay focused and organized when shopping..
  • Excellent organizational tool for busy moms..
  • It's really easy to check off items from my grocery shopping list..
Overall Satisfactionclick me75
It needs more categories to put the items in.
I installed the app to replace another free shopping list app.
Would like the option of creating more catagories.
Very convenient and so much better than a paper list.
Better than writing out a list and forgetting it on the counter.
I have loved using this app.
Loved using it until I upgraded to iOS 6.
Thank you for fixing the app - it's great.
My 3-yr old loves to check off items for me.
Fun & Engagingclick me60
It needs more categories to put the items in.
Would like the option of creating more catagories.
Makes shopping easier & nice to have my list with me all the time.
Awesome shopping list for a mom on the go.
Awesome grocery list generator.
Usefulnessclick me70
Very useful app saves time -will inform my friends.
It's free and simple and it helps me remember everything I need from the store.
Very useful easy to use needs More categories.
Simple useful not fantastic.
The categories are really helpful when shopping isle by isle.
once you figure it out it is a very helpful tool.
I love having everything organized by area of the store.
It also helps me stick to my grocery budget.
Ease of Useclick me47
Easy to add items when you're thinking about them and it's free.
This is a really great and simple app.
The free version is perfect for creating quick simple lists.
This app is super convenient and easy to use.
Very useful easy to use needs More categories.
This is such a convenient tool to use.
Easy and functional.
Reliabilityclick me13
You have to hit return and then press " add item.
Updates & Supportclick me67
even for a lite version.


This app brings an easy to use and fast to handle shopping list to your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPod touch!


If you enjoy the free version of Shopping List, take a look at the full version with more features:
- Manage several shopping lists
- Create your own categories
- Choose from more units
- Share by E-Mail
- Calculate total amount of your list
- Modify/Move/Delete single items

Shopping List Free (Grocery List)Shopping List Free (Grocery List)
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Sort your items into store departments and organize your shopping trip! Shopping List is thereby even faster than your note pad!


All products are saved into the database including the last entered amount and department and thus stand by for fast query next time.
Shopping List Free (Grocery List)




✔ Fasten up your shopping trip by sorting products to categories


✔ Quick-Select products from database


✔ Many units to choose from in US or metric system


✔ Easy and intuitive interface


✔ Product Search


Enjoy all these features wrapped in a beautiful design.


The Shopping List Free (Grocery List) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Shopping List Free (Grocery List) in hensoft`s Official Website :


Creating a shopping list throughout the week is also very helpfull. found in 25 reviews
I really like this shopping list application. found in 4 reviews
It helps me stay organized while doing my shopping. found in 48 reviews
Very useful app saves time -will inform my friends. found in 27 reviews
Whenever I run out of something I just add it to my list. found in 17 reviews
Wish it had a calculator on same screen as list. found in 4 reviews
Having this app allows me to have my shopping list with me at all times. found in 12 reviews
it's like a little handy shopping list. found in 18 reviews
This app is super convenient and easy to use. found in 17 reviews
I'd give this five stars if it came with better categories. found in 14 reviews
Really needs more categories or ability to create new ones. found in 49 reviews
Wish you could make your own categories but for free it's good enough. found in 11 reviews
Work well but I wish I could edit previously entered items. found in 20 reviews
I love not having to carry a grocery list anymore. found in 37 reviews
Just wish I could add categories to customize me shopping list. found in 54 reviews
just wish you could make different lists for different stores. found in 69 reviews
More catagories would make it even better. found in 19 reviews
Ever since iOS 6 came out it doesn't work. found in 279 reviews
sad that it always crashes when trying to add items since upgrading to iOS 6. found in 47 reviews
Wish I could create my own categories but other than that the functionality is perfect. found in 29 reviews
It keeps shutting down on me every time I try to add an item. found in 733 reviews
It is difficult to edit items once on the list also. found in 34 reviews
Only wish I could make multiple lists for different stores. found in 104 reviews
With the new iOS 6 operating system the app keeps crashing. found in 38 reviews
Just missing custom categories for proper organizing by aisle. found in 17 reviews
Now I don't have to look for my little paper list anymore. found in 37 reviews
I love the idea that I won't forget my shopping list anymore. found in 37 reviews
Easy to use but needs more catagories And supper market aisle entry. found in 19 reviews
Crashes when trying to add item to list. found in 44 reviews
Crashes every time I try to add an item to the shopping list. found in 733 reviews
Since new iOS 6 upgrade crashes and it can't be used. found in 38 reviews
Upgraded to iOS 6 and it doesn't work anymore. found in 279 reviews
Whenever I tap to create a new list the app just closes. found in 49 reviews
My app crashes when ever I try to add a new item to the list. found in 66 reviews
Now I can't add any new items to my lists. found in 85 reviews
Loved it until it stopped working after ios6 update. found in 35 reviews
I click on icon to add item and the app closes. found in 721 reviews
No easy way to edit items once on list. found in 34 reviews
This was my absolute fav shopping app until I updated to ios6. found in 95 reviews
Now it crashes every time you try to add items to the list. found in 153 reviews
Instantly crashed when went to add new item to list. found in 73 reviews
it crashes every time I try to add a new item to the list. found in 37 reviews
After upgrading to ios6 on a 4s the app crashes when trying to add items. found in 47 reviews
Loved this app and does not work with iOS 6. found in 46 reviews
This app stopped working once I upgraded to iOS 6. found in 69 reviews
It's disappointing that it crashes every time you try to add a new item. found in 60 reviews
but now everytime I try to add items to my shopping list it crashes. found in 55 reviews
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This was the easiest one I found among the free apps All the others were just too cumbersome                Shopping app review
This app is so easy to use Maybe they could add a feature that would allow to take a picture Besides that super easy to use                Great App
This app is ok I dont like having to assign category to every item I wish I had the ability like ziplist to search for recipes save recipes and incorporating ingredients directly into shopping list       I miss Ziplist
For this good app                Thank You
Great for reminders             Very helpful
Its nice to look at and easy to use and to see at a glance if I even have an item on the list                Great app
I love this app as i am able to write different lists for different stores But I would love to be able to keep them alphabetical order Any chance you can add this to an update             LOVE YOU THIS APP
Its a good app it does what its supposed to do Wish the free version have more categories or the ability to create categories I dont think paying over 2 for the full version is worth it       Simple app
Great app Love having the freedom to just put an item on my list and forget about it I always have my phone so I can add to my list the minute we run out of an item If for some reason I dont buy a particular item this week I can keep it on the list until I do This app could only be better if it could help unload the groceries                Mrs
This app is awesome never had any problems with it It really helps me to stay organized whether it is to make a list for the store in detail or make a todo list for myself and family Please add the ability to text your lists instead of just being able to email it                Great Timesaver
Good app                Good app
I like to use it for easy access                Helpful
I this app Its great for when Im on the go and need to flip thru and make a quick list or when Im home creating a listNot to mention its easy for kids to maneuver thru so they like help check things off                Top 5 apps
Good for lists          Good shopping app
No issues so far works wonderful Good Job                Works Great
Easy to use and everything I need                Cool app
Good app I use all caps so its easier to read at the store             Ms
I love this app Makes my shopping much easier and organized                Easy to use
I use it and it is helpful More store categories would really help I also wish it was easier to repeat items previously purchased          More categories would help
Love it                Very helpful
What a great shortcut to have when you go shopping Highly recommended                Fantastic
Where has this been Love it No more postit notes I put it in when I think of what I need When I am out the list is always there BEST EVER                Grocery Loving It Shopping Fun
This is a great app I use it all the time on my phone when grocery shopping I just keep a long list of items that I frequently get at the store and then I put a check mark next to any items I need for the current trip Then uncheck them as I put things into the cart                Very handy and easy to use
Very difficult Deleted within 10 mins    Toooo confusing
The free version you have to upgrade to do anything    Oops have to upgrade to do anything
Great great                Great
There are better apps out there free too I tried this one and another before I finally found Anylist I dont have any connection to any apps just a user    Clunky
Ive used this app for a week I loved making my shopping list for the grocery store But as quick as I got my shopping list done I needed to start another one for Home Depot or the hardware store That is not going to happen until you upgrade So dont waste your time with the free app because you will want to upgrade pretty quick          Forget the free app
Been using for years and enables me to have my list with me at all times When I am close to needing to resupply an item it put it in so its there on my next store visit Would like to have ability for additional categories to go with my market shopping patters however                A must have
Ive been using it for a while now Its simple and does the trick                Pretty good
I love this app I had it before but for some reason I lost it and I had to use another one This one is by far superior and I was most happy to be able to get it back Easy to read easy to use Very functional                Favorite grocery list app
Great app that is easy to use and has become invaluable at the market                An App That Is Not A Luxury
I cant believe I just wrote a semi novel of a review to have it all be erased because my nickname was taken So Ill make this short and sweetTheres no direction for new users maybe because its so stripped down No autocorrect so screw you if you forgot how to spell Broccoli see thats spelled correct because this has AUTOCORRECT No guessing what youre trying to type so you have to spell the whole darn word out and yes thats a convenience were accustomed to by now In short I deleted the app 5 mins into my list and on to the next       Come on
Very helpful easy to use                List
This shopping list app is very good to have as my iPhone with me most of the time click onto the list and add what I need                A
Just downloaded it Tried sharing my list and the only option was it took me to a page that looks like it could possible But didnt explain how I thought maybe I had to upgrade Tried that and it errors out    Very Glitchy
Very easy to use Works with the microphone to slow verbal lists Very Simple very professional             Shopping List Free
Love this app Easy to use Saves your items so you are able to reselect them Goodbye paper grocery list                Good bye paper
I make grocery store runs every couple of days because I hate running out of things so always keep well stocked This is handy to jot down items that are running low Then when I get to the store I have a list to look at Easier than writing things on a scrap of paper then losing it                Very handy
I love this app Each trip to store I go down my list and add all we need for the week Would love to be able to select several items to add one time instead of returning to list for each item Hopefully someday app would have that feature too                Add for Multiple items please
It wont cure the common cold but its a list app and it works             It does a good list
AWESOME If it could add your items Id give it a 10 if I could                Shopping List
I have been trying to upgrade to the pro version for a month and its always unavailable I have a few different store lists I want to keep up and it wont let me Also you cant edit an item once its on the list So if I change my mind and need 3 of something instead of 1 I have to add it again and delete the first one If they could fix this I would give it a five          Cant upgrade and duplicates items instead of editing
I dont use it very often but when I do I remember how helpful it is Sometimes I can forget to make a list and while Im at the store use whats already saved from previous lists on the app to make a shopping list real quick You will never be sorry you got this             Very nice to have
I love having my grocery list on my phone It remembers the items you buy frequently and makes it easy to add new ones             Great app
Great for organization Stores all items in a bank for quick lists later Stays on doesnt allow phone to sleep or lock while app is in use                Love it
Love it                Lady
The interface is confusing and you cant seem to edit items once theyre on your list       Confusing UI
I have an iPhone 6 and wanted the best app based on reviews Unfortunately this doesnt deliver as advertised Ive gotten an electronic list maker with none of the features The P pro button sends me to a nolonger working site At this point I think I just wasted a couple bucks and would not recommend this product    Not getting pro features with paid version
Free version has good preset categories and remembers items you have added in the past Old iPod touch 4th generation seemed to be drained quickly when the app was open My iPhone 5 doesnt have the same problem Perhaps that is just because the battery is newer             Does the Job


English, German
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Shopping List Free (Grocery List) 1.2 Mobile

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Shopping List (Grocery List)
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