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ORCA MD , the publisher behind many iOS app (KneeDecide MD ,FootDecide MD ,HandDecide MD ,SpineDecide ,KneeDecide ,HeartDecide), brings ShoulderDecide with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ShoulderDecide app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


ShoulderDecide™ is a new physician-based medical app designed to provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended treatment for common shoulder conditions. The series focuses on both temporary treatment solutions and conditions which may be serious enough for possible surgical remedy. All contributors are speciality-trained MDs with several decades experience and advanced degrees from Stanford, University of Washington, Harvard, and University of Southern California.


The purpose of ShoulderDecide™ is to educate the non-medically trained patient about their shoulder problems. It aims to enhance understanding of common conditions of the shoulder area while answering in an informed, practical guide which conditions may require surgical treatment.



Over the past decades there have been unprecedented strides in both the evaluation and treatment of shoulder conditions.  One of the most spectacular of these is the development and use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This incredible machine has given a level of diagnostic accuracy that was unimaginable in the past; however, MRIs are not flawless.


After you have been referred for an MRI and are exiting the imaging center with image in hand, you are met with a barrage of treatment options that can be overwhelming. For patients suffering from shoulder pain, an effective and timely treatment is crucial to regaining and maintaining a high quality of life, but how can you make sense of so much information?


ShoulderDecide™ presents a valuable guide for patients as they seek to understand and find the most effective treatment for their shoulder problems. The user will scroll through an easy to understand explanation of shoulder anatomy and common conditions accompanied by educational illustrations and clearly translated MRI samples.


The treatments covered are:


Rotator Cuff Tear
Calcific tendinitis
Glenohumeral arthritis
Acromioclavicular arthritis
Proximal Humeral Fractures
Clavicle Fractures
AC Separation
Frozen shoulder
Bicep tendon tears and tendinitis


Orca MD understands that as health insurance co-pay costs rise and the number of qualified doctors decreases, the need to find a clear path to the correct treatment in a more efficient manner is increasingly important. ShoulderDecide™ does just that.


In addition, look for SpineDecide™, currently available, and the future releases of HandDecide™ and FootDecide™.


The ShoulderDecide is now available for $4.99 for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about ShoulderDecide in ORCA MD`s Official Website : http://www.orcamd.com


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505 UpdatedMy old man tore his rotator cuff while water skiing He put off surgery because he had doubts about the first surgeon and doubts about whether or not surgery was really even necessary Finally we persuaded him to go to another doctor who used this software to explain the torn rotator cuff the procedure to correct it and why it was necessary and would improve his quality of life Thankfully he had the surgery all went well and hes back to water and snow skiing                Doctor used this to explain my fathers torn rotator cuff
this has been the best tutorial I have found for understanding shoulder anatomy and different surgical repairs It is easy to useinformative and well written                shoulder anatomy
Awesome info for curious patients and experienced clinicians I will be using this app at work Physical therapist to help educate patients                Patients and clinicians
My kid is convinced she is going to be a doctor so I got this for her to look at It has enough information to be informative but isnt so hard to understand that she is overwhelmed I like it a lot                My Kid Loves This
The annotations really helped me understand the MRIs better                Accurate Annotations
Awesome app Cant believe its free                Jazzspr
My sister seems to dislocate her shoulder a lot and I found this app and read up on shoulder dislocations instability It was neat to see the arthroscopic surgeries and diagrams as well as read some treatment and prevention information The video out feature let me plug it into the TV and show the fam too Really cool                Super Informative
Ive used these for a long time for free They keep getting better and they have added tons of stuff Love all the content                Love the content
Subscription required now after free trial it is now apparently 40 but that information is not included in the app description Is it possible that your one Orca login subscription allows you to use all their apps Maybe but it doesnt say in the app description or in the app and there is no preview allowed before signing up and logon They are trying to get around paying Apples cut    Cant use anymore requires a 40mo subscription not in app purchase
The videos were great learningvisuals                Videos Great
Love the 3D totally cool that you can do rowing throwing and lifting                Awesome 3D
Extremely complex content made very simple to use and understand                Simple yet complex
Welcome to all our new users and thank you for your interest in ShoulderDecide and Orca Health Whether you are a patient healthcare professional or teacher we hope you find the app a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps you or those you instruct find best practice solutions to your or their health problemsWe aspire to producing the best patient education tool possible and to that end invite feedback both positive and lessthanpositive which we will use to improve our existing apps and guide development of future apps and featuresPlease email me and I will be happy to pass on your critique to our development team and help resolve any current problems you may be having with the appThank youMatt BerryFounder CEO of Orca Healthberry AT orcahealth DOT com                Founder CEO Note
I hurt my shoulder when I was a kid Occasionally as an adult it sometimes give me issues I have used this app to try and understand what is causing my pain and love that it will recommend a Doctor in my area when the pain gets too unbearable                Shoulder Pain
Wish I had this while I was in school for Occupational Therapy                Wish I had this in school
This one I felt was the best and most interactive The videos were graphic and informative giving a true depiction of what goes on in surgery type situations The information was informative and interesting The finding of a specialist made was like a completion where if I had a question it pointed me in the direction to go                Best of Orcas Apps
The images and videos are fantastic This has helped me with my understanding of common shoulder surgeries                Fantastic Surgery Videos
I love the UI for this App  So clean and well designed  The search for a specialist is such a good idea  For most of us we dont really know where to start when  looking for a physician                Great UI
Oh my heck this is so cool Not only is it cool but very well made great design and functionality and the motion feature blows my mind Lifting throwing and even rowing so cool             Cant put it down
The layers in the graphics are cool I can see the shoulder with muscles or without Same with skin Its easy to study anatomy that way                Good Layers
I miss the older versions when the apps did what they did well I feel the newer versions try to do too much Theyre slow and just take up so much space on my 32gb Air    Tries to be too much
This is a great application very informative and detailed if you are a student or health care professional that treats or is interested in any shoulder related ailments this is a great tool to have I love this application                Amazing Application
Description of possible injuries and recommended treatment is good as well as visuals however the find a specialist function is inadequate For example in Colorado listed specialists are clustered around the front range Ie eastern part of the state with none listed for the western slope       Inadequate specialist listings
Liked some of these apps more than others but now I have to pay a subscription to use them on top of the initial purchase price Sorry not happening Ill just delete them and free up a lot of space You will never see another dollar from me    Now Requires Subscription
I am a massage therapist and this app was perfect for showing my husband how the shoulder works I suffer from a lot of shoulder pain and it has been really hard to explain to my husband which muscles to massage but this apps gives a perfect view of the muscles and how they work when you are throwing or lifting something and I can point out to my husband where to give me a massage Great app and good use of the iPad                Wow
If you are a pt or med student looking to gain a greater appreciation of the shoulder this app is not for you No relevant information about anatomy and limited ability to view the shoulder when performing motions This is shoulder information at its most basic leveland I cant emphasize most enough       Not what I expected
I love that you can plug this app into the big screen This way you dont have to crowd around a smaller screen to see all the content                Plug In To The Big Screen
Great graphics good for patient education                Excellent
With the improved UI the Shoulder is extremely easy to navigate You will experience more control and more uniformity with this latest version The new additions to the Conditions section provide valuable information to more injury types A must have update and a must have app for anyone who has ever had a Shoulder related injury or for anybody who is in the Medical field                Best Version Yet
I have difficulty with all the orca products trying to email info to my patients Rarely have I been able to successfully send something to them          Email problems
ShoulderDecide by Orca Health has greatly improved the way I operate my practice My patients are better educated and less anxious due to the wonderful education material provided by the app I also find myself spending less time answering unnecessary questions and can get through appointments quicker than ever Definitely worth the subscription fantastic tool for any surgeon                Changed the way I work for the better
As a medical student I feel this app would be really helpful in understanding the body and its functions I like the annotations throughout the app to help memorize particular parts of the body                Like Annotations
The presentation is phenomenal It helps me visualize what symptoms I currently am experiencing and helps me understand what the doctors are telling me                Ease of Use and Looks Great
Its nice to have a specialist search option in the app Made it really convenient when I was researching a condition                Good Specialist Search
Be cautious before updating these apps If you have been using the free version or were one of he first adopters who purchased the original versions like myself you will no longer be able to use these apps after your two week trial version has expired unless you purchase a subscription plan This information was not added to the update information    Subscription now required
All the awesomeness of this app combined with the awesomeness of the iPad And now combined with the awesomeness of a new video out feature3d imaging videos xrays mris and detailed and narrated explanations make this a very comprehensive and very useful tool for diagnosing shoulder issues or for simply learning the anatomy You can even search for a good shoulder doc tooA must have                Fantastic Self diagnosing Tool Now with Video Out
This is awesome and beautiful Download it                Amazing
I like that you can email or tweet info from the app to other people It makes it much easier to tell someone about info that might help them                Cool Email Feature
I love the video out feature Not many apps have it and it is especially helpful in a medical app                Video Out Coolest Thing Ever
As a therapist for 17 years Im happy I now have more tools to share the complexity of the body with my patients ShoulderDecide is an excellent app for getting an idea for how the muscles of the shoulder interact It shows you the complex interaction of rotator cuff muscles and the large superficial muscles and can play a nice little moving animation to show how they work togetherBy focusing on just the scapula clavicle and humerus you get a picture of these complex interactions The relationship of the back the neck and nervescirculation are not addressed but are with other toolsGreat jobEd Kaine OT RFTPublisher of Functional Therapy Magazine                Excellent tool for focusing on the rotator cuff
There is a lot of content on this app I like how it is organized so I dont have to spend hours looking for something specific on the web                Tons of Content
Im not a doctor but I found this program to be quite helpful understand what doctors have been telling me                Not a doctor
This is a great app Extremely helpful in my practice and the subscription is a bargain compared to other software I use Great product                Great Patient Ed App
Stupid    Keeps force closing
Ive used Orca since the beginning and it just keeps getting better Building out care plans and being able to use the content for my workflow makes my clinic visits for efficient and my patients happier with my care             Love the Updates
I love this I had a rotator cuff tear back in the day and this explains it perfectly                Visual masterpiece
I have a problem with my shoulder and this really helps me understand exactly whats wrong Good 3d models too                This is pretty awesome
Really nice animations of shoulder movement and you can see different layers of anatomy performing the movements Also impressed with all the animations and videos that show various shoulder related conditions                Impressive visuals and content
I didnt know what video out was at first but then someone showed me how to plug my iPad into the TV screen and I love it Now a few of us can look at it and I can use it in class for a presentation                Great Video Out
Why did you take out the muscles ligaments and bone labels for the shoulder Please fix    WHERE ARE THE ANNONTATIONS FOR THE SHOULDER


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.4

iOS ShoulderDecide 1.4 Mobile

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